Thursday, October 30, 2008


"The anti-Whites at places like NN are not to be engaged. They are a mix of amateur and professional character assassins, criminals and cultists. They specialize in lying about prominent Whites in order to spread doubt and disunion among us. We we make their job easier by mixing with them. It is a great mistake to think there is anything fun or funny about what they do, or that it is a trivial matter to play with them on their boards. I won't allow anyone who routinely engages with them to post here"


  1. Uh oh. I might get banned.

    BTW - does this apply to any of our antifa-sock-puppets-posing-as-Nazis?

    What about the thousands of Jews and feds who post at VNN? Oh wait, I forgot - the only Jews and feds are the WNs themselves, who are convinced that everyone else is a fed or Jew.


  2. LOL! I just wanted to provide a public service so that all the Nazi's would know that Alex is flexing his muscles again.

    He does that every once in awhile just to let them know that he has the power of the mouse.

  3. That guy looks jewish! That guy claims to be non-jewish?? Seriously, you've got to be kidding me!

  4. I think this guy is a self-hating jew. A simple search on the internet reveals that "Linder" is a polish-jewish surname:

    What is this guys deal, is he just nuts? Does he not know the origins of his own last name?

  5. Hey, I have a question.

    Does CAH officially endorse these sorts of threats against a peaceful conference? If not, will you officially denounce them?

    Manager of the hotel the EURO Conference is to be held in, resigned after threats to his family

    The general manager of Whispering Woods Hotel and Conference Center in Olive Branch resigned Wednesday afternoon because of threats related to a white-power group's upcoming conference at the facility.

    "I'm getting lots of phone calls saying they know my home address," Travis Murray said shortly after resigning. "My wife is scared. My family's in jeopardy."

    Murray said the threatening messages were even more injurious since "my name's not even on the contract."

    The resignation came after the Memphis-based Mid-South Peace and Justice Center distributed to members an e-mail containing Murray's work telephone number and work e-mail address. No personal information about Murray was included.

    Jacob Flowers, director of the Peace and Justice Center, said the intent was for members to point out to Whispering Woods that the hotel might lose business if it goes forward with providing facilities for the European American Unity and Rights Conference, scheduled for Nov. 7-9.

    The Peace and Justice Center has been monitoring the group's activities.
    "The Mid-South Peace and Justice Center condemns any acts of violence and intimidation against Mr. Murray," Flowers said. "Our thoughts and prayers are with him."

    Whispering Woods issued a statement Wednesday saying it was initially unaware of the nature of the group holding the conference but that it was legally obligated to host it.

    The group initially identified its event as an environmental advocacy conference, and Whispering Woods mailed a contract, according to Flowers.

    Flowers, who'd spoken to Murray prior to his resignation, said the environmental group's name was crossed out and replaced with the European American Unity name when the contract was returned.

    The contract was then signed by a hotel official without close inspection of the change.

    Flowers said according to his information, white power has gained ground in the Mid-South recently, and apparently the group picked the area for its conference to energize the movement.

    Olive Branch Mayor Sam Rikard referred all comments to the city's Police Department. Asst. Chief Don Gammage limited his remarks to statements about police officers being highly visible during the conference.

    Former KKK grand wizard and ex-Louisiana state representative David Duke's Web site is publicizing the event.

    Duke, who rejects the "white power" label and describes himself as a white civil rights advocate, said Wednesday night that his group has a right to gather at a hotel that is open to the public, and Whispering Woods could not legally refuse their business.

    "If a black group was refused, there would be civil rights lawsuits being filed," he said. "We have the same rights."

    He denied anyone tried to hide the name of the group or the purpose from Whispering Woods management.

    Flowers, whose organization monitors white-power activities and promotes human rights, said they won't give the group any attention while they're in town.

    "Attention is what they want; we're not going to give them their media blitz."

    The Mid-South Peace and Justice Center does not want Whispering Woods officials to open up the hotel to a potential lawsuit, Flowers said.

    It did ask hotel officials, however, to issue a statement supporting equal rights and condemning bigotry. Flowers said it also wants the hotel to offer employees time off with pay during the conference so workers won't possibly be subjected to slurs and insults. Black employees are among the hotel staff.

