Monday, March 19, 2007


The following statement has been sent to all media outlets in the Knoxville, TN area.


For immediate release

On March 19, 2007, on the internet radio show “Free Talk Live,” it was announced that a rally is planned in the Knoxville, Tennessee area. This rally is being promoted by Alex Linder of Vanguard News Network, an internet forum for neo-Nazi’s and white supremacists.

This rally is being held in response to a murder that took place in Knoxville. Channon Christian and Christopher Newsome were victims in this crime and the aforementioned rally is to be held in their honor and to protest what Linder and associates refer to as a “hush crime.”

Rallies of this nature raise a great level of concern among the police and civic leaders and this happens for good reason. The history of violence and community expense speaks for itself not to mention the emotional scars that are often left upon the residents long after the participants leave.

Citizens Against Hate along with Eye On Hate will be active within your area and offering our community outreach programs to law enforcement, civic groups, and community leaders in an effort to assure that if such an event takes place the community is well-prepared.

For any further information please contact either Nicole Nichols or Floyd Cochran at the addresses below.

Nicole Nichols –
Floyd Cochran –

March 20,2006
In earlier email to you, I was a bit vague about this possible racist rally in Knoxville, so I have put together this Knoxville Fact Sheet concerning the racist rally coming to Knoxville; I have included supporting links to outside documentation.

Back story- A white couple where abducted , rape and murdered in January 7,2007 in Knoxville,Tenn., five Black suspects have been arrested and charged for this crime. ( this link will take you to a series of news articles from the Knoxville area media, reporting on this crime.)

For the last week several racist organization such as the VNN (Vanguard News Network),the KKK and neo-Nazis have been talking about holding a rally to draw attention to "Black on White crime" in Knoxville.

Last night (March19Th, 2007 ) several racist leaders got together to discuss on VNN's Internet talk radio program to announce plans to go to Knoxville to hold a rally and "talk to the white people of Knoxville". ( this link will take you to the Vanguard Network News Forum where VNN has devoted an entire page for this rally.)

The groups and people involved so far:
Alex Linder from Vanguard News Network;
Hal Turner the racist broadcaster from New Jersey,
several members of the Vanguard News Network forum join in as Linder ask Hal Turner to be a speaker at the Knoxville rally,
also discussed was the possibly of racists going into white neighborhoods a few days before the rally to "talk with white people on a personal level".

One of the calls that Linder fielded last night on his program, the caller ask if they could come in KKK robes, Linder answered that while he wasn't crazy about the idea ,he did tell them they could come dressed in thier sheets and hoods.

The idea of KKK members in sheets and hoods going door to door is some what frightening.

Linder, Turner are exploiting a horrific crime to bolster their ranks,raise money and get out their message of hate. They have already been in contact with Knoxville media out lets.

Possible date for rally, memorial day week-end has been discuss they are deciding now,

Finally, later today, Eye On hate will have the recording of last night's VNN Internet Talk program, we will send it over, so you can hear what they are discussing.

As more information becomes available Eye On Hate will send it your way.

Floyd Cochran


  1. Hey Nikki,

    I just listened to a radion program called Goyfire where Mr. Linder said that the only answer to the "Jewish Question" was to kill every Jew.

    I think you should add that to your article.

    Just an idea.

  2. kjMr. Linder, incidentally, has posted a radio program called "Conway and Whitman", a mainstream show, where the hosts essentially berated him and spoofed him for the entire program...

    Leading one to wonder: Has Mr. Linder taken into consideration that , after being made fun of over actual radio, it might be unwise to save and offer such a program to potential supporters?

    Essentially, I learned that Mr. Linder is the father of two illegitimate children, as well as a "legitimate media" failure that couldn't cut it working as a mainstream conservative commentator. Bitterness drives such people to strange extremes at times, I know, but I wounder if Mr. Linder doesn't deserve to have some bad karma come his way due to his "genocidal fantasizing".

