Sunday, November 02, 2008


The Tampa Tribune

Published: October 31, 2008

Two white supremacists accused of plotting to kill Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and dozens of other black people drew attention to themselves by etching swastikas on a car with sidewalk chalk.

A federal magistrate on Thursday granted a defense request to delay a hearing in Memphis, Tenn., for 20-year-old Daniel Cowart and 18-year-old Paul Schlesselman. He ordered the two to stay behind bars.


  1. All previous ANSWP members are encouraged to rejoin except: Drake and Vonbluvens.


  3. Nikki, in case you don't already know it, Matthew Ramsey (known homeless homosexual) is the faggot you call Jimbo and that the Nimbusters call JewFag Pete. He is a useless invidividual who is not white and cares nothing for WN causes. He has been thrown out of ever WN group he has ever joined.

  4. Nikki, just so you know. Mike Burks is a twisted closet queen that trolls multiple WN boards, sometimes (literally) transgender (with handles denoting that he is a woman). I'm not at all joking about this.

    The guy has been kicked off more boards than anyone I know. He is a really sick parasite. Not that I care one iota whether someone is gay or not, but this Burks actually dwells on homosexuality like it is a secret fetish. He is also an e-member of the GodHatesFags sect in Kansas. There is some weird dichotomy going on in this freaks skull.

    Burks, supposedly a Christian, knows absolutely nothing about Christian ethics either. In fact, in many ways he acts very much like those satanists (i.e., Harold Covington) that he supposedly despises.

    My prediction is now that he is so-called "Acting Commander" the whole operation will quickly tank into the toilet of WNist history. Burks has absolutely no charisma whatsoever. Not even a dog would follow such a low-life, degenerate, piece of walking excrement like him.

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  6. Jim Ram has talent and style. Michael Burks is a foul mouth punk. We all know who is the rel worm. Burks regularly tries to impersonate Ramm online but nobody believes this stupidity.

  7. Ramm has talent and style? I laughed so hard when I read that my side started hurting.

  8. Define "talent and style" please?

  9. Yeah Nikki, do maggots have style and talent? Does a pin-worm? And if you think that is funny now Little Harold Turner is claiming to have employees on his blog. Hal Turner can't even hold a minimum wage job at a car wash.

    WN's are funnier than SNL. LOL.

  10. His wonderful site is pure talent and style.

    Jim is a sweet man who understands a woman.

  11. Well unbeknownst to the rest of you Michael Burks is really a jew.

    He attends synagogue here in Louisville,..weekly. Why he goes on these crazy diatribes is beyond me.

    I only came upon this website after being concerned about him and "googling" him.

    I would just like the rest of you to go easy on Mike. He is partially unstable. I'm trying to be kind. There are several times where his outbursts at temple resulted in his removal.

    I'm not trying to condemn Michael. He just doesn't know what he says from time to time. Please forgive him.


  12. So funny. Jim Ramm has no friends or backers so he creates them. He is half the posters on his own board and
    Anna and Sallie over here. Not that Burks is much better, both of them are an embarrassment to white people everywhere.

  13. For someone with no traffic and no backers, His website sure does get a lot of traffic:

    If think Jim Ramm drives all across the country faking the different visits...

  14. It would appear that there are a lot of embarrassments to WN's posting here.

  15. Question:
    Why the hell is all the responses to the article about the suspected Nazi killers about Jim Ramm or people bitching about Burks?
    Answer: Michael Burks

    We all know that Ramm is a loose cannon, a fruitloop with a screw loose. However lying about him his websites, specially when we can see the live traffic feeds accomplishes nothing.

  16. LOL!

    Hey, Nikki, are these friends of yours?

    Compulsory Diversity News


  17. McDuff should attend a community college. He writes like Justin Boyer.


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