Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Two of Hal Turner's Supporters found DEAD !

Police find two dead in Hurley home
By John Sullivan
February 19, 2008

HURLEY— State investigators are looking into the unexplained deaths of two residents of a Morgan Hill Road home.

State police checked on the residence of James and Deborah Leshkevich around 11 a.m., after Deborah’s co-worker grew worried about her welfare. Police entered the home to find both James, 52, and Deborah, 55, dead in separate parts of the house.

Jame’s body was found in the attached garage, while Deborah was found in a bedroom, police said.

Leshkevich, who often posted anti-semetic or racist comments online, going by the names “Yankee James” or “Yankee Jim.” In November of 2005 he supported white supremacist Hal Turner’s protest trip to Kingston.

Leshkevich posted a rambling message on his own blog yesterday saying his wife was cheating on him.

State investigators are investigating the deaths as a murder-suicide, according to a news release. No further information about the investigation is presently available.


  1. http://thehudsonvalleyfreeman.blogspot.com/

    I knew for years that Jim was mentally ill getting a disability check but I didn't think he was homicidal.

    Damn shame this coward had to take his wife, who was an employee with the school district, along with himself.

  2. You people are lower than scum.

    May you all rot in Hell.

  3. Jim was just another casualty of the Jew's war on the "white male," and nuclear family.

    R.I.P. Jim, you will be missed by a lot of us.

  4. Want to see scum? Just look at how many idiots and psychopaths on VNN are praising Yankee Jim for murdering his wife saying that she fully deserved it.

    Have you noticed almost no one on VNN is mourning the death of his wife????

    Yankee Jim did a Chris Benoit. Plain and simple.

    Maybe had Yankee Jim spent time with his wife instead of being on internet forums 24/7 with 10,000s of postings, maybe both of them would still be alive today.

    And to show you how fouled up Yankee Jim was, all his children hated his guts. He wanted a white revolution but couldn't even convince his own family. That's a sign of a loser.

    And his children are the real victims in this mess who will have to live with this for the rest of their lives.

    So while Yankee Jim taking his own life would not have been a big deal, the fact this coward took the life of his wife and really, his children's lives is damnable.

    It just shows you how messed up white nationalist thinking really is. They are the scum of the earth, equal to that of NAMBLA and child molesters.

  5. Pathetic.

    Even when a loony WN snaps and kills, it's still a Jew conspiracy, huh, anonymous?

    The VNN thread on Yankee Jim has almost as much nonsense about Jew conspiracies and ZOG conspiracies as it does RIPs for Leshkevich.

    And almost zero condolences for the dead woman and her children. This, more than anything else, says a ton about the twisted freaks who inhabit the WN movement.

    I actually feel sorry for Yankee Jim, despite the hate he preached. Here was a disturbed person who did not get the help he needed in a time of crisis, and now there are two dead people because of it.

    RIP, James AND Deborah Leshkevich, two unhappy people whose last day together must have been pretty grim. And my condolences to their surviving children, who now have to bear the burden of a psychotic AND racist parent.

  6. "schwartzer": It just shows you how messed up white nationalist thinking really is. They are the scum of the earth, equal to that of NAMBLA and child molesters

    typical judæo-marxist shite....the jewz ARE THE SCUM of the EARTH!....they're, almost overwhelmingly, child molestors, child pornographers and kid-killers!

    yr the one with the "messed up thinking" u fckn ZOG scum-bag!

    AFA "Yankee Jim" is concerned, i reserve judgement until a coroner's inquiry is held....who knows what the actual circumstances were?.....for all any-one knows, it could have been a "hit" by some ZOG-bot "alphabet-soup agency" to make it look like a murder/suicide.....it's a rule of life for me that i never believe MSM reports on any-thing of significance!

    *what Yankee Jim's character was or was not or what he should have done or shouldn't have done is all academic any-way!....the validity or OTW of white nationalism will be settled in only one way....on the streets with bombs & bullets!*

    RIP Yankee Jim!

  7. It is a tragedy and Jim will be missed by me. We loved you brother no matter what others will say.

    Of course some here will twist this situation for their own agenda and purposes.

    But Jim was loved.

    R.I.P. Yankee Jim

  8. Hey, Grandmaster:

    Didn't this site posted a notice a few days ago for their show speculating that Hal and his associates were in danger? Hmmmmm...

