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Police: Jesse Jarvis helped start supremacist gang in prison
New Hampshire Union Leader Correspondent
11 hours, 37 minutes ago

The Claremont man arrested late last month before police shot and killed his father was a founding member of the Brothers of White Warriors, a white supremacist gang that formed inside the New Hampshire prison system in late 2005, police sources have confirmed.

Speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk to the press, two law enforcement sources have said Jesse Jarvis, 26, is a powerful member of the gang, also referred to as the Brotherhood of White Warriors.

BOWW formed sometime around the fall of 2005 at the Northern New Hampshire Correctional Facility in Berlin and is now believed to have more than 50 members in the state's three prisons, according to New Hampshire Department of Corrections investigator Sgt. Dan Hammer.

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"It's believed BOWW was formed to protect and prevent the extortion of white inmates by other security threat groups," Hammer wrote in a prepared statement. In the prison system, gangs are known as security threat groups because they have the potential to disrupt an entire institution.

Thanksgiving brawl
Jesse Jarvis was incarcerated at the Berlin prison until Nov. 28, 2005, when he was moved to the New Hampshire State Prison in Concord, according to Jeffrey Lyons, spokesman for the New Hampshire Department of Corrections.

A gang-related fistfight involving seven or eight inmates at the Berlin prison broke out on Thanksgiving Day 2005, Lyons said. Afterward, several suspected gang members were relocated, either to the Concord prison or to corrections facilities outside the state, said Lyons, who would not say specifically whether Jarvis or suspected BOWW members were involved in the altercation, citing a sensitive and ongoing investigation of the gang and its suspected members.

Jarvis, whose father, 53-year-old Anthony Jarvis, was fatally shot by police during a raid in Charlestown on July 26, is known to have a swastika tattooed on his chest. Police initiated the raid to arrest the younger Jarvis on charges related to an alleged theft of two Nazi flags in Claremont last month.

Jesse Jarvis was already in custody when members of the Western New Hampshire Special Operations Unit, a regional SWAT team, demanded that his father exit the camper parked outside the Summer Street residence where his son had been apprehended.

The elder Jarvis -- whom authorities believed was armed and for whom they did not have an arrest warrant -- was a convicted felon and former youth advocate known for riding his bike around town. When he refused to come out, the police entered. Anthony Jarvis died from multiple gunshot wounds. State Trooper Phillip Gaiser was wounded.

The New Hampshire Attorney General's Office is investigating whether the use of lethal force against Anthony Jarvis was justified. Senior Assistant Attorney General Jane Young said more information about the incident would be released soon. The commander of the SWAT team, Springfield Police Chief Timothy Julian, has refused to comment, citing the active investigation.

A different picture
As Jesse Jarvis' suspected gang ties began to surface late last week, Cheryl Jarvis, Jesse's mother and the ex-wife of Anthony Jarvis, painted a different picture of her son.

"Jesse has been bouncing around in the judicial system for many years, yes," she wrote in a recent letter to the New Hampshire Union Leader. "But, you tell me that rehabilitating a person is throwing them in a 6-by-6 cell."

Cheryl Jarvis said in the letter that her son often stands up for people who are less fortunate. She could not be reached for further comment this week.

Jesse Jarvis was a teenager when he drunkenly stole some blank tapes and camera film from the Kmart in Claremont, according to Sullivan County Superior Court records.

Because a security guard had to wrestle him to the ground outside the store, Jarvis was charged with robbery rather than shoplifting.

When he tried to crawl through some ceiling tiles at Valley Regional Hospital after his arrest, he was charged with attempted escape.

Those charges, combined with rule infractions inside the state prison system and Jesse's failure to complete multiple substance abuse treatment programs, led to his incarceration for more than five years.

If convicted of the new charges against him, which carry enhanced penalties because of his criminal record, Jesse Jarvis faces a prison sentence of up to 45 years.

He is scheduled for arraignment in Sullivan County Superior Court on Sept. 4.



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Prison has always been a form of punishment. It's easy to blame the prison system for not rehabilatating someone.
It all starts with your home life. Teaching right from wrong at an early age is a good start. Leading by example is another, trying to keep your kids away from bad influences.
In most cases, the kids are on the wrong path long before they go to prison. At this point there adult's, take responsiblity of your own life and change it. Getting out of prison and stealing isn't right. Whether its a two dollar flag or a space ship, stealing is stealing and it's wrong.
In this case young Jesse was following the path of the elder, starting or joining a white supremacist group show's you what direction he was going. As with his father, they each made their own choices. One's dead and the others back in jail.
- Craig McIntosh, Pembroke

Sarah from concord please please please read the first paragraph of Pat from Milford’s comments. Then take off the glasses your wearing. Jesse and people of his kind are offered help all the time. They CHOSE to not accept it. They get called losers not because they make one mistake, but because they continue to make the wrong decisions over and over again. Lets just look at what Jesse's wonderful mother says:

Underage Drinking
Attempted escape
Failure to complete multiple substance abuse treatment programs (which was more than likely part of his sentence)
State Prison rule infractions

Now we can also add the most recent charges: Burglary, criminal mischief, resisting arrest, making a false report to law enforcement and receiving stolen property. Not to mention what every else he’s done in between these two events.

