Thursday, March 06, 2008

Should Racist Leaders be Killed ?


Ok, now that I have your attention, just a brief note about tonight's March 6 Eye On Hate Radio show airing live at 9pm est.

For tonight's show we will be talking with Steve H. from Chambersburg,PA, Steve recently attended the opening meeting of the Chambersburg Liberty Mint (a right wing gang with Anti-Jewish over-tones), Steve is going to give us the ins and outs of this meeting.

Then we are going to address a question that Eye On Hate was recently asked : should we advocate the killing of racist leaders such as Bill White, Alex Linder or the alledged FBI informant Hal Turner ?

We are going to give you a brief history of various racist who have been killed or shot and the aftermath. should make for a great conversation.

Hope you can join us.

At 9pm est. go to and clcik on the listen live winamp icon - questions and comments during the broadcast can be posted here on Nikki's Nest.

Floyd - Eye On Hate Radio


  1. Sounds very good so far, Floyd.

    I had a hard time hearing Steve, maybe if he called from a landline it would have been better.

    Was there another name this group goes under besides "Chambersburg Liberty Mint"

    Is there a way to get a copy of the movie they showed?

    Was this meeting recorded in anyway via MP3 recorder, camcorder, photos?

  2. I will ask steve if he can get a copy, I agree he should call in on a land line - with cell phone people like to move around alot.

    As far as photo's and the such I will ask him - he generally takes his cell with him so maybe he got some pictures, the people at the meeting freaked out his wife and I think that had an impact on Steve's ability to focus on taking pics, but will find out.

    thanks for listening - Floyd

  3. should racist leaders be "shot & killed"? asks former petty thief & drunkard Floyd CockHead?

    WTF dontcha "have a GO!" yr-self, ZOG-bot?

    (*FYI: we're ALL "leaders"...kill one "leader", there'll be a hundred more ready to "step up to the plate!"*)

  4. Oh really ?

    Then why is it when WP's talk about killing people it's called "Liberty"?

    The new definition of "Liberty" is: Freedom for only white people!

    It's the Ron Paul Reeevolution.

  5. I rather just seem them hang themselves in the garage like Yankee Jim did.

  6. I think anti-racist leaders ought to be put in a cage with racist leaders and let them go after one another to the death. I'm absolutely certain Alex and Hal would accept. Bill White on the other hand, as every real white nationalist knows is a Jew, so who gives a shit, go right ahead and kill him, I doubt anyone, other than the SPLC would care.

  7. How the hell could you call hal turner a racist leader? he is a pathetic joke who is on the fbi payroll (fbi hires anyone it seems). Hal helps make the racists look like the idiots they are.

    Same as Bill White.

    The real threats are from the likes of David Duke, Don Black and Alex Linder. They are well spoken and more easier for vulnerable people to accept.

    Let the loonies remain loonies. They help discredit their "movement"

  8. You, sir, are nothing more than an unfunny joke. You are nothing and you will never be anything. You aren't saving the world or changing minds or doing "on the edge" journalism. You aren't a good speaker and have the charisma of a used condom

  9. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

    Funniest shit in weeks, maybe years! I can't believe these dipshits are so stupid to get phished/hacked like this, and now every ANSWP Nazi in the Midwest is exposed.

  10. Almost none of them on the list are ANSWP members except for Burks, Boyer, Joitke, and Anderson.

    Only Burks is dumb enough to actually send money in.

  11. By the way, the list wasn't hacked, Bill White turned over the list in court this week along with hundreds of other emails he saved.

    But they sure are dumb aren't they?

    I almost feel sorry that Burks is the scapegoat in this although he did nothing wrong. But we don't mind.

  12. VONBLUVENS@HOTMAIL.COMMarch 08, 2008 12:32 AM

    Doc emailed me about a month ago. He's okay and was camping in the George Washington National Forest off the Blue Ridge parkway.

  13. I salute the firm rejection of fascist principles entailed by killing people with whom you have political disagreements.

  14. The nams might not all be ANSWP idiots, but you can bet that at least 90% of them are bona-fide boneheads who have been in sympathetic contact with Bill White in some fashion.

    Thar be a bunch of goose-steppers on that list, mateys.

  15. I'll tell Floyd Cocksmoker something, next time when one of our leaders or members sees you, you'll be more than "intercepted" before you can speak! You talk like you have Darrell's meatpipe in your mouth!

  16. Von is having a total melt down about Doc being dead. I doubt we could be that lucky. I kind of think he is out in his cabin in the woods, sodomizing gophers.

    Either that or he is in prison somewhere being sodomized. Either way it makes me happy.

  17. The Faggot Snake Wannabee is dreaming about having a Faggot liaison with Doc.

  18. Since Doc is a high ranking arch-bishop in the Orthodox church, don't you think a simple phone call to the church would sort this out?

    It's not everyday that a bishop goes missing for 9 months and no one notices.


  19. I suspect Doc is in prison. He's got 5 warrants out for his arrest in Roanoke City alone.

  20. White people threaten to riot... over a music concert

    Most riots are done by whites either over alcohol, concerts, or sporting events. The few times when blacks riot, it's over an injustice.

  21. Wow, and it was only a few years ago you assholes were complaining about threats via the internet.

    Who woulda thunkit?

    As Vonbluvens use to say: "You are irony proof!"

  22. "Most riots are done by whites either over alcohol, concerts, or sporting events. The few times when blacks riot, it's over an injustice."

    Oh please, it's one thing to be an anti and another to be a complete moron.


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