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Roanoke neo-Nazi jailed on federal charges
By Laurence Hammack
The Roanoke Times

William A. White
Photo courtesy of the Roanoke City JailA white supremacist known for his inflammatory Internet postings about race-related issues - and his verbal attacks on the people involved in them - has been arrested on federal charges.

William A. White, commander of the Roanoke-based American National Socialist Workers Party, was being held without bond this morning in the Roanoke City Jail, according to Lt. Mark Sweentenberg of the Roanoke Sheriff's Office.

Asked what White is charged with, jail officials referred questions to federal authorities. "That's all we know, that he's a federal inmate," Sweetenberg said.

Kevin Foust, a senior FBI agent who supervises the bureau's Roanoke office, referred questions to the U.S. Attorney's Office in Chicago.

Officials there were not immediately available for comment.

However, a copy of what appears to be a search warrant recently used to seize White's computer equipment, which White posted to a Yahoo message group earlier this week, indicates a Chicago link to a federal investigation into his activities.

The warrant authorized FBI agents to search a Patterson Avenue building that houses the computer equipment White uses to maintain his Web site, According to the warrant, authorities were looking for computer files and other records "that may contain all evidence of the crime of threatening Hale Juror A."

Previous coverage
White's Web site closed by FBI (Oct. 17, 2008)
Roanoke neo-Nazi cleared of threat allegation (July 29, 2008)
In an interview earlier this week, White said that's a reference to a juror in the case of Matthew Hale, who was convicted by a Chicago jury in 2004 of soliciting the murder of a U.S. District Court judge.

White said he recently included information about the juror, including a home address, in an posting that raised concerns about the case. But White said he made no threats against the juror.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, an Alabama organization that monitors hate groups, agreed on its Web site that White did not directly propose violence against the juror.

"But he told his readers that the man 'played a leading role in inciting both the conviction and the harsh sentence that followed," a blog item on the law center's Web site states. "He also described the conviction as wrongful and said the prison term handed Hale was a 'criminally long sentence.' "

Mark Potok, director of the law center's Intelligence Project, said Thursday that while White has often come close to the line between free speech and criminal activity, he may have finally crossed it by posting personal information about a juror.

Federal authorities are particularly sensitive about protecting jurors in cases such as Hale's, Potok said.

Since the FBI seizure of White's computer equipment last Saturday, has been down.

But White apparently was not charged until recently. In a posting to a Yahoo message group for white supremacists, made either late Thursday night or sometime during the day Friday, someone identifying himself as White said the FBI had just executed a second search warrant, this one on his home.

"They left remarking on how they did not have anything with which to chargesme [sic] and they needed to plan theyre [sic] next step," the post stated.

With White now in jail, the next step will be an arraignment before a magistrate judge, which could happen as early as Sunday afternoon.


  1. If this ever gets as far as a trial I don't think there is a jury that is stupid enough to find him guilty of anything.

  2. I'm sending him underwear with a target painted the ass end. Bill is a marked man.

  3. If he is transferred to a federal facility he will probably be kept out of general population. Of course, we have to wait and see what the charges are and what happens at the arraignment before speculating on what a jury might do.

    At this point, I'm assuming that they have unearthed some evidence that is solid enough to hold him. We'll just have to wait, I guess, until some of that starts coming together.

  4. It is wonderful that Bill White is in jail. Hope he gets life without parole.

    WN will only benefit from this guy and the rest of his costume frauds going away, forever.

    As Don Black said, Bill has never been a real WN, only plays one for kicks. Also, he should have known better than to post the name and addy of that juror. That was mega-stupid on his part, and he deserves whatever he gets. If Bill was a real WN, he would have known how much Zog hates us, and how we ALWAYS have to be careful to play by the rules, as they are looking for any reason they can to lock us up.

    Stupid, stupid fool. WN only benefits by his being gone.

  5. "I'm sending him underwear with a target painted the ass end. Bill is a marked man."

    Yes Von, we get it. Queer anal sex. You know, speaking of marked men, no matter how much people hate White, they understand that you are rat. Nobody cares why someone became a rat, they just are careful to remember who is. The joke is over. You failed the test. Big shock. Now go back to your pictures and future failures.

    White is now someone who has gone downtown for his beliefs. Any of you other punks got anything to say about that? Anybody else sitting at home, jobless, supported by the government or someone else, got something smart to say? Eat big, gain ten more pounds. It's free, there's more. Sleep until noon. Then wake up and come talk shit about people who work hard, fight hard and get hit hard in the face for it. When guys like White go to prison, they get tuffer, they get meaner. You chumps get older, slower, fatter, more cowardly and more people find out about you.

    So turn on, log in and fatten up, traitors, rats, cowards. The rest of us who still have our freedom/lives right now, we'll be sitting around the fire, roasting something we had to run down and kill or waited still as stones with the goddamned bugs for 4 hours to come along. We'll be out running until we drop. We'll be pulling on oars until our arms and shoulders feel like their on fire. We'll be skipping lunch and eating grits for dinner to buy that extra piece of gear we need for that extra night in the bush. We get harder every single day. Real life, my friends. Prison won't make anyone less of a man, damn sure not as fast as living like a lot of you rats do. Bring on prison, pain and death but bring on life. Fate, I rush at thee.

  6. Ya know, this is getting really tedious. Bill White has been under the scrutiny of federal law enforcement for a very long time. After the Hale trial he published what turned out to be the wrong information for federal informant Tony Evola resulting in placing innocent bystanders in harms way.

    He has gone on to do much the same thing to other public figures over the years, often putting the wrong people at the brunt end of an onslaught of harrassment and even terror.

    Even when he does get his information right, he brings heat down on himself.

