Tuesday, November 11, 2008


A noose found dangling from a tree, 10 neo-Nazi's demonstrate in Tyler, TX, 50 swastika waving white nationalists march in Missouri, a cross is burned in the yard of a black family in New Jersey, and Americans barely even notice.

Thinking the Klan is dead and organized racism is a thing of the past, local residents expressed shock and disbelief when the body of a woman was found in St. Tammany Parish and eight KKK members were arrested in her death.

While we struggle to alert and educate communities and organizations around the country, it is still largely believed by the populace that these groups are nothing more than an anomaly in our society and pose no danger...think again. The potential for violence is always present.



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POSTED: 1:20 pm CST November 11, 2008
UPDATED: 6:43 pm CST November 11, 2008

COVINGTON, La. -- Eight people were arrested Tuesday in connection with the killing of a woman who apparently tried to back out of a Ku Klux Klan initiation ritual, St. Tammany Parish Sheriff Jack Strain said Tuesday.

The woman was slain Sunday morning, allegedly shot to death by a Klan leader from Bogalusa. Her body was found Monday in a ditch in the small St. Tammany community of Sun, about 60 miles north of New Orleans, the sheriff said.

Raymond "Chuck" Foster, 44, is charged with second-degree murder for allegedly shooting the woman. Seven others -- Raymond Foster's son, 20-year-old Shane Foster; Frank Stafford, 21; Timothy Michael Watkins, 30; Alicia M. Watkins, 23; Andrew Yates, 20; Random Hines, 27; and Danielle Jones, 23 -- are facing obstruction of justice charges.

All the suspects are being held in the St. Tammany Parish jail.

Strain said the woman lived near Tulsa, Okla., and was recruited over the Internet to come to Louisiana for initiation into the Klan. Deputies have not been able to confirm her identity.

She arrived in Slidell last week and was met by two members of the group, Strain said. She was taken to a campground near Pearl River for the initiation ceremony, and when she asked to be taken back into town, there was an argument. That's when Foster allegedly shot and killed her, Strain said.

The other members of the Klan group are accused of helping cover up the crime by burning items at the campsite, including the woman's personal effects. A clerk at a nearby Circle K alerted police after two of the suspects went into the store bathroom to wash blood out of their clothes, Strain said.

Investigators found Klan paraphernalia at the campsite, including flags and six Klan uniforms. Strain said Raymond Foster is chief of the "Sons of Dixie" or "Dixie Brotherhood" KKK branch.

Strain said the case does not appear to be connected to the recent election of Barack Obama as president. He told WDSU he was surprised to find out about this KKK group because it hadn't been very visible before.


  1. I agree that hate groups such as Antifa, who call in bomb threats to hotels and threaten death to the employees, are certainly a big problem.

    Nikki, you are soooooooooo hypocritical, do you know that?

  2. Secondly, this report qualifies as yellow journalism, implying that the woman was killed as part of a "Klan intitiation". In fact, the story of the AOL front page suggests it was the result of a domestic dispute.

  3. November 4 was a day of widespread defeat for conservatives across the United States, except in one area: the fight against "gay marriage."

    Successful citizens initiatives in California, Florida (with an astonishing 63%) and Arizona made "gay marriage" unconstitutional in those states, a development that underlines the cognitive dissonance that plagues white liberalism. According to orthodox political correctness, a grand coalition of protected classes share objective interests against white, Christian, males. These protected groups, according to PC dogma, consist of blacks and other nonwhites, homosexuals and women. Yet just as the Democratic nomination process fractured the black/female alliance in an open and bloody conflict of interests, so too November 4 saw homosexuals suffer as a result of the overwhelming black turnout to vote for Barack Obama, who was also the darling of self-hating, pathetic white liberals, among them the bulk of homosexuals. These blacks, along with hispanics, stayed in the polling booths long enough to vote decisively against "gay marriage," and were a deciding factor in the bans being passed.

    This was particularly so in California, where blacks and hispanics played a deciding role in the success of Proposition 8, banning "gay marriage." Blacks came out as new voters in droves to support Obama, swelling their total to 10% of the overall number of voters. And an overwhelming number of these blacks also supported Prop 8. Other elements in this largely fictional politically correct coalition doubtless feel let down. 78% of Jews, for example, key players in the PC united front, supported "gay marriage" in Los Angeles alone. Yet blacks voted 70% in favor of the "marriage" ban, admittedly a drop from their 96% for Obama, but both overwhelming and decisive.

