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Wow! It is pretty amazing what we can learn through comparison. The events of the last couple of weeks surrounding the indictment and arrest of the Roanoke based neo-Nazi, William White, have been like a throw-back in time and caused me to go to the archives and files from almost five years back.

As the debate over the indictment of White continues among White Nationalists, neo-Nazis, and even those unaffiliated and unsympathetic to all things supremacist, one common thread is the pros-and cons of the reasons behind the arrest - did the federal government have cause to act? Another is, where’s the evidence?

As the charge against White concerns the jury foreperson in the trial of another supremacist, Matt Hale, who is currently incarcerated for the solicitation of the murder of a federal judge, I thought it might be interesting to look at the similarities and differences in the way that this unfolds.

Within a couple of days of both arrests the Department of Justice issued statements to the press regarding the charges. The statements are strikingly similar and might offer, in the case of Bill White, some insight into what the future might hold.

One of the major differences lies in the fact that the investigation into Hale was conducted by the Joint Terrorism Task Force, and that Hale was held under Special Administrative Measures as a domestic terrorist while White doesn’t appear to have drawn the same distinction.

In the statement made in 2003, the Department of Justice established the nature of Hale’s organization, the scope of the organization, and that he was, in fact, the person in charge…

“According to the indictment, The World Church of the Creator (WCOTC) is an unincorporated association that holds itself out as a religious organization “[d]edicated to the Survival, Expansion, and Advancement of the White Race.” Based in East Peoria, the WCOTC has branches and members in multiple states and in foreign countries. It disseminates information about its principles and teachings through various means, including written documents bearing the 2 WCOTC’s name and the through an Internet site bearing the WCOTC’s name. Hale allegedly controls the operations of the WCOTC and influences and attempts to influence and control many of the activities of its members, and is known within the WCOTC as its “supreme leader” and “Pontifex Maximus.”

Similarly, in the statement of October 22nd, 2008, the DOJ establishes much the same as pertains to White…

“According to the indictment, White created and maintained a website, "," which was publicly accessible on the Internet. The Web site purported to be affiliated with the "American National Socialist Workers Party" (ANSWP), and claimed the organization was comprised of a "convergence of former [white supremacy] 'movement' activists who grew disgusted with the general garbage that 'the movement' has attracted and who formed the ANSWP under the Command of Bill White." Members of the ANSWP were described as "National Socialists...who fight for white working people."

The statement given about Hale then elaborated sparingly upon the indictment by announcing…

“The indictment alleges that between Nov. 29 and Dec. 17, 2003, Hale, acting with intent that another person engage in felony conduct -- specifically, forcible assault and murder of Judge Lefkow – and under circumstances strongly corroborative of that intent, did solicit that other person to engage in such conduct. It also alleges that during the same period, Hale corruptly and by force endeavored to influence Judge Lefkow in the discharge of her duty while she was presiding over the trademark lawsuit”

In much the same way, they addressed the indictment of White…

“Between Sept. 11 and Oct. 11, 2008, White allegedly used the website to solicit another person to injure Juror A on account of Juror A's role as the foreperson of the jury that convicted Matthew Hale, the leader of a white-supremacist organization known as the World Church of the Creator, who was found guilty and sentenced to 40 years in prison for soliciting the murder of a federal judge in Chicago.”

Not affording the same brevity to White, the DOJ went on to say…

“The indictment alleges that as part of the solicitation, inducement and endeavor to persuade a person to use, attempt to use or threaten the use of force against Juror A, White caused derogatory comments and personal information about Juror A, including Juror A's home address and phone numbers, to be posted on the website on September 11. The solicitation allegedly occurred under circumstances strongly corroborating White's intent that another person engage in criminal conduct using, attempting to use or threatening the use of force against Juror A.”

In both statements, the government has brought forth allegations of intent to cause another person to bring harm on a particular party. The language used in both statements is strikingly similar and conveys the message that both Hale and White were and are white supremacists whom they believe were “leaders” with considerable influence over their followers and who endeavored to solicit or induce others to commit acts of violence.

Even more apparent is that the case against White is starting off much like the case against Hale. In the initial documents filed against Hale excerpts from the White Man’s Bible and other publications were used much like White’s own postings and publications are being used against him in an effort to establish, motive, intent, and general mindset.

It should also be noted that more charges were subsequently filed in the Hale case, as I suspect they will be in the case against Bill White. What was not immediately evident in the case against Hale, and not against White either, was the extent of the evidence. Should this take a similar road to conviction, one could speculate that the witness list will include at least one, if not several, who will testify against the self-proclaimed leader of the American National Socialist Worker’s Party.

There are differences, however. The contradistinctions come not so much in the charges or the government’s case, but in the individuals themselves.

Matthew Hale had a following. His claim to be “the fastest growing” hate group in America, was not a false one and he was of great concern to those of us who reported on such things. He utilized the internet to recruit, yet it was his speeches, hot-line messages, and weekly radio broadcasts that garnered the attention of most of his fellow racists. Those things combined with his appearances on various talk shows and his meetings held in public libraries helped to contribute to his success as a “leader.”

Bill White never quite approximated Hale. Probably the closest he ever came to a meaningful following was during his brief tenure with the National Socialist Movement and that blew up in his face. Given his background as an anarchist and a communist, Bill always had a cloud of skepticism and mistrust to overcome.

Much like a bull in a china shop, White alienated many within the “movement,” not just through his own viscosity, but because of his intemperate need to always be noticed, to always be right, to always be on top - not that Hale wasn’t ego-driven – he was to a degree.

One of my favorite comments ever made about and to Bill by someone in the movement came from the Vanguard News Network forum…

“The main problem that I have with you is that you tend to bring that same mentality to disputes with people who are (presumably) your allies. You remind me of a hyena that is so hopped up on testosterone that she chews off the ears of her littermates and mother in misdirected fits of aggression. Other people have "issues" as well, but one thing I've learned from life, is that the world is so full of irrational people that you do yourself a disservice by adding to their numbers.”

But, I digress. While Hale was able to enlist the numbers, he lacked the ability to enlist quality adherents. Most of those rallying around the quirky, and somewhat nerdy, Hale were young skinheads and other misguided miscreants. White has consistently lacked the ability to enlist more than a handful into his fold and has also been a magnet for the unstable and the uneducated.

For a short period of time, after leaving the National Socialist Movement, it appeared that White was going to pick up many of those who jumped the sinking ship of Schoep’s bunch, setting off more than a few alarm bells. However, one-by-one, they swiftly realized that Bill White was not the Great White Hope.

What has been left behind to follow in lock-step has been nothing more than a rag-tag contingency of malcontents and misfits who have been made to feel important and lack any direction in all things meaningful.

Matthew Hale had the legal prowess to walk the fine line between legal and illegal. He did, however, like so many others within movement that cannot stand on their own merit, lack discretion in choosing those who could be trusted. Bill White, on the other hand, doesn’t have the legal acuity, the discretion, or the following to choose from.

