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First of all, we know that Bill White's properties are not worth a hundred grand a piece. A few months back, some of the properties were listed by his wife and were lucky to be worth $30K.

Secondly, the man claims $52K in credit card debt and doesn't list the medical expenses that he says caused the bankruptcy. It is patently obvious that Bill White has lost - the business is bust - there isn't enough money generated by his holdings to even pay the bills. He blew it plain an simple. So much for his braggadocio.

Thirdly, millionaires - real millionaires - don't have to worry about medical bills.


Roanoke neo-Nazi files for bankruptcy
William White is seeking Chapter 11 protection after what he called a "cash crunch."
By Laurence Hammack

Four years after coming to Roanoke and starting a rental home business that quickly drew attention to his role in the white supremacy movement, William White has filed for bankruptcy.

White, a neo-Nazi activist who is perhaps better known for his virulent Internet postings than as the owner of White Homes and Land LLC, recently sought Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

In a petition filed last week in U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Virginia, White listed assets of $1.9 million and liabilities of $1.4 million.

White, commander of the Roanoke-based American National Socialist Workers Party, was one of the country's few white supremacy leaders with a viable business, giving him both credibility in the movement and the financial means to spread his racist views, according to one expert on hate groups.

"Now that's gone, and I think he has very little left," said Mark Potok, director of the Intelligence Project for the Southern Poverty Law Center.

"It's a remarkable end for a guy who simply can't stop bragging about what a brilliant businessman he is."

According to an SPLC report issued earlier this year, White came to Roanoke in 2004 to start a real estate business, maxing out several credit cards for the capital to purchase the first of about 20 homes he currently maintains as rental properties in an impoverished part of the city's West End neighborhood.

About the same time, White began to post racially charged comments on his Web site, complaining about his black tenants and suggesting that he would evict them as part of a "ghetto beautification project."

A federal housing discrimination complaint filed by the local chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People produced no charges against White, who continued to use as a forum to comment on race relations both in Roanoke and across the country.

White said Tuesday that his reliance on credit cards had nothing to do with his financial difficulties, which he attributed to medical bills of more than $130,000 from the recent hospitalization of his wife and newborn daughter.

"We're just reorganizing some debt," he said.

"The property is certainly not underwater. We have plenty of money in it, but we just had a temporary cash crunch."

White said he has been planning for some time to sell his rental homes. He said the bankruptcy proceedings should have no effect on his home construction business or on his role as leader of his neo-Nazi organization.

Although White discounted the role that credit cards played in his financial difficulties, a list of his 20 largest unsecured creditors in the bankruptcy filing includes more than $52,000 in credit card debt.

White said he has paid off the credit card used at the start of his business.

As assets, White listed 13 rental properties on Chapman and Patterson avenues with a combined value of more than $1.3 million. He also listed about $565,000 in personal property, the bulk of which he said came from his interest in White Homes and Land. The remaining seven rental properties are listed in the name of White's company and were not included in his personal bankruptcy.

Another section of the 70-page bankruptcy petition contains evidence of White's cash-flow problem: While his business grossed about $550,000 in 2007 and $541,000 in 2006, income to date this year was listed as just $78,797.

White's financial problems come at a time when his neo-Nazi activities have been getting more attention.

In perhaps his most publicized controversy, White used his Web site in August to post the names and addresses of the defendants in the Jena Six case, a racially charged assault proceeding in Jena, La. Next to the black defendants' contact information, White posted the words: "Lynch the Jena 6."

Although the FBI said at the time it was investigating White's actions, no legal action has been taken against him in connection with the Jena Six case.

More recently, White tangled with lawyers involved in a housing discrimination case in Virginia Beach. After White inserted himself into the case -- sending racially charged letters to black tenants who had sued their white landlord -- lawyers for the plaintiffs asked a judge to impose sanctions against him. The judge has yet to make a decision in that case.

Regardless of what happens to White in bankruptcy court, Potok acknowledged that it will likely have little influence on his penchant for posting nasty and Nazi-inspired views on the Internet.

"My guess is that Bill White will continue to try to be a player in the movement," Potok said, "because he has an ego as large as the planet."


  1. Thanks Nikki...I needed the laugh!

  2. It's just like a bunch of Jewish supremacists, to gloat about a man's medical bills, when the Jews are responsible for the whole boondoggle pertaining to the medical industry in the first place.