    Most of these individuals are easily laughed away, but Linder is particularly corrosive and nauseating. Don't mean to beat the issue to death, but , tonight, he has really soured my pallate.

    I hope you do more to expose this rancid Nazi yuppie, this mouthy, arrogant, homicidal moron, to the light...

    Take care

  3. Hey Andrew - there was a show on earlier - Live Free Talk - and they talked a lot about what they are planning for Knoxville.

    Mr. Linder (And I use the Mr. loosely) is a nauseating cretin in every sense of the word - and he is about to be exposed for precisely what he is. In his own vernacular, "Itz Coming."

    I'll have to find that Conway and Whitman show. Thanks

  4. nikki: is it 100% 'fair & reasonable' to berate Mr Linder from the safety of yr 'blog'?

    i seem to remember challening you to appear on 'Free Talk Live' yr-self and defend yr opinions & view-points: and that you would get plenty of time to do so!

    if you can't argue yr case in an opposition-type forum: how do you expect to be able to convince people with pre-existing doubts?

    AFA the 'Conway & Whitman' interview is concerned...these two chrctrs used typical 'shock-jock' tactic on Linder: speaking over him and trying to dig up vrs amounts of 'dirt' to belittle the man: a rational and reasonable exchange of views it most certainly was not!

    being an Aussie, i am not familiar with what Linder et al have planned for Knoxville but the Christian/Newsom incident seems very much like a 'hate crime' to me....why is it OK for the media to make 'big deals' out of incidents like the James Byrd(?) dragging death, the Matthew Shepphard murder and the Rodney King police beating and, yet, when white people are the victims of similar crimes, little or nothing is said?

    if the 'main-stream media' adopted a more even-handed approach and covered all such incidents equally, such 'rallies' would clearly be un-necessary!

    perhaps that is why the 'main-stream media' is on its last legs?...if so: they only have them-selves to blame!

  5. Gee Jimbo - at this link I found 28 stories pertaining to this case.


    That is just one TV station and I would say that is pretty good coverage.

    As to the "fairness" of berating Linder - I just don't really care about that. I never said I would play fair when it comes to racists.

    Conversely, is it fair of Linder and friends to attempt to create an untenable situation in Knoxville for the sole purpose of attention getting? Is it fair that he and his cohorts call for the anhilation of Jews and non-whites?

    Is it fair that Mr. Linder and friends target others for their vituperative remarks based on the color of their skin, their religion or sexual orientation? How fair is it to characterize people as "subhuman?"

    No...I really don't think I will worry too much about being fair to Mr. Linder. As a matter of fact, in the days ahead you may just witness my "unfair" treatment of this cretin.

    As far as "appearing on Free Talk Live," why would I even want to dignify such a show with my presence? You see, Jimbo - it's not just about "disagreeing." It's about being totally opposed - it's about being human.

    Racists are always attempting to "prove" how right they are - did you ever notice, we don't have that problem - we don't have to "prove" anything. People just know.

  6. Jimbo,

    What possible good can come from "debating" someone like Alex Linder?

    What would be accomplished?

    You either support racism and genocide, or you do not. I doubt anyone listening would not already have their minds made up one way or the other, and it would be an unduly taxing and pointless waste of time for both parties.

    You can't talk reason to individuals whose minds are already entrenched on a pre-conceived idea. In the case of genocidal anti-Semites, most individuals who have encountered them have found that trying to open their eyes to the logical fallacy of their particular chronic hatred is , well, utterly pointless and accomplishes very little.

    In most cases, any evidence pointed out to them that contradicts their particular worldview will simply be dismissed as a part of the "vast Jewish conspiracy." In other words, their beliefs are hopelessly "locked" into place, and only the efforts of a top-notch mental "deprogrammer" could ever hope to make them see any reason.

    Debating Nazis is like trying to teach pigs to sing--it won't work, and it annoys the pig.