    Despite the childish, cultlike worship of Obama as some kind of liberal Messiah, he's just as much a shrewd machine politician as any other corrupt public figure. For example, he somehow was pitched as some kind of an "antiwar" standard bearer, yet, barely elected, he appointed a radical Zionist, Rahm Emanuel, as his right hand man. Emanuel is a supporter of Bush's Iraq project and a maniacal backer of the most extreme, militaristic Israeli positions.

    For homosexuals, Obama stabbed them collectively in the back even before election day. While he made the usual, stock in trade liberal statements about support for "tolerance" and "gay rights," Obama knew that black America is strongly opposed to any and all aspects of the "gay agenda," no matter what politically correct theorists tell them they should think. As a result, Obama did not campaign against Prop 8, nor did he even endorse the general idea of "gay marriage."

    The politically correct response to the "gay marriage" defeats has been one of collective confusion, which has boiled into anger and outright violence. Many homosexuals and their supporters blame the democratic process itself, demanding that courts, not voters, decide the question of "gay marriage." Talking head Keith Olbermann (who is not homosexual) of MSNBC launched into an on air emotional meltdown that swerved into near hysteria and crazed appeals to guilt, while militant protests were sparked nationwide by homosexual groups.

    Western Voices World News has long held that calls for "tolerance" often mask strong INtolerance of opposing views, often resulting in witchhunts and irrational behavior of the most primitive kinds. In Palm Springs, a gay outpost in Southern California, one homosexual protest took on the ugly tones of 19th Century religious intolerance. A mob of "gay activists" surrounded and manhandled a lone elderly woman supporter of Prop 8. Shrieking and swearing, with one calling for an end to "nonviolence," the homosexuals wrenched a Christian cross out of the old woman's hands, smashed it on the ground, and stomped on it. Then the protesters, now a threatening mob, marched for over a mile on a Latter-day Saints (Mormon) church to express their anger at Mormon support for traditional marriage and family values. The historical treatment of the Mormons in America is a blot on US claims of "tolerance." In 1844 a similar mob, also certain of its moral rightness, even lynched the Mormon founder, Joseph Smith, and Mormons have repeatedly been exposed to violence and intimidation from intolerant vigilantes, police and officials. In Palm Springs, when a Mormon spokesman attempted to reason with the homosexuals, he was drowned out with jeers and chants by protesters wielding signs with slogans like "Mormons are breeders." The only things missing were the torches. Amusingly, one of the Palm Springs homosexuals said he was disgusted that "outsiders," meaning the Mormon hierarchy, had been able to influence the vote. Had he been referring to the millions of illegal aliens in California he would have been guilty of being a "racist," according to politically correct dogma.

    Amusingly, "racism" is also rearing its head in the "gay marriage" controversy, further adding to the cognitive dissonance, desperation and disorientation of the politically correct Kool Aid drinkers who had hoped to have been celebrating a Rainbow Nirvana with the election of the Obamessiah. The confusion is palpable among those shocked that homosexuals were abandoned by their black "allies": "I wept last night," wrote Dan Savage, a homosexual columnist best known for attempting to spread the flu to supporters of Christian Right presidential hopeful Gary Bauer by licking doorknobs at one of his campaign offices. "I can't help but feeling hurt that the love and support aren't mutual...I’ll eat my shorts if gay and lesbian voters went for McCain at anything approaching the rate that black voters went for Prop 8."

    The "hurt" of homosexuals expressed by Savage became anger in San Francisco, when a black man was harassed at an anti-Prop 8 protest and even called the dreaded "N" word by white homosexuals. That's a hanging offense even outside the rarefied climes of political correctness. Inside the world of PC it's a declaration of war.

    Savage saw November 4 as a watershed: "I'm done pretending that the handful of racist gay white men out there--and they’re out there, and I think they’re scum--are a bigger problem for African Americans, gay and straight, than the huge numbers of homophobic African Americans are for gay Americans, whatever their color." That view is heresy for the politically correct, something Savage knows all too well: "This will get my name scratched off the invite list of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, which is famous for its anti-racist-training seminars, but whatever."