    Because of Jewish-led non-white immigration, the average white person has trouble affording medical insurance these days, let alone uninsured medical bills, while the non-whites typically get free treatment by using hospital emergency rooms as "doctor's offices."

    Besides, he's still worth over half a million dollars, and a chapter 11, unlike a chapter 7, just reorganizes his debt, not do away with it, he still has to pay it back.

    So basically he is taking full responsibility for any and all of his temporary financial problems.

  3. Bill White who was unceromoniously booted from VNN could not resist himself from comming back.

    He now uses the alias "johnaflynnreturns" and posts crap defending his decision to file Chapter 11.

    I really pity this guy. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  4. VNN posted the bankruptcy filing. Bill claims to have 10 bucks in his savings account.

    So how did Bill White afford to go to Alabama this week? The judge handling this bankruptcy needs to be made aware how Bill could afford this...

    If Bill is found out even one bit he is lying, the judge will order a "3rd party" to oversee Bill's bankruptcy filing.

  5. BTW: It will Bill White who emailed Mark Potok of the SPLC himself of the bankruptcy filing in order to get attention. Then Potok called the Roanoke Times, who caught White lying about his medical expenses.

  6. You are so irrelevant that it isn't even funny. A few years ago Billy boy tried to join Aryan Nations. We did a check and Bill White is a Jew, both sides of his family. Bill White isn't in fact white.

    Gloat all you want, Coon lover because we are laughing too. Oh and hey where is Floyd? Is the worthless sodomite on a drunk again? You do realize that is why the fucker drinks? He is ashame of his bisexuality (more than likely is full blown homosexuality). Obsess on Bill all you want and I'll keep laughing. LOL.

  7. Oh hey Schwartz, did you know that Bill and Meghan are seperated? Seems the nigger loving wannabe fat porn star doesn't love Billy Boy now that he is broke. Just some FYI for you, Joo.

  8. I know Meghan is getting Medicaid so I suspect she he claiming to be separated in order to get the benefits. So it come to no surprise me if they are actually separated. And it would come as no surprise that Meghan is lying about separated in order to collect social services.

    Bill forced Meghan to declare Section 7 bankruptcy back in 2005.

    What was funny is that when Meghan's email got hacked, she was complaining to Isis all about Bill. Isis told her she could "trust Bill". I'm still laughing at that one. And yes, Isis is a real Jew. I'm only "half" and I don't practice Judaism in any form.

  9. Did you also notice the name of "William David White" appearing over and over in his bankruptcy filings?

    Yup, that's his father. And while his parents and grand-parents have given Bill over half a million dollars.... He still had to crawl to his Daddy for a $35,000 loan which is now defaulting on. Takes a real low man to stiff his own father.

    Oh, did you also notice that Bill still owes his own lawyer, Harry Brown, $12000 in legal fees?? He's also defaulting on his water bills and electric bills for his properties.

    If Bill think's he is going to just pocket every dime while under this protection, he's horribly mistaken.

    However, any statement Bill makes, forward them to the judge handling the bankruptcy. If the judge even thinks Bill is lying about one thing, he'll assign a 3rd party trustee in a snap of a finger.

    And Remember, don't ever believe a word Bill says about this.

  10. CC: Mark Potok

    Fax & contact information for the judge in charge of Bill's bankruptcy

    Honorable William F. Stone, Jr., Judge
    U.S. Bankruptcy Court
    210 Church Avenue, SW.
    Roanoke, VA 24011
    Fax: (540) 857-2095

    The fax number is very important, make sure anything Bill says is faxed directly to the judge at 540-857-2095 .. use a web to fax gateway and yes you can be anonymous

  11. I doubt there's much likelihood that Bill will be able to profit much during Chapter 11. The court generally assigns a trustee to oversee the revenues and disbursements.

    Also - the judge may decide that White's problems are too severe for Chapter 11 reorganization (i.e., no hope of him ever meeting new payment schedules and debt loads with his current assets), and may order the bankruptcy switched to Chapter 7.

    This is probably the most likely scenario, given the lousy state of the housing market. White might claim $1.9 million in assets, but the court will order the necessary steps to determine the real value, including new appraisals, which again are likely to be awfully low in the wretched housing market. We might find that his assets exceeed his liablities, especially since the only way out of this mess will likely be to sell off a bunch of White's properties.

