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From staff reports
Published: April 21, 2008

The leader of a “white nationalist” group was sentenced to 23 months in prison and 15 years of supervised release on Monday morning on a possession of child pornography charge.

Kevin Alfred Strom, 51, pleaded guilty to the charge earlier this year in lieu of a trial. Authorities seized his computer in August 2006; he was arrested in January 2007 after a federal grand jury handed down an indictment charging him with witness intimidation and possession of child pornography.

Strom’s sentence was four months shy of the maximum sentencing guidelines, said Assistant U.S. Attorney Bill Gould.

Strom has been segregated from other inmates at the Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail and Central Virginia Regional Jail for the last 16 months because of his beliefs, said defense attorney Andrea Harris.


  1. An even more detailed report has been posted by ReadTheHook.

    Good riddance to Strom. Once he admitted to it, he became persona non grata in the WN movement. In particular, Bill White and Alex Linder have led the charge against him.

  2. I think this comment under the article pretty much summed up my feelings...

    Terry S. Regis April 21st, 2008 | 4:24 pm
    For more than a year, Kevin Strom claimed he was not a pedophile. Today he admitted that he is. Strom is now a registered sex offender on his way to federal prison.

    Don’t come back, Kevin.

    But of course, he will. Kevin Strom’s mother and stepfather were in the courtroom today to assure us all their special little freak will be living with them here in Charlottesville, once he is released.

    For a couple that makes a pretty good living in this town counseling underage pregnant teens in crisis, how could you dare support and offer to house a convicted pedophile with an appetite for underage girls in this community?

    Strom’s lawyer admitted last year that Kevin “courted” a ten year old girl. He sent her love notes, flowers and gifts. He wrote disgusting poems about marrying her. A fifth grader! Kevin Strom was caught stalking the child at her home and school. And the sick, twisted judge actually commended Kevin Strom today for not physically touching this 10 year old. The only reason Strom did not touch the child is because the FBI arrested him before he had the chance, you moron.

    What a country! With time served, Kevin Strom will be back on our streets before Thanksgiving. I can see it now. Film crews from the Maury Povich Show will come to Charlottesville next year to tell America the story of the neo-Nazi pedophile who lives with his parents, who work as crisis pregnancy counselors for underage girls.

    Sort of like the exterminator who gets caught letting ants loose in your house, isn’t it?


  3. There's plenty of WN who claim this was all a government setup. It's all a bunch of BS but hey, what do you expect from neo-nazi types?

  4. Read comment #1 from this article by Nikki about Strom a few months ago.

    quote: Kevin has by far served more than enough time from those trumped up charges. Let's hope he is released next week.

    quote: Numbnuts, his Bitch Ass wife set him up. So, yes they are very trumped up.

  5. True enough, Harry - but ya know what is really bothering me about all of this at the moment is a claim that he made in court today - he said that after finding him looking at the pics, Elisha allowed him to take her daughter on a 4 day trip to pick up his son.

    Now, I have asked, time and again, why Elisha waited as long as she did before saying anything and why she didn't warn the parents around him. If there is truth in what he claimed - I really am wondering about her.

  6. Elisha is evil. Didn't she actually help get some of the recharges reduced or dropped because of the way she presented herself in court as being totally unbelievable.

    On a side note, I rode my first bicycle century today, 100 miles in a single day covering parts of 4 states. I'm off to bed early.

  7. if Strom was: i/non-white and/or ii/not a 'white supremicist', you wouldn't have heard a 'squeak' from this pathetic 'blog!

  8. *addendum* to the abv 'post' the ' get WTF-ever 'justice' u can pay for....if Strom had to have had a $US10000-per-day jew lawyer, i can guarantee you that he would: (a)not have pleaded guilty & (b)have effectively 'walked' on those 'charges'...either total acquittal or a non-custodial sentence(any ½-pie decent lawyer would have ripped that lying cunt Elisha a new arse-hole!)

    *don't most niggz serve abt the sentence Strom has done/will do for much more serious, for instance: muggings, rapes, car-jackings & crack-dealing?

  9. Jimbo tries his best to defend Strom.

    The only media covering the story are the local Charlottesville media in Virginia. I think if anything, the media has buried the story.

    Had this been a black leader Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton, it would make the front page of every single newspaper and media outlet for a month.

  10. Jimbo is only a troll. So I mostly just ignore him. Don't be surprised if more charges aren't leveled against Kevin on down the line. He'll spend all his prison time in lock down otherwise some will kill him.


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