Wednesday, March 14, 2007


A few days ago, I wrote and article entitled “Psychosis Is What It’s Called,” and am finding the response among the White Nationalist crowd quite enlightening. It’s always interesting to see what, exactly, stirs the racist movement into action or into heated discussion. However, this seemed to have struck a nerve that maybe needed to be struck.

Shortly after posting the article on Citizens Against Hate and Nikki’s Nest, an unusual thing took place. Michael Blevins, better known to some as VonBluvens, made the following comment on the article:

“I have to say that most of your analysis (not all) is pretty dead on...this is one of the reasons for my early retirement--at least until I can figure out if there really ever was a movement to save or retire from.

”A big broom is required indeed”

I say this is unusual because rarely do racists and I ever agree on anything, and even more rarely do Blevins and I ever see eye-to-eye. However, in the preface I noted that with the recent rash of arrests on charges of pedophilia and child porn there is little wonder that a number of movement members are considering leaving the movement or engaging in a drastic clean-up – one that would definitely require a very large broom.

Word started being spread around the internet quickly that “Vonbluvens was taking sides with Nicole Nichols.” Amazing how people can take an incident and blow it completely out of proportion. The same thing happened a couple of weeks ago when I agreed with Bill White on a public forum about the NSM. Those on the racist right started pointing fingers and trying to further blacken White’s eye. In truth, there are occasions upon which agreement occurs – not all of us live in a vacuum and we do have opinions on things other than race relations.

At any rate, Michael Blevins took his opinion on my article, along with an excerpt to the VNN forum – maybe not the smartest thing for him to do, but it certainly generated some sparks.

Now, there have been many things thrown around over there on that thread and I intend to address just a few of them. As you can well imagine, Blevins took a beating over this and Bill White along with Alex Linder cut him no slack. Interestingly enough, the first thing out of Bill White was “Why are you even reading Citizens Against Hate.” This is particularly interesting because Bill White rarely has a day go by that he isn’t reading there or on my blog. As a matter of fact, he has made numerous posts on Nikki’s Nest. Of course, if you are Bill White, you think you can bamboozle the peons beneath you. Also, it wouldn’t do for him to admit that he frequents the place, especially since he is trying to curry favor with one Alex Linder. I sort of wondered how he would handle all of this since he is between Blevins and Linder who are really at each others throats.

Michael Burks, a klan guy, who has been sidling up to Daryle Lamont Jenkins for the last couple of years and playing two ends against the middle had to weigh in as he now is a member of Bill’s new group, ANSWP. His offering…

“Who cares what this ARA Nikki slut thinks? Look at ARA membership. Morris Dees, a fruit cake. Jenkins of OPP, cross dresser. Erica Hardwick, geez, enough said. Old Floyd, drugie and deadbeat dad. I mean, come on... they're losers.”

This is the typical juvenile racist way of handling things – name calling, character assassination, “you’re just as bad as we are,” – anything but addressing the issue. In fairness, these types of comebacks were not tolerated very well by a couple of people on the board not the least of which was none other than Elisha Strom, Kevin Strom’s wife who had this to say to Burks et. al.

“Y'all are just as sick and twisted as us seems like a rather weak argument, don't you think?”

This has to be one colossal moment! I agree with another racist! Good Lord – I’m beginning to worry about me. The person that Elisha had directed her comment to was Ron Doggett – and he was at the ready with an explanation:

“The issue is not a plague upon our cause. For every one person in our ranks guilty of these things there are a huge number of people who are not. Defending and wanting to save our race has nothing to do with these sexual issues, it should not be a shock to find every once and a while a freak amongst us. My point is for her to worry about our cause having these issues is a joke. She will promote anything which puts our side in a bad light. Her cause is every bit as plagued by these issues, if not more than ours.”
Of course I am going to report on the stuff that shows “their side” as what many of them really are. My job is to shine a bright light on those who are a threat within the racist movement. Citizens Against Hate focuses on organized hate groups and the individuals who inhabit them. Doggett’s claim of there being a “huge number” of people on their side who are not guilty of these things really doesn’t hold a lot of water considering the number of violent crimes committed by their members over the last few years.

