Saturday, April 05, 2008




I just love this game. And wouldn't you just be intimidated to see such a bunch march down your street? Wouldn't you just run for cover? Hide in terror? The shock and awe might be too much for the neighborhood, huh? (That's satire, Bill).

Okay - who is gonna win the prize? Who can name these guys? Let's see who on here is in the know?


  1. I am mailing the picture to MegHAM's coworkers at Century 21, I am also going to blow it up and post it on Century 21 signs in her area. Thank you Nikki.

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  5. I can identify (Bill of course in the bottom center) Meg White to Bill's left. I believe that is Justin Boyer(?) to Bill's right and behind him Doug Wood who is a convicted Pedophile.

    Why the obsession with Bill? He's done stick a fork in him.

  6. are you guys REALLY adults? you can see why it's not obvious can't you?

  7. wow - what a picture of Nordic Aryanism - lol

  8. Robert Campbell is the New Jersey state leader of the ANSWP and does Bills radio show as "Jarl", he also posts on VNN as TowardWewelsburg.

  9. Okay guys - please take the off-topic stuff somewhere else.

    Raoul - perfect so far.

    Anonymous - Campbell is which one?

    Floyd - I love it! I wonder what the Aryan Nations guys 15 years ago would have thought about this rag-tag bunch? What a wonderful specimen of pure Aryan blood!

    Howlin' Hal - Meghan's coworkers ought to love this picture, dontcha think?

  10. To the left of the photo (the younger, slender ones) are the Illinois group; to be honest I haven't paid enough attention to be able to distinguish the two on the left from each other. But those two live in Peoria Heights, I believe.

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  12. Looks like Neal Joitke in the back, the taller Nazi just left of center.

    And Meghan White looks like she is sporting some payot, so she'd better get to a barber before the VNN crowd outs her as a closet Jew.


    Also: why don't Meghan and Bill have the baby with them? Surely ANSWP has designed uniforms for its future Jugendbewegung.

    Oh wait, I forgot - the ANSWP already is the Jugendbewegung, since it is mostly composed of misfit teens and semi-retarded adults.

  13. Everyone that the nigger fucking bitch lets post here is a nigger dick sucker.

  14. You're the only NDS that we see here.

  15. Well...I gues that includes the poster, huh?

  16. I am confused. Is this the shindig that would be attended by 150 big rough and tough Nazis as claimed by Bill?

    If so Bill was either a delusional or is a complete liar.

  17. "If so Bill was either a delusional or is a complete liar."

    Yes and yes

  18. Well, we know that Bill is a complete liar!

  19. Wow,
    Looks like the biggest collection of dorks seen in one place since the funeral of Gary Gygax. Maybe its just me but every one of those guys looks like somebody I used to bully in grade school. I wonder if Justin's mom knows he used her house for this when she was out of town for the weekend?

  20. Let's see Bill White, Megan, Michael Burls, Neal from Michigan

  21. Phil Anderson is on the far left and the other guy next to him is from IL too. Notice the stains on there pants?? Mike Downs is the one the beard I believe and Bill in the front with Boyer to the left of him. His fat wife is there along with Mike Burks, who rumor has it, is working with One Peoples Project. Guess he wants his name out there. Maybe that's why he mailed his list to you? Anyway Neal is in the far back with the glasses.

  22. If this is the future of the white face, then we are screwed.

  23. I just looked at the other photos. I'd like to pose another question: which commenter on this tread appears in one of these photos? I know, this is a trick question. :-)

  24. This is interesting. You folks sit around all day playing "Who's the Nazi?"

    So why not make a board game out of it? I'm sure it'd get rave reviews in Tel Aviv. And you can market it along with the Holocaust.

    It might even manage to sell six million units. Oy vay. Talk about a pay day. That'd beat a survivor's pension any day. And speaking of the Holocaust...

    Before 1945, Webster's defined "Holocaust" as "a thorough destruction especially by fire."

    But then the Zionists got to Webster. So now the definition includes the death of 6 million Jews. Even though 12 million died. To include Catholics. And gypsies. And fags. Allegedly. Even though they've never found the bodies.

    So as you can see, the definition of Holocaust was changed for the Jews. Whereas before 1945, it was quite impossible to survive a "Holocaust" or "thorough destruction". But millions of Jews somehow managed to beat the odds. The same people who gave us the character "Superman".

    So how did Jews survive thorough destruction? Nobody knows except for the ADL. And David Duke.

    Then it's most curious. Why the Jews and the ADL never mention all the other "Holocausts" in the world?

    Like the one million Wermacht POW's that Stalin, the Bolshevic Jew, purposely starved after the war.

    Or the fact that after the war, how every German female between the ages of 12 to 70 was raped; by soldiers of the army of the Union of Jewish Socialist Republics.

    And the ADL never mentions the 12 million White Christian Ukranians the Stalinists murdered.

    Nor does the 3 million murdered Armenians get much play around Abe Foxman's dacha.

    Poor Jews. The eternal victims. Seeking to replace their ultimate suffering as the Holocaust, with the true ultimate suffering of this Earth; the death of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    But that'll never happen. For soon the Tribulation will be upon us. And all who don't Believe will be executed. And those who bear the Talmud will get it double.

    That's not me talking. That's from God.

    So go, leftists, go. Flee for your lives. Head for the hills. Try to hide. Although He'll find you no matter what.

    Repent now or perish for all Eternity.


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