    As for blacks, they object to having their history linked to "gay rights." PC dogmatists love to lump the "civil rights struggle," with all of the social engineering power such a comparison holds in the media imagination, to the "Johnny Come Lately" cause of the moment, homosexuals. In fact, the whole "homosexual rights" fad is an artificial postmodernist "identity politics" construct designed to undermine the traditional social order. As such, this form of "identity politics" has little organic grounding and is kept going by media overload and serious financial support. In fact, blacks and homosexuals have little in common socially or economically. While homosexual behavior is very widespread in the black community, with the HIV/AIDS rates to prove it, such "down low" behavior is closer to traditional homosexual incidence, which historically was seldom, if ever, an identity or a "lifestyle." Backing this up is the fact that black women have far higher rates of HIV/AIDS infection than their white counterparts, a function of the fact that black male homosexual behavior is not exclusive, and that such men also have sex with women, thus spreading the disease to them.

    In one (in)famous, unintentionally hilarious case, homosexual radicals responded viciously to recognition that the "black/gay alliance" is a myth. The University of Toledo actually fired a black woman, Crystal Dixon, from her position as Associate Vice President of Human Resources, in the name of "civil rights." Dixon's crime? She had written a a letter to the editor of the local newspaper objecting to comparisons of "gay rights" with the historical, black "civil rights movement."

    Just as dogmatic PC theology breaks down on black commonality of interests with homosexuals, so too blacks have few interests in common with other nonwhites. This has been seen especially in areas of black/hispanic interface, where open borders have resulted in widespread ethnic cleansing, both nonviolent and otherwise, of whole black areas. Blacks come into competition with hispanics for scarce social resources, from schools to healthcare, welfare and public housing to even jail space. And competition for low skill and no skill work is fierce.

    The fact is, the politically correct worldview, which gives special incentives to various protected groups, boils down to a zero sum game, with each group fighting for as much as it is able to wrest from the system, often at the cost of other protected groups which should be, in theory, close allies. Only systems and ideas constructed and kept going by European derived people generate the kind of surplus that allows such a state of affairs to persist. Isolated as they are on college campuses, board rooms or think tank offices, the ideologues who push political correctness usually only talk to one another and seldom have to live with the effects of the chaos they help to generate. The "gay marriage" outcome, and the hysteria now before us, is the result of the slap in the face reality has delivered to the politically correct.

    That's not to say political correctness has been abandoned, though, as Dan Savage acknowledged when he admitted he expects retaliation from the "gay establishment." There is too much at stake, not least whole careers. And wealthy, powerful organizations like the Anti-Defamation League have committed to it as part of their plan for America.

    So it comes as no surprise that, while incidents of homosexual anger against blacks have occurred, the main target of organized "gay rights" activists remains white Christians. Just as the Palm Springs spectacle victimized an elderly white Christian woman and threatened a Mormon church, radical "gay activists" in Lansing, Michigan menaced a church service with baseball bats, threatened parishioners, spread confetti and condoms, acted lewdly and in a vulgar manner, and caused vandalism before being dragged off by police.

    Of course, under the present politically correct regime, this will NOT be considered a "hate crime" by gays against Christians, which it certainly is.

  4. Top 25 most dangerous cities.
    *Keep in mind that nationwide the black population is only 13% of the total.

    East St. Louis, Illinois - Black Population (97.7%)
    Hammond, Louisiana - Black Population (45.2% [About 3.5x the national average])
    South Tucson, Arizona - Mexishit Population (81.2%)
    Florida City, Florida - Black Population (56.7) | Hispanic Population (32.1%)
    St. Louis, Missouri - Black Population (51.2%)
    Annison, Alabama - Black Population (48.7%)
    Tukwila, WA - Whites make up only half of population the rest consists of asians, blacks, and indians.
    Hartsville, South Carolina - Black Population (42.5%)
    Morrow, Georgia - Black Population (36.1%) | Non-White Other (21%)
    Riviera Beach , Florida - Black Population (67.8%)
    Darlington, South Carolina - Black Population ( 56%)
    Selma, Alabama - Black Population (69.7%)
    Detroit, Michigan - Black Population ( 81.6% )
    Flint, Michigan - Black Population ( 53.3% )
    Bessemer, Alabama - Black Population ( 69.6% )
    Alexandria, Louisiana - Black Population ( 54.7% )
    Darby, Pennsylvania - Black Population ( 60% )
    Emeryville, California - Black Population (19.5%) | Non-White Other (38.9%)
    Salisbury, Maryland - Black Population ( 32.3% )
    Saginaw, Michigan - Black Population ( 43.3% ) | Mexishit (11.7%)
    Centreville, Illinois - Black Population ( 95.5% )
    Brunswick, Georgia - Black Population ( 59.8% )
    Washington Park, Illinois - Black Population ( 91.9% )
    “Ironically Named” Whiteville, North Carolina - Black Population ( 36.7% )
    Muskegon Heights, Michigan - Black Population ( 77.8% )

