Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Updated 8:40 p.m.

Magistrate Judge Michael Urbanski has ordered William A. White held without bond.

Okay, as is normal in situations such as the one surrounding the arrest of Bill White, the speculation, questions, and misunderstandings are flying all over the place. While I am certainly no expert on legal matters, there are a few things that I know to be true.

Bill White has been under investigation for quite some time. This isn’t something that just started in the last few weeks or months. While we enjoy many freedoms in this country and have more rights than anywhere else in the world – we also have responsibilities. When we abuse those rights and start acting irresponsibly there are laws that, quite simply, put us in our place.

The vast majority of Americans live within those laws, enjoy and cherish those rights, and never run afoul of the law. Some of us ride the cusp – push the envelope, if you will, of those legal boundaries. Even then, however, most stay within the limits. This is because those “limits” are just not that confining or restrictive. And, of course, there are those who just don’t see the boundaries, have no understanding or regard for societal mores, and live a sociopathic existence violating us and the values we hold dear.

We cannot believe that we are above the law. That’s hard for someone like Bill White to understand given his ego. We can have our beliefs and hold firm to them but we cannot trample the rights of others in our actions. Bill White is a slumlord who trampled the rights of others. He came under scrutiny because of his flamboyance and his refusal to stay within the rules and within the realm of the law.

Being a White Nationalist is not illegal. Wearing a swastika and parading down Main Street is not against the law in this country. Spewing venom against minorities falls under the umbrella of protection in America. While we, as a society, may rail against such things and find them reprehensible, we allow them because we value the freedoms that we have. But…there is a line that can’t be crossed.

Federal law-enforcement has been watching and waiting for Bill White. They have been gathering information and waiting for him to step off the curb. He has done that on several occasions – but they wanted enough for a conviction. That’s the way it works, folks. They don’t plan on wasting the Court’s time or the taxpayer’s money. They want enough to convict.

Now, the arrest warrant that was filed and put online outlines only what officials believed was necessary to get an indictment. They don’t play all their cards in front of a Grand Jury. What they present is only what they believe will achieve their goal.

The charges made, the evidence shown, and the witnesses called do not reflect their entire case. They have more evidence, they have more witnesses and more charges will be forthcoming. That’s also the way that it works.

Given the fact that Bill White has alienated so many people within the movement and has attempted to intimidate and defame so many other people within our society, the witness list could be a lengthy one. Of course all of that depends on what future charges might arise.

Given the current charges, I believe all that the government needs is a couple of witnesses to testify that either Bill told them to harass or harm the juror – or that they believed that’s what he wanted them do. And I think that has already happened.

A couple of things that the government seems to be relying heavily on is 1) the juror served on the Matt Hale trial which dealt with the solicitation of the murder of a federal judge by a white supremacist; and 2) Bill White has been advocating the murder of public figures and others on his website. There may also be those who could come forth and testify that Bill directly ordered or suggested that they engage in direct illegal activities against those he has targeted. This is all speculation on my part – but not out of the realm of possibility at this point.

Until motions start being filed and court documents start making their way to the public domain, we won’t know anything for certain. However, information in these proceedings seems to have a way of leaking out and finding a way into the media and other outlets.

Of course, there are those within the racist crowd who are saying, regardless of differences with White, this is just another example of racists being held to different standards. Somehow for me, that logic just doesn’t wash.

With headlines such as “Kill This Racist?” I would anticipate some sort of scrutiny. I would understand that by repeatedly engaging in such behavior, I was inviting the wrath of law-enforcement. I see no double standard here any more than I did in the Hale trial. The bottom line is…you cannot expect to do things like this and not attract attention. But…then…that’s precisely what Bill White wanted to do – and he got it.

Stating in open court, “I don’t blame the judge for his concerns. I write stuff that’s way out there and extreme,” and admitting that the intricate plot to murder others detailed in one of his postings was “disturbing,” did not sway Magistrate Judge Michael Urbanski.

In a desperate attempt to mitigate the damning nature of some of his writings submitted as evidence, White told the court…

“It was written to be disturbing. It is not true,” he said. “Like everything I write, I write essentially tabloid news – half true, half sensationalism and exaggeration.”

