Friday, April 25, 2008

NO Justice

As a White person like many White people, I have been told most of my life that everyone regardless of skin color gets a fair shake in the so called justice system.

We (whites) grow up believing that when a injustices happen, that the injustice will be corrected by the courts and that justice will prevail ,then when a injustice occurs against a Person of Color we say to our collective White selves: the court and justice system will prevail and everything will be fine. What a lie , what a myth, lets take a look at a couple of cases involving Black men and see how justice prevailed.

Back in the summer of 1992 a unarmed white woman Vickie Weaver)was shot and killed by law enforcement (cops), the out cry was heard around the world, well known lawyers came forth to represent the family for free, congress held hearing and then gave the family three million some odd dollars, justice prevailed !

Fast forward to November 2006 in NYC a unarmed Black man (Sean Bell) was shot and killed in a hail of fifty bullets fired at him, today's (April 2008) result ? No world wide outrage, no hearings in congress, no money for the family, no high price lawyer volunteering their time to represent the family of the slain man and the shooters (cops)are acquitted, some justice huh ?

A couple of days ago Black actor Wesley Snipes was sent to prison for three years for failing to file his taxes, a few years ago White singer Willie Nelson was facing tax charges and issues, the result ? Willie didn't go to jail, his friends held concerts to help him bail him out of his tax issues, some justice huh ?

We (whites) need to wake up, we need to ask ourselves that if we live in a nation of "law and order" why is that people of different races more often than not get more"law and less order" then people who look like me.

Floyd Cochran
Eye On Hate


  1. New York officials are holding their breath hoping that they don't "chimp out" and try to burn & destroy the city.

  2. Steve,

    You aware that nearly all "chimp outs" in America & Europe are done by whites, usually drunk, over the results of sporting events.

    You are aware of this right? I doubt it though, you only care about riots that are done by non-whites.

    Here's just the latest "chimp out" by white people.

  3. That doesn't mean anything. Everyone knows that Montreal is the Anus of North America anyway.

    You just live to put down the White man, don't you?

  4. A Real White ManApril 25, 2008 10:05 PM

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  5. So when whites riot, that doesn't mean anything?????? The hypocrisy of Steevo continues.......

    I can point out dozens of white riots in the United States just over the past several years. Nearly all of them over sporting events or alcohol. Riots over soccer, college football games, hockey games, etc.

    Black riots meanwhile are rare and getting more rare. To your disappointment Steve & other mental defectives, no rioting took place in NYC.

    Don't worry Steve, you do a fine job of putting down whites with your own actions & lifestyle.

    The good thing, most whites spit on what you believe in Steve. There's still work to be done but you are an outcast among your own type Steevo.

  6. Montreal the anus of North America? When was the last time you were there, little Stevie? It's a beautiful city, I go to Ste-Catherine twice a year or so on business. Maybe if you got out of that cesspool of inbred chicken fornicators you call Kennett you could appreciate an environment where brother and sis aren't forced to ponder such questions as "...if momma and dadda get divorced will they still be brother and sister????"

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  8. OI!!!....Nikki shit-4-brainz-fck-'tard-NUTz!

    nuthin' to say?

    gone all quiet?

    WTF happened with yr 'big radio show'?

    no appearance, yr Worship?

    cat got yr tongue, bitch? the whole fckn country in an up-roar because of this ZOG child abuse in El Dorado, Texas?....u know?...kidnapping several hundred white kidz so they can be "farmed out" to 'foster homes' run by fagz, dykes & the kike producers of kiddie-porn 'snuff flickz?

    yr day'z comin', bitch!...u & all t'other ZOG minions.....after we've 'done' the jooz & the niggz, we'll stampede u fckrs off 200-metre cliffs using trained attack dogz & flame-throwers!

  9. Nikki, I challenge you to tell the Fake NIM Admin to prove his lie or you please delete that post. I have never been to Oklahoma in my life. Nikki, I know we have opposing views, but I know you do play fair. I'm counting on you to do the right thing here.

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  11. Looks like Chris Drake has upped the ante and the number of hate groups in America.

  12. You were challenged to post the proof white man wannabe or you need to shut the Fuck up, and By-God now!

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  14. How dare you compare Willie Nelson to Wesley Snipes. Willie was duped by his manager in the 1980's which cost Willie big time. In November 1990, he was given a bill for $16.7 million in back taxes. During the following year, almost all of his assets -- including several houses, studios, farms, and various properties -- were taken away, and to help pay his bill, he released the double album The IRS Tapes: Who'll Buy My Memories? Originally released as two separate albums, the records were marketed through television commercials, and all the profits were directed to the IRS.