So, where, you might ask, is the danger? With Hale the danger always came from either within the group or those who ascribed to a belief rife with hate as well as an unstable propensity for violence. That is always the peril facing society with groups such as Hale’s. The danger with White, is no less real, and perhaps even more so.

What Bill White and his ANSWP lacks in following is made up for in audience. Hale made a few headlines, but his message was by-and-large reserved for those who would dial his hotline, tune into his radio show, or attend his meetings. Additionally, Hale had learned a couple of things. He knew that given the right subject, he could groom and cultivate a follower who would do almost anything for him, i.e. Benjamin Smith. He also knew that he had to be very careful in what he said in any public forum so as not to find himself tied to anything illegal that his adherents might do.

Also, it is true that Hale and his WCOTC advocated genocide and removal of all things white from our society. Such things, however, while loathsome, are not easily accomplished by a group who is so sorely in the minority. Until the Lefkow ruling, Hale rarely publicly designated individuals for murder. He railed against “the Jews,” he ranted about “JOG,” and he castigated “muds,” but was very careful about specifics.

Conversely, Bill White used his internet website to advocate violence against specified individuals from all walks. He sent threatening emails and letters to specific groups and individuals. He published personal information and publicly invited others to engage in activities, the range of which were only limited by the moral compass of his readers.

Using an internet website as a tool of terror or a tool of inducement requires no mental acumen and no cultivation of loyalty to the webmaster. All that is necessary for the manipulation of an unstable individual under the influence of such a person is a malicious and twisted sense of moral turpitude and a desire to exact vengeance on an unsuspecting victim or society. It also has the ability to reach a vast number of people.

Through the adept use of metatags and search engines and internet ingenuity a good webmaster can assure that his website is viewed by a large cross-section of people. White’s website was visited by those within the movement, those opposed to the movement, the curious, and the unsuspecting. People surfing the net didn’t have to attend a rally or a meeting or tune in to a radio program they simply had to point a mouse and click.

One has to only look at the fact that the family of Judge Joan Lefkow, the very judge that Matt Hale solicited the murder of, was killed savagely after her personal information was posted on white power websites across the net, to understand the dangers in utilizing the net for such purposes. Those murders were committed by someone outside of the movement who is thought to have come across that information.

While the cases of Matt Hale and Bill White have very strong similarities, there are stark differences as well. Hale resides in a maximum security prison these days and the future residence of Bill White has yet to be determined. There are those who attempt to give martyr status to both – neither are worthy. And while that is a subject for a whole new article, it is important to note that both of these men engaged in acts that could have had extreme consequences for extremely innocent individuals.

A statement issued by Thomas Kneir, Special Agent in Charge of the Chicago Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, following the arrest of Matthew Hale, pretty well summed up the attitude of law-enforcement…

“As Americans, we live and abide by the rule of law. These laws are designed to protect all of our citizens, and when individuals take actions to thwart justice by intending to harm any person, those of us in law enforcement will use all available resources to prevent any harm from occurring.”

Perhaps Hal Turner is next?

Again, I digress. What information and testimony is forthcoming in the Bill White case won’t immediately be known and if it takes the same path as with Hale it will be slow in emerging as well as eye-opening to those awaiting particulars. It took over a year and thousands of pieces of paper to bring Matt Hale to trial. It took another year before he was sentenced.

However, unless extenuating circumstances exist that none of us are privy to at this time, we won’t have to wade through one frivolous motion and continuance after another in the Bill White saga. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out and whether or not the Bill White case goes down much the same trail as Hale’s.

One thing for certain – the internet is a little better place to be tonight than it was a couple of weeks ago. At any rate, we should all remember the words of the DOJ at the end of both statements…

“The public is reminded that an indictment contains only charges and is not evidence of guilt. The defendant is presumed innocent and is entitled to a fair trial at which the government has the burden of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.”


  1. One has to only look at the fact that the family of Judge Joan Lefkow, the very judge that Matt Hale solicited the murder of, was killed savagely after her personal information was posted on white power websites across the net, to understand the dangers in utilizing the net for such purposes. Those murders were committed by someone outside of the movement who is thought to have come across that information.

    Yet, Nikki's friends at OPP do exactly the same thing, and she, seemingly has no problem with this. You know, this whole issue of her hypocrisy really rankles with me.

    Nikki, any word on this seeming double-standard?

  2. I mean, what if some deluded Antifa firebombs a house or something based on a posting to the OPP website? This has happened before.

    What if people are killed by this action? What if they are innocent (non-movement) people? What if they are somebody's children?

    Antis have one standard for themselves, and another for their enemies.

  3. One of the major differences lies in the fact that the investigation into Hale was conducted by the Joint Terrorism Task Force and that Hale was held under Special Administrative Measures as a domestic terrorist while White doesn’t appear to have drawn the same distinction mean the Jewish Terroist Force, right?
    (by way of: MOSSAD, the Stern Gang & the NKVD!)

    "Special Administrative Measures"
    trnsltn: detention without a fair trial in a ZOG 'gulag' as a political prisoner & a "race enemy" of the jews!

    A statement issued by Thomas Kneir, Special Agent in Charge of the Chicago Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, following the arrest of Matthew Hale, pretty well summed up the attitude of law-enforcement…

    “As Americans, we live and abide by the rule of law. These laws are designed to protect all of our citizens, and when individuals take actions to thwart justice by intending to harm any person, those of us in law enforcement will use all available resources to prevent any harm from occurring”

    NO!...."these laws" are 'designed' to SPECIFICALLY PROTECT jews...and, to a lesser extent, their "favoured minorities" like niggaz, spics, faggots, free-masons & feminist CUNTz!

    the laws of the United States, both common law & constitutional law, were designed & framed by WHITE MEN for WHITE MEN!.....NOT to "protect" evil, psychopathic Talmudic gangsters like the kike!

    At any rate, we should all remember the words of the DOJ at the end of both statements…

    “The public is reminded that an indictment contains only charges and is not evidence of guilt. The defendant is presumed innocent and is entitled to a fair trial at which the government has the burden of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt”

    uhh....HTF does THAT happen when u get a 'jury' consisting of 'mystery meats' like niggaz, jewz & faggotz?

  4. hey every-one!

    watch Nikki fck-NUTZ claim she "can't under-stand" my post & "couldn't be bothered wading through" such 'tripe'! or "doesn't want to dignify my racist view-points with a response" or some other ½-arsed 'excuse'!

    (just like she "wimped out" of debating me or any of the VNN 'crew' on Free Talk Live over a year ago!)

  5. Although things may look bleak for the Commander right now, things will soon turn 180.

    Just like how the Duke Lacrosse students were unjustly prosecuted by DA Nifong. Eventually justice will prevail and, like the Duke Lacrosse students, Commander White will be able to file lawsuits which will probably give him enough money that will enable him to pay off all outstanding loans against his properties.

    All of you who are laughing right now at the Commander will be outraged when the Commander ends up laughing last - all the way to the bank!