    Even more recently, he has placed himself squarely in the sights of the feds. The Jena 6 mess, Al Sharpton, Leonard Pitts, the Roanoke Times staff members, Troutman and Sanders, Barack Obama, the Hale juror, just to mention a few have all been targets of Bill's fury.

    You cannot continue to do those kinds of things without 1)attracting attention, and 2)screwing up. Sure...Hal Turner does it...but we all know that Hal is "protected."

    Now - some of you want to point the finger at Michael Blevins, et. al. For what? There is NO EVIDENCE that specifies Blevins, or names any one else, for that matter, in this mess. If you're looking for someone to blame - blame Bill for thinking that he is bigger than God and blame yourselves for being blindly led around by your noses.

    If this goes to trial - you'll have your list of "rats." You'll know once and for all who did what. Until that time, you should all be looking at yourselves in the mirror, doing some inventory, and smacking yourselves upside the head for being so damned gullible.

    Calling others "rats" and "snitches" without solid proof is childish, non-productive, and just plain Bill-White-like. Grow the hell up and be somebody.

  7. Bill White, founder of the asswipes AKA American National Socialist Workers' Party, was taken into custody by the FBI at approximately 5:00PM EST today, Friday October 17th. A search warrant was also executed at his 1610 chapman residence.

    Law enforcement officials routinely arrest people on a Friday afternoon so that they will have to spend at least a weekend behind bars.

    The nature of the charges being leveled at Bill White are still ambiguous at this time; however, the arrest, which comes just days after federal authorities seized's server and took down its web sites, is apparently related to an investigation into's recent expose of a juror who served on the Matt Hale case.

    The arrest came the exact same day that shitskin Obama visited Roanoke Virginia and gave a shitskin rally.

    Hopefully by now, Bill is in the federal lock up with some sweaty 400 Pound nigger riding his back.

    The staff at Bill White Watch would like to thank the FBI for doing such a great job busting this turd. Hopefully your charges stick, we all know Bill can be quite the slippery snake. For once, the FEDS actually did the White Nationalist cause a great service! Thanks again!

  8. Bondurant declined to comment on the details of the alleged threat, except to say that White’s trial will be held in Chicago

    In Chicago?????

    White also has an extensive history of skipping bail, so hopefully, none will be set. But if it is, I'm sure his mommy will once again, bail him out.

  9. So if Bill is convicted, how many years are we looking at? Anyone know?

  10. Anonymous 4:54 P.M. - Actually, I can understand why the Feds would want to hold the trial in Chicago. Not only is there a better chance of packing the jury with blacks, but Chicago blacks tend to be more militant and anti-white than Roanoke blacks.

    The Feds have been playing the race card for 44 years - why would they stop now?

  11. Nikki: As for Vonbluvens being a rat, yes he is. There are a lot of conversations you haven't been heard nor statements you haven't seen him make online. Your defending him is even more proof that he is a rat. I don't see why people should go very upset though. Most people already avoided him and many found his racial pedegree to be questionable. My advice is to just not be Bill White and make the mistake of trusting him.

  12. I am neither trying to defend or protect Michael Blevins. My feelings about him are already widely known. What I am trying to convey is that all of these accusations directed at him and others are getting a little ridiculous. Either put or shut up, in other words. Because of things he may have been guilty of in the past, there is no evidence that he "ratted" White out.

    As for my "trusting" him - not likely.

    On another note - if any of this goes to trial, I can only hope that it is held in Chicago. Also - arraignments are held in open court, so we should be hearing particulars as far as the indictment soon.

  13. Bill will flee to Mexico if he is let out of jail. He's hiding money down there.

    Lock, stock, and barrel.

  14. Bill is too fucking stupid to hide money anywhere.

  15. They are going to send him to obamaland for trail? Good luck getting a fair trial there.

    I don't think it is a coincidence he was arrested the same day Obama came to roanoke either.

  16. People yelling "rat" without proof is a staple of the current dysfunctional movement.

    Making inuendos and saying you know someone is a rat just isn't going to cut it.

    Why should I or anyone else believe you without some form of proof or evidence? It just isn't going to happen.

  17. "Calling others "rats" and "snitches" without solid proof is childish, non-productive, and just plain Bill-White-like. Grow the hell up and be somebody."-Nikki

    Chris Drake isn't exactly an adult, Nikki. He is the one waxing poetic about manhood and how prison is good for the NS sould. This is all false bravado on his part.

    Only idiots accuse someone without proof. And you are right about that proof coming out very soon.

  18. spelling "soul".

  19. vonbluvens@hotmail.comOctober 18, 2008 6:57 PM

    And Chris Drake has rejoined the NSM!!!! For like the 450th time!!!!!

  20. My semi-educated guess is that BW is facing facing federal charges under 18 U.S.C. 1503, "Influencing or injuring officer or juror generally."

    If all BW did is publish addresses with his usual vague threats, the government will have a tough time proving the case. However, if BW was stupid/arrogant enough to actually call the juror, mail the juror letters, or have direct contact of some sort, then a pattern of intimidation would be easier to prove.

    However, my guess is that they have at least one witness or participant who will say: "I read Bill's Overthrow post, and I thought it would be a good idea to call up Juror X, and I made threatening comments."

    To convict under § 1503 the government must prove beyond a reasonable doubt: “(1) that there was a pending judicial proceeding, (2) that the defendant knew this proceeding was pending, and (3) that the defendant then corruptly endeavored to influence, obstruct,
    or impede the due administration of justice.”

    A summary of the case history of § 1503 can be found at this link.

    BW clearly knew that Hale's case was pending, as evidenced by his posts (such as , which is no longer live). The question will be to what extent Bill's actions (and those of any participants) interfered with the case and the juror.

