Wednesday, April 30, 2008



Unless you can find some sort of loyalty, you cannot find unity and peace in your active living.
(Josiah Royce)

The vehemence and yes, passion, with which many white supremacists spew their vitriolic hatred may not be welcomed by the majority of American society but did you ever wonder where that passion comes from? I mean, they cannot truly believe all of the venom that seems to reside within their hearts.

As has been noted, time and again, racism and bigotry is bred by fear and ignorance - a total lack of reality contact. However, being a racist at the forefront of what they call the "movement" generates complications and a need for the dramatic.

You see, unlike when you and I serve our communities, join social or civic groups, or just take on the tasks of proselytizing our beliefs, the racist is always under the magnifying glass of his/her peers not to mention those of us who are relentlessly vigilant in tracking their actions.

The very nature of the beast requires them to either attempt to demonstrate their superior intellect (at which most fail miserable) or their physical prowess. Hence, it seems that they are thrust into a position of always having to flex muscle of one kind or another. And for those who rise to the top within the movement, the knowledge that they are just one rung away from a fall is often too much pressure.

Not only have I reported on the lack of unity and loyalty among the racist rank and file - many of them have noted time and again that the lack of both of these necessary elements has greatly hindered their progress - so much so, that we often bank on them doing themselves in before we have to take a stand.

The insecurity of being part of a group of people who call themselves friends and comrades at one table and use the steak knife to insert a jagged wound at the next has to be debilitating, to say the least. Always watching your back, always being on guard, and never knowing where the blow will originate would be exhausting for me.

The latest event demonstrating the perfidious nature of both the groups and the people in them also demonstrates the ignobility of the characters involved. Of course, we knew about a couple of them and, given their activism as racists and insidious bigots, we probably shouldn't have expected anything more from them.

On Sunday, April 27th, Michael Blevins, better known to the internet crowd as VonBluvens, posted an announcement on the Vanguard News Network Forum. He claimed that he and Christopher Drake, former member of the National Socialist Movement, were forming a new group called the American National Unity. Where had we heard that name before?

In July of 2006, the NSM came apart at the seams and shortly after that so did Michael Blevins. As Bill White was forming up a new group, Blevins joined and unjoined Bill in what was soon to become a real comedy. In the midst of all of this, Blevins announced that he would form his own group - American National Unity. Perhaps the most pressing issue surrounding the formation of such a group, Blevins' mental stability notwithstanding, was the uniform. Blevins has this certain fashion sense that dictates a beret along with basic black, you see.

Along with the recent announcement of formation of the new ANU, Blevins also posted this picture of Chris Drake along with a caption indicating this is the proper way to wear the uniform. It looked like Mike was finally going to be able to make his fashion statement. It also looked as if Chris was planning on this new group being quite militant.

Christopher Drake has been, superficially, a long time supporter of Blevins. When the chips were down and it seemed that every other racist had pegged Blevins as a mental defective unworthy of any status, Drake would always defend him. Drake would rail against those who belittled and ostracized Blevins. Drake was Mike's friend - maybe his closest friend. Thus, it made sense that the two would team up at some point.

Unlike Bill White, and even Michael Blevins, Christopher Drake has always had a pretty good reputation among his skinhead and racist bretheren. Most would call him a "stand-up" guy. Bright, articulate, and somewhat charismatic, Drake might have been a force for us to reckon with - except, like so many among them, he lacks any sense of loyalty or allegiance. Perhaps that's because he really doesn't have both feet planted firmly in the movement or the ideology that fuels it. Perhaps it's because he really isn't rooted there - or is ambivalent about where he really belongs.

After the announcement, which was met with a few well wishes and a couple of accolades for Drake, the question arose - what about Blevins' membership in White's American National Socialist's Workers Party? Mike was quick to assure everyone that dual membership wasn't prohibited by either group and that the new group wouldn't interefere with ANSWP.

Christopher Drake chimed in with the following message...

Good job. I'd just like to make clear that Mike actually wrote that and I put my name to it, or rather he did. It pretty much sums it up.

"My only regret is that you've got an ultra-militant picture of me up there in my basement. Its sloppy as hell down there but truth be known, everyone's favorite room.

"Wish us luck everybody! Either follow our sucesses or learn from our mistakes!"

Now, it appeared that we anti-racists were going to have yet another group to monitor.

There were questions and Christopher fielded them stating at one point...

"Mike got excited, typed up something he felt summed it all up and issued a statement on my behalf. We were up until 2:00 am last night getting details worked out and ordering things we needed.