Stop trying to make this our fault. Blame ultimately rests on the hands of one person. Jesse, and when he's ready to play by the same rules the rest of us have to, I'll stop referring to him has a loser........

I'll bet there's an OBAMA sticker on your car.
- Daniel, Nashua

There is no room in society for racism, not in any shape or form. It just isn't right. I know alot of people won't like to hear this, but if they would dust off their bible "if they have one that is" they'll see God created all the races. Nowhere does it state that one is inferior to another! Racism in any form makes me want to puke!
- Rob, Manchester

Family is where it starts. Don't have children you can't afford or are not capable of parenting. It is not everyone else's responsibility to clean up after irresponsible people. No one has a perfect world but people who make better choices have a better life. It's pretty simple. These people need to stop feeling sorry for themselves by playing a victim and take responsibility.
- Jill, Manchester

It's amazing his father didn't want him to return to jail. He managed to help start a gang while he was there. This was probably the single most productive thing this young man had done in his life, and exhausting if you exclude running from the police.
- Beth, Raymond

Paula, Yes, it IS easy to "sling poison barbs" when some is a productive member of society who goes to work everyday and doesn't get arrested for stupid things and doesn't blame the state or live off other peoples dimes.
- Mike, Concord

"Jesse Jarvis, 26, is a powerful member of the gang, also referred to as the Brotherhood of White Warriors" --------No he's a PUNK and he is where he belongs. Only it should be a cage not a cell with a bed and pillow that has TV time.
- E J, Concord

The Jarvis friends and family are in denial about where responsibilities sit. The purpose of prison is not to rehabilitate, rather, it is to punish for committing crimes. It is up to the individual to rehabilitate themselves through the programs offered. Essentially, you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make them drink. In her zeal to place blame for her son's actions on the state, his mother fails appreciate is the fact that us taxpayers funded the "MULTIPLE SUBSTANCE ABUSE PROGRAMS" which Jesse Jarvis did not complete. How many more times are we to pay for rehabilitation that he obviously does not want to take advantage of and get clean?

This family and circle of friends keep alluding to the fact that both Anthony and Jesse "made mistakes" and that they would help others less fortunate. But charity begins at home and Jesse needs to worry about helping himself, not everyone else. I think that Jesse has hit the bottom of the barrel as a hate mongerer and white supremacist. I cannot think of too many people lower that that.

These people need to wake up and stop deflecting the blame for their actions that put their loved ones into situations that have the potential to escalate like it did with Anthony Jarvis.
- Pat, Milford

I completely disgaree and I am appalled that anyone would judge this person or his family. He was a kid that was brought up into this world with lord knows what. I do however think if he got the help and support he needed then maybe there would be hope for him yet. We give up on people too quickly and call them "loosers" which is why they will never amount to anything because they have always been talked down upon and felt like they did not belong anywhere. I don't think many people have the right to point fingers at this person who obviously just needs help he is not getting. Everyone should take a look at the bigger picture here and realize that you can not blame one person for any of this. I feel badly for everyone involved.
- Sarah, Concord

I'll say it again. Never will I disadvantage my children by allowing them to act like animals in their "youth." By raising them up respectful of ALL People, I can hope things like this will never happen to them. Give parents back the right to Parent. I would wager if the fear of what may happen should they discipline were relieved, the parenting style would change drastically. Thus preventing another generation of ignorance and self-destruction.
- Jenny, Raymond

Maybe he will learn something in the next 45 years. Society has no part in what happened to Jesse Jarvis, it was a lack of parenting.
- alan, springfield

Rehab does start with the parents. It doesn't end with locking someone up however.

We hear of gangs, drugs, rape, corrupt guards, bribery, fights, riots, and on and on. It's no wonder so many people are repeat can they possibly be rehabilitated in that kind of environment?

These big bad supremacists should be forced to do work in prison that benefits minority groups. And the work they've been made to do should be publicized.
- DM, Hampton

bottom line is....another trouble making person is where he belongs. In jail.
- louis, derry

It so easy to sling poison barbs when one lives in a perfect little world and doesn't know the whole story.
Walk a mile in their shoes before you condemn.
- Paula, Hooksett

Stories about racist-gangs in prison make me laugh out loud. If you're so superior, how come you're in jail, dummy?
- Jenna, Dover

This mother is a classic enabler. "My son is not a bad boy." YES HE IS.

If they had raised him with proper discipline, he might not be a virtual lifer.
- Kevin, Nashua

Fascinating. The police manage to get this unfavorable information out (smearing Anthony Jarvis by proxy), but they and Ayotte still can't figure out why the police claimed the elder Jarvis was armed, why they were after him _after_ their warrant had been executed, or what constituted probable cause for a dynamic entry arrest instead of getting a warrant, or even just talking him out.