    Snipes on the other hand is just engaging in TNB and refused to pay his taxes. The judge was right to grow the Jiggabo in the can.

  15. You guys have sort of been lax in updating the news here.

    What gives?

  16. First of all...unless you can post a direct link to the Oklahoma case involving Holsten, or actual proof, I think you need to stop now.

    Secondly, Nick White - or whoever you claim to be - I find your profile and your web page quite offensive. Calling yourself "a real white man" is laughable. You appear to be nothing more than a inbred kid with a need for attention - and that's a shame.

    Thirdly, thanks for asking about the news updates. You are correct - we have fallen behind. I apologize. I have had some things going on in my personal life that have taken my attention away from here - but all is better now. Hopefully, things will change this week.

    As to the Chris Drake group - it's interesting that he has always claimed not to be a "leader." It's also interesting that Blevins now gets to where his basic black and a beret.

    Personally, aside from the racist issues, I like Chris. I am saddened that he has chosen this path, and will be watching and discussing this situation with great interest.

  17. Nikki, you're a coon fucking bitch. Why should I give a flying fuck what you think of me.

  18. Thank you Nikki. I assure you they can't link me to anything like that. Especially since I have no criminal record.

  19. Well Nikki, you pegged that Turd to a T. He sure acts inbred.

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  21. Well just remember Faggot; anyone who Fucks around here goes to jail. I will press charges to the full extent of the law for trespassing, and you are not welcome here.

  22. And inbred Faggot; Nikki told you that you are not to call me a molester without proof. I have a hunch your posts will start disappearing if you keep on.

  23. I hate to agree with any racist but "a real white man" is essentially correct about Willie. Willie was duped by his business manager who worked for Price Waterhouse. Willie latter sued Price Waterhouse for mismanagement of his funds and collected. Two the their CPA's wound up getting some prison time for embezzlement and Willie collected 10.2 million dollars from the firm (according to Willie's Autobiography).

    Holsten sucking up to Nikki? Too funny. Holsten you shouldn't throw that inbred tag around too much. You and your son's are the poster children for "inbred". Kettle calling the pot, "You're black, over!" Oh the Irony! Oh the Irony! LOL!

  24. "real white man": "coon"? Damn, do you racist ever grow a brain? I don't really see who Nikki has sex with as any of your business. You're starting to sound almost as stupid as Holsten,

  25. It's pretty ridiculous that I have to baby-sit full grown men who just can't behave themselves. Let me remind you "white man" - I won't tolerate threats on this site.

    Steve Holsten has been around here a long time. He has been accused of many horrible things without any substantial proof. He and I have gone toe-to-toe and I vehemently disagree with him and especially his views on young children.

    However...I have seen that there are certain people who delight in pushing his buttons and derailing discussions. Accusing someone of pedophilia and molestation necessitates proof positive - and you guys haven't provided such.

    My views on Holsten are well known - but until you back up your claims, I will ask all of you to quit this nonsense. Once those claims are proven - I'll retract my request and join in - until then, let's stop.

  26. Incidently, the chronology of events related to Willie Nelson and given by both of you are correct. I met Willie a long time ago - and really love him and the work that he does.

  27. Daddy gets drunk and he thinks everyone is a racist. He is a baddddddd man.

  28. I don't have to kiss up to Nikki. I respect her. We agreed to disagree a long time ago. She just sees the light that I have never been charged and I have no criminal history; especially for child molestation.

  29. NCIC tells a different story Holsten.

  30. Oh gawd, Holsten has his nose so far up Nikki's ass it's funny! We shouldn't give him such a hard time though, Nikki is right. Hell Holsten is hated by both Antis and WN's. His hero Hal Turner is a race traitor and
    con man. Holsten is clueless. Leave the man alone.

  31. It is so simple Anonymous Pussy; post the proof or shut the Fuck up.

    And yes, Fake Hal; we know you want to suck Hal's Peter.

  32. Why, Pedo must you reduce everything to homosexuality? I'll give you the short answer: YOU ARE A FUCKING FAGGOT.

  33. Proof was already posted Pedo. All you have to do is go to Oklahoma Court files. YOu are a sorry child molester. You were allowed to plea down but the fact remains both you and your sorry assed son Chris are pedos.

  34. Anonymous Pussy, why is it that you are the only one who sees anything on that site? Nikki has done told you there is nothing there about me, your Greatest Hero.

    You & the Fake Hal must be lovers; otherwise it wouldn't have bothered you about what I said about the inbred nappy head Idiot.

  35. Nappy headed idiot? Stop being so hard on yourself, Steve.

  36. I talking about you Faggot. With my Greatness, I can only say good things about me.

  37. Good things? Like how you are a dirty thief? Who steals DircTV as well as from check cashing places? How you teach your inbred sons to molest little girls? How it is okay to marry a mentally retarded woman who is half your age? Are those good things, Holeswine?