    At any rate, BW's ability to self-censor and/or use some common sense lost out to his obsessive efforts to stir the pot and grab a few headlines.

    BTW - I think the timing was coincidental about BW being arrested and Obama happening to be in Roanoke. The feds had been busy for weeks on this, while Obama's agenda is pretty fluid beyond certain key events. However, I would not put it past the federales to use the conspicuous timing as a way to send a not-so-subtle message to the WNs about dancing around the lines of free speech.

  21. This threat Bill made against the Hale jury might also be playing a part.....


    I Don't Feel Bad About The Hit On Judge Lefkow
    And I Don't Think Others Should, Either

    3/1/2005 12:53:28 AM
    Bill White

    Commentary -- I don't feel bad that Judge Lefkow's family was murdered today. In fact, when I heard the story I laughed. "Good for them!" was my first thought.

    I do feel bad that I see white nationalists running around saying that this assassination was an FBI-Mossad conspiracy against white activists. Do you know what motivates that kind of thinking? Fear. Fear that there will be revenge by the government on people who hold white nationalist views, and, really, fear that the government might personally do something to you because you hold white nationalist views. There is another word for that kind of fear -- cowardice.

    Everyone associated with the Matt Hale trial has deserved assassination for a long time. At the time, I believe I said that if I were Hale and I was being railroaded like this I would kill -- not the judge -- but the ADL officers involved and their witnesses. In general, I would not kill a judge's family -- it stikes me as pointless and overly harsh -- but in this case the family member's involved were Jews (well, in one case a converso), and really I can't mourn over dead Jews. Their people are vicious and bloodthirsty; they murdered at least 100 million non-Jews during the 20th Century; they've started the 21st Century by advocating the murder of more than one billion adherents of Islam; they are the persecutors of the white race, and have been responsible for the exploitation, oppression, and murders of hundreds of millions of our people; they bear collective guilt, and the world is a better place the less Jews there are in it. Its a harsh thing to have to say, but it is the truth.

    But the abstract question of the ethics of killing Jews in general must be set aside here, because the meat of this question is whether it was just or unjust in this specific case for people who have been persecuted and denied their religion by the dictates of Judge Lefkow and the system she promotes to retaliate and wreck vengeance against her. In my view, it was clearly just, and I look forward to seeing who else this new white nationalist group of assassins kills next.

    Judge Lefkow was the instrument by which the Jewish system of government in this country took from thousands of people the religious creed which they held to be the truth. The ADL, through their lackeys in the TE-TA-MA foundation, were the specific group of Jews that directed and stage managed this persecution. What these people did to Matt Hale and the Creativity Movement was evil, and they deserved to experience the consequences of the evil they had done.

    How many times has the system of government persecuted white activists? How many white people have been sent to jail because of their political views? How many families have lost a family member because the FBI, or a federal judge, took that person away from them -- not because the person had done anything wrong, but because the federal government framed them because the Jews in the federal government did not like their opinions?

    Just today we read of Ernst Zundel being persecuted in Canada and in Germany by a justice system who takes a peace-loving old man and throws him in a cell for years because of his dissident opinions. We have read of others -- and we have seen others -- attacked in the street by club wielding thugs who are protected by police who share their hatred of truth and freedom. We all bear witness to the federally mandated murder of tens of thousand in Occupied Iraq, and to the federally mandated murder and displacement of the millions of people of Occupied Palestine.

    In the Second World War, this same federal government murdered tens of millions of our kinsmen, and allied with the Jewish-Soviet butchers who stole the land and the lives of millions more. Today, this same Jewish racket continues to steal the product of white people's labor through their incessant demand for reparations -- as if their race of hate were the victims of the Second World War.

    This is a system of murder and repression directed against each and every one of us. Judge Lefkow was a figurehead of that murder and repression; by presiding over the show trial of a white activist who was tried and convicted for nothing more than agitation against the Jewish agenda, she embodied that tyranny and injustice that our white people are subjected to in this Jewish- dominated world.

    Yesterday, when the ADL officials and FBI agents and federal prosecutors and federal judges who are responsible for the persecution of the white race went to bed, they had no fear that they would ever be held accountable for any unreasonable or immoral ruling against a white activist. White activists were ridiculed. They were mocked. They were the kind of silly Jewish-television- show bad guy that anyone could kick around and know they could get away with it. For all the propaganda alleging white activists are "violent" "terrorist" or "dangerous", to the Jewish system white nationalists were nothing more than a bunch of fringe losers, not to be taken seriously.

    Tonight, as these same ADL officials and FBI agents and federal prosecutors and federal judges go to bed, they have to think that tomorrow they may wake up and find their families murdered. Just as anti-racists routinely terrorize the families of white activists, threatening rape and murder against people who have done nothing but have a relative who is a dissident, and just as these same ADL officials and FBI agents and federal prosecutors and federal judges protected those anti-racists in their terror and their terrorism, tonight those same ADL officials and FBI agents and federal prosecutors and federal judges can go to bed with the same vague feeling of unease and fear that they have inflicted and perpetuated through their miscarriage of justice, their subservience to evil, and their refusal to enforce the law.

    I do not mourn the assassination of Judge Lefkow's family, and I hope that the killer wrecks more havoc among the enemies of humanity, and that the killer is never found. I do not say that because I have personal animosity for Judge Lefkow, or because I sick have a love of violence or death. What I love is justice, and this act of violence, publicized as it is to the millions of those who passively engage in evil in the name of the Jew, sends a message of justice to those who thought they could be protected in the performance of evil.