Now he sits in a jail cell with no bail and according to Laurence Hammack of the Roanoke Times…

"It’s your own words, Mr. White, that require me to detain you," Urbanski said at the end of the hearing.
As Bill’s words come back to haunt him, I can only hope that those of us he has directed his vitriol toward over the last several years stand out in his mind as well. As for “tabloid news” – even tabloids don’t publish the rantings of psychopaths who advocate murder.


  1. According to Laurence Hammack of the Roanoke Times...

    ""It’s your own words, Mr. White, that require me to detain you," Urbanski said at the end of the hearing."

  2. Nikki,

    How long was it from the time Hale was arrested until he went to trial?? A year?? I can't remember.

  3. I love what the judge said - have to repeat it again:

    "It’s your own words, Mr. White, that require me to detain you," Urbanski said at the end of the hearing."

  4. Anon - yes it was a year until trial and another year until sentencing.

  5. And - is it any surprise that 30 minutes ago Hal Turner was posting on VNN?

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  7. I doubt very seriously Bill goes to trial, he'll plea bargain in a couple of months for time served and some probation (or maybe a deferred sentence) I think his history of violence against women will get him probation but it is hard to say at this point.


    By Scott Leamon
    WSLS10 Reporter
    Published: October 22, 2008

    A U.S. District Court Judge in Roanoke ruled Bill White is a threat to society and denied his request for bail.

    It was the second legal setback of the day for the white supremacist and professed neo Nazi.

    Earlier, a Federal Grand Jury in Chicago indicted White on one count of obstruction of justice.

    The FBI accuses him of threatening a federal juror from a case in 2004.

    White will be held in Roanoke City Jail until his transport to Chicago to stand trial.

    No trial date has been set.

    The judge said his decision came down to several blog postings White wrote in May.

    White posted he felt the need to kill and had to stop himself from going on a “murder spree” several times.

  9. Raoul-

    As Nikki earlier noted in her thoughtful post, if the feds have a few witnesses who will testify that Bill White solicited acts of violence, he is cooked and will be facing a federal felony with significant jail time (five years or more).

    This is not like some municipal court he-said-she-said assault or menacing case: when you incur the wrath of the federal government, be prepared for the unlimited resources of the US Attorney General to rain down upon you.

    Or, in the words of Michael Bolton from Office Space: "If we get caught, we're not going to white-collar resort prison. No, no, no. We're going to federal 'pound me in the ass' prison."

  10. What happened to Bill White is what happens to anyone that fucks with Vonbluvens.

  11. Pig White has had this coming for some time. A trifecta has organized it against him. And now you are seeing the end result.

    The night of the long knives has been driven home to the diseased vermin!

  12. Wow, now vonbluvens is being impostered here. Nice.


    I believe Bill White DESERVES to be tried over this-- with that being said, WNs are going to be the main targets in the coming months for the Hussein administration. Free speech in America is coming to an end soon now.

  13. no imposer. i say it like it is!

  14. With Bill White likely to spend a year in custody pending a trial and Christopher Drake being fired (err, asked to "resign") yesterday, it seems as if the ANSWP is no more.

  15. Seems BW is already thinking about a plea bargain. He probably understands that they are going to pull a rabbit out of their hat at one point, remember Hale/Evola?

    The timing is also probably the worst possible for him being in financial troubles.

    White today said that he has no intent to harm anyone and that his writings are basically tabloid news.

    “I don’t blame the judge for his concerns,” White said. “I write stuff that’s way out there and extreme.”

    When asked about the “intricate plot” mentioned in the May posting, White acknowledged that the passage is “disturbing.”

    “It was written to be disturbing. It is not true,” he said. “Like everything I write, I write essentially tabloid news – half true, half sensationalism and exaggeration.”

    After he wrote it, he said he realized it was a little more extreme than other things he’d written, and he thought about deleting it. But “it was really well written,” he said, and he decided to keep it.

  16. As for Bill White, he will come out this experience a changed man and will never be quite the same. That's what happens when well known white trash head to prison. Bill will receive special treatment for his hate. Daily rectal therapy, thousands of hot African beef injections will cure him of intolerance. Or we might just luck out and he kills himself. Either way it's a win, win situation for the white race!

  17. Drake got what he deserved. If he would have just shut the hell up and mind his own business and stop fucking with people's personal lives he would still have job.

  18. More trouble. And more coming...

    He is looking at a max of 10 years, but it might be a lot more once the trial starts and they put their cards on the table..