  6. Just wondering where your "commander" is going to find the money to file all his lawsuits from his prison cell?

    His bank accounts in Mexico are frozen pending a IRS audit, he's looking at spending 50-70 Grand defending himself from his stupidity.

    Chris drake is trying to raise money for Megham White online... All the houses for white's business are tied up in Bankruptcy court...
    They must be in dire financial shape.

    I suggest you stop spouting propaganda and face the facts: Bill is going away for a long time.

    All your nonsense won't change the fact that White is history...

  7. Bill White might currently be bankrupt, but his rich parents aren't. His parents aren't going to let him go without the best representation possible. The parents of the Duke Lacrosse team had to spend HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars to prove their innocence and they have been repaid many more times that amount in out of court settlements.

    Commander White has proven time and time again that if you mess with him he will mess with you much more. Every minute the Commander is forced to stay in jail is going to cost the government more and more in the out of court settlement or lawsuit that will follow.

    So, in the end, Commander White will be more well known, have more interest in his party and a hell of a lot richer.

    Personally, I would have no problem spending a few months in prison if I knew I would be paid millions in compensation afterwards.

  8. I can guarantee you the US Federal Government has more money, more lawyers and more resources than Bill White's Jewish parents.

    The "Commander" of what? The tard corral?

    White sued Jeff Schoep and lost. He was forced to pay $5000 in legal fees to Schoep which helped Jeff buy another car. So much for your "Infallible" commander.

    Your delusions and fantasies about your great "Commander" overcoming any obstacle are the mere ramblings of someone in need on psychiatric help.

    When Bill is sentenced to 20 years in prison your going to lose what little sanity you have left. I suggest you come to terms now with the end of the ANSWP and "commander" bill white. It could save you from a great mental crisis and future psychiatric commitment..

    One post said it best:
    "soon Bill White will be nothing more than a drag strip(shit stain) on the underwear of the White Nationalist Movement!"

  9. Perhaps memory fails me, but didn't Nikki and Floyd have a radio show earlier this year (2008) in which they discussed assassinating Bill White, me, and other White Nationalists?-Alex Linder

    Someone should have reported them to law enforcement.

  10. The US Government also has more money than the parents of the Duke Lacrosse students who were illegally prosecuted on a very weak case. And look how that ended? The DA Nifong was fired and millions of dollars have been paid to the students.

    ZOG knows that the conditions are becoming ripe for the policies of the ANSWP to appeal to the average White American. ZOG knows that if they are to rid themselves of the threat the ANSWP poses to them then now is the time to pounce.

    But ZOG is actually helping to destroy themselves. When this takes to trial and everyone can see for themselves that the Commander not only did not commit any crimes, but rather he is being censored because ZOG is afraid of his message.

    But time and time again this strategy backfires against those who use it. Many tyranny governments have been overthrown after they have overstepped the line and everyone has had ENOUGH.

    And very few Americans can say that they haven't had ENOUGH of the shit our government is putting us through.

    And even if they killed the Commander then 10 more would take his place. The ANSWP is a true LIBERATION MOVEMENT and is not just one man!

  11. With any luck some niggers will take care of him in Prison. We will pray for it!

  12. The Lacrosse students is like comparing apples and oranges. They didn't threaten to murder negros, one of them who will be the president!

  13. The Lacrosse students is like comparing apples and oranges. They didn't threaten to murder negros, one of them who will be the president!

    No, they were accused of something even worse! They were accused of kidnapping and gang raping (every way imaginable) a poor, hardworking and defenseless nigger.

    After these charges were made, everyone turned their back on those students. They were kicked out of University, their Lacrosse team withdrew, their coach had to resign, the media blasted them, etc etc

    It took over a year, but those white students eventually had the charges against them dropped. Everyone realized a great tragedy of justice took place. Now those ex students are so rich they could invest their money and never work another day again.

  14. I don't know how many times this has to be said before the delusional handful who keep thinking this is all just going to go away get a clue. goes again.

    The government has MORE in the way of evidence than they are showing in the indictment! can put money on the probability that evidence has been forthcoming from informants and people who stepped up to the plate and are willing to roll over on the grand poopah of ANSWP.

    Whether the evidence and the testimony that they have is enough to get a conviction remains to be seen. I don't think the average person filling a jury pool is going to like any of Bill's actions very much.

  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  16. Drake knows more...


    Bill just called and all he wanted to talk about was my new baby. He had been worried about my wife and baby long before any of this went down and when Megan told him that my wife had toximia, it freaked him out. He sounded extremely happy to know everything went well and wanted as many details as I could give in the one minute we were allowed to talk.

    Bill is being treated much better and he is getting all of his wits back. Not many people realize this but Bill is tuff. You guys know that we took Bill to the most bug and snake infested area of the swamp to spend the weekend. We have a camp site that is pretty clear but we wanted to see how well street-tuff translated into nature-tuff. He did just fine. The bugs like more fair skinned people and ate him alive, but other than that he did just fine. There have been a lot of guys who have hiked back to the vehicle, unable to deal with the heat, the bugs, the snakes and the fungus. He jumped up the next morning at 6:00 am, taping targets to trees and practicing with his .380. One of my cousins slept right though his first hour or so of warm ups. It seems like just the other day that Bill was sitting on a log, a cup of coffee at his feet and adjusting the sites on his Remmington model 870 for the close quaters of the swamp. He was free as a white man needs to be right then. He'd put holster his sidearm every now and again, taking his seax and hacking apart some more wood for the fire, just to keep the bugs off the guys who didn't want to get up yet. Great times. I hope we're back down there soon.

  17. Nikki is such a hypocrite. What Nikki and her Anti friends can engage in violence and intimidation, but if WN use the same tactics, we are somehow beneath contempt?

    I think you better check that log in your eye, Nikki.

  18. To the poster making the nasty comment about Chris Drake - you don't speak for me - so check yourself.

  19. Nikki is a good person with misguided values. So shut the hell up!

  20. To be perfectly honest, this blog is really dull. You guys go after the same five costume Nazis over and over again. Big deal.

    There are thousands and thousands of WN all over America. Taking out a few here and there accomplishes little. There will always be thousands more.

    We aren't going anywhere. That should be apparent by now.Even if you shut down every site, I can guarantee you we would simply go back to regular publishing, as primitive as that is. If you took that away, we would do it on the sly.

    If you locked some of us in a room with nothing but our fingernails, we would scratch out WPWW on the wall.

    And do you know why that is? Because you said we can't. It's quite simple. We've been told for years that OUR culture, OUR ethnicity, OUR history has to be washed away and forgotten; that European peoples and their lives are somehow less important, less valuable than that of all other groups. If you would have just shut up and let us go about our business, none of this would be neccessary. But you insist we subsidize and cheer on our own dispossession at the hands of a bunch of radicalized ingrates who, BTW, profit every day from their association with "Whitey".