"Mike plans to continue his work for the ANSWP. I've got no problem with duel membership. My "model" if you will, is local and regional activism combined with membership in a national organization. This might seem an overloaded concept now but I'm positive that there will be much more work to do in the very near future. I also hope Bill will allow me to continue contributing to his magazine."

It appeared that everything was well underway. Citizens Against Hate went into gear gathering information and doing the things that we always do when a new group is announced and I voiced my particular concerns over the fact that this might turn out to be a group more viable than the ones we have seen come and go over the last few years.

Even after Chris Drake indicated that he wished that Blevins had not posted that particular picture of him and that he had waited until some other things had been ironed out, it appeared evident that not only was the group being formed - but that a number of people were showing an interest. And then...a cryptic message from Bill White was posted...

"Thank you Chris. Mike Blevins needed something else to distract him ..."

Collectively we all laughed at once. We laughed because we knew that Bill White was pissed...Bill White was definitely not overjoyed by the news...and Bill White was going to take both Chris and Mike to task - it was coming.

And we were absolutely right.

Now, walking softly and carrying a big stick is not Bill White's style. In his predictable and ceremonious style, he entered the conversation with a vengence. Seeing the very possibility of a competitive and cohesive threat to his fledgling ANSWP, his attack was swift, calculated and manipulative.

First, he had to take Blevins out of the mix. Although Blevins had been the brunt of much ridicule within the movement of late, pairing his radio skills with the popularity of Drake was untenable to White. Although Blevins was quick to try and reassure Bill that there would be no conflict, it was too little too late. White was picking up a head of steam that would leave everyone's jaws dropping and Michael Blevins decimated.

With precision, he delivered the first blow.

"Mike, you are the ANSWP's Florida State Leader, and this is just another distraction that I'm sure Chris is getting a good chuckle from, as am I.

"Why doesn't anyone who wants to discuss Chris's "new group's" relationship to the ANSWP just email or call me instead of posting breathlessly here?

"And Mike: Bernie doesn't even allow you to travel to Chicago for the weekend; she's not going to let you start running around in the woods with assault rifles, either."

Attemptimg to make light of Blevins' announcement, White also immediately insinuated himself into the new group. While doing this in few words, he also managed to cast aspersions on the manhood of Blevins. This had to be a costly attack for Mike, as he had been much ridiculed over the last year for his undying devotion to the pseudo-Nazi from Roanoke, Virginia.

Cautiously, Blevins responded with his surprise at White's statement. Emotions were almost palapable as it was easy to see that Mike was walking on egg shells. Ever the spin-doctor, White spun his web and proffered the bait...

"Chris is out camping this weekend, and is and has been planning to start a gun / wilderness survival club.

"He asked Mike Blevins the other day what they should call it.

"Rather than wait for Chris to respond, Mike wrote a press release in Chris' name, attached to it a photo Chris sent, and declared they were starting a new organization.

"Very typically Mike.

"In the real world, Chris is probably going to take over our Georgia organization in the near future, and we have discussed whether an official ANSWP gun club or wilderness survival club is something we want to do.

"For folk who don't know me, my dry humor sometimes comes across wrong -- I'm told it may appear that way on this thread. I have watched this which much bemusement."

Well, we've been reporting on Bill White for way to long to believe that he was being humorous about anything other than laughing at his own cunning.

Blevins, obviously, saw the handwriting on the wall. As he issued a mild protest and pointed out that it was premature for White to speculate on what Drake was going to do, one could almost read the dread between the lines.

Bill White has demonstrated time and again his ability to manipulate others and to maneuver around any stumbling blocks that may be placed in his way. Often, he has bull-dozed others in the movement without them realizing what is happening until it is much too late. His next move was to marginalize the new group...

"I think this wilderness survival and gun club is a great idea and I hope everyone joins."

Gun club? Somehow or other, this is not what came to mind when reading the specs for this new organization - and that was enough to rancor Blevins. But, the next announcement from Bill was the pièce de résistance, the capper, if you will.

"Before any of our usual enemies on this board use Von's misguided press release to further create division, I'm ending this conversation by saying this:

"Chris Drake has joined the ANSWP as our Georgia State Leader. I am also giving him our Southern regional lists to see if he can make a go of it as Southern Regional Director. This is not a sudden thing, but something we've been discussing for several months. It has been a complex negotiation because it has involved several former NSM units and activists, and I hope everyone else associated with Chris who has been involved in this discussion makes a similar move. All former NSM members who meet ANSWP membership standards are welcome and any past conflicts are set aside. I understand fully anyone who has been misled by Schoep or any other former leaders, and all is forgiven.