True, not every member of a hate group is a sexual pervert or a criminal. However, the premise of the article written is that a disproportionate number of very disturbed individuals are attracted to the hate movement – a fact that has been lamented even among the racists themselves.

Alex Linder, the head hancho at VNN interjected this pearl of wisdom…

“And we who represent what is good in WN don't defend our perverts. The things running the country give their perverts national holidays.”

Naturally, I will take great objection to this statement. How can you say, Linder, that you do not defend your criminal element? Look at the number of people who have taken up for Kevin Alfred Strom – not because they don’t believe that it is true – but they have actually gone so far as to try to justify pedophilia and child pornography right there on your very own forum! Look at the number of murderers you consider prisoners of war and support! What an asinine statement even from you!

Additionally, the “national holidays” that he refers to includes Martin Luther King. I cannot think of anyone on the racist right who merits a national holiday or who could even begin to compare with Dr. King in the changes that he was able to bring about. Even considering him in the same breath with some of the low-life’s currently incarcerated from that side of the fence is sheer whimsical fantasy.

Linder further comments…

“Sure. But we're dealing with people. They aren't perfect. If they're criminals or perverts, we turn them in.”

I doubt that I could ever give a better rebuttal to this statement than Elisha Strom did when she said, “We sure do turn them in... to heroes and martyrs. Good plan. Are we winning yet?”

There are many active in the movement who see these problems and realize that no one in mainstream America is ever going to take them seriously and that they are pissing in the wind as long as they continue to draw the riff-raff into the rank and file. However, there isn’t much that can be done about it as long as the “leaders” continue to try to sweep the problem under the rug and who place value upon members simply because they pay their dues or contribute financially to the cause.

Feeble attempts are always being made to levy charges against the left and against those who fight against their insidious dogma. Those attempts, however, are generally without merit and much like the kid on the playground who tries to one-up everyone with “Your Mama.”

Citizens Against Hate and Eye On Hate seldom find the need to defend or justify our words or our actions. We shine a light on those who would rather be left alone in the dark, dank recesses of the hate movement to further their agenda. They don’t like that, and they don’t like me. That’s okay. I don’t want them to like me. Some oaf over there, calling himself King Cormac,with a handful of posts probably demonstrated just how much they don’t like me with this meager little nugget of sputum:

“Useful idiots like "Nikki" will be among the first to be lined up and shot in a firing squad by her own jUDEO-masters if we allow the total jUDEO-bolshevik takeover.
By total I mean the taking all of the guns..that's the last hope for our people... GUNS.

”But to sum it up I couldn't give two shitz what our enemies think.

"Let them rot in the bloody fields of Chaeronea"

”We'll dance over their dead bodies !”

He might not believe in hauntings and ghosts and things like that – but he will if he ever sets foot on my grave – because I will wreck his world.

I never thought that I would be defending Michael Blevins to anyone, but I guess I will have to do that. Within the first 24 hours there were over 100 posts in the thread that Michael Blevins started regarding some of the truths that I stated. He has been called an idiot by Alex Linder and has been maligned by many others – only because he agreed with some of what was stated. He has been accused of whining, and told he is not of value thereby furthering my belief that those on the racist right have no loyalty and they will eat their own without compassion or a passing thought. Neither has anyone come to his defense, although a few have also agreed with the basics within the article. Michael Blevins and Elisha Strom, however, outclassed the rest of the VNN bunch all to hell.

It is precisely because of the treatment that Blevins is receiving at the hands of what he has believed were his comrades and the refusal of others to remove the criminals and the mentally ill from the rank and file that so many are contemplating their own flight from the insanity. While there are those singing Hallelujah because of the recent influx of young men into the movement, they are not considering the numbers who are fleeing – as fast as they can.

This thing they call a “Movement” is rapidly becoming an Exodus with long-time adherents rejecting it and those who lead it. Those few stalwarts who remain are engaged in a battle that is not only uphill but, perhaps, insurmountable. With rag-tag publications warning of impending doom and blazoning racial epithets they are simply ill-equipped to handle the repudiation of decent, upstanding Americans who want no part of their reprehensible dogma. Thank God.