    The hotel issued a statement late Wednesday that seemed to at least partly meet the request.

    "Whispering Woods does not discriminate against any individual or group of individuals, nor does Whispering Woods support the mission of any such individuals or businesses that contract for our facilities and services," the statement says.

    Murray, prior to his resignation, said the hotel had not decided on the paid time off.

  6. I will post where ever I want and whenever I want!

  7. Alex is afraid of VNNF posters conversing here?

    I don't get this.

    Anti-racist don't make pronouncements to their own not to frequent "racist" message boards.


  8. Nikki--

    The visable movement is finished. will make your job a little more difficult.

  9. Come on guys. You know very well that Jews share names with non-Jews--especially German ones.

    There are only 2 names that are without a doubt "Jewish" and that is Levi and Israel.

    I hate Linder's guts but I don't think he is Jewish.

  10. Anonymous- in reference to your question. Neither CAH or myself endorse any form of violence or threats of violence.

    According to the article, no personal information was disclosed by the group. Additionally, the requests made by the group, i.e.,"...issue a statement supporting equal rights and condemning bigotry. Flowers said it also wants the hotel to offer employees time off with pay during the conference so workers won't possibly be subjected to slurs and insults," are not outlandish and do not reflect any intent to do harm.

  11. Considering almost everyone at VNN considers EURO to be full of Jews, are you sure the antis did this?

    Now to dig up the fact sheet on Alex R Linder.

    Linder has shown over the years that he can not cooperate with anyone. He's one of the best friends we've got. Linder is a clown who hasn't held a job in at least 7 years. He was living with his grandmother (Merle) in Kirksville until she died, now he lives in a low-income apartment complex on South Washington in Kirksville. Linder filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy a few years ago showing a pattern of not working and getting government disability benefits. And Linder is a very sickly skinny man who is only in his 30s.

    And if you want to look at someone who looks like a stereotypical "jew", look at Linder. If VNN were a real organization, no doubt Linder would have been replaced a long time ago against his will.

    Linder is just like Bill White without the money from his parents. BTW, Linder's parents live right down the road from White's parents although Linder's grandmother was from Kirksville. Linder has an uncle in Utah who is a member of the Libertarian party.

    According to Lexis Nexis I also know he is married or in a relationship to an asian woman in Kirksville, not that's there is anything wrong with that. Glenn Miller also seems to like asian women.

    View VNN as an asset, let them continue to infight, and just sit back and laugh at them.

    The real groups to worry about ones who don't post on the internet.

  12. How about providing some form of proof that Linder is with an Asian woman.

    In the past you have played fast and loose with the facts.

  13. When I say proof I mean a marriage certificate.

    You aren't exactly 100 percent truthful.

  14. Linder essentially calls Drake a rat:

    "Drake - the only reason I'm not re-tarding you is because you seem to have some insight or connection to what's going on in this case. But I am fundamentally uncomfortable with your gossipy approach.

    I advise all solid men at VNNF to be extremely careful what you say to Drake or anybody in ANSWP or NSM. I would advise you to be EXTREMELY cautious in what you say over the phone, in PMs, or in emails. You cannot be too cautious. These NSM/ANSWP members are basically two-digit-IQ shitbags who will sell out their own mother for a beer and cigarette.

    It's painful to me to say, after ten years, that the WN movement breaks into two camps:

    1) retarded teenagers (ANSWP/NSM)
    2) middle-aged cowards (conservatives who follow Sam Francis in trying to have it both ways)

    Bill White should be looked at this way

    1) clinically delusional/narcissist who will throw anybody under the bus the second it serves his personal interest
    2) one of a tiny, genuinely miniscule number of men who grasp the sort of actions that actually threaten the System and has the balls to carry them out"

  15. I agree that the real groups to worry about are the ones that don't post on the internet.

    Didja ever notice how Linder raises his ugly head every now and then and tries to assert himself? He's a real take charge kinda guy for someone who isn't in charge of anything. It's about time for WN's to get hit up again for some money to help him out. There should be a little of that floating around what with Hal Turner out of the loop.