"Further, the ANSWP is looking into developing a gun and wilderness club, which will be social and not political in orientation, and is looking at developing a party religious order based on Odinist practices. ANSWP members interested in these activities should contact Chris. I say "looking into" because there is a process involved before the party can endorse these groups and I cannot approve this summarily, and there are a lot of details involved that need attention. I will also say that any social activities will be separate from political activities; i.e., we will not be indoctrinating people with commentary on the socio-political situation while enjoying the recreational use of firearms.

"However, I believe Chris' addition to the party will increase activism in the Southeastern United States and will bring together our leaders out there, who have often felt somewhat isolated, given that our Southern organization, while large relative to the rest of the party, has been concentrated in a handful of states."

Christopher Drake, the well-liked and respected skinhead, had joined Bill White - the pariah of the movement? Everyone was stunned...and speechless, it seemed.

Michael Blevins resigned from ANSWP and the feeding frenzy began. While many spoke out against White, Bill felt the need to further exsanguinate Blevins. Referencing the psychological problems that Blevins has experienced for years, White told him...

"I'm not continuing this fight on this board, and, you need to stop calling people on the phone and screaming at them to the point where they are just saying "yes" to try to appease you. Poor Chris is doing everything he can to try to calm you down and you've now been throwing a temper tantrum non stop for days.

"And, frankly, going back on your medication -- or your old medication, since the new stuff doesn't seem to be working -- is also probably a very good idea at this point.

"This is just embarassing -- to you, not me."

Like a cur dog who has gotten the taste of first blood, White continued with the blood-letting painting Blevins as an out-of-control lunatic who had, in his words, gone "batshit crazy." Claiming that he had gone off his meds and was breaking things, screaming, and calling people at all hours of the night to throw temper tantrums he had effectively and efficiently cut Michael Blevins to shreds. Chris Drake? He confirmed that he had joined forces with White.

Now, we know that there is no honor among the racist crowd - no dignity - no integrity - and no sense of loyalty. The recent actions of Bill White and Chris Drake solidify that statement. However, for those who are still dubious, for those who still believe Drake to be a "stand-up guy," think again. I promise you he isn't.

Over the years that we have been utilizing the internet to fight against organized hate groups and to try to make a difference in the racism that insinuates itself into the lives of our communities and neighborhoods we have met many people, cultivated many sources of information, and developed quite a network. Hence, it is not unusual for me to find messages from racists in my email. Sometimes those messages are nasty and hateful, other times they are from those wanting to leave the "movement," and sometimes they are providing me with information on others or actions being planned. The National Socialist Movement is notorious for the latter.

In October of 2006, I received a strange and unsolicited email from Drake and a cyber conversation ensued. That converstation can be read in its' entirety here. Now, whether his blather about Blevins held any validity or not, it is evident that Chris, for whatever reason, wanted to talk about Mike. Why he felt compelled to do so, I don't know. The real point here is that Chris Drake was attempting to sell Michael Blevins out at the same time he was professing to be his friend - no honor among the racists.

Why Christopher Drake chose to join with Bill White at this moment in time is anyone's guess. Some believe that it was out of fear. Others believe that Bill was able to buy his allegiance. One speculation that I believe is pretty safe is that promises were made and Christopher Drake fell for the lying antics of White while throwing Blevins under a bus.

Throughout all of this, I have been questioned about, what appears to be, to some individuals, an unusual caring or concern about Michael Blevins. Normally, the mistreatment of one movement member by another, the news that a new organization was shut down before it started, would be cause for celebration and partying. To those who question or wonder...

As someone who has spent the majority of her life fighting against racism and bigotry, there are a few truths that I have learned. One of those truths is that racists are people - people who are scared, often lonely, troubled, and sadly misinformed. There are those who are hardcore, sure. There are those who are hellbent on living a violent and brutal lifestyle. And there are those who just want to belong - to fit in - to have a place. We, as human beings, often have a hard time reaching out to those so misguided souls - maybe we're scared too. But the battle isn't always about what someone believes - it's also about changing those beliefs and showing others that they have choices and alternatives.

Leaving a belief system that you have been enmeshed in or indoctrinated into is extremely difficult. That sort of thing isn't done easily. It isn't done quickly and it isn't always smooth. Michael Blevins is a wounded person right now. He has had, not one but, two friends stab him in the back and leave him for the vultures. Will he leave the movement? I don't know. But, I do know that if we cannot find it in our hearts to try and reach him, to try and help him should he decide to do so then we are no better than the racist.

As I see it, being anti-racist, actively taking a stand against hatred, means much more than waving banners and chanting in the streets. It means much more than sitting at a keyboard and typing snide sarcasms and witty prose. It means much more than shouting down the hateful rhetoric that is often spewn from the racist mouth. It means recognizing the pain of others and being willing to give someone a hand up. It means being a beacon and safe harbor. It means being able to set yourself aside long enough to hear those who need you.

