Friday, February 22, 2008

Anti Racist Activist's Home Firebombed, Suspected Neo- Nazis

Eye On Hate Radio Note: We are trying to contact Calgary anti-racist activist Bonnie Collins for a possible interview. Will keep you posted on this story.

CALGARY, Alberta, Feb. 22 (UPI) -- Police in Calgary, Alberta, suspect white supremacists are behind two fire-bombings this month in the city, the Calgary Sun reported Friday.

Both attacks involved Molotov cocktails being thrown at inhabited houses, Detective Brad Weinberger told the newspaper.

In the first incident, he said there were three people at home when the bomb smashed through a window, he said.

"There was no fire internally but the potential for huge damage and loss of life was there," the detective said.

Hours later, another home with a family of six at home was targeted, the report said. It struck a wall and burned a fence and patio furniture. One of the house's occupants, 29-year-old anti-racism activist Bonnie Collins said her work in standing up to white supremacists provoked the attack.

She said white-supremacist groups in the city have become more active and belligerent lately and have a rally planned for March 21, a demonstration she vowed to protest.

"They're getting stronger, they're showing their flags," she told the Sun. "There's a lot of kids drawn to it -- they're looking for something and they find acceptance with these groups."


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  2. We would love to aide with finding the evil nazis who did this. These same narrow minded people turned my grandmother to soap during WW II.

  3. Detective Brad "Weinberger"--LOL

    Wonder what led the detective to conclude it was "Neo-Nazis".

  4. ARA and Antifa have firebombed many homes in Canada.

    That is their MO.

  5. The more I think of this, the more I'm wondering if this isn't just another attempt by Canada and Richard Warman to "manufacture" racism -- to justify the existence of anti-racism.

    Ms. Nichols, why don't you and Floyd Cochran ever acknowledge the rampant hypocrisy among anti-racist groups? Why do you align yourselves with hate organizations like the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and the Anti-Racist Action (ARA)?

    The ADL and Espionage Against American Citizens

    Anti Defamation League: America's Most Powerful Hate Group

    The Ugly Truth about the Anti Defamation League"

    Lets assume that neo Nazis are in fact responsible for these acts. Why condemn neo Nazis when the ARA has committed far worse acts of terrorism, not to mention being financed by the ADL's cousin, the B'nai Brith?

    Anti-Racist Action Watch.

    The Secret Relationship Between the ARA and the B'nai Brith

    I find it rather amusing how you self-righteous anti-racists always attempt to take the moral high ground. What gall.

  6. richard warman is a dear and close friend of mine. how dare anyone even slander him that way. white people for so long have used racism and hatred against non whites. the truth shall come out. buy my book and shut up, racist people.

  7. I hope Ms. Nichols, the very lovely woman she is, will do a story about this. These Nazis are dangerous people.

  8. fire is no good no good. warman is a good guy just like papa smurf. love has no color red is a nice color daddy loves red

  9. Here is a news item for you guys:

    *Von pulled his website.
    *He is no longer state leader for ASSWIPE in Florida.

    Guess this is one Nazi you don't have to worry about anymore.

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