Friday, March 11, 2011

The People of Wisconsin Fight For Our Rights Too!

The People of Wisconsin Fight For Our Rights, Too!

by Les Aaron on Friday, March 11, 2011 at 8:58am

The people of Wisconsin have struggled hard to acquire their rights in a marketplace slanted
against the worker.

Up through the other day, Wisconsin people had one of the most liberating programs of benefits
that should be a model for most of America, the richest country in the world where no one should have
to worry about who is going to take care of them if they get ill so that they wouldn't be a burden to others,
and that they will be able to look forward to a level of security in their old age.

Now, a consortium of right wing interests has effectively unraveled these hard-earned rights virtually overnight by taking action without proper notification of all government officials and democrats on the Executive Boards, in violation of the Law, to limit worker rights to organize a planned decision by special interests to erode worker benefits into the future at a time of increasing uncertainty and job loss.

We are the people of Wisconsin.

If they lose their rights, as surely as night follows day, so will the rest of us.

For this is a concerted action to end Unions in America so that only the corporations and the powerful will set the rules that will eventually impact ever living American worker.

We must see that this doesn't happen because if the Unions are destroyed, there will be no counter-weight to the Republican Hard-liners who will be able to employ Citizen United monies to run rough-shod over any attempts at fair play and balance in future elections.

They will acquire the power to do as they like, maintain the status quo, pollute the airs and water, and neglect the infrastructure while building their own power bases. Eventually, it will prove impossible for any American to live under such rule and we will all revolt or surrender to slavery, which is not in the American character! But we can head off this eventuality by coming together now to support the American labor unions and the rights of every American.

We must not adapt Chamberlain's policies that assume everything will work itself out. It will not! We need to step up to the plate now and declare our support for everything that Wisconsin stands for to keep America democratic and serving the best interests of its people.

In Solidarity, we cannot forget the abuses of March 9th.

And we must go forward together and in solidarity to do what needs to be done to maintain our democracy and the rights of people intact to preserve our great system.

Together, brothers and sisters, to forge the next hundred years of peace and security and protection for all!

Please spread this message around.

And let's not forget Wisconsin!

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