Friday, March 02, 2007

Live Tonight!

Floyd Cochran of Eye On Hate, along with Nicole Nichols, will discuss, among other things, a possible informational picket of racist radio shock-jock and Hal Turner. We would love to hear your thoughts on this and other issues to be discussed. To tune in the show - CLICK HERE


  1. Floyd, go into Yahoo messenger preferences and change the setting for privacy so that only people you allow can be on your buddy list and also ignore the guy who is spamming you.

    Learn the program and it won't be as confusing or disruptive.

  2. Thanks for that a nony mous. I think he got under control.

    I am happy to announce that this has been our most listened to show! And, those who missed it are busy archiving.

  3. I thought the show went well up till the end with someone floooded the eyeonhate yahoo messenger,

    Listenership double from last week's program - It is archived here

    Let me know what you think about some of the ideas Eye On Hate presented in relationship to dealing with Hal Turner.

    Floyd - Eye On Hate

  4. The address to the show was posted on the temp /i/ board in the Hal Turner related thread with the most activity so it drew anonymous in mass.

  5. Yes, Steve, there are many objectionable posts on some of the chan sites.

    Unfortunately, you are probably one of the last people who should complain about obscenity, given your propensity to wax pornographic.

    Just a thought...

  6. The difference is that the chans are children acting out, Steve. You are a grown man with a preference toward molesting children. I find you to be 100 times worse. Locked away? Like a certain known child predator with your last name. I understand he will soon be doing time and registering as a sex offender.

    I thank god each and every day that I got my children out of Kennett and away from trash like your and your kin.

  7. You are a known liar and a theif Steve. I don't believe a word you type. You were well known even when I lived in Kennett 3 years ago. Everyone would point you out as you drove through town. Everyone knew that you were caught with a 14 year old girl and allowed to plea to a reduced charge because you were a cripple. And now you are running for office? You'd better hope that the election is before Chris becomes a felon child molester (felon's can't vote) because that will be about 50% of your vote.

  8. What ever, Mr. Molester. You'll get maybe 5 votes.

    No one likes Child molesters, no one.

  9. Excuse me, but this is my blog and I can't help but notice that the posts currently being made have absolutely no relationship to the topic - which is last night's Eye On Hate Show.

    Could we please get back to that, and save the crap for somewhere else?

  10. This is on topic,

    You stated that Hal did a show this last week? Care to have a recording?

  11. Hal has once again gone into seclusion at the Fortress of Ignorance. he has deleted all the news articles from his website. Especially any dealing with anonymous and or his mom's house burning.

    I took note that he had deleted the lolsuit article even before this.

    He's running scared and out of coke, not one of Hal's better weeks.

  12. Steve, take a hike; aren't there children at your local playground to stalk?

  13. I saw that as well. And...given the discussion last night, I wouldn't doubt that he is more than just a little worried. He can pull all the articles he wants off of his site - that doesn't mean that they are gone - not as long as we're around.

  14. Little Harold is just crying for attention. The same stuff over and over again.

    Sorry I've been away but business is booming and I'll be overworked until the middle of April.


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