    Perhaps someone knew something in advance?

    Perhaps Antifa had a hand in this?

    Just a thought.

  9. It will come out in the next few days that Jim Leshkevich was mentally ill with a history of psychotic problems. He's been drawing disability for over ten years now because of it.

    Trust me on this one.

    It's going to come out.

  10. Ya gonna use your employer's resources again there Schwartzie?

  11. Already done it with him. I've known for years that Leshkevich was drawing a disability check and getting Medicare.

    I just wonder when Blevins is going to snap...Just like Jim, he's discontinued his radio show.... Blevins has attempted suicide before... I'll be in Sarasota next month, maybe I can attend a funeral there??? Nah, wishful thinking...

    White supremacism is mostly based on mental illness.. and until that is cured, we will always have some white supremacist spewing their venom around.

    Like I said, supporting the death of women is a common trait that is shared among white supremacist.

  12. When you publish this man's medical records I hope his family sues you.

    You truly are showing reckless disregard.

    Have you no shame?

  13. Nazis supporting what Yankee Jim did would be equal to wrestling fans supporting what Chris Benoit did to his family.

  14. Link

    WEST HURLEY - Clad in a T-shirt bearing the name of a white supremacist, James Leshkevich made no bones about his racist beliefs during a signup session for the Guardian Angels' Kingston chapter.

    He wanted to join the volunteer crime-fighting group, but its leader was having nothing of the West Hurley man who called himself "Yankee James" and was affiliated with a neo-Nazi group known as the National Alliance.

    Curtis Sliwa, the New York City-based founder of the Guardian Angels, told Leshkevich - at that time sporting a long mane of dirty blonde hair - that there would be no room for him in the multiracial group.

    And the April 14, 2006, session at Kingston City Hall was far from the only time that Leshkevich, who was found dead with his wife in their West Hurley home on Tuesday, spewed his hatred.

    It was commonplace on his blog, www.thehudsonvalleyfreeman.blogspot.com (which is not affiliated with this newspaper), and perhaps most evident in his participation in a November 2005 white power rally outside of Kingston High School, an event he co-organized with New Jersey-based white supremacist Hal Turner.

    LESHKEVICH'S neighbors didn't have much good to say about him on Tuesday.

    "His white supremacism disturbed me," Connie Tomlinson said. "I respect everyone who walks this Earth ... but it's hard for me to wrap my head around people who think the way he did."

    Tomlinson said the Leshkevich couple's children, now 20 and 22 years old, took piano lessons from her husband, Peter. She said she and her husband had a good relationship with the children but didn't know the parents very well "by choice."

    Tomlinson said she found Leshkevich to be an "assertive parent" and often heard him yelling at his children.

    "His reprimands were abrasive," she said.

    TOMLINSON said James and Deborah Leshkevich lived at 213 Morgan Hill Road in West Hurley for about 17 years and that Mrs. Leshkevich had a child from a previous relationship.

    Tomlinson said Mrs. Leshkevich appeared to be fairly low-key.

    "She was quiet, always in the back(ground), the woman behind the scenes," Tomlinson said.

    She said she often wondered whether Mrs. Leshkevich was afraid of her husband.

    "I believe he had anger issues," Tomlinson said, noting she had couple of "run-ins" of her own with Leshkevich over the years.

    TOMLINSON said that after the November 2005 rally, "a group of young people wearing black shirts and carrying signs came to my street to rally in front of (Leshkevich's) house."

    "It was exceptionally frightening," she said. "They stayed on the other side of the street, but I felt like it could easily have gotten out of hand."

    The following day, Tomlinson said Leshkevich came to her house seeking support, but she declined.

    She said Leshkevich started to get upset, claiming she didn't know anything about his world view, and she replied that she knew enough. She then asked him to leave, she said.

    CASEY Bann, who lives next door to the Leshkevich residence, said he didn't know his neighbors well. He said Mrs. Leshkevich was quiet - that she would wave to him occasionally but not speak.

    Bann said he spoke with James Leshkevich only once and that "he seemed ignorant and full of hate."

    Bann said Leshkevich once spoke to a 13-year-old neighbor about a new family moving onto the street, saying: "Thank God they're white. If they weren't, I'd be hanging my flags!"

    No racist flags were evident outside the Leshkevich home on Tuesday, but a Freeman photographer saw a noose hanging from a tree on the property.