  38. Let's sum this up, Fake Hal. Your Great Hero didn't steal from DirecTV. They put in my yard which gives me permission to do with it as I see fit.

    I paid the check cashing place far more in interest than I borrowed. So, I brought them no harm.

    Since me or my sons haven't molested anyone; it stands to reason that I did not teach them to molest anyone.

    I am only 16 yrs older than my wife. So she's not half my age as you lied about. She also works in management; so your theory about her being mental is another one of your lies.

    So yes DickHead, your Great Hero is still a real good person.

  39. Post a link or the court papers if it is true. Otherwise you are doing nothing more than libeling.

  40. NAACP & Rev Wright draws 10,000 people to a $150 a person plate dinner

    How many did BW & that racist guy from Chicago (who lost to a man who dresses up as a clown in the republican primary) draw to their dinner??? 6 or 7 and only 2 ANuS WiPe members (which is half their active membership of 4)

    You gotta laugh at the utter failure of these nazi bozos.

  41. Looks like BW is going nuts about Chris Drake & Blevins forming a two man regional organization.

    Chris Drake is not anyone's Commander.

    Then BW attacks Blevins wife
    And Mike: Bernie doesn't even allow you to travel to Chicago for the weekend; she's not going to let you start running around in the woods with assault rifles, either

    Which BW is correct, Bernie does control everything with the mentally defective Michael Blevins who draws a social security check for mental illness.

    Of course, losing Blevins (who doesn't do any activism for the ANSWP) would reduce the active membership of the ANSWP down to 3... White, Burks, and Anderson... 4 if you want to include Matthew Ramsey in Oregon who is the ANSWP Oregon leader under another fake name.

  42. I hate to keep following myself but I can't stop laughing at Chris Drake. Remember I kept saying that he does nothing but joins and quits groups all the time?

    It appears he has quit the NSM AGAIN... Then forms his own group (with only himself and Blevins as members)... then joins the ANSWP as it's Georgia leader (or at least BW made him a member without permission & even though he lives in South Carolina and not Georgia)... All within 2 days!!!!

    That's a new record for Chris quitting and joining groups...

    I've got to sit back and keep laughing and laughing...

    Chris is a likable fellow who is just warped in the head when it comes to guns and white supremacism. A very insecure man to say the least...

    We'll forward the VNN thread to our friends at Aiken County just so they can enjoy the laugh also!!!!

    Thanks Chris, You've made my day!!!

  43. ain't "a real white man" that Aryan Nations 'pastor'....his name escapes me for now!.....was on "FTL" some time ago?

  44. Bill White has single-handedly shut down Drake's new group before it even got started.....

    Way to go Bill!!!!

  45. Micheal Blevins has resigned from the ANSWP!!! For like the 5th time...

    LOL!!!!!! What an assclown

    I resign from the A.N.S.W.P.

    I can’t understand why you couldn’t let Chris and I start a local NS group without insinuating yourself into it. This group would not have posed any sort of conflict with the goals of your organization—it was NOT a threat to the A.N.S.W.P. This small group was about political activism for our race in this area of the country. Personal training was a part of it but that was to create lasting comraderie.

    Because I was your friend I wanted to do this and retain my A.N.S.W.P. membership but your postings on VNN have now made it impossible for me to do so. You did everything but call me incompetent and then started to proceed to tell me what was and wasn’t said in a phone conversation you were not even privy to.

    This whole thing could have been avoided if you simply would have tended to your own affairs.

    Mike Blevins

  46. Vonbluvens can't stick to anything. How many times has anyone else had to suck it up and keep going to keep a job or a position in something? He was looking for an excuse to quit anway. If racists were hard workers, we'd have something to worry about.

  47. Wow, looks like vonbluefins is showing some courage for once.

    Looks like that is his final resignation if you ask me.

  48. Nah. He is either done in the nazi movement or he is going to swallow his pride and go back to White. If he put up with half of the crud the other "commander" put him through from bill, then he would be ok. Vonblubbins screwed up while Chris Drake caved to Bill White. Now the damage is about to be perminent. let;s all hope.

  49. Hey "real white man" (lol) arn't you the guy various racists have accused of being an informant ?


  50. Sober up and throw your retarded son in the oven, boyo. I answer only to god.

  51. Well...if you are Jay Faber - then your record of informing and ratting out your fellow racialists is quite impressive. If you aren't why would you use a picture of someone with such a reputation?

    And, while we are on that subject, what were you and Hal doing at the Federal Building that made you so late to the DC rally?