    No, better that society continue to try to struggle uphill to defend itself against you, rather than waste words with you. I wouldn't think of trying to reason with al-Quaida, either.

    Now, the crime referenced for Knoxville was truly horrifying, and I believe that with a little more "eye for an eye" in all our legal doings, we would see a lot less of such grotesque acts. But that has nothing to do with race and everything to do with a society that refuses to implement the sort of law and justice that would ensure that criminals, of whatever stripe, would tremble at the thought of swift and merciless justice.

    But, admit it, damn you: You don't give a damn about what happened to theose two young kids--you Nazis simply are trying to piggyback on another issue to see how far it takes your agenda. Linder didn't , really, seem too shook up about it; as I listened to him, I fully realised how utterly vapid his depth of reason and emotion were as he was discussing it. There was no real sympathy for the victims, just "kill the blacks, it's the Jews fault."

    But, of course, I don't expect anything from him, or from you, for that matter, seeing as how you follow a "religion" that is, point-blank, a patented absurdity. I mean, what is the use of having a religion where there is no soul, God, afterlife, or anything else philosophically relevant? some tosh that was made up by a bloody idiot to fleece fools like yourself.

    Anyway, I'm going to sleep, and you're going to Hell.

    Good evening.

  7. nikki: that lnk you provided was for a local TV station: i have yet to see this incident receive the type of national coverage that the James Byrd-dragging case received!

    that's what i meant and i think you know it!

    as for appearing on FTL: i'm afraid that yr categorical refusal to do this would seem to indicate that you cannot provide a coherent and articulate exposition of yr views! this in fact the case?

    many people listen to FTL....and goyfire.....including, i notice, some of yr 'blog' contributors....many of these may be only 'border-line' racists: perhaps yr refusal to appear 'on air' and attempt a convincing rebuttal of Linder et al will drive such people 'over the edge': i guess that'll be on yr conscience though!

    andrew says: "But, of course, I don't expect anything from him, or from you, for that matter, seeing as how you follow a 'religion' that is, point-blank, a patented absurdity. I mean, what is the use of having a religion where there is no soul, God, afterlife, or anything else philosophically relevant? some tosh that was made up by a bloody idiot to fleece fools like yourself. "

    like Buddhism, you mean?
    another non-theistic religion: or atheism: or agnosticism....and: actually: who fleeces more people? Klassen and his followers or the traditional jd-xtian churches? have you any idea of the amount of money that is donated annually to vrs jd-xtian churches and orgs just in the US alone?
    TCM can't hope to compete with that...if we had that sort of financial backing, every white nation would be espousing creativity: conversely, the fact that every Western nation does not clearly espouse christianity would seem to indicate some sort of a 'con job' don't you agree?

    but: don't engage White racialists in debate if you don't feel like it....such intransience(sic?) will inevitably lead to an Iraqi-type situation with mind-numbing blood-shed and horror: in which, of course, all sides will be the loser: perhaps that's what you want?

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. jimbo - refusing to "debate" with Nazi's has nothing to do with my not being able to articulate my beliefs. You see, in order to have a debate there has to be a point - and you guys really have no point.

    Believe me when I tell you that I have been toe-to-toe with some of the best, and it is an exercise in futility and a complete waste of good breath.

    Back to the "fairness" discussion - Alex Linder has not been attacked by me - yet. But...he will be - bet on it.

  10. You can not have a rational debate with the mentally ill and/or a liar. Which means you can't debate with 98.6 percent of all WN.

  11. Alex Linder is, quite obviously, obsessive compulsive or psychotic. I'm not a trained diagnostician, but he's obviously mentally ill.

    Listened to Goyfire # 50 part 2, where this self-important , highly-deluded individual raged on for fifteen minutes about the need to exterminate the Jews. He was quite unequivocal on that point: other minorities, he maintained, could be dealt with in a differnet manner, but the Jews had to be killed outright.

    This is a man with two children of his own, making his opinions, in my opinion, all the more despicable.

