Monday, March 17, 2008



Don’t miss Cold Shot Tonight at 10:00 Eastern

Topics Include:

*Nikki’s take on the Eve Carson murder and the racist’s attempt at exploitation

*Nikki and Floyd live

*The children injured by Buford Furrow are compensated

*The Reverend Fred Phleps and the Westboro Baptist Church may get their just desserts – again

*Barack Obama, the controversy, and dirty politics

*Sean Hannity, Hal Turner and Barack campaign



  1. I certainly hope you aren't going to try to justify what Rev. Wright said.

  2. Yes!!! Good point, because I remember the guilt by association game these guys here were playing with Ron Paul.

  3. I was correct:

    Nikki said, "What he said (wright) was racist, BUT..."

  4. Obama sat in that church for 20 years and didn't know that Rev. Wright held these views? Please.

    You guys are so predictable. I KNEW you would take this tact.

  5. Just like most of America you experts on racism truly don't understand the racism of the theology that these afrocentric churches preach.

    If you truly are combating racism you should get up to speed on this theology.

  6. You guys can't discuss this rationally so you go to your favorite whipping boy--Shaun Hannity. lol

  7. They jumped from that subject from Rev. Wright quickly. lol

  8. Here are some question:

    Nikki or Floyd,

    What do you think will happen if the economy does collapse?

    What would happen if kooks on VNN were not allowed to voice their opinions? Do you think they would go underground?

    Do you think an Obama failure cause riots throughout the nation?

    I await your answer, if any.

  9. Another GREAT show! You fucking idiot.

  10. Little by little the real Obama is being revealed. The truth always prevails. Truth always remains constant. These churches are teaching hatred of white people. That is the opposite of "healing." Why would a person stay in a church for 20 years knowing it teaches hatred? The true teachings of Jesus Christ is and always has been "Love"

  11. Michelle Obama's comment about feeling "proud of her country," for the first time makes sense now.

    Obama's not placing his hand on his heart during national anthem makes sense as well.

    Twenty years of venomous sermons will change the thinking of even the brighest among us.

  12. I don't care what you crackas say because I am still voting for Obama.

    The media is rigging the game.

    Fuck Fox News.

  13. I listened to your show and I will tell you people that Whit America doesn't want to accept the TRUTH!!!!!
    What's wrong with the statements about Hilary???? NOTHING!!!!!
    She does have an advantage because she's white,,,not to mention her husband is a former President!

    Back off!

  14. Shouldn't this Church be paying taxes due to its obvious endorsement of a political candidate? The Obama campaign is supposed to be about hope and change, none of which can be accomplished by listening to sermons of hate. This guy and his followers should read the bible again.

  15. Looks like someone has linked this site to one with a lot of traffic? I am guessing at some religious forum?

    Anyway, looks like nikki may have pissed some black people off, which is kinda funny in a way.

  16. Why are you people hating on Obama and a brother who is a man of god?

  17. Obama has been acting like a politician about the Rev. Wright thing.

    Yes, I do believe he knew about the comments of Rev Wright and said nothing until it was outed.

    Yes, he's got a lot of explaining to do.

    Yes, he's going to take a political beating no matter what.

    But the question is, his enemies had to have known about this for quite a while also so I think the timing of this is suspect as well.

    To me, it doesn't look good for Obama on this.

    The difference between Ron Paul and Obama is that Ron Paul published racist comments in his own name while Obama went to a church whose pastor holds some anti-American and racist beliefs.

    This campaign among the democrats is getting really ugly, to the delight of Bush III errr John McCain.

  18. I find it ironic how you start off the show by attacking the "racist" mindset over their reaction to the murder of the young lady at the hands of blacks, by stating that most people have gotten past the issue of race. Then, while addressing the issue of Pastor Wright, you acknowledge that people haven't gotten beyond the issue of race in this country. Pure double-talk.

    Let's face the facts. Race matters. If race didn't matter, then organizations like the NAACP, the Nation of Islam, the Congressional Black Caucus, the National Council of La Raza (The Race), MEChA and others wouldn't exist. Let me make it clear that these race-based organizations have tens-of-millions of followers, so any notion that race doesn't matter or that people have gotten past the issue of race, is patently absurd.

  19. Why don't you guys just outright condemn Wright's racism?

    Why should he be handled with kid gloves.

    Are you guys in the business of fighting racism or not?

  20. Mr. Schwartz, you are absolutely right. It looks like Obama's pastor and perhaps the entire church singlehandedly destroyed Obama's chances of winning.

  21. Mr. Schwartz,

    Did you hear Wright's rhetoric concerning Jews? How does that make you feel?

  22. My BLACK church understands that your attack on Trinity is basically an attack on the best traditions of the Black Christian Church.

    What is it with you white women anyway?

  23. agree Anonymous. If a white candidate attended a white run church who made these remarks, it probably would be over for them.

    Obama should be held to the same standard.

    Yes, I am now aware of the connection between Farrakhan and Rev Wright. It's not just their remarks about Jews that makes me dislike them though, it's the overall messages.

    I like to see how Obama is going to get his way out of this.

    Politics is dirty. Obama and his campaign should have known this was going to come out at same time.

  24. As a black woman I can tell you America is just not ready that kind of truthtelling, neither its style, nor its substance. America is ready for Obama's version of truthtelling, which is actually much the same, but couched in universalist language and in the style of the Harvard-trained lawyer and smooth-talking Chicago politician that he is. Therein lies the rub. Hopefully, Obama will be given sufficient air time to elevate the level of discussion and provide some context to Reverend Wright. Meanwhile, I hope that all of Obama's supporters recognize that now is just not that time and this campaign is not place for that kind of rhetoric, however valid it may be in the bigger picture.

  25. You did say, "bigger picture", didn't you, Anonymous? Are you sure that didn't mean something else?

    A slip of the fingers, perhaps?

    I'm amused that you "biggers" consider "truthtelling" to be of different stripes of authenticity depending on how it benefits the "bigger".

    Obviously Obama's overall message is sidetracked by his "bigger" goals.

    By your semantics, I too hope that Obama will prove to be more "bigger" than his lifelong pastor Reverend Wright. Only when white Americans see a genuine applicant of "bigger" beliefs such as Obama come forward with his "bigger" prejudices, will we all further understand the "bigger" problem.

  26. Yes, I am now aware of the connection between Farrakhan and Rev Wright. It's not just their remarks about Jews that makes me dislike them though, it's the overall messages

    i wonder if the "truth" of said remarks would bother you or not, Rabbi?

    uhh....guess not!.....jews have never been real big on "truth"; just agit-prop, right, mischling?

    get some "truth on the jews" here

  27. Just a suggestion: I'd recommend seeing Rev. Wright's remarks in context prior to judging them. This video is 10 minutes long.

    Here is another one (about 8 minutes)

    In the first, Wright talks about the all too human "thirst for revenge" and how it poisons attitudes (both ours and our enemies) and how it has since the Old Testament was written. This is where the "chickens coming home to roost" remark comes from.

    In the second, he talks about the moral failings of governments; ours AND others. This is where the "god damn America" riff comes from.

    Frankly, I think that is method of presentation (the voice inflection, the cheering) scares people more than the actual words; as far as the words and ideas themselves: these are nothing someone in a liberal intellectual church (or university) has heard many times.


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