  1. the real 'racist movement' is not in the US but in Russia & Eastern Europe.

    racial activists there stop @ nothing...up to and including assassinations!

    many of those espousing 'white nationalism' of wht-ever flavour in the US (and, also, the UK) are 'hobbyists' not prepare to die for or do time for their beliefs....clearly the hall-mark of the true activist!: didn't the early Bolshevik cabinet consist solely of those who had either been to Siberia, engaged in vrs 'terrorist' activities or were prepared to do so?

    how could any other sort of 'revolutionary' be trusted?

    VNN has a 'grab bag' of posters: many just 'blow-hards': Linder tried to 'house clean' a while back with his "boots or bullion" dictum; i.e: you either contribute money or time/ the place still seems 'top-heavy' with people of dubious repute and antecedents: some 'signing back in' under other user-names after being given their 'marching orders'!

    AFA vrs peoples' illicit sexual preferences are concerned: that is some-thing that just cannot be ascertained on-line: an extensive police investigation is the only way to come to some conclusion on that: and: even then: it must be established 'beyond reasonable doubt' in a court of law and: after: still be subject to an appeals process!

    i, my-self, believe nothing any-one says abt others' sex fact: i don't even believe media reports (un-less they are quite detailed and trust-worthy): the only sure way to even approach the truth on such issues is to read the court transcripts!

  2. Jimbo is right on this point about Russia and Eastern Europe having a real racist movement.

    The US has no movement at all and nearly all who call themselves WN in the United States are nutcases.Or the in case of the largest WN gang in the US which are based in prison, it's about selling and using drugs.

    The one who probably was legit was Matt Hale and he's rotting in prison. And this does go against a lot of fellow anti-racist but I do think Hale got way more prison time then he deserved but in all fairness, he was stupid enough with his courtroom antics and instability that lead to 40 years for a crime that probably deserved 10 at most.

    The reason for Eastern Europe and Russia having a real movement is economic in nature. The former East Germany is a prime example of this as they continue to be far behind West Germany in wealth.

    Hitler got into power in Germany because of economic chaos during the late 20's, early 30's.

    VNN is nothing but do nothing blow hards crying like girls on a message board. Linder himself has been unemployed at least since 2001 according to his bankruptcy filings. Now with Bill White demanding control of VNN, it's even getting more idiotic.

    I don't find myself in agreement with Creators that often.

  3. In a way, I agree with Swartz. However the "racist" is more like just people embracing nationalism for the first time in a long time. As we know, the jews took over the area after WW2 and ran it with an iron fist until communism fell apart. The area is poor, so to speak but so what? People are more revolutionary when they are poor because revolution is free. Revolution only cost something when you have something--like a good job and a nice house.

    But like all things, good and bad, they must come to an end. Economic good times keeps whites fat, lazy and apathetic here in the USA and Canada. With the economy looking bleak, people will have less money to worry about having taken away. Whites will have less money to constantly run from non-whites. Whats even better is that whites will no longer have the money to pay non-white immigrants to do their work for them. If I were jewish, I'd save my last few bucks for a ticket to israel.

    And if I was in the anti-white crowd...well, everyone here is pretty well hidden. You've probably got nothing more in the future to worry about than they rest of us do. As far as all the anti-white judges and lawyers, its not easy for them even in good times.

    It all boils down to this: you've got to get lucky everytime; we've got to get lucky one time. You don't hold out against nature and you can't pile enough on the human spirit to keep it down forever. The more I look at this whole thing from a "who has the advantage" aspect, the more I'm glad I'm on this side. Just some thoughts. Anyone?

  4. Jimbo, I kind of agree with you. Kind of. I see the racist movement in the US positioned, ready to become like Eastern Europe, except bigger. What everyone has to remember about Eastern Europe is that they've seen the worst of the jews. They've been held down by jewish communism and then raped by jewish capitalism. That place is one great big example of where the jews overplayed their hand, time and time again. Here, they are just getting around to doing it the first time. Once they mess up here and people catch onto them, they are through here---no second chances.

    On the flip side of the coin, Eastern Europe won't and will never put up with multi-culturalism. If they had half the multi-cultural problems that we did, there would be an all out war there (notice I didn't say "civil war"). We put up with it more because we're fat, slow but in fairness, trying to get in shape.

  5. Chris,


    The racist movement in America isn't positioned for anything except self-destruction. Come on man, open your eyes.