    And what a coward he is! I can't, for the life of me, seem to find any other photographs of him except the one on the SPLC website. You would think such an egotistical dandy as Mr. Linder would be willing to have several photographs of his yuppie mug plastered here and about. At least Bill White and Hal Turner are not nearly as cowardly in that respect.

    C'mon , Mr. Linder, let's have some more personal info. For instance, what does His Highness do for a living that qualifies him to speak of his own accomplishments in life in such a high regard?

    I would assume it must be something the "evil Jews" allow him to do, since, according to his own logic, they are in control of everything , anyway.

    But, alas, I would guess his own accomplishments in life, besides running neo-Nazi websites, are limited to hypocritically impregnating women he isn't married to, and failing at being a legitimate media personality.

    I guess he can be a big fish in a little pond, and that is enough for him.

    Linder is beneath contempt.

    Notice: Unlike many WN , Linder is too cowardly to give his home address. I mean, he has such a loud, disgusting mouth, you think he would be willing to at least match someone as disgusting as Hal Turner in that regard.

    Ah well.

  12. You know, I'm really sick of hearing people like Linder and Turner call for the murder of women and children, and nobody jumping up to bat their teeth down their throat...

    Ah well, enough for today.

  13. Andrew,

    Just look at Alex Linder's bankruptcy filing over at PACER system and you'll learn he hasn't held a steady job in 7 years. He lives in section 8 housing on S. Washington Street in Kirksville.

    Linder is indigent. Just like so many other WN like Holsten, Blevins, Schoep, Leshkevich, Herrington etc....

    How about BW getting all excited over having his Michigan leader show up at a rally that only consisted of one other person. Yea, and his Michigan leader is 19 years old and unemployed by his own admission. Woman beater Justin Boyer was a no show.

  14. "How about BW getting all excited over having his Michigan leader show up at a rally that only consisted of one other person. Yea, and his Michigan leader is 19 years old and unemployed by his own admission. Woman beater Justin Boyer was a no show."

    How far Bill White has fallen truly is a statement FOR what we do, Harry.

    While I agree with you that he really helps us out - I can't help but feel a little smug when I see him finding solace in something like that.

    "You know, I'm really sick of hearing people like Linder and Turner call for the murder of women and children, and nobody jumping up to bat their teeth down their throat..."

    You and me both, Andrew - but Alex Linder's day is coming - it really, really is.

    Back at the start of this year we did a radio show with Floyd, Daryle Lamont Jenkins, and myself. We all made our predictions for this year. I said that Alex Linder was going to come to the forefront in some capacity or other. He had to - there just aren't that many "leaders" left.

    Consequently...suffice it to say - we have been doing our homework and waiting...patiently.

  15. nikki:"refusing to 'debate' with Nazi's has nothing to do with my not being able to articulate my beliefs. You see, in order to have a debate there has to be a point - and you guys really have no point"

    you ppl talk abt 'logical fallacies': seems to me there's a whole raft of them in the above statement: ad hominem, non sequitur, circular reasoning &c:

    the point being: there's a large and growing segment of white ppl adhering to white nationalism in one form or another: are they all deluded or mentally ill?....doesn't the MSM continually spruik 'diversity' &c?...perhaps they aren't doing too good a job or perhaps reality supersedes ideology?

    if the tenets of white nationalism are on a shaky intellectual basis as you seem to claim, then: it should be easy to rapidly debunk, rebut or refute those arguments ...just like it would be for a 'flat earther'?

    un-less: of course: those same arguments are based on a solid intellectual foundation: in which case: you may well have problems: perhaps this is the reason for your reluctance?

    re: Andrew:
    i know nothing of Linder's personal life apart from the fact that he has a couple of kids and lives in Kirksville, MO; i don't know what photographs or OTW exist of him: but: AFA being some sort of a 'cretin' is concernded, that is clearly a ludicrous, if not an absurd, statement: any-one listening to GoyFire50 could not but help come to the conclusion that Linder is an intelligent, well-informed and well-read individual: whatever else one thinks abt his character: which, IMO, cannot be categorically defined without a personal acquaintance!
    (even psychiatrists need a n° of personal 'sessions' with a patient before they can definitively identify a psychiatric dis-order!)