    European peoples (I don't even like the word "White")are the smallest minority in the world at 3%. Yet "Nikki Nichols" and the rest of her ilk have the unmitigated gall to suggest we have no right to pursue OUR interests as a seperate ethnic group. This is unconscionable, and completely at variance with the ideals of justice and fair play.

    Not that I expect a cabal of filthy Reds cares anything about those concepts.

    Anyway, keep taking out the trash of the movement. In the long run, you're not doing us any harm.


    Europe AWAKE!

  21. Like we believe anything Drake says, he lies as much as self-confessed liar Bill White!

  22. Drake is in danger of being the next person to be caught in the Feds dragnet.

    He is communicating directly with Drake and directing the actions of the ANSWP while he sits in a jail cell.

    I can't believe the Feds are allowing Bill to get away with this.

  23. The Feds know Drake is running things while Bill hangs ten downtown.

    Chris was never really all that smart anyway.

  24. I do speak for everyone except for that cunt Nikki, when I say hopefully Chris will kill himself now that he is a fired fuck thank you Von for giving us his work number.

  25. Didn't somebody say on VNN that Bill wasn't allowed communication with his wife? But he gets to make outgoing phonecalls to his second in command?

    Something smells.

  26. Chris isn't fired from anything. Stop stirring shit you little cunt from Nimbusters.

  27. I read that Justin Boyer was arrested on Drug Charges.

    Anyone know any more about this?

  28. As for Drake, you are right. Chris is next on the FED'S Hit list an Drake is too stupid to realize this.

    I have a hunch that if they searched his home right now they would find illegal weapons & homemade bombs. Drake is one of thosae crazy milita/surivialist types and probally armed to the teeth with illegal shit.

    If he doesn't have fully assembled pipe bombs you can be sure he has the bomb making components available and ready.

    They need to hit his house now!


    Did Neo-Nazi White go too far this time?
    He's ranted before, but authorities pounce on William A. White on accusations of threatening a juror.
    By Laurence Hammack

    Associated Press | File 2002

    Matthew Hale, the leader of the white supremacist group World Church of the Creator, was convicted in 2004 of soliciting a government informant to murder federal Judge Joan Humphrey Lefkow of Chicago.

    The Roanoke Times | File October

    William A. White is charged with soliciting others to injure or threaten someone identified only as Juror A in the Matthew Hale trial.
    Previous coverage
    Neo-Nazi fails to persuade judge to release him (October 23, 2008)
    Roanoke white supremacist remains jailed (October 19, 2008)
    White's Web site closed by FBI (October 17, 2008)
    Read the indictment against White handed down last week by a Chicago federal grand jury
    (PDF, 17 KB)
    Read the criminal complaint filed against White by the FBI
    (PDF, 714 KB)
    View postings presented as evidence by the government
    (PDF, 485 KB)
    Editors' note: These documents contains language that some readers might consider offensive.
    From behind his computer screen, William A. White has called the Roanoke NAACP president a "n----- in need of lynching." He's written that Roanoke Times journalists should be dragged from their homes and hanged "1898 style in the Market Square." He's described himself as both the commander of a white supremacy movement and a depressed man with an urge to "kill, kill, kill."

    Federal authorities have been investigating White's online ranting for more than a year now.

    But the only charge against him so far comes from a federal grand jury in Chicago. Last week, White was indicted on a charge of encouraging violence against the foreman of a jury that in 2004 convicted a fellow white supremacist of soliciting the murder of a Chicago judge.

    White's modus operandi -- posting on his Web site personal attacks on the juror along with his home address and telephone numbers -- is similar to what he's done with his Roanoke targets.

    So how did a Sept. 11 post about the Chicago juror lead to the jailing of a neo-Nazi leader who, by most accounts, had managed to tiptoe along the boundary between free speech and illegal threats?

    It seems that White picked a fight with the wrong person.

    Although it appears he made no explicit threats, White's decision to target a juror exposes him to a charge of obstruction of justice, legal and First Amendment experts said in interviews last week.

    "Even if it's not a threat, if it does cause a clear and present danger to the operation of the judicial system ... then that kind of speech can be proscribed," said Wat Hopkins, a communications law professor at Virginia Tech.

    If someone tries to intimidate a juror, the thinking goes, that's a threat not just to an individual, but to an institution.

    "Not to downplay the other threats at all," said Scott Sundby, a law professor at Washington and Lee University who specializes in criminal law and juries. "But if we can't count on people to serve as jurors and render their honest opinions without fear, the criminal justice system itself becomes endangered."

    Technically, White is charged with soliciting others to injure or threaten someone identified only as Juror A. But a line in the indictment alleges that the solicitation was "on account of a verdict assented to by Juror A," citing an obstruction of justice law that deals with jury tampering.

    "The government certainly has a plausible case" by taking such a tack, said Brian Levin, a California lawyer and criminal justice professor who heads the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism.

    Even so, White -- who at a bond hearing last week described himself as a tabloid journalist who mixes satire with mockery -- may seek some protection under the First Amendment.

    At the hearing in U.S. District Court in Roanoke, magistrate Judge Michael Urbanski said the charge against White raises some significant free speech implications.

    "It is a very interesting legal issue as to whether the language used in this case constitutes a true threat," Urbanski said.

    The judge cited two U.S. Supreme Court cases that might apply to White's case, which will be tried in federal court in Chicago.

    One case involved a Vietnam War protester who declared during an antiwar rally in 1969 that he would not be drafted. "If they ever make me carry a rifle, the first man I want to get in my rifle sights is L.B.J.," he said, referring to then-President Lyndon Johnson.

    The protester was convicted of threatening the president. The Supreme Court upheld the law but threw out the conviction, ruling that a "crude offensive" political statement is constitutionally protected free speech.

    A second case cited by Urbanski goes to the issue of criminal incitement. In that case, the Supreme Court reversed the conviction of a Ku Klux Klansman who suggested during a cross burning that vengeance be taken against the government for suppressing the rights of whites.

    The Klansman, Clarence Brandenburg, was convicted under an Ohio law that made it illegal to advocate a crime or violence as a means of accomplishing political reform.

    In overturning that law, the court established a two-part standard for criminal incitement: The speech must be intended to incite imminent illegal actions, and it must be likely to produce such a result.

    According to a written analysis by Levin, the Brandenburg decision provides significant protection to online extremists such as White, as long as they keep their advocacy abstract.

    The indictment charging White does not cite an explicit threat. On Sept. 11, White posted to his Web site,, an article that read in part "Gay anti-racist [Juror A] was a juror who played a key role in convicting Matt Hale," according to the indictment.

    Hale was convicted in 2004 of soliciting a government informant to murder federal Judge Joan Humphrey Lefkow.

    Federal prosecutors argued at the time that Hale was angry at the judge for ruling against him in a trademark infringement lawsuit over the name of his white supremacist organization. Hale was sentenced to 40 years in prison.

    Years later, White took up the cause of his fellow neo-Nazi, arguing on that Hale was railroaded by a jury made up of "homosexuals, Jews and Negroes."