    You're also wrong on Eastern Europe. Eastern Europe has always been the most multi-cultural area of all of Europe. Arabs, Jews, Roma, and others have always had a presence in Eastern Europe. Russia itself is very non-white once you go east of Moscow. Look at Turkey, Albania and other Eastern European countries.

    Eastern Europe has also been the poorest among Europeans, long before communism was even invented.

    The reason racism is growing in Eastern Europe is economic.

    And Chris, since you say whites have it fat and easy in the US... why would you want to change that?

  6. Part of the reason virtually no one overtly came to Von Bluvens' defense on VNN is his unstable reputation. Case in point: During the past year, he's been, in rapid succession, NSM, then ANSWP, then SONS, then a free agent, then back to ANSWP, and now, an independent contractor, I guess. This projects an appearance of instability in the highly masculinized world of white nationalism. And this appearance of instability marginalizes Von Bluvens and engenders contempt amongst the rank-and-file of VNN. Consequently, any critique on his part will be taken less seriously than if it had come from Glenn Miller, Devere, or any of the other more serious VNN forum members. Despite this, even his most severe critics acknowledge Von Bluvens' consummate talents as a radio personality.

    I also don't think there's any prospect of Bill White "taking over" VNN. First, Alex Linder wouldn't allow it - once bitten, twice shy. Second, Bill White has too much on his plate already, not only with his Overthrow and ANSWP endeavours, but with his newly-launched campaign for mayor of Roanoke. Click HERE to view his unofficial campaign blog. White is savvy enough to get 10% or more of the vote in Roanoke.

  7. mr schwartz: "....I do think Hale got way more prison time then he deserved but in all fairness, he was stupid enough with his courtroom antics and instability that lead to 40 years for a crime that probably deserved 10 at most..."

    i don't know the exact details re: the running of PM Hale's trial or what did or didn't occur in the court-room; (only the official court transcripts would reveal that!)

    i think, how-ever, that evidence was presented re: the Benjamin 'August' Smith incident which should not have been allowed: that would clearly have 'tainted' the jury and would have been inadmissible in an Australian court of law!

    also: although i am un-aware of the actual 'rules of evidence' re: US courts, the testimony of the under-cover FBI agent concerning Hale's alleged plot to murder the Judge seemed to me to be very shaky indeed...if not out-right 'entrapment'.
    (that is just going on vrs media reports but: again! only the official court transcripts would reveal the true weight of the evidence against him!)

    i doubt if any of this would have 'stood up' in an Australian court...generally: it is very hard to establish the elements of a charge of 'conspiracy to murder' or, indeed, 'conspiracy to commit' any crime!

    Hale's legal representation also seemed to be slightly 'on the nose': i have come to the conclusion that legal representation in the US appears to be of a very low quality!

    Hale would have retained a Queen's Counsel in Australia to defend a charge of 'conspiracy to murder' and his defence would have been both competent and vigorous.

  8. Anchorage,

    You left out that he quit the NSM, then joined back with them, then resigned again. Blevins has always been very unstable and gets a social security check from the government because of it. I'm not making that up. Blevins is severely mentally ill and I know everyone knows it. Bill White knows it but when you lack friends, White can't be picky.

    He also mentioned that him and "Doc" starred down 12 blacks in Roanoke. That is a lie of course but what he was talking about is he lived a halfway house that had 12 blacks living in it also. He was only a nazi online while living there. Blevins was thrown out of the halfway in Roanoke for his mentally unstable behavior.

    But what is really funny is how Blevins has got his nose up Bill White's asshole so much but yet Bill doesn't defend Blevins at all and know is backing Alex Linder.

    And yes, I do believe Alex Linder is stupid enough to give Bill White control of VNN. Linder himself is indigent and hasn't held a real job in over 6 years. White is already demanding post be deleted and posters sent to their opposition forum and Linder has done exactly that.

    But don't worry, in six months, White will discover Linder is a

    a) drunk
    b) homosexual
    c) mentally ill

    and probably will file a lawsuit against Linder.

    But don't get me wrong. I fully support what Bill White does for white nationalism and wish him well in taking over VNN.