  16. Knoxville is a real big college town so I don't think the Klan wannabes going around in robes without massive police protection would be a wise idea.

    I think Linder came up with this idea after getting all excited about what the NSM did in Columbia, Missouri recently. The NSM hasn't slowed down a beat since BW left them even with all the scandals, the NSM is still around and still doing it's thing.

    This is something new for Linder, I don't think he has ever held a rally on his own and hasn't shown his face in public since his days of running with Billy Roper.

    In the grand scheme of things, the NSM and Alex Linder aren't s..t but still, someone needs to keep an eye on them.

  17. Harry - the last time I remember seeing Alex was at the Brown vs Board "rally" where Billy Roper piroutted around carrying a sign that spelled separate wrong.

  18. This link is for all the hate mongers like Steve Holsten.

    Man gets 240 years for hate crime.

  19. I don't think this Rally will amount to anything. BW's ego will take center stage deflecting any chance of a message getting out :)

    You seem to have lost sight of NSM. Kris Johnson seems to be the new brain behind the movement. They've gone grass roots. With BW gone they've picked up steam. They are still the largest and fastest growing Neo-Nazi organization. I happen to know that they now do criminal back ground check on prospective members. Criminals are not listed on the "rolls" of the organization but are still allowed to join.

  20. Nikki,

    That was the rally where Linder was wearing a cheap Goodwill sports jacket carrying around a sign that many have mocked him for.

    Even the mentally ill Blevins mocked Alex Linder for that one.

  21. Raoul,

    Totally agree that the NSM is stronger these days than last year. Still not a threat, but worth watching.

    I knew BW getting thrown out of the NSM was bad news for anti-racist. Looks like they have polished up their act but it's still a gang full of cowardly thugs.

    Article on the NSM march in Columbia MO with 2 dozen showing up

  22. mr schwartz: "Knoxville is a real big college town so I don't think the Klan wannabes going around in robes without massive police protection would be a wise idea"

    the 'rally' won't need 'official police protection': although: any "anti-s" that are brave enough to 'front' might: it is my under-standing that there are literally hundreds of skin-heads volunteering to act as 'security'!

    i'v got a feeling that some of u ppl are going to be in for a very rude awakening! when this rally 'hits the ground running': in fact: i make so bold as to predict that it will mark THE END! of the 'Kwa as you people know it!

    here's a good 'acid test': when youse see lots of rich, powerful jews boarding over-seas flights to...where-ever...youse'll know that 'the writing is on the wall!'
    (ignore their reasons/excuses for doing so!....don't listen to what they say: LOOK @ wht they do!)

    that is (just) my reading of the situation from 10000klmtr away: and: i could well be under-estimating by several orders of magnitude!.....there are one HELL of a lot of white people of varying ideological persuasions who are VERY UPSET INDEED abt this Christian/Newsom incident and: the more the MSM tries to smother it: the worse it is going to get!

    all the platitudes in the world ain't gunna make a scrap of difference now!

    we are on the express lane to victory.....ain't NUTHIN' gunna stop us now!

    "lacta alea est!"

  23. Damn, Schwartzo screwed up. He was running his hole about me and posted a link about one of his pet Apes getting 240 years.

  24. Retard Steve,
    The link was posted to show you proof that blacks do get charged with hate crimes. You've said many times they don't. Duuuuhhhh


    You've gone delusional now. The Knoxville rally isn't going to be the end and 100's of skinheads won't show up. Every rally planned says the same thing and the attendance of WP rallies has fallen through the toilet over the past ten years. You know it's bad when psychopaths like BW claim success over a rally that two people show up for.