    And there you have it folks. This list is proof positive that no matter how big or small the town and no matter where it is geographically crime always follows large black populations. Every city on this list has almost 3x the amount of blacks as the average city does. Don’t forget about the mexicans either, they play their role in destroying civilization just as well as the blacks do.

  5. Remember, all klan and nazis are killers who seek to kill everyone. It is good that under president Obama the government will kill off all these hate filled killers.

  6. Under Clinton, Emanuel fought hard for the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), a Republican piece of legislation that was signed by Bill Clinton. This trade agreement alone has been the most destructive piece of legislation to America’s economy in the 21st Century; resulting in the off-shoring of millions of good-paying jobs. If you want to know why our economy is in the tank, the answer can be summarized by five letters, NAFTA.

    As a senior member of the United States Congress, Rahm continued to support unfair trade agreements like NAFTA, cap-stoning his time in Congress by pushing hard to pass the largest piece of corporate welfare in American history, the $700 billion Wall Street bailout.

    Emanuel probably raised millions of dollars for Obama For America and has more than paid his dues when it comes to carrying water for multi-national corporations and the banking industry. A nation struggling to get on its feet economically needs a pro-worker and pro-middle-class White House, not Rahm Emanuel.

    Many Democrats and independent voters, traumatized by the last eight years of President Bush will probably not want to hear any criticism of our next president’s choices, but I feel the need to go on the record and state that Rahm Emanuel has been consistently bad for working families. After working to get Barack Obama on the ballot and supporting his candidacy through the primary season and beyond, I was still hoping that this was “our victory” and not Rahm’s. I still have two yard signs in my yard. One says, “Proud to be Union” and the other says “Obama for President.” I’ll give Obama 100 days to see what kind of hope he produces.

    Today, political spin-doctors spent the afternoon and evening spinning Rahm as “the perfect pick.” I strongly disagree with the spin doctors, and as parody and satire often contain the real kernel of truth, I agree (100%) with Senator Durbin that this decision represents a lot of audacity, but not much hope.

  7. Obama's Plan For US
    By Ethan Allen

    Maybe it's time for a little lesson in geopolitics and the game of power plays. Maybe the entire world needs a lesson in how the oligarchy run things and see where this is all heading before we actually watch it unfold as Obama takes office and declares a new age of international cooperation that only moves us all one step closer to global government and total control by the power elite.

    In just the last few days there have already been a slew of articles from the beltway proclaiming a need for a new international reserve currency, for the establishment of a new global central bank (is if the IMF and Bank of International Settlements weren't enough), and even yet more cries for global restrictions on carbon use and the implementation of global environmental controls.

    Now, what does all of this mean? It would seem the immediate crisis facing the markets will be one of Obama's biggest hurdles.

    Millions of investors and worried consumers around the globe have already pinned the blame of our current money problems on Bush, yet Obama's tax and spend policies (his days in the Senate have hardened him into yet another big spend Dem) will only dry out the coffers that much faster, to say nothing about creating new environmental agencies, a domestic stasi security force, and possibly even the implementation of some form of mandatory national healthcare plan.

    None of these things are remotely possible without taxing to death what's left of the American taxpayer, who is already bearing the brunt of a multi-trillion dollar national debt (upwards of $500 trillion if you count global derivative markets).

    The move towards globalism will bring in new taxes, regulations, and pains few people have the vision or wisdom to see, for most have bought into the idea that Obama is the man to undo what Bush has done for the last 8 years, but have spent little enough time to actually follow up on what and how Obama will do the things he says he will do, which is another reason so much of Obama's campaign has been about big broad strokes of 'change' and 'hope'.

