Wednesday, March 05, 2008


While Bill White is busy dodging legal bullets, he is also doing a, not so graceful, tap-dance in the halls of justice and especially on the internet in an effort to appear unconcerned about the passel of trouble that he has gotten himself in. After-all, he hasn’t done anything wrong and has nothing to hide.

It seems that the subpoenas that White was down-playing are a hell of a lot more serious than he let on to his followers. Of course, according to Bill, the Department of Justice along with the attorney’s involved in this case are all nothing but a bunch of buffoons and cowards who are easily intimidated and will ultimately lose.

In his own delusional fashion he credits Citizens Against Hate with working against him – imagine that – and with posting death threats on our websites. Additionally, we, along with One People’s Project are just waiting in the wings to commit acts of violence against members of ANSWP – all 8 of them.

In an even newer development, Bill now claims that the “private attorney’s in this case” want to investigate his computers because they believe that he was somehow involved in the Lefkow murders. You may remember that the father and mother of federal Judge Joan Lefkow were murdered a few years back. Actually, Hal Turner continues to take credit for that one and I can’t imagine how Bill would have figured into the equation, if, in fact, there is any truth to his claims.

In the throes of madness, White claims that he wasn’t involved in the “movement” at that time and that his computers are not the same ones used at that time. As to not being in the movement - a bold-faced lie and one that I would be glad to testify to. As a matter of fact, the following quotes from Bill White made right after the murders will probably find their way into the appropriate hands within the next day or two:

"I don't feel bad that Judge Lefkow's family was murdered today. In fact, when I heard the story I laughed. "Good for them!" was my first thought."

"Everyone associated with the Matt Hale trial has deserved assassination for a long time."

"In my view, it was clearly just, and I look forward to seeing who else this new white nationalist group of assassins kills next."

"Tonight, as these same ADL officials and FBI agents and federal prosecutors and federal judges go to bed, they have to think that tomorrow they may wake up and find their families murdered. Just as anti-racists routinely terrorize the families of white activists, threatening rape and murder against people who have done nothing but have a relative who is a dissident, and just as these same ADL officials and FBI agents and federal prosecutors and federal judges protected those anti-racists in their terror and their terrorism, tonight those same ADL officials and FBI agents and federal prosecutors and federal judges can go to bed with the same vague feeling of unease and fear that they have inflicted and perpetuated through their miscarriage of justice, their subservience to evil, and their refusal to enforce the law."

"I do not mourn the assassination of Judge Lefkow's family, and I hope that the killer wrecks more havoc among the enemies of humanity, and that the killer is never found."

As one can readily see, whether Bill has the same computer or not – there are those of us who are careful guardians of the history of hate.

It may be that he can pull the wool over the eyes of those in his fledgling organization through lies and exaggerations, however, we will not allow him to do the same to the authorities. Our role in all of this has been relatively miniscule in the grand scheme of things yet we take great pleasure in the knowledge that Bill White has been caused more than just a little angst by that role.

As for what lies ahead – every day’s a new day.

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