Tuesday, March 20, 2007


In this Cold Shot, Georgia takes two steps forward and 200 steps backward; VNN demonstrates the misogynistic nature of the racist male; and "Kill Whitey" parties being held in New York City.


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  1. I find boat-loads of irony each time I hear that show. Having the "go to sleep" lulliby playing while you try and coax women away from white nationalism is to die for. If I made a movie making fun of the anti-white movement, that would be the opening scene. Why not just spin a disk in their faces or attempt to wave a pocket watch back and forth?

    The irony comes into play in social life. My biggest problem with women is getting them to leave once I decide things aren't fun anymore. Its not that I try and see how many women I can go through or anything like that either. I'll date a woman for a few months and if it looks like she wouldn't make the mom I WANT for my kids, then I part ways with her. (I'm not saying all the women I take up time with would be bad moms, just not the one I'm looking for). Next comes her either constantly trying to get back or else getting "revenge" on me for leaving her. Yeah, they are just poor little, helpless, abused creatures who cower in the corner, barefoot and pregnant.

    Trust me, if we need to compare notes on this, lets look at the stats on domestic violence in inter-racial couples (let's be extra sure to include murder) and compare that to what supposedly goes on in the movement.


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