    By making the jury foreman's whereabouts known to an Internet audience that "at times engaged in acts of violence directed at non-whites," White intended for someone to act on the information, federal authorities contend.

    Much of the seven-page indictment against White details other near-threats and death wishes against people whose activities would offend his neo-Nazi philosophies.

    In one case, after posting the home address of author and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel, White appeared to be pleased that one of his followers assaulted the man.

    "I can only say that I hope to inspire a hundred more young white people to sacrifice themselves for our collective racial whole," White wrote in a post that ended "Heil Hitler" on Feb. 21.

    Federal prosecutors have also cited White's call to "Lynch the Jena 6," a reference to six black teenagers charged with assault in Jena, La., and an image posted to that puts presidential candidate Barack Obama in the cross hairs of an assassin's rifle.

    "Does the government have the right to show these horrendous statements on the Web site?" Levin said. "Yes, if it is to establish a motive. But they won't have unbridled authority to throw everything in. They will have to connect it to how the Bill White movement operates."

    But, he added, "We don't have to look at this in a vacuum."

    "If a Mafioso calls someone and uses a code word, or says somebody might get 'whacked'... that could be construed as some kind of a threat or interference."

    White, a 31-year-old landlord who calls himself the commander of the Roanoke-based American National Socialist Workers Party, was arrested Oct. 17. His attorney, William Cleaveland, said he plans to appeal Urbanski's decision to hold his client without bond. If that decision stands, White will be transferred to Chicago to await trial.

    If convicted, he faces up to 10 years in prison,

    In finding that White poses a danger to the community, Urbanski cited a post in which White wrote that he had developed an "intricate plot for the murder of about a score of Roanoke City's Negro nuisances and their annoying counterparts at The Roanoke Times."

    Brenda Hale, the former NAACP president who was the target of White's "lynching" post, said she breathed a sigh of relief last week to learn that was down and White was in jail.

    Hale said she worried about not just what White might do, but about his followers. "He had a direct effect on people who had hatefulness in their hearts," she said.

    During the bond hearing, White attempted to convince Urbanski that he meant no harm to anyone, that his posts were nothing more than tabloid news full of "fantasy and half-truths and make-believe."

    Over the past year, federal authorities have been monitoring White's online rants and making printouts. It's possible he could face additional charges; a federal grand jury in Roanoke has been hearing testimony, according to two sources not involved in the investigation but with personal knowledge of the proceedings.

    Observers are watching closely to see what effect White's arrest might have on both the ANSWP and its leader, described by one hate watch group as perhaps "the loudest and most obnoxious neo-Nazi leader in America."

    Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center, an Alabama group that monitors hate groups, said White's arrest also could mark the end of an era. Other white supremacy groups, including Hale's World Church of the Creator, the National Alliance and the Aryan Nations, have all fallen on hard times in recent years.

    As gratifying as that might be, Potok said, the danger is that the leaders of those organizations had been able, at least to some degree, to rein in illegal activity by their followers.

    "It's worrying when you have a whole lot of angry white supremacists running around with no leader," Potok said.

  30. about 46min into it (download the file and drag the bar to that # in win media player or whatever player you use) FC says he got an email " Dear race-traitor, listening to you , one would get the idea that you advocate the killing of WN?"

    FC says "I don't advocate the killing of anyone, but I do say when this does happen, it does have an impact". He then cheerfully describes the attempted assassination of George Wallace.
    Could THAT be construed as a Solicitation for anti-fa, far-lefties, whatever-you-call-yourselves to Act, as a Call to Action?
    "there does seem to be some positive effects when these racist leaders are assassinated .."

    He goes on to chronicle other people who were assassinated and gives out Turner's home address.
    NN tries to poke fun at WN people and act as if whoever is out there now is laughable and no comparison to the people FC mentioned, and goes through a laundry list of internet people who are known as if they are all a joke.
    So , what's the deal? You can't have it both ways. Either you believe as you claim on this audio that 99.9% of WN known people are jokes, or that they are so scary and dangerous like you have been trying to promote since White got arrested.
    Which is it? Or is it just whatever fits the occasion? Sometimes they are dangerous Nazis ready to fire up the Billy5000 oven, but yeahhh sometimes they are just drinking jolt in their mom's basement-depending on whether someone is getting the real shaft from the feds. Is that it?

    Was this serious, or was this just satirical, over-the-top tabloid entertainment as White says his deal was? I'm listening to the download now, it sure doesn't seem like NN and FC were kidding around. I can't believe what I am hearing after all this attitude of holier-than-thou, "you Evil Internet Nazis!" and such.

    I thought the people posting about this 'anti-fa' were making it up about how they are, but they are not. What I don't get is the fact that your side is winning- the 'let everyone in' mentality, which brings to mind that song NN plays 'Come on over' that only makes me lament the border situation, or lack of control of it- a situation which I have also heard you both speak about, and your take was not as far-left leaning as I had expected.
    That surprised me, what both NN and FC said about the border as well as this crazily entitled audio about "should racist leaders be killed?" (!!??)truly seems that because you don't like the style/beliefs of WN known entities, you think either exactly copying them in reverse is the answer in the quest for trying to best fit in with the mainstream, be accepted, get support from these made-up groups that don't do anything except go after people with a different agenda.

    Why are people who claim to speak for white people automatically vilified and made to appear 'Evil'? Preferring one's own is simply another choice or orientation, right? Kind of like some people are gay, some are straight and some prefer to be around their own kind. Homoethnic?

    No one says gay men hate women (though some rare ones do, I've worked for one and it was awful.He died of guess what) because they prefer men. They have their own colony out here, almost their own city. Why is preference labeled as 'hate'? There wouldn't be any anger or resentment (not 'hate/racism' or any other made-up word) if there were 'tolerance' and acceptance and choice, allowing us free-association to live among whom we want, work among who we want,etc. Is the reason this must never be accepted as a legit idea the fact that almost all white people would want it as well? Is it so good and so tempting you know 99.9 % of all whites would opt out of multi-culturalism if they thought they could make it or find a place in the Other World of Just Us?

    And, if that is not true, if you think most whites DON'T want that, why not let nationalists have the choice? If multi-culti is so great and wonderful, why does it have to be forced upon people? why aren't people into it of their own free will? Why do whites consistently leave areas that become.....'diverse'? It goes back to the fact that there can be no civilized life 'as we know it' without US and they know it.Why do we constantly hear about how school kids need to be around 'middle-class kids' AKA whites in order to learn anything, like how to write and speak something other than ebonics or some dialect of English/whatever?
    Why do we have to be forced to participate and be called names if the other groups are so capable and have so much to offer? Why is our preference and resentment regarding our oppression by having no choice about who we live near, who we work with or hire, who we rent to, who our kids are around, whether we can home-school, etc., horrible crap on TV- everything popular and pushed on us in the mainstream world you can bet we pretty much disagree with. Must we become like the Amish? is the religion factor why Hale was targeted, for fear there would come a community protected by religious rights that happened to be white? Is that why the mormon's get targeted and government actively still working to shut them down, not on the premise of threats or 'racism' , but they are 1) separate and 2) white. I suppose that is enough and this underage bride stuff is the excuse.