    Change and hope are not good companions to have when they sit next to depression and starvation at the big table.

    Really the only things Obama has been specific about doing should send chills down the spine of every American, left or right. He has pledged to bring in a new era of environmental policies to combat global warming, which is itself still a contested issue (to say nothing of the costs of how this will be done).

    He has also pledged to fight crime and terrorism using a 'domestic civilian security force', one that is just as well funded and strong as our military. Do you know what that means if it is put in place? Yes, we're talking an American version of the black shirted fascists of Italy or brown shirted SA of nazi Germany.

    The government will actually train and equipment hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Americans, mainly the young, to spy on their fellow Americans, and possibly even arrest or fine them for using the wrong kind of lightbulb, for using too much water during the summer, for buying a gas guzzler car, for having too many children, for eating too much, for daring to criticize the government, so on and so forth.

    This level of in your face environmentalist whackery has never really been implemented or even debated in our public discourse, but if Obama gets his way, we'll get a crash course in what it's like to be surrounded on all sides by spies, spooks, and green revolution nutjobs who are being paid by the state to be professional snitches and thugs.

    Rarely have we been faced with the threat of seeing our nation being turned into one giant prison camp with eco-nazis and censorship mongers running roughshod over our rights and very lives. The New World Order doesn't care one bit about the either the environment or our rights, but will use President Obama as a battering ram to sacrifice our rights on the altar of 'cooperation' and global community.

    While the left was somewhat effective in waking people up to the evils of the Bush presidency, they should have been exposing the system and institutions themselves as the harbingers of the evil. For what Bush did will only be continued and even expanded by Obama.

    Will the left continue to decry the elimination of habeas corpus? Will they continue to demand that we bring our troops home from Iraq? Will they still cry foul over the police state and suppression of our first amendment rights? Or will they heed Obama's call for the restricting of our second amendment rights, defend the established order and help Obama push for a new global government?

    Eco-nazis, carbon cards, the death of the dollar, more pushes for global government, continued proxy wars, a new fairness doctrine and censorship laws, crushing debts and taxes.

    Is this the kind of 'change' America wants?

  8. To the anonymous one who continues to publish right-wing propaganda, this has nothing to do with the Klan article - do you have an obsession, or what?

  9. Well, maybe this has some enlightening relevance to the topic, then:

    The Knoxville Horror with a Twist—Four Black Marines Murder Interracial Couple In Winchester, CA; MSM Censors Details, Of Course
    By Nicholas Stix

    These are the best of times for white-hating black women. They can openly proclaim their beliefs, and be rewarded and praised for them, (like author Denene Millner whose The Sistahs' Rules stands foursquare against interracial dating) and commit terrible crimes, without so much as being arrested, like Crystal Gayle Mangum, the Duke hoaxer..

    But for decent black women, these are the worst of times. If they hate whites insufficiently, they must keep this to themselves. As for romance, one-third of black men are criminals, and many of the rest are thugs. But let a black woman look where the good men are, among whites and Asians, and she risks ostracism … or worse.

    Which brings us to the sad case of Jan Pawel and Quiana Pietrzak. Jan Pawel Pietrzak, 24, was a Polish-born Catholic. They don't come much whiter, this side of Ireland. His family immigrated here when he was 10, and Jan Pawel ("John Paul" in English, after the late Pope) grew up in working-class, white and Asian Bensonhurst, Brooklyn.

    Pietrzak responded to 9/11 by enlisting in the United States Marine Corps where, as a helicopter mechanic, he rose to the rank of sergeant. Sgt. Pietrzak loved the Corps. He was serving out of Miramar Air Station, in San Diego.

    Pietrzak met his future bride, the former Quiana Jenkins, an African American, "three years ago at a party for Marines being deployed to Iraq", according to the New York Daily News: Brooklyn Marine sergeant & wife tortured, slain in Calif.; 4 of his men are arrested, by Corky Siemaszko, updated November 6th, 2008.

    They were wed just a few months ago, and had just bought a five-bedroom house off the foreclosure market, in Winchester, in Riverside County. The cute, petite, 26-year-old bride was studying to become a doctor.