    Killing people -- killing people's families -- is not good. It is not a right thing to do. In a world that was right there would be no murder. But an eye for an eye is justice, and such acts of justice make me think, sometimes, that maybe there are some things still right with the world

  22. Mike, I bet they got a lot more than just his website. His yahoo email accounts for example.

  23. "False bravado" ducked out the ANSWP months ago.

    And the "no proof" thing is wearing thin. Proof has been posted over and over and over again.

  24. The no proof thing is a very valid point. It only wears thin for those that want to run their mouths without backin up what they say.

    If memory serves me correctly Von left Bill's group after your betrayal of him, Chris.

  25. Does this mean the end of the A.N.S.W.P.?

    There really isn't anyone left smart enough or with enough ablomb to take over this idiotic group.

  26. Nikki,

    You NEED to write for us a Bill White retrospective, and bring everyone up to date. I would love to see the article that you could write, starting out with Bill back in the anarchist days, all the way up to the present downfall. Sort write his epitaph.

    Bill is TOAST.

  27. I have a serious question.

    How can someone be guilty of juror intimidation when the case has already been adjudicated?

    I don't like Bill White but it appears that feds are grasping at straws on this one.

    I am not a lawyer so I don't know. This just doesn't make sense.

  28. To answer your question Chris Drake,

    You can't be harassing juries AFTER the verdict either. Jury protection is for the rest of their lives...

    Think, If this wasn't the case, people would always be threatening & harassing jurors after a conviction.

    understand now Chris?

  29. Funny that the very man Bill White was qouted as saying wasn't anybodys commander is now the defacto leader of the A.N.S.W.P.

    Hope you can handle the job, Chris.

    Oh, the irony.


    Payback is a bitch

    As most White nationalists know by now, Bill White of Roanoke, VA has been Indicted for Obstruction of Justice and Threatening a federal Juror.

    The FBI served a search warrant upon him last week and seized his web site server which took down his web sites, and on Wednesday. White was arrested on Friday and is being held in jail without bail.

    I first broke the story that a federal grand jury was investigating White last week after I spoke with several White Nationalists who had been subpoenaed to appear before that Grand Jury.

    It is no secret that Bill White and I have had a rough relationship over the years. It is no secret we are no longer friends. Yet, when I found out what he had been charged with, my first inclination was to help.

    During the time I did my radio show, from the year 2000 through 2008, I secured very high priced legal counsel from two prestigious law firms here in New Jersey, about what I could get away with saying on the air and on my web site.

    I have vast legal documentation about relevant case law that protects speech, defines threats, defines what constitutes incitement to commit . . . . . just about anything. In fact, I know at least four recent court cases that would absolutely squash the "Threatening a federal Juror" charge now pending against White.

    While I am not yet sure about why the government charged him with Obstruction of Justice, there are reams of case law on that charge also, much of which can be used to obliterate the Obstruction charge pending against White.

    While my initial reaction was to help Bill, his past with me has now come back to haunt him.

    On more than one occasion, Bill fabricated outright lies about me. One of the more aggravating lies surrounded why I ended Bill's radio show on Turner Radio Network.

    Long-time Listeners may recall that Bill was using his show to stir shit within the movement. He attacked other White nationalists by name, made allegations about other groups and did a lot to make many of our comrades very upset.

    He openly admitted his intentions to destabilize all groups other than his American National Socialist Workers Party (ANSWP), then collect the cream of the crop from those groups into ANSWP.

    I tried repeatedly to have Bill rein-in his behavior and stop attacking our own, to no avail. The straw that broke the camel's back was when a man we all respect, Tom Metzger, called-in to White's show to ask Bill to knock-off his attacks against other Whites.

    Tom Metzger is a great man. He is a friend of mine and he has paid an awful price for his zealous defense of our race.

    Instead of handling Metzger with respect, White told me "Hal, take Tom off the air." This egregious lack of people skills, done during a live radio show against a verteran of the pro-white movement was the end of Bill Show's on my network. I called Bill the next day to tell him I would no longer air his show.

    Bill went nutty. He fabricated a series of outrageous lies about me, claiming he sent me a check for $3,000 to fund his show for an entire year. He never sent any such check.

    Bill then claimed that I tried to cash the check and steal the money from him by canceling his radio show! Another outrageous lie.

    He and I didn't talk for months after that. Then, Bill's web hosting company succumbed to pressure from Jewish and gay groups, and took Bill's site off the net.

    I decided that someone needed to step up and defend the right to free speech, so I approached Bill and offered to host his sites. He accepted and within a day, and were back online, via my co-located server.

    I hosted Bills sites for a few months until he got a data line installed in Roanoke and took over his own site hosting. The entire cooperative effort between Bill and me seemed to help rebuild relations between us. ; or so I thought.

    In August 2007, I found out how wrong I was. I organized a rally against black gang violence in Kalamazoo, MI. I invited every pro-White group and made major plans to have a peaceful, safe, law-abiding rally.

    Without warning or reason, Bill White showed up in Kalamazoo. But instead of standing with us, Bill got in front of TV cameras to tell people I was a "fraud." Bill called me a "con artist" and claimed that my only goal was to make money off people in the movement.

    So vicious was Bill White, that he asked his ANSWP group to come to Kalamazoo (ostensibly to stand with us) and only when his people arrived at the local hotel did Bill inform them that they would be protesting ME! Half his members walked out that very day.

    After that stunt in Kalamazoo, I wrote Bill White off as a sociopath. He and I never spoke again.

    Later, Bill continued with his fabrications and attacks. Post after post on his site filled with lies. Post after post on places like VNNForum where a cadre of other halfwit malcontents joined him to bash the shit out of me. Day after day, week after week, the onslaught continued until Alex Linder got so fed up, he threw Bill off VNN.