  9. Jimbo,

    I'm sure Tony Willow can give you far more details than I can about Hale's trial than I can. She was at the trial hearings, I only can go by her and the media reporting.

    I know my opinions about Hale go against most anti-racist thinking. I try to look at it from a neutral point of view. He certainly deserved prison time for his crimes but not 40 years. Hal Turner has done worse things than Hale and is still on the street.

    But the bottom line is Hale's ego lead him down the path he is at now. He refused quality legal representation at the time and now is complaining about it after the fact.

    I do believe but it can't be proven legally, is that Hale had prior knowledge of what Benjamin Smith was about to do.

    I don't feel sorry one bit for Matt Hale though. He did this to himself.

  10. Finally,

    I must add this.

    America is safer with Hale behind prison bars. But my opinion about him getting too much time still stands also.

    Yea, I know, it's like I contradict myself.

  11. Jimbo - as someone who followed and reported on that trial and who has the documents, I can tell you that Matt Hale was his own worst enemy in that courtroom. In spite of all that I was surprised at the amount of time given. I was thinking he would draw 20 years. I can't say that I am unhappy about the 40 that he got, however.

    The tapes really did him in. And as far as the Benjamin Smith stuff being allowed, it went to the heart of the matter in that Hale's attitude over the shootings of Smith was one of glee and no remorse showing what he is capable of.

    Additionally, anyone in law-enforcement who had dealt with Hale was pretty sure that Hale had ordered or, at the very least, encouraged Smith's rampage. They just couldn't prove it.

    Matt was a clown who was so cock-sure of himself that he couldn't fathom anyone finding against him. He gambled and lost - big time.

    As Harry said, Tony Willow was at the trial and sentencing every single day and I reported everything that took place on a day to day basis. Was it too much time? Probably when you consider people like Hal Turner walking around calling for assassinations. The difference is - Hal hasn't actually solicited anyone to do the deed - yet.

  12. mr schwartz: "But the bottom line is Hale's ego lead him down the path he is at now. He refused quality legal representation at the time and now is complaining about it after the fact"

    mmmm....OK: perhaps Hale should have represented him-self: but: then: as they say: "the man who represents him-self has a fool as a client!"....again: though: i wonder if there actually is such a thing as 'quality legal representation' in the US?...yr definition of that may well differ from mine...aren't most lawyers in the US jews?...many of who have graduated from various Ivy League Colleges where they get 'special treatment' based on their ethnicity and priveleged back-ground: as such: perhaps their 'law degrees' are not quite 'up to par'?

    there are jew lawyers in Australia...but they have reached their positions by merit alone....and even i would seriously consider having an eminent QC like Mr Robert Richter
    (!Google for more info') represent me, a racist!

    nikki: "And as far as the Benjamin Smith stuff being allowed, it went to the heart of the matter in that Hale's attitude over the shootings of Smith was one of glee and no remorse showing what he is capable of..."

    when an accused person faces a criminal trial in an Australian court of law, evidence pertaining to a previous crime or involvement in such is inadmissible in Australian courts: that includes both evidence of prior convictions and evidence of such things as Hale's 'attitude' to Smith's actions.

    the only exception to this is called 'propensity evidence' wherein the evidence of previous crimes of the accused(but only where they have accrued a conviction!) is admissible: but only under strict guide-lines: such as: that the prior offence must closely resemble the offence for which the accused is currently charged!

    OTW: an accused person's prior record is only admissible during submissions by both the Crown and the Defence during the 'plea & sentence' which follows the verdict of the jury!

    i'm almost positive that such evidence as Hale's attitude to Smith's actions over the Independence Day week-end of 1999 would be deemed 'inadmissible' as hear-say!

  13. Hal hasn't actually solicited anyone to do the deed - yet.

    This is true, Nikki, but solicitation is in the eye of the prosecutorial beholder. If some unstable Hal Turner fan actually takes him up on his offer to assassinate a member of Congress, you can bet Hal will be in a world of trouble.

  14. jimbo - the evidence was not "hearsay" in that it was presented in the form of tape recorded conversations with Matt speaking to the confidential informant about the Smith rampage.

    Mike - you are so right! If such a thing ever happens, he will be in deep doo. But, ya know, he continuously takes credit for the Lefkow murders - really makes me wonder.