    The couple was bound and gagged and tortured. The wife was "sexually assaulted". Then husband and wife were each killed, "execution-style", with a bullet to the back of the head. In an attempt to cover their tracks, the killers set fire to the living room.

    The victims were discovered on October 15. When Mrs. Pietrzak failed to show up for work, her mother called the Sheriff's Office, which sent deputies to find her.

    Four suspects have been charged in the case:

    "Pvt. Emrys John, 18, of Maryland; Lance Cpl. Tyrone Miller, 20, of North Carolina; Pvt. Kevin Darnell Cox, 20, of Tennessee, and Pvt. Kesaun Sykes, 21, of California."

    Property belonging to the Pietrzaks was found in some or all of the suspects' barracks at Camp Pendleton. All are black; John and Miller served under Sgt. Pietrzak. John was reportedly named as the shooter by the three other suspects.

    " ‘They're monsters," [the bride's mother] Faye Jenkins told the Daily News. "They're monsters….

    “Investigators said the motive for murder was ‘financial gain.’ Neither mother believes that.

    " ‘When I found out what they did to them, it was like they killed me, too,’ [Pietrzak's mother] Pietrzak-Varga said….

    “Quiana Jenkins-Pietrzak, 26, who worked for the county's Black Infant Care Center, was reluctant to date a Marine. But Pietrzak wooed her, and they were married in August.

    " ‘They were in love," her mother-in-law said. ‘It didn't matter to them that they had different skin colors.’

    “The bride wore her favorite white Converse sneakers, and she was still in the process of writing thank-you cards when she was killed.

    " ‘She was our only child and my best friend," Faye Jenkins said. ‘He was like my son. He was so proud to be a Marine. But when he was off the base, he was my son…. ‘

    “Pietrzak's mother said she can't understand how Marines could have committed such a crime.

    " ‘Don't the Marines screen out people like this?’ she said. ‘Didn't they know they had murderers under their roof?’

    Unfortunately, as Duncan Hengest showed in his first-person report in January's American Renaissance, in the name of diversity, the U.S. Military does not screen out racist murderers or monsters if they are are members of protected minority groups. (James Fulford pointed out last year that according to CBS News "Military regulations disqualify members of hate groups from enlisting, but there is no specific ban on members of street gangs.")

    ABC's Chris Cuomo: The biggest question remains, Why? These men are Marines, men built on a foundation of honor and duty. So, how could they do something so terrible to one of their own?

    Wife's mother: How could they? He was one of their own. He was their brother.

    Cuomo: The simple answer here is robbery, but the motive is expected to go beyond that. The violent nature of the killing, the allegation that these men brutalized the wife before killing her. So, there's more reporting to be done, to find out what's really behind this. [Marines Suspected in Sergeant's Slaying: Sgt. Jan Pietrzak and Wife Quiana Were Gagged, Bound and Executed, by Lee Ferran, Good Morning America, November 7, 2008][PB1]

    (Despite Cuomo’s opinion, ABC doesn’t seem to have “more reporting”.)

    The simple answer is to Jenkins-Pietrzak's mother: the killers did not consider a white man “one of their own”—especially one who had engaged in interracial marriage, "Semper Fi" and the USMC be damned.

    The most ludicrous, yet expected part of the report on the Winchester Atrocity is the claim by police that the killers were motivated by "financial gain". The Pietrzaks had no money. They'd sunk their modest means into their new house.

    Plus, Riverside County DA Rod Pacheco's comment on Good Morning America undermines the official story: "To burglarize their home and then to treat them in the way they did before they died and to murder them—it's hard for our minds to comprehend this kind of savagery."

    Let's see. In order to make some fast money, four strong "Marines" target a couple that they know have no money, torture them, rape the wife, murder them, and torch their house?

    I cannot see a stronger disjunction than that between the official motive, the victims, and the atrocity. Had "financial gain" been the killers' true motive, they would have donned masks and gloves, and knocked over a convenience store.

    But in the Bizarro World of Politically Correct Criminology, I suppose it all makes perfect sense.