    So, here we are, more than a year later and once again, I am in a position to help Bill White. Not this time.

    As far as I am concerned, Bill White can drop fucking dead.

    I have the ability to help him. I have vast legal defenses which would probably help his attorney defeat the government charges but I will not help. The best part about it is that all his "members" and "supporters" can't or won't help him either!

    Revenge is a dish best served cold. Today, I exact my revenge. Today I let Bill White go down in flames.

  31. If he is transferred to a federal facility he will probably be kept out of general population

    u mean: "kept away from the NIGGA ppltn", right, cunt?!?

    if the US prison ppltn was 85+% white, like it is in 0zz, Mr White would have no problems wtf-ever bein' in "GenPop"!

    any-way: a jewstice system that imprisons a good, solid white man like Matt Hale ain't worthy of the slightest validity...

    youse fckrs, how-ever, won't hafta worry abt "maximum security" &/or "general ppltns" when we "take the helm" any day now....we're jes' gunna waste yr fckn ARSEs!.....the only "incarceration" youse'll get is six-feet-under with the spudz!


    (i'm gunna "bag me limit" of faggots, feminist slagz, free-masons, uppity niggz,loud-mouthed kike cuntz & jew-boy baby-butchers!)

  32. Pic. of the asswipes new leader.

  33. It is my hope that Bill goes away for a very long time.

    His arrogance put him in jail and nothing else.

    Reminds me of the bratz in my neighborhood who thought they could get away with everything cause their parents had money.

    I will celebrate only when he is convicted. I hope he has to stay a juliet in of the worst prisons in the nation.


  34. To answer your question Chris Drake,

    You can't be harassing juries AFTER the verdict either. Jury protection is for the rest of their lives...

    Think, If this wasn't the case, people would always be threatening & harassing jurors after a conviction.

    understand now Chris?

    Chris Drake didn't ask that question. I'm not legally illeterate. I just don't care or have time enough to always use spell check.


  35. The no proof thing is a very valid point. It only wears thin for those that want to run their mouths without backin up what they say.

    If memory serves me correctly Von left Bill's group after your betrayal of him, Chris.

    How did Von get betrayed? Was it when he tried to trick me into starting his dumbass ANU group for the second or third time behind Bill's back? You were setting me up too Von and do I need to tell everyone exactly why I could never assist you in forming a white nationalist group? You were trying to get away from Bill because by then you were likely already talking to the feds. At best, all you wanted to do was use me to validate some group nobody would join if they knew you started.

    You are a traitor, Mike and even Hal Turner's mouth can't change that. You ran, you betrayed, pal. Be a man for once in this whole thing and walk away. You did your damage, move on. That's sound advice.

  36. It appears the feds may be trying to set White up for a life term. Not that I care since he is a nutcase.

    A unique feature in this charge of obstruction of justice by interfering with a jury, is that the accused faces the same maximum sentence as the defendant in the trial he interfered with. That means White could receive the same 40 year term as Matt Hale, even though White was never a defendant in the Matt Hale solicitation of murder trial, nor was he implicated in any way.

  37. Just to add a little something too, I'm not the leader of anything. No one has communicated to me that I have anymore authority than I ever had. Bill White is the only person with the power to do so and I have no way of communicating with him. There are a lot of people who have a lot more seniority than I do on top of everything else. I joined the group in a failed attempt to settle an arguement and to work more closely with the magazine. I'm still a member of the ANSWP but it's 100% Bill's party. My loyalty to Bill is more out of friendship than political interest.

  38. VonBluvens RIP
    Hilarious YT clip


    A quick statement from Christopher Drake

    Alright folks, this is what you need to know. Bill White is in jail. He is being treated well and is in good spirits. There is no "defacto leader" or "stand-in Commander." Right now, everybody is waiting to hear what has to be said during the areignment. We don't even know if he will be held after that. There are no plans to reorganize the party in any way, in any case.

    My advice to everyone out there, lone wolf or organized: there is no such thing as a harmless fruitcake around this scene. If someone shows signs of mental illness or especially if they have paperwork saying they are mentally ill, DO NOT ASSOCIATE WITH THEM AT ALL. You are putting yourself and your family in peril.

  39. Chris, you ain't a victim; not by a long shot.

    Just cause Von was smart enough to figure out that bill's actions could potentially get poeple arrested and wanted to leave doesn't make von a rat.

    Why did you agree to head up this group? Why did you send von a pic to show what the new uniform was like?

    Didn't look too secret to me since it was announced on VNN.

    Chris, from what I hear you abandoned von and joined bill's group because he threatened to expose you at your job and to ruin you. You were scared of losing your home and job and that is why you stabbed von in the back and joined Bill.

    The article nikki wrote concerning the situation was pretty damn accurate.

    Chris, you are nothing buy a bootlicking bully.

  40. Mike Burks audio of events is hilarious.

    He thinks he is the default commander.

  41. Chris, you ain't a victim; not by a long shot.

    It will be a cold day when I claim victim status for just about anything.

    Just cause Von was smart enough to figure out that bill's actions could potentially get poeple arrested and wanted to leave doesn't make von a rat.

    No, but it makes Von a coward and a traitor. What makes Von a rat is ratting on people. Want me to repeat the proof for the 85th time?

    Why did you agree to head up this group? Why did you send von a pic to show what the new uniform was like?