    Man accused of more threats
    Feds say Virginian also sought violence against Elie Wiesel,0,2813837.story

  19. 10 years? what planet are you on? The punishment listed for the charges sez 20 years.

  20. 10 years was mentioned in one news article. Never mind, he might even beat Hale once it is all on the table.

    He knows this and that is why he has no intention of becoming a martyr.

  21. Bill White in federal prison for decades... makes my ass hurt just thinking about it!

  22. Well, I am not an attorney but I do have a familiarity with the criminal justice system. With what Bill is currently charged with I doubt he'll be much more than probation. Bill is a blow hard and not much else.

    As far as prison goes if you have to go then Federal is better than State. BOP is better funded. The Chicago (Cook Country) jail he'll be in is terrible though and infamous for it's bad conditions.

  23. Raoul - he won't be housed at Cook County - he will be at MCC.

  24. Michael Burks is now the commander of the ANSWP. With all the votes from all ANSWP in, he defeated Chris Drake in a special election 2 votes to 1. Drake's only vote came from himself. Commander Burks proclaims the ANSWP will still move forward. Drake resigned after only getting 1 vote, which he cast for himself.

  25. I assure you, there was no vote. Why would Drake vote for himself? He stated several times that he didn't want the job of Commander. If he stayed, thats where he would have ended up by default.

  26. Drake on VNN.


    Folks, sorry I have commented much for the past day or two. My wife is having some major complications with our baby and she's been hospitalized. She is a small person and her blood pressure skyrocketed up to 170. It's finally down now so I'll take some time to add to this.

    Bill is NOT being treated well in jail. He has been placed in a 6x6 cell and not allowed to sleep. The lights are never cut off and the guards come by every half hour or so and bang on the door to keep him up. At the time as his last hearing, he had been allowed ONE shower. Bill is a clean freak and I've noticed that a regular shower is as important as meals to Bill. I'm a seasoned survivalist so a dip in a creak or brackish lagoon is good enough for me every few days. (not when I'm at home or work, assholes!)

    He has also been denied communication with his wife, which has really taken its tole on him emotionally. They are trying their best to break him down through what ammounts to torture.

    I'd like to point out that his biggest detractors are: A. cheering for the federal government and the antis. B. begging people not to send money to his wife and baby. C. folk that have never spent a NIGHT in prison for the cause. Nobody is expecting to anyone who has had a run in with Bill to start liking him or send money to his family. As white nationalists, you don't side with the enemy for any reason. Every nationalists front since the dawn of time has disowned anyone who ever had.

    I'm really happy that even more people have stepped foward and did something to help. If there is ANYTHING positive about this whole thing, its been a good test to show who really stands where. The local community in Roanoke has really pulled together for Bill and the pro-white community has mirrored that effort. A lot of scum bags have stepped foward to kick Bill while he was down. That was to be expected. A few of the antis have lived in a fairly close proximity of Bill, they could have stepped up for a man to man fight at any point with him. Don't expect people who don't live like men to fight like men either.

    To expand on that, I heard a lot of people sing the praises when Simon the Weasel died at over 80 years old. Why cheer? Did you kill him? Even you had, he would have walked this earth, in your face, for many, many years. The feds nabbed Bill White and if they are proud of it, fine. He was just one man and he went without a struggle. What did his enemies do? Talk to the feds? Talk on the internet? Yes, once again victory eludes the weak and cowardly. Bill spit in the face of the jew and got slapped down by his lackies. If someone else is so much better, go do the same.

  27. Uh...yeah, Bill White "spit in the face of "the Jew." Right. He sat on the stand and told about how he lies and distorts the truth.

    The real truth is that he spit in the face of almost everyone who ever befriended him. He decimated groups and individuals alike. Don't EVEN try to martyrize this cretin!

  28. As to Michael Burks - he'll help us out almost as much as Bill did. He has quite a track record of selling people out too. Think not? Think again.

    As to ANSWP - it's history. Someone tell me who is going to follow the likes of a Michael Burks and a Phil Anderson? What a riot!


    Neo-Nazi fails to persuade judge to release him
    Federal judge: "It's your own words, Mr. White, that require me to detain you."
    By Laurence Hammack

    File 2006

    William A. White, shown here protesting a fair housing conference in Roanoke County two years ago, faces a federal charge of encouraging violence against a juror who voted to convict a white supremacist.