    The truth is Jimbo, Alex Linder and others don't give a damn about what happened to those two murder victims. They are exploiting their deaths for their own selfish benefit.

    And don't believe the lies either. The crime is getting plenty of press and the 4 defendants charged in the crimes are facing enough felony charges to fill up gigabytes on a hard drive. You can go to google and type in Channon Christian name in quotes and get 29,400 hits talking about this horrible crime.

    But what is ironic is when a white man kills a white child in this fashion, the white supremacist don't give a damn. No outrage at all from them over that. You figure they would since over 80 percent of white people murdered are murdered by other white people according to the FBI.

  25. That Son-Of-A-Bitch needs to be hung by his nuts with razor wire and then allowed to bleed to death.

  26. BW was very amusing when he was a member of the NSM, kind of their court jester I always thought. How big of a fuck up do you have to be to get thrown out of the NSM?

    Knoxville might get press coverage but I am betting that it doesn't get much else. NSM's South Carolina rally will draw more people.

    Has anyone else here noticed that Holsten always seems to mention sexual organs and homosexuality in his posts. He also has a unhealthy fixation on black penises. I've heard he is a weenie wager.

  27. Linder seems to really be cracking up psychologically. or else, he heard that Hal Turner really rakes it in by posting items such as:

    "He’s probably back in Mexico already. If Mexicans are slashing our daughters’ throats, then why aren’t we slashing the throats of our Congressmen?

    Nothing will change until there are direct, physical consequences for selling out to the jews, and that goes for writers, talking heads, and Congressmen alike. They declared war on us when they sold out to AIPAC and opened the border with Mexico. The time has come to declare war on them. The simple fact is, physical force is the only thing our Congress understands. Persuasion? Morals? Look at how our hirelings treat the innocent in Iraq. The only people jews and their toad-eaters respect are those who kill them. Murdering people is their native language and they are deaf in any other."--Alex Linder, Kirksville Missouri , on his Vangurad News Network website.

  28. Quote, from the always stable Alex Linder:

    "Remember that it was the jew-controlled mob, Meyer Lansky in specific, that arranged the assassination of JFK. " --Alex "Tinfoil" Linder

    Has he checked this with Oliver Stone?

  29. mr schwartz: "You figure they would since over 80 percent of white people murdered are murdered by other white people according to the FBI"

    i'd like to know where those stats originate: my under-standing is that most white people are murdered by non-whites....that's from the FBI/DoJ figures that i'v seen: and that's including 'hispanics' as white!

    (that's the black-on-white crime 'pdf' on Duke's site: ....'the color of crime'....i think it's called!'s a while since i checked it!: but it's fairly recent: 2003/2004 maybe)

    andrew: "Remember that it was the jew-controlled mob, Meyer Lansky in specific, that arranged the assassination of JFK"

    i think he's referring (in-directly) to the Michael Collins Piper book 'Final Judgement': i'v read it: and: it makes a credible case: certainly: @ least as credible as any of the other 'alternative theories' re: the JFK assassination
    (i deliberately avoid 'conspiracy theory' because that is an MSM 'ad hominem'!)

    Collins seems to point to a MOSSAD-type 'hit squad', with 'French connections', acting in collusion with vrs rogue CIA elements as the perps: and the jews using their media control to 'blank out' all the trails: the 'motive' being: JFK's attempted khyboshing of the Israeli nuclear programme!

    what-ever: i found it to be a bloody good read!

  30. Jimbo,

    You aren't visiting the FBI or USDOJ websites, you are getting your false FBI information from hate sites that lie.

    Here you go

    Data from single victim/single offender incidents showed that 92.6 percent of black victims were murdered by black offenders, and 84.8 percent of white victims were murdered by white offenders.

    You've got to stop believing white supremacist paranoia and lies.

    Most white murder victims are murdered by other whites... by a 6 to 1 ratio


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