    I'm glad you asked. Von was trying to trick me into starting his failed "ANU" organization again after he figured out that nobody was about to join anything he started. He even went as far as to type up some sort of "Hail Adolf Hitler" release that he posted on VNN and signed my name to it. The picture I sent Von was one showing how I felt BDU's were supposed to look as opposed to how the NSM was wearing them. Von, loonie that he was, posted the picture of me in my cluttered basement as some sort of leader of his new project. There are at least 4 huge reasons Mike cannot lead his own group or even be out in public much. Bill called me while I was camping and I explained to him what I wanted to do versus what Mike was trying to do (screw Bill over by starting his ANU internet uniform club). Mike, who had been bugging me to join the ANSWP, told me that if I had just joined them to start with, he would have had no reason to try to restart the ANU and trick me into running it. I wanted more of a survival club anyway. Von then flipped out for some reason (either Bernie told him he couldn't or something on VNN made him mad). To this day, I am still not sure what Vonbluvens was so mad about. Why couldn't Mike start this thing on his own without me? Hmmm. I bet you'd all love to know. Me too, actually. In anycase, its accepted now that this was just a phase in Mike trying to get as far away from the scene of his then hidden betrayal of Bill White.

    Didn't look too secret to me since it was announced on VNN.

    Re-read the first part of that. I tried to save face for Von at first but then saw it was impossible. He annouced some group which was a photo negative of the project we talked about starting. That goofy picture made me see red for a few minutes, no lie.

    Chris, from what I hear you abandoned von and joined bill's group because he threatened to expose you at your job and to ruin you. You were scared of losing your home and job and that is why you stabbed von in the back and joined Bill.

    Now I can see this is Von asking these questions...who cares? Bill White never threatened me with anything. He asked to participate in the group, not knowing that Von had done it to spite him (I wasn't aware of that part at the time either). I was the one who told Von that things might get ugly and my employment might come into play. Ironically, Von is the one who ratted me out by posting my employment info everywhere and encouraging people to harrass them and to come to my work and attempt physical harm on me. Von, who hasn't worked a job in over ten years nor ever owned his own home, thinks jobs are for men who haven't found a woman to support them yet or were unsucessful in applying for disability. Luckily, I made other arrangements not trusting Von for a minute.

    And to the other part of that, I joined the ANSWP trying to settle the arguement between Bill and Mike over Mike's newest attempt to undermine Bill. Mike's attitude flipped and he acted like a shithead about it. After everything that I have seen Mike do over the past few months, I'm glad things went down as they did, even if I'm on the side that appears to be in lots of legal trouble.

    The article nikki wrote concerning the situation was pretty damn accurate.

    Chris, you are nothing buy a bootlicking bully.

    One thing you have to remember about Mike is that he believe's women are automatic authority figures. Another thing is that Mike agrees with the antis ten times more than he agrees with the White Nationalists. There are a few reasons for that and Mike knows why. I've noticed plenty of times that Mike is more putting on a show for the antis than anyone else. He squarely belongs on that side of the fence. Nikki, I'd love for him to be your full time headache.

    One thing I'm not is a bully. I'm not a bootlicker either but thats a term the disloyal coin for the loyal. I've spent large amounts of time defending Von even when he was in the wrong. That's what friends do. I even confronted Jim Ramm for Von, even though really Jim had every right to be angry at Von for ratting on him. I promoted Von's meger efforts to anyone I could. I threatened people on Von's behalf and I tried to help cover up his screwed up life. I helped cover up A LOT and there is a lot I still keep under my hat. Oh it's not because I'm a wonderful person, it's also because I'd show what a fool I am if I ever exposed it.

  42. The arrest of trial of Commander White is exactly what the ANSWP needs to help the movement go mainstream. As P.T. Barnum is quoted as saying: Any publicity is good publicity.

    This trial will give the commander a platform from which he will be able to reach out to tens of millions of Americans who otherwise have never heard of him.

    After the trial, when the Commander is found Not Guilty he will be in a much stronger position and the ANSWP will be flooded with new recruits.

  43. Off topic:

    Did you notice that Kevin Strom finally updated his site? He removed Elisha.

    Also, he launched a new art site..

    He's back!

  44. What a bitch! How does he figure he didn't sell out his boys? Did he say that?

    Just cause Von was smart enough to figure out that bill's actions could potentially get poeple arrested and wanted to leave doesn't make von a rat.

  45. Quote: The arrest of trial of Commander White is exactly what the ANSWP needs to help the movement go mainstream

    You gotta be kidding me? What did Hale's trial do for the WCOTC? It's totally out of business. The difference between Hale and White is Hale had 100's of followers, and White has 4. 3 of the 4, Burks, Anderson, and Drake still live with their parents.

  46. "The arrest of trial of Commander White is exactly what the ANSWP needs to help the movement go mainstream. As P.T. Barnum is quoted as saying: Any publicity is good publicity.

    [Surely you are out of your mind. Now, I realize that there is a fool born every minute, but the negative publicity already associated with Bill White and his swastika brandishing, costumed idiots has not gotten him, or any other group, into mainstream America. Secondly, how much "publicity" do you think he is going to get?]

    This trial will give the commander a platform from which he will be able to reach out to tens of millions of Americans who otherwise have never heard of him.

    [You are not only a fool, but a delusional fool. Matt Hale and his supporters thought the same thing. Ya know what kind of platform Hale had? He was held under special administrative measures for over 2 years in a federal jail. He had no contact with the outside - no newspapers, no interviews, no visitors other than his lawyers and his parents - and even those were monitored. His mail was heavily censored. He sat alone in a cell 23 out 24 with no contacts.]

    After the trial, when the Commander is found Not Guilty he will be in a much stronger position and the ANSWP will be flooded with new recruits.

    [In your dreams. If - and that's a major if at this time - this thing goes to trial, by the time it starts Bill White will largely be forgotten by most within the movement. Those who remember him MIGHT show at the trial but some will realize how much scrutiny they will be under and stay away.