    Eric Brady | The Roanoke Times

    William A. White is taken from the Roanoke City Jail to a detention hearing in the Poff Federal Building Wednesday.

    Read the indictment against White handed down Tuesday by a Chicago federal grand jury
    (PDF, 17 KB)
    Read the criminal complaint filed against White by the FBI
    (PDF, 714 KB)
    View postings presented as evidence by the government
    (PDF, 485 KB)
    Online editor's note: These documents contains language that some readers may consider offensive.
    After listening for hours to the online ramblings and rantings of an angry neo-Nazi, a federal judge ruled Wednesday night that William A. White is a danger to the community and should be held without bond.

    "It's your own words, Mr. White, that require me to detain you," U.S. magistrate Judge Michael Urbanski said.

    White, the self-proclaimed commander of a Roanoke-based white supremacy movement, was indicted Tuesday by a grand jury in Chicago on charges of encouraging violence against a juror who voted to convict a fellow racist.

    Among other things, White is charged with posting the juror's home address, telephone number and other personal information on his Web site, -- a forum for racist venom that was mentioned time and again Wednesday during more than four hours of testimony.

    Although White insisted that the Web site was nothing more than "tabloid news" and not to be taken seriously, Urbanski zeroed in on two postings in which White wrote of his plans to commit mass murder.

    "How is 'kill, kill, kill' subject to multiple interpretations?" Urbanski asked at one point.

    That was a reference to this May 22 post by White: "Things have become progressively worse, day by day, and I have woke up more and more often feeling the need to kill, kill, kill, and have tried to get through my day while ignoring the need to destroy the wicked. It has not been easy."

    That post and many others were introduced by federal prosecutors, who had White read his own words from the witness stand as they handed him one printout after another.

    Nearly all of the posts were about topics unrelated to the charge White is facing. But prosecutors sought to present a pattern of conduct that is likely to come up during White's trial in Chicago.

    In another post that Urbanski said was especially troubling, White wrote that he had developed a "very intricate plot for the murder of about a score of Roanoke City's Negro nuisances and their annoying counterparts at The Roanoke Times."

    Asked about that passage, White said: "It is disturbing. It was written to be disturbing. It is not true. ... I write essentially tabloid news, half truth, half sensationalism and exaggeration."

    White testified that he even thought about deleting the murder plot posting, but decided to keep it up because "it was really well-written."

    He insisted that he would not be a threat if released on bond, arguing that prosecutors were twisting his words out of context.

    But in asking that White be held without bond, Assistant U.S. Attorney Patrick Hogeboom raised the specter of the Virginia Tech shootings and the ominous writings of a disturbed English major who committed the mass murder.

    "The point is we do have a window into this gentleman's mind," Hogeboom said. "He's put down in words why he is a threat to the community."

    Following his arrest Friday, White had been scheduled to face a preliminary hearing Wednesday and then a decision by Urbanski on whether he should be released from jail.

    But the need for a preliminary hearing -- and with it the first test of the strength of the government's case -- was removed Tuesday when federal prosecutors in Chicago obtained a grand jury indictment against White.

    White, 31, is charged with soliciting injury to the foreman of a jury that convicted a fellow white supremacist, Matthew Hale, of plotting to kill a federal judge in Chicago.

    By calling the man a "gay, anti-racist" juror who played a key role in Hale's conviction and making his whereabouts known, federal prosecutors contend, White intended for someone to act on the information by harming or threatening the juror.

    At the time he put the juror's information online, White knew that his Web site attracted an audience that "at times engaged in acts of violence directed at non-whites," the indictment charges.

    The indictment outlines a number of other cases in which White has posted personal information about his self-proclaimed enemies and made veiled threats, including a call last year to "Lynch the Jena 6" -- a reference to six black teenagers whose arrest on assault charges triggered a major civil rights march in Jena, La.

    Also included is an image that appeared on that shows presidential candidate Barack Obama, his head encircled by a rifle cross hairs in the shape of a swastika, along with the headline "Kill This N-----?"

    Despite all the online rhetoric, prosecutors did not present a single piece of evidence to show that White was capable of acting on his words, defense attorney William Cleaveland said.

    White has the option of appealing Urbanski's decision to keep him locked up. It was not clear Wednesday night if he will. But if the decision stands, he could be transferred to Chicago to await trial there within the next few weeks.

  30. As to "Bill is NOT being treated well in jail..." It's JAIL, Chris. He's not supposed to be "treated well." He better toughen up real fast because getting a shower is the least of his worries.