  15. Schwartz, it wasn't 12 negros but 14 and they didn't live in the neighborhood...did a show about it.

    If you are going to continue to call me mentally ill and that I get an SS check you really should back it up by posting the "proof".

  16. Hell, the KIKE Schwartz can't backup anything he says. He lies when the truth would be better.

  17. Well Blevins,

    You lived at 1529 Patterson under the Roanoke at home program designed to help the mentally ill find housing. We know you haven't had a job in many years. Your own ex-wife and others testified in court how you used to abuse her and threaten your own children while on drugs. The judge in case ruled in her favor and thought you were such a threat to your own children, he ordered you to stay away.

    Think about, a judge ruled you were a physical threat to children. And so much a threat, he ordered you to stay away.

    Anyone can check the ROANOKE COUNTY court records to prove this.

    You then wrote a letter to the Roanoke Times complaining that the government wouldn't pay for your eyeglasses under your mental health benefits. And don't lie, it was no forgery letter either. You admitted in the Roanoke Times that you were mentally ill.

    Then we can go into your behavior on VNN that shows your mental illness.

    And on and on it goes...

    Your severely mentally ill Blevins. I know it and you know it.

    Now go and whine and cry some more on VNN and here. It does make good entertainment.

    And isn't it funny how you accept help from men who believe that the age of consent should be lowered to 14 or lower. Funny how WN fully accept pedophiles until they are arrested.

  18. I forgot to add.

    Then there was the phone call you had with Pluss where you were concerned that you couldn't get Seroquel samples when you first moved to Florida.

    And he's got it on tape.

    You are mentally ill. Deny it all you want but EVERYONE knows it.

  19. Schwartzo the KIKE is far more Mental than Mike ever thought about being...

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  22. Nikki or Willow, I hope you will delete the above two sick assed posts about my 2 yr old son.

  23. Yeah that is pretty damn sick. I mean christ dude, that poor kid has a bad enough time having Holsten Sr. as a daddy. Give the little bastard a break, will ya?

  24. Believe me when I tell you - we deal with enough sick mindsets without having to deal with that crap.

  25. Gee Schwartie you can really hold a grudge. I loves me some Vonnie, Billy Bumps, and especially Stevie "Pedo" Holsten they keep me laughing.

    Turner is a laugh a minute as well. Is anyone besides Stevie stupid enough to take him seriously? Is there anything that Bill White hasn't tried to take over and failed miserably?

  26. nikki: "jimbo - the evidence was not 'hearsay' in that it was presented in the form of tape recorded conversations with Matt speaking to the confidential informant about the Smith rampa(ge)"

    OK: but i maintain that it still would have been deemed inadmissible in an Australian court of law; no reasonable inference can be drawn from Hale's reaction to an event that was clearly un-related to the 'conspiracy to murder' charge: you might just as well say that a member of the NSM, Aryan Nations or the KKK, expressing similar glee, could also be implicated on that basis!

    in Australia, police often retrieve great quantities of evidence relating to an offence: police procedure is also to proffer as wide a range of charges as possible in the hope that some will stick: in both cases: by the time such a case reaches the higher court system and is subject to the expert legal scrutiny of a Director of Public Prosecutions: much of this evidence is deemed irrelevant or not germane to the matter under consideration and only those charges having the force of a considerable weight of evidence behind them and, @ least prima facie, being likely to result in a jury verdict of guilty are proceeded with.

    the inclusion of irrelevant or 'loaded' evidence can be and has been the subject of appeals to various Courts of Criminal Appeal!: as being prejudicial to the accused's chances of a fair trial!

    one would venture to suggest that the inclusion of various items deemed to be 'hate literature' for instance, would, in Australia, qualify as such prejudicial and irrelevant evidence.

    i reject any suggestion that the admission of Hale's reaction to Smith's behaviour is either fair or reasonable and/or germane to the matter of the charge he was on trial for!

    whose fault it was that such material was allowed to be seen/heard by a jury without being vigorously contested, i cannot say: what i can say is that that is not the law as i know it and have personally experienced it in Australia!