  52. Looks like Chris Drake is playing Vonbluvens & Bill White against each other. You do know that Schwartz & Drake have gone kayaking together right?

  53. I am not the great man, just one of his followers. I laugh at the lies you and ONE FAT COON's PROJECT tell about Jay. Unlike race traitor Hal Turner and Bill "Jew-Toy" White, Jay has never informed on the white race nor betrayed it.

    I can't really speak for Jay but I can tell you he would not have much to do with ass clown Hal Turner. Who is in truth a police informant and ZOG supporter from way back. You would think that after the beating Turner received at NORDIC FEST last year that he'd get the message. As long as the White Race has people like Jay, Lisa Turner, Jim McManus, and Charlie Juba it will be okay.

    You are nothing but a mud Nikki. You even attempt to bleach your hair to give yourself Aryan greatness. Do the coons you frolic with enjoy this? Do they notice your greasy Jew skin and your dark roots? You are a disgrace to what few white genes you possess.

    Remember me Floyd? My real name is Nick White Jr. and I met you maybe 7 or 8 Years ago when you were pretending to be a White man. My father is Nick White Sr. and was Richard Butler's right hand man. I believe you know him as well. You are scum Floyd and god gave you a retarded son as punishment.

  54. Yeah did you notice how Hal never mentions the fact he got the holy dog crap beat out of his little fat ass at Nordic Fest? You even bring it up and he will hang up on you. Ha ha ha.

    "Real White Man" you should find a tall tree and a short piece of rope. Racist are idiots and boring. Take Holsten with you.

  55. "a real white man": you are nothing but a mud Nikki. You even attempt to bleach your hair to give yourself Aryan greatness. Do the coons you frolic with enjoy this? Do they notice your greasy Jew skin and your dark roots? You are a disgrace to what few white genes you possess

    i knew she was yooish.....but she continually denies it!

    in which case: exactly how much credibility can be afforded to some-one who is a congenital liar?

    i'm not commenting on Hal's supposed "informer status"; he has done some good stuff for our race with his broad-casts; any-way: it's "a rule of thumb" for me that i never put another white person "on the dog" un-less i see convincing, definite evidence to that effect....(and thatz not too likely considering the 'tyranny of distance' between 0zz & the 'Kwa!).....same goes for "child molestation"....i categorically refuse to believe ZOG-MSM media allegations of such against fellow whites (including 'Catholic priests'!) w/out the production of cogent proof....the ZOG-MSM media accounts of such 'trials' are almost always @ significant degrees of variance with the actual 'trial transcripts'!

    i heard Jay speak on FTL some time ago with Yankee Jim (RIP) & Stan Sikorski....he was both informative & interesting, although he sounded slightly "nervous" is usually the case with most "first-timers" on a live brd/cast!


  56. "You are scum Floyd and god gave you a retarded son as punishment."

    And god gave you to the fucking looser jackass bastard Nick White Sr. as punishment.

  57. Oh My God! An Actual post on this blog that deals with widespread, systemic racism, as opposed to the trials and tribulations of various uniformed clowns and antiwar Republicans.

    Good job. More serious posts, like this, and less of the Bill White-Michael Blevins-Hal Turner cartoon crap.

  58. RWM is correct about Willie Nelson here. Willie had accountants who duped him. Whereas Snipes was a common deadbeat in the eyes of the IRS.

    Although I don't blame anybody for not paying taxes. Since the Fed is kind enough to tax us quite enough via their policies of inflation. And the government just spends it all anyway.

    And Cochran's argument as to the Black and White victims of police abuse is non sequitous at the issue of "hate" or "racism" or "injustice".

    Because the judicial system is adversarial. So to the victor goes the spoils. And to simply compare the two cases yields nothing but anecdotal evidence. Where then it doesn't serve to expose any manner of institutionalized bias. Since two cases don't define a nation.

    Cochran's argument here, reminds me of Liberal arguments at the phenomenom of lynching. Where some 6,000 lyncings have been found to have occured. About 2,600 were White and about 3,400 were Black.

    And in this for the Marxist point point of view, no consideration is ever allowed; where the deceased may have actually been guilty and thus deserved execution.

    No. The Liberals never wish to consider facts. Because facts only get in the way of their distorted ideology.

    I've cited before in this forum, crime statistics regarding ongoing trends at Black male on White female crime. And it far outweighs any "sin" of White on Black lyncings of the past. In fact, Blacks have renumerated Whites in this at a ratio of 1,000,000 to 1.

    So as a result of Black generosity in crime, Whites have been made unjustly impoverished in their own nation. Where we can't even execute a righteously convicetd Black criminal without hearing an unrighteous uproar from the Liberals.

    Thus Whites are the one's who get no justice.


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