Saturday, March 31, 2007


I have been working this guy over for the last three years - and they finally got his sorry butt!

Todd Findley, the real estate Nazi, Flim Flam Man of hate has been arrested! Findley has been running a scam on the unsuspecting populace of Florida and a few other places and, at last, his dog-and-pony show might come to an end. Findley is also the owner/operator of the New Saxon website that is host to omany skinheads and white power types. He is also known as "Buster" on Stormfront.

You can read the article here:


And for more information - HERE




  1. Buster will soon be free. I hear that the higher ups in ANSWP are making his bail.

  2. The "higher ups?" You must be referring to Bill.

  3. Actually, he is already out. What does that tell ya?

  4. nikki: "Actually, he is already out. What does that tell ya?"

    (if true!): a n° of things:

    i/the 'charges' were prblby so 'piss-weak' that even ZOG couldn't "cook up a case!";

    ii/'Buster' has a hell of a lot of support...from all sectors of the WN 'movement'!

    iii/'Buster' "cut a deal" (un-likely!.....ZOG doesn't 'do deals' with prominent White Nationalists...and i don't believe it any-way!...@ least: not without substantial proof!)

    iv/ZOG tried to kick 'Buster' when he was down: it is my under-standing that he recently lost two of his kids in some-what tragic like ZOG to 'sink the boots in' when the bloke is 'between a rock & a hard place' as they say!...but: what else to expect from a bunch of sub-human filth that happily blows away women & kids without a second's thought, eh?......that's how worthless fckn COWARDs have ALWAYS behaved.....and always will!

    personally: i can't see my-self letting ZOG arrest me over some bodgie, bogus charges: if, for instance, they charge you with 'attempted murder' for just touching some iconic HollowHoax twat: you may as well give 'em sumthin' to chew on!.....
    hope-fully: if i 'go under': it'll be because i 'took out' beaucoup ZOG scum!.....the ONLY WAY to go!

  5. The Ghost of Che Guevara? I smell either feces or a Bill White sock.

    Hey Jimbo, what part of your brain do you eliminate to start blaming "ZOG" for everything? Hummmm I'm not sure either but I'm pretty sure it was a part you needed.

  6. The brain part that he lacks that you have is being a Coon Jigaboo Lover

  7. Wake up Jimbo, Todd Findley is nothing but scum. Do you even realize what he is charged with?

    "In the latest news, a neo-Nazi named Todd Findley, 42, was charged with three counts of grand theft and one count of organized scheme to defraud after a two-year investigation by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. He ran the European American Heritage Foundation, a welfare program designed to provide affordable housing for poor white families. After numerous right-wing white families whom Todd Findley swindled into depositing thousands of dollars, Todd kept the money without building the houses."

    The article which was posted on " The Colorblind Society" goes on to say that Todd bonded out of jail. It made no mention of Bill White or ANSWP helping him, and considering Bill White's financial woes, I seriously doubt that happened. Besides Todd has always been highly critical of Bill White calling him a "fake white man" an "informant" and a "Fat, lying demented mouth piece for ZOG".

    As usual "Jimbo" starts running his trap, without knowing anything. Oh yeah and the Holsten thing chirped in. I wonder if we could get a muzzle for it?

  8. No Bouncing Turd, I don't want to have Faggot relations with you.

  9. Raoul one thing you should know about Steve, besides being a blithering idiot, he is a raging homosexual and pedophile. Check out Nimbusters. Steve is constantly asking other men to have sex with him. In addition he has asked where to find web pages with young girls. He's admitted he would have no problem having sex with 14 year old girls....if they threw themselves at him. His son Chris was recently arrested for trying to have sex with a under aged girl. Steve himself is under constant investigation by child welfare in Missouri.

    He is a fired school bus driver who's official firing was because he "sleeps at the wheel" however school officials confirm that Steve made unwanted advances toward young children (I swear, I can give you the phone numbers of school officials). Once you realize that Steve is a sick little man with nothing to add, he is easy to ignore.

  10. Would someone please challenge this idiot to show all that he is lying about my employment? He's told so many lies about me that he now believes his own Bullshit. He calls himself the Nimbusters Admin, but he's not. Besides me, he now obsesses over Stan the real Admin.

    Yes, I use Faggotry in the defense of my fine self on Nimbusters. Those Turds are so obsessed with me that they must be Faggots. The Turd knows that I have never asked anyone over there to have sex with me. I do feel with their over obssession of me that they must want to have sex with me.

  11. So sorry Holsten but if memory serves me just about everything he says has been documented by Schwartz and others (though admittedly that is the first I've heard about your firing as a school bus driver). So don't even try that "Oh I'm Mr. Innocent" act. It is so old and you are so so very bad at it. You're a sicko Steve, you know it, we know it, soon the good people of Kennett will know it.

    Ah but we digress, when does the neo-nazi scum, Todd Findley go to trial?

  12. God what a load of idiots. Holsten is a mongrel looking Jew and the rest of you need to be taken out back and shot. It would be the best thing for the race.

  13. raoul X: "He ran the European American Heritage Foundation, a welfare program designed to provide affordable housing for poor white families. After numerous right-wing white families whom Todd Findley swindled into depositing thousands of dollars, Todd kept the money without building the houses"

    i find it some-what difficult to believe that any-one could be that bloody stoopid!

    how could you 'pay a deposit' for a house to be built and then not have the friggin' thing built?

    it'd be pretty bloody obvious wouldn't it?

    if there's no 'work in progress', wouldn't yr next stop be the cops?

    and: then what? the bogus 'builder' would be carted off to gaol after trying to stooge his first 'client': or: @ most: after the second or third!

    there's gotta be more to this!

  14. Well Jimbo maybe he was that stupid or maybe he wasn't, I suppose it will all come out in court, eh? But the way I hear it is that Todd will accept a plea bargain agreement.

    To be quite honest "The Colorblind Society" is not without it's biases, still the mainstream media down here in Florida is reporting the case pretty much the same. Channel 9, the local ABC station interviewed quite a few individuals who claimed to have been defrauded by Todd. Again I'm sure it will all come out in court. But I'm guessing anyone who is capable of being a holocaust denier will most likely make up their mind on the matter regardless of what evidence is offered, eh Jimbo?

    Mr. Holsten I don't know what is the truth concerning you but I do know that you don't come over well here. Honestly I had you figured to be either a young kid or someone of very limited intelligence and I am not trying to be insulting when I say that. How is it not homosexual to ask another man to "suck your penis"? Maybe you have different definition of homosexuality than I. Maybe you can provide clarification on this matter?

    I checked out your "Nimbuster board" and it seemed pretty much a waste of my time. No offense there but it just isn't my cup of tea. For the record though I am not offended by your homosexuality I just don't share in your desires, so if you could keep your sexual advances to yourself I'd be quite happy.

  15. Jimbo - there is a lot to this and I plan on speaking about it Thursday night. However, until then you can read some of this here:

    And Here

    And...yes...he is that stupid. I have had several dealings with this man - and I can tell you that he is a really dumb flim-flam man.


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