    neither can i comment on the veracity or OTW of the alleged tapes procured by the under-cover FBI agent relating to the matter of Judge Lefkow: these, of course, are not hearsay: they are, how-ever, circumstantial evidence @ best and, from my under-standing(w/out, of course, having actually listened to them!) more likely than not 'weakly circumstantial': it is doubtful that they alone would have sustained a conviction in an Australian court of law!

    see here for how a felony trial is conducted in Australia!

    let the reader of the abv lnk be the judge as to which is the fairer system: the one that gave Mr Matt Hale 40yrs gaol on dubious evidence @ best or the one that convicted two police killers on the basis of significant and substantial material!

    let them also compare how defence counsel in Australia proceeds as to how defence counsel in the US proceeds!

    let them decide who had the fairer trial: two men accused of murdering police officers on the basis of very weighty evidence indeed or a man accused of 'conspiring to murder' a judge on the basis of evidence that, to quote one Australian Supreme Court Justice: "you wouldn't swing a cat on!"

  27. Schwartz, you are lying.
    Yes, my divorce was acrymonious(what divorce isn't) but not like you are trying to make it out. Where are these records that you are refering to that say I abused my wife and abused drugs?

    I never wrote ANY letter concerning prescription eye glasses-that is just fucking insane.

    You specifically claim that I collect social security-post the proof of your claim I collect SS or shut the fuck up.

    That house was for low income individuals-not housing for mental cases/criminals. I availed myself of low income housing while going through my divorce *What do you expect me to do after signing over our 150,000 dollar home in Roanoke County to my ex?

    Anyhow, my personal life is back on track(not that it really is anyones business).

  28. re: 'von Bluvins': re: the divorce; m8: if it was any-thing like the ones in Oz: yr missus prblby trotted out totally un-substantiated allegations of 'child abuse' (u had kids...right?) which were swallowed hook, line & sinker by the ZOG 'judge'!

    the test in the Austalian Family Court is: "is it possible that the male 'partner' could subject the children to abuse?"

    not: is it likely? or: is there any evidence that he might? or: is there any evidence that he has? but: is it possible?

    on such a dubious deliberation, the Family Court judge then almost invariably awards custody to the mother: and the father is totally denied access: even from so much as speaking to his kids on the 'phone @ birthdays or Xmas!

    little wonder that some Aussie fathers 'abduct' their kids and head off to more male-friendly climes!

    this whole 'no fault divorce' set-up is viciously and un-fairly biased against white, male hetero-sexuals!

    more: here and


  29. "jimbo" what would you know about being hetrosexual? Just wondering. You come off pretty gay to me, no offense.

  30. Yep, he seems like a happy Aussie.

    You're the one who comes across like a Fucking Faggot

  31. Holsten, can you kindly piss off while the non-paedophile grown ups talk?

    The reason Hale got so much prison time was that he chose to fight his case rather than plea bargain. According to one source I read he was offered less than ten years instead he decided to fight it and the hit him with the max.

  32. Pardon me Nikki, but the Turd is running his hole.

    You can kiss my Ass, you with the brown bouncing slimy Turd for an Avatar.

  33. Jimbo - I can see that you recognize some of the flaws within the American legal system - of which there are many. However, one of the little publicized facts (it was published but few seem to be considering it) was that after conviction and prior to sentencing, it was found that Matt was sending coded messages to his members via his mother and former attorney.

    This was discovered during the period immediately following the murders of Judge Lefkow's mother and father.

    Now...I doubt that the judge, who rendered the sentence, was too inclined to give Matt a break knowing that even while in custody he was trying everything he could to circumvent the rules surrounding his incarceration. Matt was always skirting the law and looking for loopholes. Judges take all of those things into consideration.

  34. raoul X rckns: "jimbo: what would you know about being hetrosexual? Just wondering. You come off pretty gay to me, no offence"


    yr a more perceptive person than me if you can determine that from my wandering rants?!?

    BTW: only the media calls 'faggots' "gays" in Oz: ordinary Aussies call them 'pooftas' and: the "lion's share" live in or near 'Oxford Street', Sydney: home of "the gay Mardi Gras"!

    I live in Ballarat, Victoria....and: FYI: i'm divorced
    with three adult sons!

    but: feel free to call me wht-evr u want: i care not a whit!