    And a court-ordered sale in a depressed real estate market might mean houses being sold for 50-60% of what White paid for them.

    The sad part about all of this is that we were shaking our collective heads two years ago when White was bragging about tapping credit cards for fast cash, or when he talked of paying 25-30% on loans as being "typical" for real estate investors. No sensible investor in the world paid that kind of money, and Bill's credit card scam came tumbling down on his head.

  12. Mike,

    Bill has a complete of properties has has up for rent on craigslist, which he puts up every few days.

    Even if he rented every single unit he has there, he still won't bring in the basic amount of even pay his mortgages, 2nd mortgages, credit cards, his own father, water, gas, electric, and everything else he has defaulted on etc.

    Mike, you also know that Bill has no problem lying in court about anything and everything.

    Did you also notice that he didn't even mention and the so-called $1,000 he claims it cost him each month for his own private T1?

    It will go Chapter 7 in my opinion and White will lie about the reasons for it. In fact, White will lie about everything so we'll have to go off the court records.

    Chapter 11 is a very expensive bankruptcy BTW, it's usually for corporations... Usually in Chapter 11, I think there isn't a trustee assigned unless they can prove gross mismanagement or lying from the debtor (Bill White - which we both knows mismanages and is a chronic sociopathic lying).

    With White, that should be easy to do. It isn't like criminal evidence, the judge only needs to be suspicious. That's why those links I provided are so important.

    Any way, if White were smart, when he sold that house in Maryland that he bought in his grandparents inheritance, he would have been smart just to buy houses that needed work in high value areas, fix them up, then resell them at a huge profit. My cousin does that all the time in Horry county SC (Myrtle Beach area), even with the bad real estate market.

  13. Bill White moaned about cleaning urine and feces of his black and white tenants from his carpets all the time. Inspite of this demeaning work, he had to declare bankruptcy in the business - karma indeed. And funny as hell.

  14. "Bill White a player in the movement?" Oh please, you retards make me laugh. Are you really this stupid or do you just do this to make me laugh?

  15. We love the sound of that little girl giggle coming from a grown man.

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  17. Spoke to a lawyer today who works for our company, looks like Bill's lawyer (Harry Brown) is taking him to the cleaners & giving him horrible advice.

    Any legit attorney will do their damnest to talk you out of Chapter 11.. It is by far the most expensive bankruptcy to file and 90 percent who file for chapter 11 end up with Chapter 7 instead either by their own petition or the petition of their creditors.

    No wonder why Bill still owes $11k in legal fees and counting...

    A simple chapter 7 would have only cost him a fraction of the cost....

    So kudos to Harry Brown!!!!

  18. Bill's motivation for trying to go Chapter 11 is simple: he wants to hold on to as much of his Roanoke empire as possible. Chapter 7 would mean complete liquidation, and since he's upside-down (except as measured by his own creative accounting), he would wind up with zilch beyond his principal residence, his belongings, and a couple of used cars.

    Bill and his lawyer are undoubtedly arguing that his situation is temporary, and that the downturn in the housing market has exacerbated his already-anemic financial status. Unfortunately for Bill, he's essentially asking the court to roll the dice with him that the market will get better in 180-365 days.

    The wild cards in this arrangement are the debt-holders, the big banks Bill owes. Given the scrape-every-nickel-off-the-pavement behavior of banks right now in the credit squeeze, I doubt that they will take a flyer on Bill and White Homes LLC. They will likely petition the court to either move the case to Chapter 7, or that any Chapter 11 case contains a major selloff of White's properties.

    Bill is also mistaken that his holdings in White Homes LLC are automatically exempt from bankruptcy court. This is an asset with presumably some marketable value, and the creditors' committees might insist that any deal include his White Homes LLC stock. One possible outcome might be that the creditors get a majority (or all) of White's stock.

    As far as trustees: sometimes the court assigns an outside trustee to such a case, especially if the management of the business has been demonstrably inept. However, in all federal Chapter 11 cases, a U.S. trustee supervises the actions of the debtor-in-possession. Bill will then be required to provide verifiable documentation in the form of P&L statements, expense reports, cash flow projections, and so forth. The idea that Bill will have free reign to do whatever the hell he wants exists in only one place - Bill's head.

  19. nuthin' more to say, girly?

    what a shame!


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