Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Is The Third Time A Charm?

Well, the third time is usually a charm. Let's see what the prosecution does with this one. One thing is for certain - they really want to put poor little Hal behind bars badly. I just wonder how much all of this has cost the taxpayers and just what will happen if the jury gets hung for a third time.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

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The Record


Jury selection got underway this morning in a

federal courtroom in Brooklyn where Hal

Turner, the ultra-right-wing shock jock and

former FBI informant, is facing his third trial

on charges of threatening to assault or

murder three appellate judges last year.

A pool of 45 residents from Brooklyn,

Queens, Staten Island and Long Island were

summoned before U.S. District Judge Donald

E. Walter who expects to seat a jury of 14 by

this afternoon.

Among the prospective jurors were school

teachers, a supermarket worker, an engineer,

a university dean and an assistant to the

chairman of Barnes and Noble.

The jurors were preliminarily asked about

how they get their news, how they use the

internet, whether they harbor any feelings

about the Justice Department and FBI that

would prevent them from being fair to both

sides, and if they have any close friends or

relatives who are judges.

Other questions of a more private nature

were explored by the judge and attorneys

behind closed doors.

A federal prosecutor will deliver the

government’s opening statement later this

afternoon and the trial will then recess until


Turner’s two previous trials, in December

and March, ended in mistrial after jurors

failed to reach a unanimous verdict.

The 48-year-old North Bergen resident is

charged with a single count of threatening t

hree Chicago-based judges from the 7th U.

S. Circuit Court of Appeals after writing on

his blog in June 2009 that they “deserved to

be killed” for upholding local gun-control


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