    A police investigator at the scene told the photographer that other disturbing items were found inside the house, but he would not elaborate.

    LESHKEVICH'S blog often spoke of his desire to separate the races.

    "Racial segregation in the only solution," he wrote in one entry. "How many more white people have to suffer?"

    And when six black male students at Kingston High School were cleared of rape charges last month in an incident involving a white girl, Leshkevich posted a photo of the Rev. Al Sharpton and singer James Brown jumping for joy.

    He also posted a cartoon showing black men torturing a white woman, and in another reference to the rape case, he wrote: "You white people in Kingston and the surrounding area who are worshipping these colored boys are sick and need help."


  16. Harry, email me at mrarahappyguy@yahoo.com. I got proof of "Yankee" Jim's mental illness. Don't ask how, I just do. I would love to provide you proof of it.

  17. Does anyone else see the irony that a white power racist who praised the nooses in Jena 6 and whose best buddy was selling nooses profit from the event, pulls an OJ and hangs himself?

    This would have been one of those humorous twists for a Kurt Vonnegut novel if it's real life impact wasn't so pathetic.

  18. Mr. Schwartz: You make one valid point. It appears Yankee Jim got so caught up in activism that he may have neglected his family. This is unfortunately a common characteristic of those who think big. It's no different than George W. Bush becoming so obsessed with the Middle East and playing Stepin Fetchit to Israel that he allows Latin Americans to swarm in the back door in the Southwest.

    However, you are ignoring the fact the Deborah not only openly and flagrantly cheated on Yankee Jim, but deliberately rubbed his nose in it. It was like pouring gasoline on a fire. Perhaps you now better understand why we have the Seventh Commandment, "Thou shalt not commit adultery". This was not meant to oppress us, but to protect us against raw emotion that many cannot cope with.

    Nevertheless, many of us wish that Yankee Jim had reached out to us so we could have helped him find a better way to deal with this and possibly save his marriage. But it doesn't change the fact that Yankee Jim was a stalwart activist on behalf of the white community, and his activism will always be an inspiration to us.

    Rest well in Valhalla, Jim. You've earned it.

  19. Anchorage,

    You are making a mistake in assuming that Jim's events was what really happened. You of all people should know there are 3 sides in a domestic dispute.... In this case we only know Jim's side, we don't know her side, and we don't know the truth, which is usually somewhere in=between.

    I'm sorry Anchorage but murder/suicide is the most un-human way to go. He did a Chris Benoit or even a OJ Simpson except OJ didn't take his own life.

    He's no hero and you guys making a martyr out of him only just shows how delusional white supremacy really is.

    In the end, Jim only thought of himself in a rage of mental illness.

  20. Update. Yankee Jim strangled his wife to death.


    WEST HURLEY - James Leshkevich strangled his wife with his bare hands and then hanged himself, police said on Wednesday, confirming the two deaths were the result of a murder-suicide.

    State police Capt. Wayne Olson said an autopsy, conducted late Tuesday, concluded Deborah Leshkevich also suffered blunt-force trauma with some type of object but that the cause of her death was asphyxiation.

    Olson said police were working to establish the exact timeline of events but believe both deaths occurred either late Monday or early Tuesday. He did not know how much time passed between the killing and the suicide.

    James Leshkevich, 52, and his 55-year-old wife were found dead about 11 a.m. Tuesday in their home on Morgan Hill Road in West Hurley - he in the garage, she in a bedroom - after co-workers of Mrs. Leshkevich called police to express concern about her well-being.

    Mrs. Leshkevich was a teaching assistant at Woodstock Elementary School in the Onteora school district. Her husband, a former truck driver, was perhaps best known for his white separatist activities, including his affiliation with the National Alliance, a neo-Nazi organization.

    In November 2005, Leshkevich helped organize a white power rally outside Kingston High School at which New Jersey-based white supremacist Hal Turner was the speaker.

    "No matter the political affiliation of the parties involved, this is a tragedy because two people are dead and it didn't have to happen," Olson said on Wednesday. "The family and friends here are suffering through this."

    On Monday, Leshkevich posted a rambling message on his blog, where he was known as "Yankee James," in which he accused his wife of having an affair. Leshkevich wrote that the posting would be his last "for a while."

    Leshkevich also left a suicide note, Olson said, but the captain declined to release it or say whether it made mention of Mrs. Leshkevich's alleged affair.