  35. d500nikki: "one of the little publicised facts (it was published but few seem to be considering it) was that after conviction and prior to sentencing, it was found that Matt was sending coded messages to his members via his mother and former attorney"

    hmmm...yr right: that's news to me...hadn't heard abt that before!

    what it means, if any-thing, or what the motive was, i couldn't say...depends what the alleged content of the coded mssgs was i suppose?

    wht-evr: i, my-self, am convinced that PM Hale will be released soon: how that my occur: i'm not sure: but: i firmly believe that it will in the near future.

    Hale will, i believe, then go on to lead or play a major rôle in a white racialist/national-socialist-type up-rising in the US and, also, possibly, in Europe!

    as they say: there is a time for every-thing under the Sun and i believe that the time for a New White Imperium is almost upon us!

    the tides of history are now running in our favour!

    the Power of our Destiny means that nothing on the face of this Earth can stop us!

    that prospect will, of course, be some-what disconcertning to many ppl: even many white people: but: it is going to happen: i am more convinced of that than the sun rising in the East to-morrow morning!

    that is one reason that i am involved with the white racialist cause: albeit in a minor way: i do not intend to be caught 'on the wrong side of history'!

    what such a prospect is going to mean for those people, including white adults, who are not involved with the White Nationalist move-ment: i don't know!

    thank-fully: and hope-fully: that decision will not be my responsibility!

    on that note: i believe that i have said enough concerning Mr Matt Hale and his case!

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  37. Steve could well be the biggest idiot to walk the planet and covet underage girls however, tormenting him with pictures of his child is a big over the line.

  38. Hey Nikki, is that a pic of the broom you fly around on?

  39. That broom? Naw...mine is a sleekly manufactured one - much more aerodynamic.

  40. Jimbo - the only thing that I know of that would cause an early release for Hale would be if some brand new evidence exonerating him were to surface. He has, to my knowledge, exhausted all of his appeals.

  41. Matt Hale is a common criminal who threatened the life of a federal judge. It is extremely doubtful that he will lead anything from behind bars. In the federal legal system there is no parole. Hale must do 85% of his time, he can only earn 52 "good days" a year. To date, due to misconducts, Hale has earned no good time at all ("good time" can be taken from convicts who break prison rules). Matt will likely die in prison in that he is not in good health. If he does get out he will be in his 70's upon release.

  42. I hope everyone realizes that is not the real Hal Turner...

  43. Yeah Steve - we get lpts of posers here.

    As to Matt are correct in that he is not in good health. Also, I believe he has lost a lot of his hair.

    Believe me...if he doesn't die a natural death - there are probably others there who would love to assist him in being put out of his misery.

  44. I'm sure he isn't popular in prison. They keep him in the "Special Housing Unit" of the prison for his own safety. He is only allowed outside his cell for one hour a day. I can't believe anyone would defend him. The evidence that he did in fact attempt to hire a hit man to kill a judge was overwhelming but then again these are idiots who deny the holocaust.

  45. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. Mr. Schwartz~

    Why do you attack Michael Blevins on the basis of his alleged mental illness, the same basis for which the Nazis murdered some 100,000 of their own citizens? You make it sound as if that is something for which he should be ashamed. But I think we all know that that's not the case, that if he is to be ashamed of anything, it's not the fact of being a few bulbs shy of a full chandelier or having a screw or three loose, or even holding odious political and social views- its the fact that he has actively put those views to use as an active member of the "WN" movement (as its pathetic ersatz excuse for a Dr. Goebbels, who instead comes off as more of a Gauleiter Streicher).

    Giving so much attention to his- and others of his ilk- status as a clinical diagnosis-worthy nutjob effectively serves to exonerate him for his reprehensible actions as a neo-Nazi/white supremacist propagandist. If he's nuts, he's not responsible for his actions. He may well be mentally ill, but he knows very well that his actions and behavior are wrong.
    Mental illness is not the problem here - the culprit is a defective character. Oh, and sorry to talk about you as if you're not even here, VB - that's a bit rude, I admit.

    ~ Miller

  47. This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. You may be right...
    I may be crazy...
    But it just might be a lunatic you're looking for...


    I don't think Schwartz would screw with me as much as he has now and in the past if he truly believed what he says about me.


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