Thursday, March 13, 2008

Eye On Hate Archive March 13

Tonight Thursday,
March 13 at 9pm est -
We are going the road with Nikki Nichols. Nikki will be joining us tonight as she covers an upcoming hate event in OK.,

Also a short discussion about Race in the Presidential race esp. for the Democrats


Archive here on the Listen Live Icon at 9pm est.


  1. I've been helping Bill White destroy VNN. We've been playing good cop/bad cop over there & have cut down postings by over 80 percent in the last two months alone.

    We both have about a dozen nyms on VNN, both pro and anti racist, and both pro and anti VNN.

    We've got forum so fouled up, it's really funny.

    I am not a ANSWP member, just someone who shares in Bill's belief that VNN is run by a drunken Alex Linder that needs to be taken down.

  2. The Anonymous Turd who posted above is merely trying to engage in SPLC-type disinformation and to stir up more division within the Cause.

    Any recent decline in VNN postings is a result of a software glitch which causes VNNF to slow down and hang when they try to do a radio show. The excess drain on the server slows things down.

    Amd why would Bill White want to take down VNN when he not only has his own server back up, but has a configuration that dwarfs VNN in autarky and efficiency?

    To paraphrase Steve Holsten, I can only conclude that the Anonymous Turd apparently nurtures unnatural Larry Craig-type Desires for WNs.

  3. Anyone who quotes Steve Holsten can be safely dismissed as an idiot who does not know his ass from a hole in the ground. LOL!


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