Sometimes the hand that we extend gets bitten and sometimes it is warmly received. The point is, the hand was there when someone needed it. Let us not fall into the category of hating others simply because of who they are - let us be the hope for tomorrow.


  1. At least Mike had enough sense to leave the racist movement once and for all. We are all proud of you Mike. What you did took a lot of courage. What will you do with the rest of your life now?

  2. NN's life must be a total non-event for her to waste hours writing such mind-numbing drivel abt vrs "orgs"!

    FYI & for the info' of all youse licorice all-sortz of "anti-s" out there in the dung-heap called ZOG, "orgs" ain't WTF itz @...nor have they been for several yrs now!

    "orgs" r nuthin' but "window-dressing" to generate a certain amnt of 'interest' for the great mass of non-racially-aware white ppl!

    the real strength of the White Power movement is found in the doctrine of "leader-less resistance" and the real strength of that is in the existence of small (no more that 7/8 ppl @ most) 'loosely-cnnctd' 'action cells!

    that's the engine that will drive the juggernaut that will bring down the entire ZOG infra-structure!

    if u doubt that, get hold of a vid' called "White Terror"....the deadly potential of such 'action-ready cells' is confirmed by no less a personage than Rabbi Cooper of the ADL....this is how all serious White Power people organise....whether in the 'Kwa, the UK, Sweden, Australia or Russia!

  3. Me and Blevins have quite a history of hating each other. And frankly, if Blevins continues to be a nazi, I'll do anything to help finish him off.

    If Blevins wants to break away from the nazi-cult & racism, he'll discover what true friendship is about. It won't be easy for him though, Floyd struggled also.

    Now in saying that regardless of what Mike does in the future,

    What Chris Drake did to him was the most damnable thing I've ever seen in my life. Mike on a fixed income even traveled 100s of miles to be at Chris's wedding. Bill White didn't.

    I figure either fear or Drake is a federal informant. I don't see any other scenario. The latter makes sense also considering the amount of groups that Drake has joined and quit over the years.

    The great thing is Chris Drake's stock in real life just dropped 94 percent by joining up with Bill White.

  4. Vonluvens now sees that all along Nikki and company were trying to help him. Give things a few days to calm down. Call him once all this has settled a bit. Right now he is trying to leave the racist movement silently. Would he be able to work behind the scenes with the anti-racists for a time at first?

  5. The answer to your question, anonymous is yes.

    Harry...I am right where you are. It is absolutely inconceivable to me that Chris Drake could do what he did - and continues to do. Watching he and White - and him bending over for Bill - is sickening. I thought he was smarter than that.

    It looks like the two of them are hell bent on breaking Blevins completely. It ain't over - we can bet on that.

    As I said before - Blevins and I, too, have quite a history. But I have always said that Mike is salvageable. I really hate what these two men are doing to this man.

  6. Nikki,

    There ain't no way in Hell I would ever betray my people and work with you guys.

    Just because I got stabbed in the back does not mean I am going to turn around and do the same to THE MOVEMENT.

    There ARE some men and women of honor in the WN movement--though it may appear there are none.

    Forever in the service of my people,

  7. Vonbluvens- What people are you betraying? Just work for us behind the scenes and we will bring you out when the time is right. You have to put Chris Drake and Bill White in prison. Stop being afraid of them and do what you know is right. The honorable thing to do would be walk away from it all. Some in the hate movement might cheer you some because they hate Bill White. The truth is they think you are a trader too. You know it is true. You are kidding everyone by acting like the entire hate movement does not think you are just a typical trader. I am not saying you are a trader but they all think you are. Everyone pretends to like a trader for a time.

  8. Michael - that's fine. The important thing is that you know that you do have options and that there are people who do care about you.

  9. Von - It's great that you've stepped up to the plate and re-affirmed your loyalty to the Cause. The reaction you've gotten on VNN Forum shows that most of us support you and are disgusted by the political lynching you've undergone.

    However, I'm a little slow to blame this on Bill White. Why would he start a civil war within the ANSWP on the heels of one of their most successful ops in their history - the Hitler memorialization dinner in Chicago which attracted a Congressional candidate and NATIONAL publicity as a result? I think Bill White has allowed himself to be hornswoggled here. The question is - by who? And why would Bill White place any stock in any information posted on Nimbusters, for God's sake?

  10. People are getting ready to blow the lid off the Turner/Vonbluvens attempt to take down the ANSWP. VNN hates Bill White but they hate Hal Turner more. They will soon know the whole story as it comes in. People are talking. Vonbluvens trick failed.