    I can only suggest again, that the fear is almost all whites would very quickly abdicate from the current system, even if they had to take a cut in standard of living or pay, etc. in order to live in relative peace, safety and be away from the crime, chaos and general craziness of the third world.

  31. SilentConsort,

    Their side isn't winning. It may seem that way because they think the same way the media and government instructs the masses that they are supposed to think. The system is, currently, on their side because the Ruling Class wants open borders and multiculturalism as a way to enrich their own fat wallets.

    The Ruling Class controls the politicians and the police, and the Red scum are simply an unofficial arm of the state, sort of "political terror squads".

    Most average Eauropean Americans are, truth be told, on our side. Those that aren't have succumbed to social pressure brought on by media brianwashing and academic browbeating.

    The "anti-racist" groups have a hard time attracting anyone to their web forums, which are usually poorly written and about the dullest place on earth unless you are doing intel. OPP forum has a few hundred members. Revleft, which I think is the biggest Antifa forum, has a few thousand.

    Stormfront has over 23,000,000 active members, and many thousands more registered. And is growing exponentially.

    Don't believe everything you see in the controlled media. They have games to play and reasons to spin things.

    As for "Nikki and Floyd",they are a couple of pathetic bumblers that get more attention than what they deserve. I imagine Nikki is looking to make a career as a "A#1 Anti-Hate Crusader", all in furtherance of lining her pocket in the name of doing "civil rights" work (Canada's Richard Warman has turned this into a veritable extortion racket). This is the same way Morris Dees made his vast fortune, ditto Sharpton, Jackson, etc. And this is the reason the aforementioned crooks are loath to relinquish their respective racial grievances, and continue to stoke the fires of Black racism and hate.

    Of course, the fact that the racial envy they play on ends up getting Whites beaten and killed means nothing to these people, who generally feel that Whites deserve whatever is coming to them, no matter who they are. Isn't that right, Nikki?

    Alot of these people are simply trying to feather their own nests. Just because someone is a Marxist doesn't mean they're not greedy.

    Anti-racism is nothing of the sort.

  32. Stormfront uses Vbulletion. Forum software that allows you to insert fake numbers for members and views. Reduce their numbers by a factor of 10 and you will have reality.

    Bill White used this software for him forum and also had ridiculously high Numbers.

  33. Stormfront uses Vbulletion. Forum software that allows you to insert fake numbers for members and views. Reduce their numbers by a factor of 10 and you will have reality.

    Bill White used this software for him forum and also had ridiculously high Numbers.

    Your point being? You're ridiculously bad at this, Red.
    Try addressing some relevant point, and you may get a cookie next time.

  34. According to Alex, Stormfront currently has a traffic ranking of:13,578.

  35. This blog has a traffic ranking of:


  36. RevLeft has a traffic ranking of:

    OPP forum has a traffic ranking of: 2,659,743

  37. has a traffic ranking of:

    5, 122, 803.

    Now, I could go check the official ARA page and a few others, but I think you get the point. Amazingly, of 200 million White Americans, most of them aren't falling all over themselves to join up with a bunch of smelly, black-clad, ambiguously gay snotnoses who've spent too much time thumbing Das Kapital and who generally view normal Americans as "the enemy".

    So why does Darryl Jenkins post on his website that they "have the upper hand"? Why such arrogance, Darryl?

    They are towing the System line, that's all. At least on "race" and "civil rights". Of course, when they do buck the System (some of them actually seem to think this radical leftist stuff is for real, and take the creed of it to heart), they end up getting the System's size 12 steel-capped boot squarely on the back of their heads. Witness the demonstrations in front of the RNC or many other anti-war demonstrations that ended badly for the budding young Bolshevics.

    The only difference between an International Socialist and a National Socialist is one is honest about the nature of race, and the other one isn't.

    One care about his extended volk, and the other seeks to subsume ethnicity and culture under a totalitarian wave of degrading "integration".

    No difference between the fascists and "anti-fascists". As George Orwell duly noted, "The fascists of the future will be called 'anti-fascists'".

  38. Forget the numbers, just look at how few people were posting at Bill White's forum, Jim Ramm gets 10 times more postings on his forums daily.

    And Chris Drake is lying about getting calls from Bill White in jail. Chris must have a real hard on for Bill to be making up such fantasies.

    The difference between Drake's lying and Bill's lying is at least Bill White is an entertaining liar.

  39. The government will have to put all it's cards on the table at the Preliminary hearing. We'll see what they have on Bill, we should also know if that Cock sucking traitor Von is going to testify against the Commander.

  40. And maybe we won't. What could be worse than the obvious anyway? Court...I can't wait to see the damage control after the gavel falls.

    I think people should stop bringing up Von's name anyway. He is out of the movement no matter if he says he isn't or is. At the very least, he took off because fed-rat Hal Turner told him to.

  41. Learn:

  42. One thing about Nikki, she is no where near fair. I've posted several times on this blog. I was not vulgar. Very respective. Yet she deleted my posts. That is really weak!

  43. Nikki,

    My name is Stan and I run Nimbusters.

    Because we share many common goals, I believe that a unity between our two groups can better serve our objectives - destroying hate.

    Please let me know if you are interested in this merger.

  44. don't join nimbusters nikki. They are nothing but a bunch of bad-mouthed troublemakers.

  45. Alexa is full of shit.

    I have watched my numbers get worse while server stats on my servers indicate that the sites traffic has increased dramatically.

    Alexa ratings aren't traffic, just some companies software deciding how popular a site is based upon how many links it has online.


    The trademark, maniacal grin of Bill White, the anarchist arrested for obstruction of justice, said it all. The I-got-the-attention-I-wanted look belied the man who, for years, had tried to torment Nationalists, with Internet graffiti, pirating Nationalist
    images and lambasting Nationalists as "wacky," "wacko" and "crazy." White's greatest resentment was being ignored, which White attempted to remedy by being the easy-target "poster-boy" for pro-minority-activist Morris Dees. Dees pronounced White the "second biggest" rightist, even though White had a history as an avowed Communist and anarchist, who repeatedly called for assassination and "overthrowing" the "ruling classes."

    White feigned being a "rightist" by associating with costumists, who had sparked a riot in Toledo, but his forte was invariably goading others into murder-plots or praising convicted-criminals, such as Matt Hale, serving forty years for murder-conspiracy. Gary Nemeth, who quit White, early on, pronounced White a "freak-show" who, instead of the "thousands" of members claimed by White, had only two members, both of whom had quit him. White, a slum-lord, who had inherited a trust-fund, had gone bankrupt, after squandering his fortune on sub-prime real-estate. Dees had continually asserted that White would make a "comeback," but White just kept up his murder-instigation.

