Monday, May 31, 2010


In this video, a school bus driver lectured a student about gay rights. Her dad said she "overstepped her bounds." The school district said she acted in accordance with school policy and did nothing wrong.  A debate is ensuing - what do you think?

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  1. Interesting video,

    The bus driver may have not handled things correctly but ANYONE should be allowed to voice their opinion. So should we now silence all bus drivers so they can't speak what they believe because they would be speaking out of term?

    The leftist media today has been so consumed with what can we do to this person or that person, or what kind of legislation may be needed to prevent someone from voicing their opinion.

    What is that term you lefties use? It takes a village to raise a child? It doesn't take a village determining what the ultimate decision makers decide to do with their own child but our views are formed through many different peoples perspectives.

    You inherently have the God given right to think and form your own perspective, even if it is different than the perspective your parents have taught you. Blocking the moral perspectives of anyone, including bus drivers, is a real bad idea. The kid will form her own ideas relating to that and other subjects and she should not be sheltered from doing so.


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