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No delay in White's transfer to Chicago
His attorney wanted the delay so the neo-Nazi could be examined by a psychiatrist.
By Laurence Hammack

Neo-Nazi leader William A. White will soon be on his way to Chicago to face a charge of encouraging violence against a federal juror.

At a hearing Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Roanoke, Judge James Turk denied a motion by White's attorney to delay his transfer from the Roanoke jail to one in Chicago.

William Cleaveland had asked for a stay so White could be examined by a psychiatrist who may testify at his next bond hearing, scheduled for Nov. 12 in Chicago's federal court.

Last week, magistrate Judge Michael Urbanski ordered White held without bond, citing the white supremacist's online rantings about his "intricate plot" for the mass murder of the city's "Negro nuisances and their annoying counterparts at The Roanoke Times."

White had hoped to appeal the decision to a federal judge in Roanoke. But his indictment last week by a grand jury in Chicago means he must wait until his transfer there before making another request for bond, Assistant U.S. Attorney Patrick Hogeboom said.

A 31-year-old landlord and head of the American National Socialist Workers Party, White is accused of using his Web site to solicit violence or threats against the foreman of a jury that convicted fellow white supremacist Matthew Hale.

Hale was convicted four years ago of plotting the murder of a federal judge in Chicago. He is serving a 40-year term, described by White as a "criminally long sentence" in a post to his Web site that included the juror's name, home address and telephone numbers.

It was not clear Tuesday how soon White will be shipped to Chicago.

"All they have told me is that they will move him promptly," Cleaveland said. "I took that to mean days and not weeks."|| .....Advertisement.....


  1. Does Bill have a private attorney or a Public Pretender?

  2. It will be loads of fun, bad time to be a asswipe.

  3. It's a private attorney paid by his parents.

    But you know something, if Bill's setting up "insanity defense", he won't really want that.

    Psychiatric wards for the criminally insane are far worse than ANY prison in the United States. Far, far worse. Relative of mine worked in Crownsville Maryland state hospital not far from where White was raised at.

    Some of the stuff she would tell me that happened in those places with the patients make maximum security prison look like a country club.

    The hospital at Crownsville was shut down a few years ago.

    There's no doubt Bill is very ill mentally & suffers from numerous mental illnesses. I do think Bill is criminally insane but the question is, does he belong in a jail cell or a long term psych ward? I'm learning toward a long term psych ward, but insanity defenses rarely work.

  4. Actually, Harry, I think his attorney wants to prove him sane. Given Bill's professed hatred of psychiatry it's just more evidence that he really doesn't mean anything he says.

  5. Hummmmm, don't know Nikki, Bill did try to plea insanity in Maryland once before. (the case where he ended up pleading guilty to two assault charges.. he also skipped bail his mother posted twice in that case before finally showing up to court)

    That was when he was "nrkybill", ie Bill White version 1.0 with his very close friend, Luke Kuhn.

    Unless I am also mistaken, if he is allowed to be examined by his own psychologist, the prosecution has the right to have their own psychologist interview as well if the testimony of a psychologist is used in court as an "expert" witness.

    Be interesting to see where his bankruptcy hearings is headed with all of this.......

    And like I said, I hope Bill considers the tens of thousands his parents are spending on him, "worth it".

  6. Good working Nikki on bringing down this Nazi clown! Will you be called to testify?

  7. Looks like it's official although widely known for the past two weeks, Chris Drake has quit yet another group, the ANSWP. Only Vonbluvens has joined and quit more groups.


    Now if Chris will admit he is in the NSM again, which according to John Howard he rejoined, he'll finally show some honesty, for the first time in his life.

  8. Chris Drake leaves the ANSWP and VNN only about a week after I faxed all of thoses photos to Chris' employer. How strange. He was probably given a choice of being a Nazi or being in their employ.

    Someone here mentioned he was fired? Any proof of that?

  9. Linder goes nuts over NiksNest! LOL!

  10. Linder is going down next.

    We need Alex Linder's address and employer (if he is employed)

  11. Anotherone bites the dust!

  12. Linder is not employed. He is living off of a huge will. So don't bother with that one.

  13. Has anyone written to or spoken to the tenants of Bill White? I think someone should notify them all and let them know that Bill White is going to be in prison for a long time and will not be able to collect their rent, so they should just stop paying their rent!

  14. I wonder if Bill has gotten raped in jail yet? I hope so....

  15. I wonder if Ramm Has been Murdered yet? I hope so.

  16. The insanity defense is the only card he has left to play, and I think he will use it.

  17. Looks like Chris bet on the wrong horse when he stabbed vonbluvens in the back. As goofy as blevins is I still think he was a real friend to Chris.

    Chris is looking rather foolish these days.

  18. Chris sure did stab Vonbluvens in the back didn't he? Then again, what comes around, goes around. Chris also stabbed Bill Hoff in the back after he was dead. Drake is just like Blevins, no honor or loyalty at all except to themselves.

    I bet by the end of the year, Von and Drake are drinking buddies again.

  19. I agree that Bill White will likely plead insanity.

  20. BREAKING.If I am reading this information correctly...

    According to the federal inmate search, Bill White has been transferred... get this... to OKLAHOMA CITY FTC


    The Virginia vine which tracks VA state criminals in jails has this...

    Offender ID:
    Offender Name:
    Date of Birth:
    Custody Status:
    Location of Offender:

  21. Seems they are moving BW around, softening him up..

    Rounder on VNN:
    Wherever he is, he hasn't been allowed to phone his wife since last Wednesday afternoon, though. And I know this for a fact.


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