Thursday, April 03, 2008

Bill White's new song and yodel

I hear that in regards to this court case Bill White might be singing a new tune; take a listen to this 51 second mp3 ;
White's New song and Yodel

Join us tonight April 3 at 9pm est. for Eye On Hate Radio
Tonight's topics:

Is Bill White Going to Jail;

Are White Racists Coming to Washington,DC ?
(no not the ones in congress, the other nazis)

Were I was April 4th 1968;

Let me know what you think of Bill's New song and yodel

Floyd Cochran
Eye On Hate


  1. Good one! OBWAT is one of my favorite films.

    If I remember correctly the person who was challenging Pappy O'Dannel (sp) for his governor's seat was a member of the KKK and eventually got run out on a rail! :-)

    Also, he was the singer of the song "Oh Death" in the film.

  2. The latest from OverThrow:

    "Such tactics, where newspapers imply white activists are breaking the law or being cracked down on by public officials, when, in reality, no such thing is occurring, are very common. For instance, the Roanoke Times is planning to run a news story tomorrow claiming that our publisher, Bill White, is in imminent danger of imprisonment in a lawsuit where he is, in actuality, in imminent danger of receiving a large cash settlement for abuse of process by an attorney. By pretending white activists are in imminent danger of imprisonment, the newspaper and the government scare other whites into not exercising their rights to speak"

  3. Good show guys. Aside from the suprise phone call, it went very well and was quite informative.

    Post up when the archive is ready and we will pass it around.

  4. i miss show no archive now i cry


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