    Nationalists had been quick to denounce White, when White first surfaced, following his unsuccessful campaign for the Maryland state-house as an "anarchist." Appearing on National Public Radio, Richard Barrett dubbed White's murder-appeals "outrageous" and "indefensible," predicting that "the only thing that White will overthrow is himself." Nationalists had pulled the plug on White's Internet-site for copyright infringement, which White responded to by filing a complaint with the Mississippi attorneys' association. When the complaint was dismissed, White, who had disclosed a lengthy rap sheet, including a suicide-watch hospitalization, claimed that he had "won."

    White was arrested for his latest escapade, in which he published the name and address of a federal-juror in the Hale case, beckoning threats. Given his history of threats, even publishing his targets in the cross-hairs of a gun, White, who was denied bail, was likely to mimic Hale's fate at some super-max federal pen. U.S. Magistrate Judge Michael Urbanski said that he was troubled that White, whose computer had been seized under a search-warrant, had set up an intricate plot to murder fifteen to twenty people. White had once claimed to be represented by the American Civil Liberties Union, but the group denied it. White's last lawyer appeared in court and asked the judge to be let go.
    Copyright 2008 Skinheadz

  47. This will make Chris Drake very happy. Looks like Von's new group is already defunct

  48. Gary Nemeth never quit the ANSWP. This is disinformation.

    Nemeth is the same fat degenerate out of WA state that did the crappy biker confrontation video in Olympia for the ANSWP. He is very solidily allied with White and is promoting fundraising for him on VNN.

  49. It looks as though Chris Drake has had an illicit affair with an African American stripper: An illegitimate child was fathered.

  50. Letter to the White Race

    White Man!

    We regret to inform you that your kind has been slated for termination. We, the various Third World majorities of Africa, Asia, India, South America, and the Middle East assert that your long history of success at building civilizations, developing new technologies, creating stable governments, fostering good will, feeding much of the world, and increasing peace and prosperity even amongst the riotous hordes of our own homelands, has made us envious and resentful of you. We, who make up 92% of the global population, feel that we can no longer accept the great disparity between your success and our abject failure. The solution to this inequality should be obvious to all concerned.

    We are planning to invade your ancestral homelands, little by little, and to facilitate this, we have the full cooperation of your controlled media and government, academia, and law enforcement organizations. While we, personally, do not control any of these entities ourselves, we are profiting endlessly from the crypto-Marxist system put in place many decades ago by an ethnic “fifth column” which operates with complete impunity at all levels of your political, academic, and media culture. Their interference in the natural development of your constitutional republics has been indispensable to our efforts to wrest from you the control of everything that you’ve struggled to build and maintain over the last century. Indeed, were it not for them, none of our present plans would have even been possible.

    By carefully controlling and managing the schools, universities, media, and press, this “out group” has managed to convince the great bulk of your racial kinsmen that not only is resistance futile, but that it is immoral, barbaric, depraved, and unworthy of a “thinking” individual. By promoting the stereotype of a “racist redneck resistance”, they have made the idea of a struggle for White Identity a veritable sin in the minds of nearly every White person. In short: they have convinced European-derived peoples that a prolonged suicide is preferable to the unmitigated evil of “racism”.

    While doing this, they have pushed, inch by inch, to open the borders of ALL White nations to our own sullen masses, throwing open the gates to invasion while assuring the public that “race doesn’t matter”. Since race, in fact, DOES matter (and no one knows it better than We), they have likewise put into place a totalitarian system of “hate speech” and “hate crime” laws, to further alienate and penalize those few Whites who might harbor some simmering resentments at the increasing decay of their society and culture. All of this is in keeping with the far-reaching plans of this particular ethnic “out group”, and has been sometimes referred to as the “Long March”.

    The Out Group, who maintains a sense of racial cohesiveness hitherto unknown among even the most tightly-knit of all dispersed human peoples, maintains a grip on the press and electronic media that is nearly monopolistic in its all-encompassing reach. Since they are so thoroughly in control of these organs for the dissemination of propaganda, they are in the best position to spread hostility against the White peoples of Europe and America, inciting the minority against the majority in these lands: Black against White, Latino against White, Asian against White, Arab against White, Indian against White, and so on, and so forth.

    This is facilitated by decades of brainwashing, beginning in early school years, portraying Whites not as the builders of a great civilization, or the admirable leaders of the Free World, but in a lopsided, entirely slanted way as oppressors, enslavers, genocidal “Nazis”, southern Klansmen, imperialistic Colonials, and toothless hillbillies just itching for a chance to lynch the first colored individual that comes along. This brainwashing not only inflames the minorities in these now racially-mixed “schools”, but also inculcates a sense of “White guilt” that the Out Group finds particularly useful in maintaining control.

    Hence, you Whites have become a neutered, egoless herd of cattle, easily manipulated and posing no threat to the Out Group, who live in perpetual terror of your ever waking up to their plans. The Out Group has a long-running resentment and fear of White civilization, and thus have worked within that civilization to undermine its cohesion and sense of purpose. The promotion of homosexuality, pornography, drugs, divorce, illicit sex, moral relativism, atheism, communism, gun control, “anti-racism”, and “civil rights”, has been the greatest boon to this subversive faction, who are but a tiny minority among you, but who wield awesome, incomparable power.

    Thus, in light of the fact that you are socially, morally, mentally, intellectually, and even legally castrated, We, the teeming masses of the Third World who thirst for what you have and what we can never obtain, are going to finally swamp your once noble and advanced societies, your pristine cities and unsullied neighborhoods, and rape your countries for everything they are worth.

    We are going to move in, right under your noses, and set our churches, mosques, synagogues, and strange gods up in place of your own. We will ensure that OUR celebrations and festivities and holidays are observed, while YOURS are erased from the pages of history.

    We will drain the public coffers of welfare, food stamps, and all forms of social aid available. We will swamp your children’s schools, change the language in which lessons are taught, form street gangs to terrorize and torment your family, steal, vandalize, harass, threaten, and cajole you until we get what WE want.

    That it will be entirely at your expense is irrelevant to us.

    We will beat and murder your sons; we will rape your wives and daughters.

    We kill twelve Americans every day; your government could care less.

    We have shut down hospitals with our teeming numbers. We have flooded the streets, demanding “special rights” for those millions of us that are here illegally.

    We nearly had your major politicians ready to grant all of us an “amnesty” in the name of “diversity” and “equal rights”. We are filling up the ranks for unskilled labor. We are raping pre-teens. We are doing the jobs Americans won’t do.

    As your global economy crumbles, and it gets harder and harder to feed your families, as your birthrate plummets and you face the eventual dispossession of the country your forefathers founded for YOU and YOUR posterity, just remember: there is nothing you can do to stop us. The Out Group has made sure that the law is on OUR side, not yours. No matter how piffling your criticism of us is, the Out Group will use their media to label you with shocking epithets and broad smears: racist, hater, bigot, neo-Nazi, nativist, White supremacist, domestic terrorist, etc.

