Thursday, March 29, 2007

Eye On Hate Live Radio Tonight March 29 at 9pm EST

March 29, 2007 - Eye On Hate Live Radio 9pm tonight (Thursday)

Just a short reminder that Eye On Hate Live Radio will be broadcasting tonight in it's new time slot, tonight Thursday at 9pm EST -

Topics will include plans for Knoxville, of course; Did Bill White really go to Kentucky?; upcoming events; and why is Billy Roper so pissed off?

At approx. 920pm EST Eye On Hate Live Radio will open the phone lines for your calls and comments.

Please feel free to pass the info along to friends and organizations.


  1. This statement from Matthew Ramsey has been verified as correct. The 5'2 (he really is that short) Justin Boyer also has faced charges of assault against his girlfriend in Ohio. But when you are bottom feeder like BW, you've got to take in either teenagers to be your state leaders (and it's only member) or woman beaters like Boyer.

    ANSWP Ohio Leader Justin Boyer Discards Girlfriend and Baby

    In an act of ultimate betrayal Ohio ANSWP State Leader Justin Boyer has again ran away from his girlfriend and their three month old baby.
    This isn't the first time: While in the Seattle area Justin pack up his stuff and left their apartment after telling pregnant Brittney he was moving in with another woman. The rent was due in a couple of days and with no help to pay it,
    Brittney was looking at being forced to live on the streets. However, some Aryan Brothers stepped in to help. Justin did return at the last minute, but the damage was done. Other Justin Boyer scandals came to light and I personally had the honor if kicking this trash out of the NSM. They moved back to Ohio.

    Sure, Justin did some good Aryan deeds but they have been far outweighed by his acts of evil. We cannot ignore slimeballs and scumbags in the movement.
    Whitey: if you act like a nigger we will treat you like one!

    Brittney recently made a posting on NSM world about
    Justin the dishonorable who reached a new low:

    "this is brittney in ohio and I would just like to
    inform everybody that yes justin boyer is a piece of
    shit! He left the baby and i 3 months ago he would not
    let me talk to any of you and i would like to know
    where i stand. 88"

    Brittney is an honorable Aryan Lady and she is far better off without this loser.

    And yes BW, we've posted the proof several times on this blog of his criminal arrest. You can keep lying on your Yahoo chat room though. When you only have a few members, you don't have much a choice.

  2. Looks like the other ANSWP member in Ohio has quite a criminal record himself. Kenny Fields.... repeat arrest for possession of drugs according to Clinton County court records in Wilmington, Ohio.

    Looks like he is a druggie...

    Concerning: Fields, Kenneth W
    Filed: 04/26/2001
    Arr. Agency: SHF Case #: 0100454A
    Docket Entry: Click
    Charge: DRUG PARA
    Case Type: Criminal
    3 Concerning: Fields, Kenneth W
    Arr. Agency: SHF Case #: 0100454B
    Docket Entry: Click
    Charge: POSS M.J.
    Case Type: Criminal

    But when you are a bottom feeder...

  3. Just went to and found this gem on Justin Boyer from Washington state.

    Boyer, Justin Ray
    Case #C00017392
    Charge: Assault & battery
    Des Moines Municipal
    Status: open

    He's a fugitive!!!!!!!


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