    If, when he is transfered, he is kept under the same conditions as Hale was - isolation, one monitored call to family per week, and no contact with the outside world other than a small radio he purchased, Bill White will go crazier - bet on it. Of course, Matt was being held under Special Administrative Measures which severely curtailed all sorts of things.

    If, on the other hand, he is not placed in isolation - he might be able to bullshit his way for awhile - but the minute he starts bad-mouthing and snitching off those he doesn't like, he's a dead man.

    I don't think they will put him in general population - so if he spends any time at all there he'll cop a plea.

    Of course, I expect more charges to be forthcoming.

  31. Chris, you crack me up. He is, after only a few days, complaining about a shower? Here is some advice, pass it to Billy: don't bitch because once you have both the staff and other prisoners against you, well, you are done.

    Hale was supermaxed.

    Prisoner life

    In SHU, prisoners are generally allowed out of their cells for only one hour a day; often they are kept in solitary confinement. They receive their meals through ports, also known as "chuck holes," in the doors of their cells. When Supermax inmates are allowed to exercise, this may take place in a small, enclosed area where the prisoner will exercise alone.

    Part of the prison is a "stepdown" program, designed to encourage less antisocial behavior and eventually transfer prisoners out of the ADX and back to the Maximum Security population. The program is three years in length, each year allowing more freedom and social contact with other inmates. Any violation during the program means participants revert to year one.

    Most cells' furniture is made almost entirely out of poured concrete, including the desk, stool, and bed. Each chamber contains a toilet that shuts off if plugged, a shower that runs on a timer to prevent flooding, and a sink missing a potentially dangerous tap. Rooms may also be fitted with polished steel mirrors bolted to the wall, an electric light, a radio, and a 13-inch (330 mm) black and white television set that shows recreational, educational and religious programming[4]. These privileges can be taken away as punishment. The 4 in (0.10 m) by 4 ft (1.22 m) windows are designed to prevent the prisoner from knowing his specific location within the complex because he can see only the sky and roof through them. Telecommunication with the outside world is forbidden, and food is hand-delivered by correctional officers.

    Prisoners are under constant surveillance, usually with closed-circuit television cameras. Cell doors are usually opaque, while the cells may be windowless. Conditions are spartan, with poured concrete or metal furniture common. Often cell walls, and sometimes plumbing, are soundproofed to prevent communication between the inmates.

  32. The problem with nailing BW to the multi-culti cross is he didn't actually DO anything. Sure, maybe he pushed the envelope with the magazine, and while he might have thought that was great timing and in-your-face imagery, perhaps it wasn't the wisest move in light of general election paranoia and especially this one.
    What the feds are trying to do is get him on the context of the situation- even though no actual crime has been committed that I am aware of. No one has been physically harmed and no direct threats made. Can you lock someone up for simply being offensive in America? Are they trying to equate offensive with actual danger?
    Given BW's background as a far-left radical type, it doesn't surprise me he likes to push limits. The uniforms,the site, the attitude are in-your-face. The attitude on the audio- while certainly knowledgeable about many topics, is also at times somewhat full of himself.
    While it is true that anyone who isn't cheering for open-borders and erasure of culture that is happening in the USA gets called an EvilNaziRacistHater,the part that does surprise me is that it was he that was targeted- not to mention the timing of the magazine, the 9/11 posting and subsequent arrest, which leads me to believe he came under scrutiny through candidate security , then someone found the post and decided to make something of it. Feds are not going to wait 6 years and then use a simple post of personal information, juror or not, if they really wanted White- what surprises me is that he was actually looked at by many in nationalism as kind of being sensational and to expect what he wrote would usually be embellished, to make a tale more interesting or forum gab-worthy,what is called in some circles a political 'gad-fly'. Makes a lot of noise, sometimes even embarrassingly so, but is basically harmless. That is the surprising part, though it shouldn't be.
    In any cause, it is easy to slip into a kind of solipsism, and not be able to see how outside forces view the same thing. I don't believe they have a real case here, but I am sure in the interest of trying to shut down unpopular speech, they will trump up the charges and make White out to be this scary, sinister character that one can quite clearly hear he is not when listening to the audios.
    In the land where Mary Winkler can shoot her husband, get 7 MONTHS, and then get her 3 kids back, in the land where being an accessory to a double murder carries just 9 years per life (and will probably not even serve that) for Christian/Newsom killings, in the land where a white 7 year old gets a skull fracture and is left unconscious by classmates and the school doesn't apologize says a 7 year old is 'no innocent bystander' when outnumbered and outgunned...... can we really afford to lock up someone for making site posts because we don't like what they say, because of how they dress, their political ideals? A very slippery slope.