    What you aren't realizing is that the majority of Americans could care less about neo-Nazi's. They look at you as curiosities much like people used to look at the three-headed horse at the carnival. Some are angered by your presence and the handful that look to join up with you are, generally speaking, lost and defective individuals. Look within your own rank-and-file at the quality of those members.

    Whether Bill White walks out of jail today or 40 years from now - he is not going to have much of an impact on anyone. Look at what your fellow racists are saying about him. He is not the most popular man within the movement, you know. While there are those who question the reason for his arrest - they also question his rationale and sanity.

    Hale and some of the WCOTC thought the same way as you - most of them were very young at the time. They learned. So did Hale. He called for them to put thousands into the streets of Chicago - no one came.]

  47. Bill changed from a communist to a racist after he went to jail for a few months in Maryland.

    Maybe he'll do the same again once he gets out of jail this time?

  48. So...he supposedly had a bond hearing at 9:00 this morning, according to Glenn Miller - anyone know what happened?

  49. The ASSwipes are KAPUT!

  50. Why would they have a bond hearing on a Sunday? Makes no sense.

  51. What is interesting about this case is you don't have many of the racists clamoring for or to Bill's defense(Matt Hale garnered more support).

    But I have seen many of the racist denouncing Bill and actually hoping he gets slammed.

    I guess it's karma.

  52. Actually, you've got a legion of people supporting Bill, offering money and support. Keep in mind that the ones who hate Bill the most are mostly confined to the internet crowd.

  53. Yea, I bet.

    Don't look for a Chester Doles type fundraising.

  54. Didn't Bill White brag about making millions? Fuck him; if he needs money that badly let him ask his parents since they are so loaded.

  55. Don't you just love KARMA?

  56. Then there's all that money in Mexican banks, right?

  57. Yes, I do and I also love the irony of all of this.

    The very man who made it his mission to destroy WN personalities and WN groups is himself going to be destroyed along with his small band of followers.

    No. No one will cry for him or his group when they are gone.

  58. "No, but it makes Von a coward and a traitor. What makes Von a rat is ratting on people. Want me to repeat the proof for the 85th time?"--Chris Drake

    And for the 86th time: show some damn proof.

  59. Drake is so full of shit, he is a Bil White wanna be. I hate to say it but the anti-racists got Bill pegged to a T.

  60. Chris is an opportunist and thrives off of other peoples misfortune.

    Pretty much sums up the entirety of the movement these days.

  61. "I exchanged emails with Hale occasionally. I suggested on my website that instead of trying to murder a federal judge he should have killed the plaintiffs, and joked that he should've hired me to do it." (Bill White)

  62. And remember - the FBI fears him...

    "After my company published Tony Evola's personal information, the FBI held a press conference. Did they denounce us by name? No -- they mentioned our headlines, and said that they were "maybe" trying to find a way to "legally" shut us down. Why did they hem and haw and hedge their words? Because they knew there was about shit they could do, but they wanted to sound tough for you dopes who persist in believing that the government has a duty to shut down all criticism of Jews, everywhere. Hale was a strawman, and the papers published his name everywhere; we are not strawmen, and the FBI fears to name us."

  63. A.N.S.W.P. membership consist of:

    Chris Drake
    Michael Burks
    Michael Downs
    Phillip Anderson
    Art Jones

    I figure Downs and Jones will leave if they haven't already, because they are the only ones with some form of intelligence left. The rest of them will continue to run their pie-holes while their commander is facing charges.

  64. Mike Burks having a fit:

  65. To be a Bill White "wannabe" doesn't that mean you have to have an IQ above 95?

  66. hard black cock is Bill White's future and it couldn't have happen to a nicer guy!

  67. Unconfirmed reports say Bill White was denied bail this morning. That makes sense because he's hiding a lot of cash in Mexico & would flee there the moment he is let out.

  68. The last post was made by Chris Drake.

  69. I have to say I am very happy Bill is behind bars tonight.

    If he is convicted I will be throwing a party at my house.


  70. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  71. WBDJ TV

    White supremacist Bill White will stay in a Roanoke jail cell for now. A judge delayed making a decision Saturday about releasing him on bond. His preliminary hearing is set for Wednesday.

    White is charged with obstruction of justice for allegedly threatening a juror from Chicago in a case several years ago.

    In court Saturday, his attorney fought to get him out on bond. US attorney Thomas Bondurant, Junior presented evidence from White's website, telling the judge he posed a threat to the community.

    He quoted from White's website, which can no longer be accessed. The postings included developing plots to kill 15 to 20 people in the Roanoke area.

    "We had two concerns. One, the postings on the Internet we felt would lead to people being hurt, by people acting on those postings. Two, him personally wanting to go and kill people that's obviously a very real concern," said Bondurant.

    "I really don't have any comments at this point," said White's Attorney Bill Cleaveland. "We just need to get some things sorted out so we can get the issue of bond resolved. We're going to work on that hopefully resolve in the next day or so."

    White's preliminary hearing will be held Wednesday in Roanoke. If the case goes to trial it will most likely be held in Chicago.

  72. "The postings included developing plots to kill 15 to 20 people in the Roanoke area."


  73. Roanoke white supremacist remains jailed

  74. Bill White in prison outfit

    LOL - Remember what Bill wrote about Judge Urbanski a few months ago?????

    Neo-Nazi activist William A. White remains in the Roanoke City Jail, a prisoner of his own words.

    In ordering that White be held without bond, at least for now, on charges of encouraging violence against a federal juror in Chicago, U.S. Magistrate Judge Michael Urbanski said Sunday that he was most concerned about a passage White posted in May to his Web site,

    White wrote at the time that he had developed an intricate plot to murder 15 or 20 people, including some of Roanoke’s “Negro nuisances and their annoying counterparts at The Roanoke Times.”