    And the New York Daily News still started a story which included the torture, murder, and sexual assault with the words "They did it for the money."[Confession In Torture, Slay Of Brooklyn-Raised Marine Sergeant And Wife, By Nancy Dillon In Murrieta, Calif., And Corky Siemaszko In New York, November 7th 2008, ]

    Even Good Morning America's narrator, the usually PC Chris Cuomo, refused to buy the official story. [Video]

    As for the "sexual assault," which is a euphemism for either sodomy or rape, veteran journalist Fred Reed had something to say about that in the case of the Knoxville Horror that resonates in all black-on-white torture-sex assault-murders:

    "… note that rape is not primarily a sexual crime. Any man who wants to get laid can find a hooker for twenty bucks on a downtown street corner. It's easy. Men know that it's easy. Rape? You don't risk life in jail on a murder charge for a few minutes of lousy sex.

    You do it from hatred. If you really hate whites, you make a white girl give you a b--- --b in front of her boyfriend. It's a kick. On your knees, b---h….Then you wash out her mouth with Drano or whatever to destroy the evidence. [Diversity and its Prospects: The Hazards of Regarding Lying as a Solution, by Fred Reed, June 24, 2007. ]

    It's not clear whether Quiana Jenkins-Pietrzak was orally sodomized, but whether or not she also endured that crime, she was almost certainly raped. Lee Ferran's Good Morning America Web story reports, "All four said that 26-year-old Jenkins-Pietrzak was sexually assaulted, but each suspect said the other three did it. Lance Cpl. Kesaun Sykes, 21, reportedly confessed to cutting off her clothes."

    The Daily News’ Siemaszko also neglected to mention the suspects' race, and his editor did not see fit to provide pictures of them. (Nothing new there.)

    Good Morning America's video report provides pictures of the suspects, and is supplemented by Ferran's accompanying text.

    Since the suspects have all pleaded not guilty, their lawyers will surely insist that their confessions were coerced, and will likely claim that the incriminating evidence is the "tainted fruit" of illegal searches and seizures.

    Unlike in the Knoxville Horror, in this case the sexual assault victim was black. But she was married to a white man, and so the racial degradation factor was present, plus the racial revenge factor, with the killers punishing both husband and wife for crossing the color line.

    But since the murder-torture-sex assault-robbery-arson suspects are all black, the authorities have said nothing about race, the national media (with the honorable exception of ABC) have refused to cover the story at all, and even the Daily News suppressed the racial facts. It's F.U.B.A.R., but it's also S.O.P.

    And under Barack Hussein "Obama", I predict this pattern will become ever more frequent.

    (To those readers who have been sending me stories of racial atrocities, many thanks. I apologize if you have yet to see my treatments of them. I just can't keep up. But please keep sending them. If you don't quit, I won't quit.)

  10. Nikki, did you know that the woman killed was an ex ANSWP member for Tulsa Oklahoma?

  11. Sorry to be a bit off topic here, Nikki. Has anyone heard the rumor that Mike Belvins has prostrate cancer? Even though Mike and I disagree I wish him the best. If it is true my thoughts and prayers go out to him.

  12. VonWelfare is sick? oh Please Von, can you record your dying screams and have Bernie release them over the Internet? Man I haven't been this happy in years!

  13. Wow, the Nimbusters crowd is really shitting all over this blog, and "Nikki Nichols" is complaining about me posting serious articles.

    Which do you prefer, "Nikki"? Juvenile shit, or articles of pointed and honest intellectual depth?

    I'm betting it's the former, but I'll let you answer for yourself in this case.

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  17. Admin Nimbusters said...
    Nikki, did you know that the woman killed was an ex ANSWP member for Tulsa Oklahoma?

    The woman's name was Cynthia Lynch, and I do believe she was part of ANSWP for awhile.

  18. Von says he is out. I knew there was some good in him.


  19. You have proof the victim was a former ANSWP member?

    Wow, if that is true...

  20. If the woman is a former ANSWP member this would be interesting indeed.

    That puts this story in a whole new light.

    I wonder if the media there knows about this.

  21. So she was a ANSWP member? Wonder why she went to Louisiana to join the Klan?

  22. Right wing idiots are still whining about losing the election. Listen to the pussies whine. Rush is trying to blame the stock market decline on Obama, they are even laughing at him on Fox for that one.

  23. Part of ANSWP? She was state leader of Oklahoma but I believe she quit.

  24. I bet nikki would suck her shit off Obama's dick.

  25. Hey Nikki, if Obama was screwing you in the ass with his black snake, would you suck your shit off his dick after he came ? ? ?


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