    BW, while he may be known, and either respected or laughed at or hated, depending on what side of the fence one is on (and sometimes not!), he has not caused actual physical harm. Part of the whole multi-culti white privilege deal is always wanting everything to be equal and fair, is it not? is it 'fair' and 'just' to hang BW's body from the scaffold just so you can say "nyah nyah, we won" just because you don't like him, how he comes across, his friends, his site, his clothes, his brand of nationalism, politics, etc?
    I know NN and FC have had an internet 'hard-on' for BW for a long time-but think back to what I said about what is Actually Fair and Right as far as realizing that Nothing Happened as far as this particular case is concerned. No harm was done. See if you can separate the personal grudge and the 'nyah nyah' factor from what is right, regardless of your personal feelings about White.

  33. In all fairness, One People's Project publishes information with instructions to "pay them a visit" and come Daryl Lamont Jenkins gets away with it?

    The racist started doing the same after they were targeted.

  34. How come Chris is privy to all of this information when supposedly Bill's wife cannot have contact with him?

    I smell BS.

    That being said Bill White is more dangerous than Matt Hale, and steps should be put in place where he cannot direct the actions of the ANSWP.

  35. Silentsort,

    Bill White called a federal witness and threatened him and also sent him text messages threatening that juror.

    Chris Drake is just making stories up now.. Think about it, Bill's not allowed to have contact with his wife but is allowed to call Chris Drake??? Err wrong. Chris Drake has simply lied again.

  36. The Roanoke City Treasurer got caught giving Bill Whites personal address to Jim Ramm on a phone call that he reported on his

    On that web site there were countless threats of violence and death to Bill. The people there were going to hurt him when he got back. Hopefully they don't do anything to his wife.

    Does anyone know what happened to the site? A few days ago all of the posts were deleted and now the entire site is gone. Jim took the link to it off his zogsnightmare as well.

    It looks like either this whole story was either a lie from Jim Ramm and the Roanoke City Treasurer didn't give him the address or the FBI got a hold of Jim and made him take it down in an attempt to wipe clean any evidence that Bill could use in his case for a defense.

  37. Matthew Ramsey is ever bit a liar and moron as Bill himself. Ramsey is next on our list to be dealt with.

  38. To the anonymous poster curious about the charges:

    Yes, on the surface Bill's post and one known phone call do not seem like much. However, my suspicion is that the feds traced the source of the threatening phone calls (likely one of Bill's ANSWP pals) and threatened a ton of legal problems unless the caller ratted out Bill.

    Bill is toast if the feds can turn even one person who will testify to the following: "I read Bill's post about the juror, I wrote down the number, and I made a bunch of threatening calls."

    This will turn a post with some veiled threats and personal info about the juror into a federal charge. Now, you might think that a series of 50 phone cals and text messages is not worthy of a lengthy prison sentence (and perhaps I might be inclined to agree with you, even after I received similar harassment in 2005 and 2006 from Bill and his minions), but the feds are highly vigilant about those they perceive as jacking around with their system.

    Bill faces the same sorts of penalties that would be issued to a Mafia figure who acted in the same manner, and the origin of this area of the federal code has its roots in Mob-era judicial intimidation.

    And - even setting aside the issues of free speech - Bill's actions with regard to the federal judicial system can only be characterized as "reckless." I'm sure he thought this was akin to a prank, but no one should be surprised when a bull charges after a cape is waved in front of it.

    Bill's repeated taunts and threats toward federal agents, judges, magistrates, and entire agencies served only to put him smack in the middle of the eyes of the feds. He has only himself to blame for the pile of muck in which he wallows.

  39. Michael Burks is ever bit a liar and moron as Bill himself. Burks is next on our list to be dealt with.

  40. Actually, Bill whined yesterday on the stand that he was not being treated well - that the guards were banging on his cell and that he had only gotten to take one shower. As I hear it - he was in tears.

  41. I am locked and loaded with the 12 Gauge, Come on fuckface make my day!


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