  11. He is either afraid of the racist or still trying to score points. He knows you all will always be here for him.

  12. Oh my god this is too damn funny. First the clueless coon lover writes a totally stupid article about three nonentities. Von and Bill are most likely Jews an idiots in any case while Drake is just plain nothing, though in truth maybe white.

    You stupid coon lovers need to face facts: YOU DON'T KNOW A GODDAMN THING ABOUT THE WN MOVEMENT. All you are is a drunk, a coon lover, and a faggot Jew. You stupid fucks make me laugh. Please continue with the comedy.

  13. Mike you don't know me, but I hope you will realize that White Nationalists are not your true friends and that you will decide to leave.

  14. Nikki,

    I guess it's best to let the mentally ill Blevins continue to be a racist. He undermines and ends up attacking every racist on the planet. In other words, he does more good for antis by being a racist.

    If Blevins finally grew up, which I doubt until his mental illness be can cured, I agree with you Nikki.

    Yea, I think what Chris Drake was horrible and I've always said Drake is as disloyal of a person as you can get ... but it's the same exact thing Blevins did to George Hucthins years ago.... And we now know in real life, Drake is a very weak beta-male, controlled by the alpha-male Bill White.

    Hutchins and Blevins were best friends in real life, used to meet in person, even held a party at a hotel room, then Blevins stabbed him in the back and stole his personal property. Then Blevins reported him to the FBI and other law enforcement agencies. Blevins encouraged people on message board to call his workplace trying to get him fired. Blevins can lie all he wants about that, but it's the truth.

    Blevins simply got a taste of his own medicine from Chris Drake... And although Drake's action were bad, you can't help but laugh at Blevins... what comes around, goes around....and he'll continue to be prostituted around as long as he is a racist.

    Blevins might get support from the fruitcakes at VNN & FBI informant Hal Turner......

    Regardless of how this turns out.... racist lose again and antis win again.

    But I also agree never keep trying to help a person overcome their racism.

  15. Schwartz, so calling him "mentally ill" is making yourself different from White, how?

    Why don't you stick to research and stay away from PR?

  16. Mike is figuring out that he has been had and played by four sides. Hal Turner used him. Bill White dumped him. The antifa used him. The racist that hate Bill White. Chris Drake betrayed him. He is everyone's chump and no hero.

  17. If anyone should be proud of Mike it should be the anti-racist. Mike has given them a black eye like no ARA member ever has. At the same time he took himself out of the picture too. All the smiles of approval are together with digust for what he did.

  18. *Ping Harry*

    Thats bullshit. Mike Blevins is playing ball with you all. If it was not for his input Nikki would not have been able to stick it to the facists. Do not fault Mike Blevins for not wanting to put himself in the crosshairs.

  19. Hey Nikki, did you hear about Chris Drake's retarded son Danny?

    Yup, Chris has a retarded son.

    If Chris Drake ever decides to leave the Pro-White Movement, his son Danny could become buddies with Floyd's son Corky. Think of how cute it would be watching those two retards drool all over each other.

  20. The Ladystick CadreMay 01, 2008 1:31 AM

    Hey Nikki, I read that long and boring article you wrote, and was very disappointed to see that you didn't mention NIM Busters. Have you not seen what has been going on at VNN? They have been talking about NIM Busters in dozens of posts. Chris even accused Von of outing his steroid use on NIM Busters.

    I think you need to update your article; and when you do, be sure to post a link to NIM Busters. We're looking for some new blood.

    Thanks Nikki.

  21. the ladystick cadreMay 01, 2008 1:44 AM

    Another thing, Nikki, how come CAH never has come to the defense of Transsexuals? Are you aware just how discriminated transsexuals are? Especially in the gay community. It's seem sodomite faggets feel threatened by shemales because they have the ability to attract straight men. And all filthy faggets dream about having sex with a straight man, that is when they're not dreaming of having sex with little boys.

    Are you not defending transgendered people because most of the discrimination directed towards them is from the fudge packing community? I guess in your liberals eyes fags can do no wrong, huh?

    I demand to see CAH address this issue!

  22. Ah go fuck yourself NewsGay. No one much likes you. Everyone on Nimbusters has him twit filtered out.

  23. For those who don't already know it:

    Ladystick Cadre' is Jimbo.

  24. I am really scared for von now. This is like night of the long knives.

  25. Chris Drake is scared to death of what Vonbluvens has on him.

    Must be the steroids Drake is on, it's obvious by his face on those photos that he is juiced. Medical steroid use doesn't do that a person's face.


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