    "Bill White should be looked at this way

    "1) clinically delusional/narcissist who will throw anybody under the bus the second it serves his personal interest
    "2) one of a tiny, genuinely miniscule number of men who grasp the sort of actions that actually threaten the System and has the balls to carry them out"

    So...his love/hate relationship with White continues. Yep...he's a real take charge kind of guy.

  16. I wonder if Marc Moran is still funding VNN (although it doesn't take much to fund it)???

    And I wonder how Chris Drake feels about Bill White going to the feds and secret service over Vic Wolzek on VNN??? Of course, Drake doesn't mind his "friends" informing on others does he? It's only when someone else does it.

    Then again, Chris Drake has so many mental breakdowns on the web, its silly. Even with the birth of his kid, (that is if Chris isn't lying about this also), Chris hasn't been able to contain himself.

    The thing is, Drake comes across as a likeable guy but is just as bi-polar and delusional as Bill White, Vonbluvens, and the other tards.

    Say hi to John Howard the next time you see him Chris..... He forgives you for shitting all over Bill Hoff by your association with Bill White.

  17. Alex Linder is a complete wimp. I bet most women would easily beat him in arm wrestling.

  18. I agree. The most dangerous people on VNN are the ones that don't post that often. Who knows what sort of Timothy McVieghs they are. The regulars are Justin Boyer types, idiots.

  19. Linder is a self-hating jew though. Those close to him have quoted him saying things multiple times to this effect. If you think the guy is not a nutjob you really need to do more investigation!

  20. Nikki is not using a real picture of herself either. Are you?


  21. Nikki is a fat bitch who fucks shit skinned chimps. No self respecting white man would touch her.

  22. That isn't Jim Ramm asshole! Mikey Burks strikes again!

  23. Last time Linder flexed his muscle he banned a lot of people from his forum.

    Linder isn't anything to worry about.

  24. Pretending to dig up made up dirt. Must be fun to slander anyone with impunity. Bet you'd roll over on your mother in a New York minute on false charges. Your fakes. If you knew anything real you wouldn't have to post lies,and the feds would be at your door. You people don't know shit.

  25. Alex has muscles to flex? In addition of a wimp physique he is a premature ejeculation. Don't believe him if he tells you he won't come in your mouth.



    Megan takes over White Homes & Land


    832 Patterson Ave- Large 3 Bedroom, $550
    1502 Chapman- 3 Bedroom Upper- $699, gas included
    2 Bedroom Lower- $650, gas included
    1212 Chapman- 2 Bedroom- $500
    1529 Chapman- 2 Bedroom Upper and Lower- $500
    1631 Chapman- 2 Bedroom Upper $500

    1517 Chapman- 4 Bedrooms- $850
    1621 Chapman- 4 Bedrooms- $800

    Please call 540-397-2964. Apartments available immediately. Deposit required. $35 application fee.

    * cats are OK - purrr
    * dogs are OK - wooof
    * Location: SW City
    * it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

  28. Queer Jew Troll Linder and his sad-sack lackys like Crusty Cobb and Fed informer Miller are nothing but useless wastes of time. They are not real men. And their time is coming. We will destroy traitors like this in the movement soon enough. When the commander is released your days are numbered. Trust me!

    Michael Burks
    The time is coming when all jews and queers are cleansed from the land. The lord your god, YHWH, has ordained it!!!!!

  29. Before he piddles all over this bit of red fire hydrant or squeals like a pig on his gay gossip blogs, this descended-from-insane-suicidal-incestuous-special-ed-runt-of-the litter-get-others-to-write-his-blog-and-post-as him-because-he-is-illiterate-as-we;;-as-ghey-sockfaggot ANTI "trust me" burks would do well to worry more about the mastodon-sized skeletons in his OWN CLOSET.

    "He LIKES it, Hey Mikey!"

  30. Burks your a nutty as a fruitcake!

    Your god Bill White will never be released!

  31. Michael Burks is now acting commander of ANSWP. He would like to announce that ANSWP is doing fine and will continue despite cowards like Von and Drake leaving the movement. I encourage people wishing to support Bill White not send money to Drake because Drake is sticking it in his own pocket. I talked to Bill (phone call collect) last night and he hasn't seen any money that Drake supposedly collected on his behalf.

  32. Burks has thrown a one man coup d'etat of the ASSWIPES? ROFLMAO!!!!!!


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