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April 17, 2008 Topics:

Polygamy,prejudice, and pedophilia - how the racists are reacting to the raid in El Dorado, Texas.

"If one loony White man impregnates a couple hundred White girls that result in the births of White babies, please tell me how that is worse than 100s of thousands of adult n*&^%@s impregnating underage White girls that result in the births of a sea of stupid mulattoes?" (VNN poster)

Arson, vandalism, and violence - all in the name of hate. The hate crimes that made the news this week give us reason to consider why we must continue to fight back.

"The teen got off the bus, followed by the three men, who attacked him outside..."You're going to pay for this [epithet]," and "I'm going to kill you [epithet] (they shouted}"...The victim was stabbed five times in the back, with one of the wounds puncturing his right lung. He also had three defensive wounds on his right forearm,"

Why are these Nazi's going to Washington, DC? A call to action for anti-racists!

The racism of the anti-immigration movement is once again exposed!

Who is rallying in Philadelphia this weekend - and why we need to be there.



  1. Got to love those idiots at VNN. Bill White voluntarily turned over information to the FBI but some of them are believing his lie that they raided someone elses house to get the information.

  2. You have to consider that most people posting on VNN deny the Holocaust as well. So you are not particularly talking about a group of people that is either sane or rational. Talk with Linder about 5 minuets and you begin to suspect his mommy dropped him on his head as a child way too many times.

  3. Now isn't that a hoot? We know he turned information over and that there is probably enough evidence on those drives to out a ton of people - but they still operate under the delusion that everything he says is true.

    I'm telling ya...I love my job! Every day there's all sorts of comic relief.

    raoul - it really doesn't take 5 minutes. Linder is really one messed up puppy.

  4. :raoul X": You have to consider that most people posting on VNN deny the Holocaust as well. So you are not particularly talking about a group of people that is either sane or rational

    all sorts of people of all colours & "creeds" deny 'the Holocaust'; of course, WHITE people who question this "urban myth" are automatically labelled as "irrational" & "insane"


    becaue 'the Holocaust' has been used by the jewish power-brokers as a pre-text for under-mining traditional western morality & belief-systems; hence highly intelligent and articulate scholars & academics like Rudolf, Faurisson, Butz, Zundel & Irving are labelled aa "insane" or "irrational"....that being the only "fall-back" position available to their detractors: ad hominem "put-downs"....since they can never hope to adequately address their numerous & cogent arguments against this modern-day 'fairy-tale';

    so far as VNN is concerned, most, if not all, of the 'usual claims' from the 'usual suspects' concerning this 'incident' have been seen off too...not hard to do when most of those claims are, indeed, irrational if not down-right INSANE!.....perhaps you'd care to "argue the toss" in the comments section of this 'blog if yr a 'true believer' in this 'faith' of Holocaustianity?

    ohhh.....hang on!....."NN" has a rather bad habit of deleting posts she "can't handle"....especially when "the going gets tough" & her whole cosy little 'world-view' starts to "come apart @ the seams".....right, missy?

    (one of the many VNN 'threads' on the HollowHoax!)...where-in all "comers" are dispatched post-haste!

    (don't bother to <'delete'> this post, because i'v saved it!)

  5. Linder's bankruptcy documents are easily available on PACER, I also have copies of it (if someone can show me where to post pdf files, I will)... And Linder hasn't made more than a few $1000 in a single year since 2001.

    In other words, Linder is living off the dole. He was living with his grandmother until she died in 2006, then he moved to section 8 housing at 810 S Washington in Kirksville. Before that, he lived with his relatives in Columbia, Maryland.

    Translation: Linder is indigent.

    As far as BW, everyone knows he turned over the hard drives himself to the government months ago. But you gotta love how he'll lie directly to the face of Vonbluvens, Chris Drake, Phil Anderson and other ANSWP types and not even flinch. BW probably has a great poker face although he's real hyper in real life.

  6. (ignoring Jimbo's Holocaust drivel)

    Harry - a good source to upload .pdf files and other formats (like PowerPoint or Excel) is

  7. In this show; Nikki called the FDLS women liars.

    This whole deal is religious persecution at it's worst.

  8. Steve would have been thrown out of that cult for his physical and mental disabilities. Most boys are kicked out of the cult in their teens in order to reduce the number of males there.

    Steve probably supports that cult because they allow sex and marriage to underaged girls. Steve has many times said he would have sex with a 14 year old girl if she "threw herself at him"

  9. Steve - I didn't say the women lied. I said they had been brainwashed and while I sympathize with them, I am more concerned about the children.

    However, according to the ruling yesterday, they won't be getting those kids back any time soon because they are playing some damned stupid game of refusing to let the court know who each kid belongs to.

  10. Ok Nikki, I see more clearly now what you were saying.

    Damn, my above Impostor has it for me but bad. He signed up my name in German and used my avatar.


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