Ayotte, stop stalling. When Officer Powers was killed, the authorities, were able to immediately release all sorts of data; we even learned were the accused had been drinking. We were treated to imagery of bar staff investigating the driver.

But after nearly four weeks, you still can't say whether or not Jarvis even had a gun? You know who was in the camper. You had access to all the weapons. By now, you should have ballistics reports showing what bullets came from which weapons. You know whether Jarvis actually had a weapon. Yet, you still continue to "investigate," and keep all reports and court documents sealed. If you haven't figured out by now who did what, you are too incompetent to continue as Attorney General. The longer you stall, the more it looks like a cover-up in progress.

Ayotte, I would prefer that my growing suspicions be proved wrong, but as is, you are making the the officers involved look bad.
- Carl Bussjaeger, Lyndeborough

Rehab starts when your parents set a good example and raise you correctly. Instead his father, the "tattoo man" who lives in a trailer and rides his bike was out getting drunk. WHo knows where is mom was but obviously not around. I guess this one must be societies fault.
- Mike, Bedford

Unclear what the point of this article is. We already we very well aware that he's a loser and his parents were/are losers and enablers who place the responsibility on the state.
- Mike, Concord

here is an idea, put the loser in a cell block of all blacks and see how long he holds to his twisted racist veiws.. I think he has watched too many episodes of OZ.. HA, yes putting him with an all black dayroom will certainly straighten this lost young lad out for sure...
it is jsut too bad his father had to die as a result of his stupidity..
- ricky g, lee

We have yet to hear the final results from the investigation of the deadlt shooting, but you can summize that these people were not the crown jewels of society. How many taxpayer rescources have been used on just this one family and not just this latest incident. It appears that young Jesse had issues and because of it his father is gone. It's too bad. Can't someone lay some blame on this family, they brought it to themselves by their behavior. Noone deserves to die, but didn't something happen leading up to this. The cops didn't just pick this family and target these people for nothing, there was a long history. If these people just followed the law, none of this would have happened. This is an extreme incident caused by people that had repeatedly caused trouble and broke the laws the rest of us follow. Bad people who will not change should be in prison.
- chris, claremont

Well he certainly didn't get rehabilitated OUT of prison either, now did he??? He blew off every opportunity he had to get clean, and that's the judicial system's fault? Next thing you know, he'll be on SSI/disability for depression, sucking up Social Security funds those of us have worked hard for, and blaming everyone else but himself.

Welcome to the new America.
- Jane, Claremont

what is the point of this story? How is the fact that he is a white supremacist have anything to do with the charges of robbery? Does his belief system somehow make his crimes worse? Would a Muslim who started a Muslim gang or an African American who started and African American gang be written about in such a way? I dont think so...I dont agree with his beliefs but he should be prosecuted based ONLY upon his crimes. It is a shame the union leader thinks otherwise.
- John, Derry, NH

"Jesse has been bouncing around in the judicial system for many years, yes," she wrote in a recent letter to the New Hampshire Union Leader. "But, you tell me that rehabilitating a person is throwing them in a 6-by-6 cell."

Well, if he doesnt like bouncing around to 6x9's then he should stop shoplifting and escaping and continue with drug treatment so he can get his life in order. MOM, at 26, he is a grown boy who need not be babied. if he wants to stick up for people go join the military and protect our country. No, instead you will blame the rehabilitation system instead of kicking him in his @#$. Please do not take this as an insult, just dont make an excuse for him.
- Keith, Bedford


  1. All of you casting judgement on this man whom I know so well, LIKE A BROTHER, need to not attack a man's character you don't even know. Jesse is one of the best people I've ever known. He gives strength to broken men behind those walls. Men that have made terrible mistakes. Men that are your brothers, fathers, uncles, and neighbors. Jesse teaches men to not sell drugs, not use drugs, not harm weaker people, not waste talent... He is an intelligent person, beyond most of you asshats comprehension. Those prison walls ain't nothing pretty, and I pity any of you that find yourself behind them, wishing you had someone like Jesse to protect you from the sharks that WILL surround you.
    S. Rook Manchester NH

  2. Most of you people have no idea what your talking about one said put someone in a prison that’s 90 percent black and see how long there separates Views last well that happens all the time how do u think the aryan brotherhood started they say that white prison gangs consist of less than 1 percent of the prison population but account for more than 30 percent of the homosides so I think his ideals would hold up just fine Jesse wasn’t a racist he had all types of friends I know cause I’m one of them and most of his sentence was done out of state and he never broke he was a great person

  3. You ppl have no idea what you're talking about. Rehab.... Stay clean... That's how stupid you look he didn't even do drugs! He was against it..and he veered others away as well. Everyone wants to talk about him starting a gang... But you don't see this shit about the black gangs the puerto Rican gangs.. that's what it was suppose be protect ppl from these other threatening gangs be there to look out for each other help each other... Kids can get raised in the perfect home money, lots of love nice shit everything they want it need and never been around that shit in their life and still come out getting in trouble and getting high.. seen it first hand. So pls stop judging ppl that you have no idea about


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