Saturday, March 29, 2008

Racist's son shoots one,wounds another,killed by cop

From News-Leader
Marionville Shooting
"Marionville,MO -- An intersection known for serious accidents gained far more notoriety Friday when a driver in a crash shot to death a man who had stopped to offer help, then wounded a local policeman before he was killed by the injured officer."

Eye On Hate Note : the shooter in this case is Jesse Miller - the son of a former racist leader F. Glenn Miller. Miller turned states evidence for the FBI back the 1980's during the "the Order" Trials.

In the past few years Miller has attempted a come-back of sorts with in the racist movement.

Glenn Miller posted this earlier today (March 29) on a racist forum :
Yes, I saw this thread earlier. I just didn't know what I should say, under these early circumstances. Lots of unanswered questions, still.

But yes, my son Jesse, was shot and killed yesterday by a police officer."

We will post more news and information about this story as it developes.

Floyd, Eye On Hate


  1. And isn't it amazing that no one is condemning the actions of Miller's son on VNN...

    With them, it's okay to murder others........ just shows how low these scumbags really are.

  2. Nikki, do you have any ties to Yankee Jim Leshkevich's wife's family? Yankee Jim has a diary which (I am told) documents a homosexual affair
    with Hal Turner along about the time of the 2005 Kingston, New York rally . I know some people in the ADL that were allowed to look at it. I think it would be interesting if you could post it here.

  3. Sunday March 30 from the News_Leader:

    Gunman ID'd as son of white supremacist
    The man who reportedly gunned down a Good Samaritan who stopped to help after an auto crash was identified Saturday as the son of a longtime local white supremacist.

    Gunman ID'd as son of white supremacist

  4. You guys accuse others of dancing on graves.

    Who is dancing now?

    You are no different than the opportunistic scum you accuse.

  5. One thing about it. Yankee Jim was scum. So STFU.

  6. No- you want to see someone dancing on the grave of Jesse - check out Bill White.

  7. Sounds like Jesse Miller was on meth. I've read cases similar to this before.

  8. Bill White's ANSWP meeting in Chicago is actually a Art Jones event with Bill White speaking.

    It has nothing to do with the ANSWP other than that. That comes from the lips of Alex Jones himself.

  9. ROFLMAO! That figures! Art Jones would be well advised to not get involved with Bill White - he ought to know better.

  10. Nikki, you got it wrong!!!!

    We WANT Art Jones to be involved with Bill White as much as possible.

  11. Seems like the ANSWP doesn't have the balls to rally while they are there in Chicago.

    The Art Jones association with the answp and Bill White isn't exactly a positive for the organization.

  12. Looks like Bill White might be in big trouble. If anything, the $1000s he has to pay his lawyer to show up in court is reward enough. It should also be noted that under the RICO laws, any fine levied against him, any ANSWP member like Michael Blevins and Eric Anderson of Peoria can be made to pay.

    If you have information that can also indicate White on perjury, like the fact that has convicted criminals like Justin Boyer & and the fact that he mails his newsletter to prisoners in his organization, make sure you send it to prosecution in this case.



    The leader of a Roanoke-based white supremacist group faces fines and possible jail time for interfering in a local racial discrimination suit involving black tenants of a Virginia Beach apartment complex.

    William “Bill” White of Roanoke, commander of the American National Socialist Workers’ Party, faced a federal judge in Norfolk on Wednesday to explain emails and Internet postings regarding an attorney representing the tenants.

    The attorney took the publications as threats and said he was forced to have off-duty police guard his home outside Richmond.

    White and his attorney argued in court that the emails and postings were “misunderstood and misconstrued” and were meant strictly as satire.

    U.S. Magistrate F. Bradford Stillman said he would rule on the sanctions at a later date. The sanctions, if any, would then have to be approved by a district judge.

    The case began more than a year ago when five tenants of an apartment complex at 15 1/2 Street in Virginia Beach sued their landlord, John Crockett Henry, claiming a long pattern of racial discrimination.

    The residents accuse Henry of using racial slurs against them and their children and placing restrictions on black residents that were not applied to white residents, including a curfew.

    After the suit was filed, White sent a derogatory letter to the tenants as well as a magazine he publishes called the National Socialist, which has a swastika on the cover and articles expressing hatred against blacks and Jews.

    The Department of Justice, which intervened on the tenants’ behalf, suspects that Henry has strong links to White and his white supremacy groups, according to Justice Department court filings. White denies knowing Henry.

    That case is set for trial in May.

    In the meantime, attorneys for the tenants, in their pre-trial preparations, subpoenaed White seeking any records linking him to Henry. Documents provided in court included the blog entries.

    On Feb. 22, White posted a message on a white supremacist blog that listed the name, home address and phone number of one of the attorneys in the case, Kevin Mottley of Troutman Sanders in Richmond.

    “After we are done with our legal dispute, they are open game,” White wrote of the tenants and attorneys involved.

    Specifically, of Mottley and his wife, White wrote:

    “Do not send them `hate fliers’ or nooses. Do not call and record them and place those phone calls on YouTube. Do not open credit cards in their name, empty their bank accounts by Internet, hack their emails.”

    “I perceived this posting to be a threat,” Mottley testified Wednesday.

    He said he believed White’s true intention was for anyone who read it to do exactly the opposite. He said he began receiving strange phone calls right after that. His wife now fears for her safety and is afraid to leave the house.

    White testified that nothing he posts on the Internet is illegal. Anyone in his group who commits a crime is booted, he said. But any postings he has made, such as calling for the killing of human rights advocates, is meant as satire, he said.

    “I don’t see how you can take that other than as a joke,” he said of some of his postings.

    After hearing White’s testimony, Mottley said from the stand that he felt no less concerned.

    “I don’t perceive Mr. White to be a choir boy,” Mottley said. “Maybe in his mind he finds some humor in this. I don’t.”

    The attorney for Mottley is pushing for a criminal contempt citation against White, which could lead to jail time. White could also face a fine or be forced to pay attorneys’ fees.

    Judge Stillman did not give a time frame for when he would rule.

    White and his attorney, Harry W. Brown of Roanoke, declined to comment outside of court Wednesday.

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