Thursday, March 20, 2008

Racist Bill White:helping to put the squeeze on racism and neo Nazis

Archive of tonights Eye On Hate Show Here for March 20

One of the things Nikki and I talked about tonight was "putting the squeeze on Bill White",turning a lemon into Lemonade

Bill White, the neo nazi from Roanoke is holding a ANSWP Conference in Chicago April 20, 2008 - White is claiming 100-150 people (lol ) will pay 25 dollars to hear him speak at this racist conference.

I think there is a way that we (anti groups) could raise some badly needed funds using Bill White's conference as a fundraising/awareness tool.

Bill White claims 100-150 people will attend his conference which is funny , White will be lucky to get 25 people to pay him 25 dollars to listen to him, but maybe he will, so Nikki and I pledge 1.00 (one dollar) to OPP and other anti groups for every person who pays 25 dollars to hear Bill White. IF 150 people (lol) pay to hear Bill White then OPP will get 150.00 from me and 150.00 from Nikki.

We are asking groups and people to donate any where from one cent to one dollar for each Bill White follower/listener, this money willl be divided up between various groups such as OPP - Roanoke NAACP, various ARA groups.

Lets use Bill White's racism and hatred to help make a contribution to human rights and anti racism... in Bill's name.

More on this in the next couple of days.

Pledges So Far:
Floyd Cochran - One Dollar per person

Nikki Nichols - One Dollar per person

Steve Hersh - .25 cents per person

Make Your Pledge today to

Eye On Hate Radio


  1. Private InvestigatorMarch 20, 2008 11:54 PM

    Looks like Bill White doesn't pay his medical bills, another deadbeat. He's being sued by CARILION MEDICAL CENTER for non-payment of his bills.

    Case Number: GV08004735-00

    04/15/08 930PM

    Plaintiff #1 Information:

    Defendant #1 Information:
    Trading As:

    If they get a judgment, we will go out of their way to make sure they slap a lien on every piece of property he has a mortgage to.

  2. I'll match Floyd and Nikki.

    However, I wonder how you'll get an accurate number; being accurate isn't one of his strengths.

  3. Has anyone noticed that Bill White never does anything like this in Roanoke?

    It's always hundreds of miles away.

  4. Thank you Ollie - will get you added to the list - if you go over to - DLJ has started posting some of the people/organizations that have made a pledge.

    Good question Mr Schwartz !

    Floyd - Eye On Hate Radio

  5. Thanks Ollie - and doing a head count should be no problem as we have several people in that area who will take care of that.

    Let's see...there will be Bill and Phil and, maybe Mike - but I think he's pretty jammed up right now...and maybe two others. He might pick up a few stragglers along the way. I figure it will be $10.00 well spent.

  6. Nikki, Floyd, evidently this program (of fundraising to oppose hate) has enraged these folks.

    Keep up the good work! :-)

  7. Ollie - obviously, they love you ;)

    I didn't know you were a communist!


  8. Yeah, my wife saw it and had a huge laugh.

    They are so inept, I wonder if they worked for the Fred Thompson campaign. ;-)

  9. Looks like your students like you as much as I do

  10. I have a defibnite preference to being dispised by idiotslikeBill andhi cohors over being "loved",by them...LOL We really don'tneed a head count wjust need to use tis opportunity to help te good folks in the cause,(ours that is!)
    Laurie..(SOAR is in it's newhome now
    Sorry could not stop myself I am so PROUD ofour growth!

  11. Laurie, nice site! Keep up the good work.


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