Sunday, March 04, 2007


In the latest Cold Shot, Nikki discusses the latest word from Kevin Alfred Strom from his jail cell and Frazier Glenn Miller who received that communique. Does Miller still have ties to the Feds???

Next she has a few pointed comments about Bill White and his propensity to lies and a really strong message to Hal Turner concerning his most recent threats and pleas for protection from those planning to protest in his town.

You really want to hear this.



  1. Nice show Nicki! A thoroughly enjoyable broadcast. Glad to hear many of the topics brought up especially Strom and the NSM antics which may fall below the radar while we make Hal (more) miserable.

  2. I'll listen to the show later tonight. Thanks to you and Floyd for making these available.

    Here is something worth keeping an eye on

    Unlike Bill White's gang which consist of 3 members and 100 sock puppets or bisexual nutcase Hal Turner, these gangs have 100's in their membership and don't have websites. Which makes them way more dangerous.

  3. I just finished reading about them, Harry - and yes they do bear watching.

  4. Steve,

    Read the article. But it wouldn't surprise me that you back gangs that sell drugs and kill cops.

  5. Nikki,

    I bet if Bill White, Vonbluvens, Alex Linder, or Hal Turner would go to prison, these white supremacist gangs in there would be "punking" them out.

  6. Nikkie,

    Where's that copy of last weeks Hal Tunrer show?


  7. Lloyd - first, I have the clip of Hal calling for people to blow up the Foreign Relations building.

    The last show that Hal did was on 2-29-07, and I believe he archived it.

  8. well, the show from 2-28-07 is not on his, and no mention of a show on his site.

    anyways, I'm done listening to Hal Turner anyways....

  9. That fact that you ever started listening to Hal Turner doesn't say much for your intelligence. How incredibly stupid do you have to be to send that man money?

  10. Pretty damned stupid Raoul. And...they keep on sending it - even after he has been shown to be a huxter and a fraud.

  11. Hal Turner is like a man who lead a cult. No matter what they do, their followers will always support them even when the evidence shows they are a fraud.

    White supremacism is a form of occultism.

  12. I just honestly can't believe in this day and age that anyone would believe or support Hal Turner. I'm sorry but the man is just full of shit.

    So Steve Holsten is a current Hal follower (he without brains) and Lloyd is a former follower of Hal Turner? Who are the "You People" that Lloyd cries about during his show? Whatever happened to VonBubber? He was fun to stir up. I honestly think he might be clinically insane.

  13. Anonymous put such a butthurt on Von Bluevein that he retired from the "bidness" for the 1242359622546th time.

    Then Jim Ramm spoofed his blog name for even more Lulz while VB was having a hissy fit over at VNN with Alex Linder and crew.

    Totally insane.

  14. Looks like BW and Alex Linder are getting back in bed together over at VNN. Looks like Vonbluvens is being left out on this relationship.

  15. Let's see, Vonbluvens defends Bill White all over the place. You figure Bill White would show the same loyalty to Vonbluvens. But yet in the Alex Linder vs Vonbluvens fight over at VNN, White didn't do a thing to defend Vonbluvens. And now Bill White is teaming up with Alex Linder, spitting in the face of Vonbluvens.

    But with Vonbluvens being a 98 pound weakling within the "movement", there isn't a thing he can do about it except to follow Bill White as his master.


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