    As the head of a Roanoke-based white supremacy group, White has a history of posting incendiary commentaries about race-related issues, both local and national. His online diatribes have often included personal attacks against people in the news — and sometimes at the newspaper for its coverage of the resulting controversies.

    In most of the posts, White seems to choose his words carefully, stopping just short of the line between free speech and criminal activity.

    While not directly advocating the murder of a federal judge’s family, for example, White once wrote that he understood why someone who shared his neo-Nazi beliefs would feel compelled to commit such a crime.

    But the May posting to was different, Urbanski said.

    “That troubles me the most,” the judge said of White’s stated plan to murder 15 or 20 people. “He’s talking about doing something himself.”

    White was depressed at the time of that post as he dealt with the illness of his wife and newborn daughter, defense attorney William Cleaveland told the judge.

    Assistant U.S. Attorney Tom Bondurant countered that White’s comments represented “a danger to the community, no matter how you look at it.”

    At the end of an unusual Sunday afternoon hearing in U.S. District Court in Roanoke, Urbanski decided to keep White locked up until Wednesday, when he will consider a report on White's background and prior criminal history before making a final decision on bond.

    White was arrested Friday on charges of threatening a juror in the case of Matthew Hale, a fellow white supremacist who was convicted in Chicago in 2004 of soliciting the murder of a federal judge.

  75. H*ly shit, Bill was actually STUPID enough to call that juror using Meghan's cellphone. What an idiot!!!

    Link to pdf document

  76. Remember back when Marc Moran was outed - Bill White called a city councilman using all sorts of racial slurs. He did this from his own phone and caller ID caught him.

  77. That 15 - 20 people quote is cached here - scroll down to May 22nd:

    I estimate I could probably, in the course of a few hours, kill fifteen out of the twenty easy if I picked the right day and time, and still lived long enough to travel the country and begin picking off the ridiculous “independent journalists” that staff the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Report.  I have a list of those as well.  What’s amazing is that I’ve been doing this almost without paying attention to it, until I started thinking about things the other day.

  78. Thank you Sarah! I have been searching for this!

  79. I remember reading that post and wondering what the hell was going to happen next - White's description of his melt down is chilling.

    All this is fascinating to watch.

    Btw Nikki - the Olympia United Against Hate link in your blog roll is dead, I took down the blog awhile back and one of our "friends" is now using the blog for something unrelated.

  80. I'll take care of that, shortly.

    You're right. Reading that whole article from Bill was chilling. Actually, it was just as chilling this time around as when I first read it. The judge was right in expressing concern.

  81. Looked at the lengthy pdf document and it appears it is all of Bill White's own doing!

    How anyone can blame someone else for his arrest is beyond me.

  82. "The last post was made by Chris Drake."

    Nope. That's just more of Vonbluvens/Jim Ramm show.

  83. I think your all full of shit.

  84. "A.N.S.W.P. membership consist of:

    Chris Drake
    Michael Burks
    Michael Downs
    Phillip Anderson
    Art Jones"

    The above quote is from a previous comment in this thread.

    What about "Dan Jones" from Portland Oregon?

  85. Dan Jones is being investigated by the FBI. They will come up with something to charge him with then he will go the way of Bill White.


    The trademark, maniacal grin of Bill White, the anarchist arrested
    for obstruction of justice, said it all. The I-got-the-attention-I-wanted look belied the man who, for years, had tried to torment Nationalists, with Internet graffiti, pirating Nationalist images and lambasting Nationalists as "wacky," "wacko" and "crazy." White's greatest resentment was being ignored, which White attempted to remedy by being the easy-target "poster-boy" for pro-minority-activist Morris Dees. Dees pronounced White the "second biggest" rightist, even though White had a history as an avowed Communist and anarchist, who repeatedly called for ssassination and "overthrowing" the "ruling classes."

    White feigned being a "rightist" by associating with costumists, who
    had sparked a riot in Toledo, but his forte was invariably goading others into murder-plots or praising convicted-criminals, such as Matt Hale, serving forty years for murder-conspiracy. Gary Nemeth, who quit White, early on, pronounced White a "freak-show" who, instead of the "thousands" of members claimed by White, had only two members, both of whom had quit him. White, a slum-lord, who had
    inherited a trust-fund, had gone bankrupt, after squandering his
    fortune on sub-prime real-estate. Dees had continually asserted that
    White would make a "comeback," but White just kept up his murder-instigation.

    Nationalists had been quick to denounce White, when White first surfaced, following his unsuccessful campaign for the Maryland state-house as an "anarchist." Appearing on National Public Radio, Richard Barrett dubbed White's murder-appeals "outrageous" and
    "indefensible," predicting that "the only thing that White will overthrow is himself." Nationalists had pulled the plug on White's Internet-site for copyright infringement, which White responded to by filing a complaint with the Mississippi attorneys' association. When the complaint was dismissed, White, who had disclosed a lengthy rap sheet, including a suicide-watch hospitalization, claimed that he had "won."

    White was arrested for his latest escapade, in which he published the name and address of a federal-juror in the Hale case, beckoning threats. Given his history of threats, even publishing his targets in the cross-hairs of a gun, White, who was denied bail, was likely to mimic Hale's fate at some super-max federal pen. U.S. Magistrate Judge Michael Urbanski said that he was troubled that White, whose computer had been seized under a search-warrant, had set up an intricate plot to murder fifteen to twenty people. White had once claimed to be represented by the American Civil Liberties Union, but the group denied it. White's last lawyer appeared in court and asked the judge to be let go.
    Copyright 2008 Skinheadz


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