    The captain declined to comment when asked what Leshkevich used to hang himself or whether he jumped off something in the garage after putting the noose around his neck.

  21. Erich Gliebe weighs in... I thought he was dead....... well mentally dead....


    I won't bother to post the article here, you'll have to click on the link.

  22. Good Riddance, maybe someone will takes out some more white trash.

  23. Well, I haven't weighed in on this yet, so here is my two-cents.

    I don't know how Deborah felt about Jim's activities. I don't have any insight into their married life other than what Jim wrote about. I DO KNOW that two people are dead and that is tragic.

    Like anchorage, I wish that Jim would have reached out to someone, would have gotten some help, as he was obviously tormented.

    I didn't have any love for Jim...but I surely didn't wish him any harm. The truth is, I just can't get over how this could have happened.

    Cowardly - yes it was. My heart and my prayers go out to the children and grandchildren who will have to live with the knowledge that their father took both parents from them. That is a tough pill to swallow.

  24. They might very well still be alive if she hadn't rubbed her affair in his face. Sounds like she'd been rubbing it in his face for several weeks. Women should know better than to ever do that to their men especially when he still cares for her. They kinda ask for what they get when they do that. She evidently thought he was a Pussy and she got fooled. He cared enough about her to still buy her Valentine gifts.

  25. Steve:

    You are accepting Yankee Jim's version at face value. As Mr. Schwartz pointed out, Jim's version might have an element of spin, delusion, or outright lying.

    Besides: even if Deborah Leshkevich DID behave in the exact manner painted by Jim, this in no way justifies homicide, unless you want to adopt some extreme form of the Shari'a. Heck, the Shari'a requires four male eyewitnesses to justify the stoning of an adulteress woman.

    Yankee Jim took the cowardly way out by killing his wife and himself, and the family survivors will bear the burden for his violence.

  26. I'm not saying what he did was right or wrong, but history proves that you don't rub affairs & etc in the face of your significant other. The other guy didn't deny that he was seeing her. All he could say was "no comment"

    I do wish someone could have intervened in this bad situation.

  27. Holeswine: Only a sick and sad fuck like you would take his side. Regardless of what she did or didn't do she did not deserve to be killed. Known and admitted child molesters like yourself shouldn't run their pie holes.

  28. According to various news reports there was some blunt-force trauma prior to the strangulation which resulted in Deborah's death.

    I don't condone what Deborah did - but then I wasn't there and don't know both sides. According to those with whom she worked, she was an exemlary worker and the children she worked with loved her.

    Regardless of what happened in that marriage, the murder of Deborah is not an acceptable or honorable act. Taking a life in any situation other than self-defense is NEVER acceptable.

    We have been given but a glimpse into the problems they were having ala Jim's account. But...what happened that drove Deborah, at the age of 55, into the arms of other men?

    All we can do is speculate but she didn't have to die...and neither did he.

  29. According to the autopsy, the man bashed her head in first.

    It was a vicious murder all right. Hope hell for Yankee Jim is far more worse on him.


    HURLEY – State Police Wednesday said results of autopsies on the bodies of James and Deborah Leshkevich of Hurley indicate the case was a murder-suicide.

    BCI Capt. Wayne Olson said Deborah was struck over the head seven times with a blunt object and then strangled and suffocated to death by her husband. It was after he killed his wife that James hung himself in the garage of their home on Morgan Hill Road in Hurley on Tuesday.

    Olson said there appears to be no other parties involved in the case and that other persons mentioned in Leshkevich’s blog were not involved.

    James Leshkevich was a white supremacist, who operated a blog. Within it, separate from his rantings about his radical social beliefs, he accused his wife of having an affair with another man, something he said in his writings she finally admitted.

  30. Antis and jews like to refer to anti-Semitism as a disease. Well, I agree. I've got it bad. I've said it before and I'm going to keep on saying it: Anti-Semitism is a disease - you catch it from Jews.

    R.I.P. Yankee Jim.

    SCHWARTZ: "White supremacism is mostly based on mental illness.. and until that is cured, we will always have some white supremacist spewing their venom around."

  31. Being a white supermacist is only believing your own race is a great race. if we thought like some of these people leaving comments than we would have to believe that if they don't think like we do, they must be crazy.
    Yankee Jims death had nothing to do with a cause, it had to do with a mental illness. Let Jim & his wife rest in peace



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