    If we want to, we can assault and kill you with near impunity. The media will not report it, and if they do, they will place the blame for the assault squarely on YOUR shoulders, not ours. In Jena, Louisiana, a White boy was beaten mercilessly by six black criminals. The media made the criminals into the victims.

    We watch these developments carefully, and we like what we see. Soon, you will be a minority even in your own homelands (you are already a minority worldwide), and we will continue to squeeze and squeeze until there is nothing left of you. We will crush your countries, your cultures, and eventually, we will snuffle out your lives.

    Beethoven, Mozart, Shakespeare, and all other bourgeois manifestations of your high culture will be vanquished forever. All of your legends and heroes will be spat upon, purged, and finally forgotten. Your cultural folkways will be transgressions; your identity will become a crime.

    We come for your JOBS, your MONEY, your WOMEN, and eventually your LIVES. It will not be much longer now.

    In closing, We, the huddled masses of the Third World yearning to “breathe free”, would like to thank the Out Group, the media monopolists and political plunderers who made all of this possible. We wish them well, and we know they wish us well, just as long as we don’t trespass upon their own homeland, which they stole fair and square several decades ago.

    Adios, White man! You had a good, long run, but your day is over, and ours is just beginning. Your empire is at an end, and your race is no longer wanted here. We’ll have our fun with you while you still hang on by a thread, but soon, the thread will be cut, and the abyss yawns beneath you and the civilization your kind spawned.

    Besides, many of you are even anticipating this with something akin to sick glee. After all, that’s how the TV set told them to feel. The brainwashing is almost complete, and the sheep are in line to shear.

    Have a nice day!

  51. Gary Nameth--

    Isn't that the same guy that has been driving for years without a drivers license?

  52. Actually he has been driving for several years on a suspended license wit h no insurance. It's a wonder the COPS haven't caught him yet...

  53. Sorry Bill but the Feds don't let prisoners own KY Jelly. Looks like you will get it hard and dry. Cum on, be a man and take those black slongs without a whimper. If you are good enough, maybe they will keep you alive to be the brother's bitch!

  54. You CAN'T have automobile insurance if you are not licensed.

    I sure hope he never hits someone.

    What is it with the asswipes thinking that they don't have to obey the law?

  55. Two skinheads punks arrested for plot to kill Obama

    Okay, who on VNN ratted them out???

    Federal prosecutors charged two men with plotting a "killing spree" against African-Americans that would have been capped with an attempt to kill Sen. Barack Obama while they wore white tuxedos, federal officials said Monday.
    Paul Schlesselman, left, and Daniel Cowart said they planned to kill more than 100 African Americans.

    Paul Schlesselman, left, and Daniel Cowart said they planned to kill more than 100 African Americans.
    Click to view previous image
    1 of 2
    Click to view next image

    The U.S. attorney's office in Jackson, Tennessee, said Daniel Cowart, 20, and Paul Schlesselman, 18, were self-described white supremacists who met online through a mutual friend.

    Both men have been charged with illegal possession of a sawed-off shotgun, conspiracy to rob a federally licensed gun dealer and making threats against a presidential candidate.

    The men planned to kill more than 100 African-Americans, including 14 who would be beheaded, according to the affidavit. But federal law enforcement sources said there was no evidence Cowart, of Bells, Tennessee, and Schlesselman, of West Helena, Arkansas, had any details of Obama's schedule.

    "We take this very, very seriously but we see no evidence these guys have the ability or the wherewithal to pull off what they say they wanted to do," one law enforcement source said.

    According to an affidavit from the federal agent who questioned them, Cowart and Schlesselman planned to charge at Obama with a car, firing from the windows as they went. They would be dressed in white tuxedos and top hats during the attempt, the affidavit states.

    Cowart and Schlesselman were arrested outside Jackson, about 75 miles east of Memphis, Tennessee, after an aborted robbery attempt last week, according to court records.

    Though they told investigators they would be willing to die in their mission, the men backed out of their October 21 attempt to rob the gun dealer after spotting two cars and a dog at the home, the affidavit states. The men also shot out the window of a church on their way back to Cowart's grandfather's home, where they were arrested the next day.

    Cowart and Schlesselman made their initial appearances before a federal judge Monday and are scheduled for a bond hearing Thursday in Memphis.

    Obama, an Illinois Democrat, is the first African-American nominee to lead a major-party ticket and was placed under Secret Service protection in May 2007, far earlier than other candidates.

    Campaign spokeswoman Linda Douglass said, "We never comment on security matters."

    Threats against Obama have led to arrests in two previous cases. In one, federal prosecutors concluded that the three people arrested with drugs and weapons in a suburban Denver motel posed a "true threat" to the candidate.

    In the second, a Florida man was charged with threatening bodily harm against the candidate in August. He has pleaded not guilty

  56. Set-up, most likely.

  57. Anyone see that exchange between Justin Boyer and Chris Drake on VNNF?

  58. This will depress the antis, but it's a great article"

    Conclusion Of First Knoxville Horror Trial Shows Legal System Under Stress
    By Nicholas Stix

    [Previously by Nicholas Stix: The Knoxville Horror: Crime, Race, The Media, And “Anti-Racism” ]

    In the first Knoxville Horror trial in April, Eric Dewayne “E” Boyd was convicted by a federal jury in Knoxville, Tennessee, of being an accessory after the fact to carjacking. Recently, on October 15, U.S. District Judge Tom Varlan sentenced Boyd to 18 years in prison, the maximum possible sentence, which federal prosecutors had sought.

    The carjacking was the first in a chain of crimes, including kidnapping, assault, theft, multiple forms of gang rape, torture, murder and corpse desecration committed in Knoxville on January 7, 2007, variously against Channon Christian, 21, and her boyfriend, Christopher Newsom, 23, that U.S Attorney James R. Dedrick recently called “one of, if not the most, horrendous crimes ever committed in Knoxville, Tennessee.”

    The victims were white; Boyd and the four murder defendants are all black. The authorities and the MSM long insisted that the crime had no racial motivation. They condemned as “white supremacists” all critics (including yours truly) who maintained otherwise. In a major concession in April, however, Knoxville News-Sentinel reporter Jamie Satterfield, who has covered the case more than any other journalist, and who previously expressed hostility towards critics suggesting a racial motivation, wrote neutrally that it “has gained notoriety as a black-on-white crime.”

    Boyd was charged with hiding alleged carjacking ringleader Lemaricus “Slim” Davidson from the police after the murders. Boyd insisted that he had had nothing to do with the gang rape-torture-murders, and did not know of them at the time. He has not been charged in their commission, or as an accomplice to them.

    And yet Judge Varlan still had a huge mess to clean up. It remains to be seen if he succeeded.

    "What Varlan did Wednesday was as bold as it is rare. Federal judges rarely impose maximum, consecutive sentencing.

    He did so unapologetically, citing Boyd’s history as a lifelong criminal who in 1994 embarked on a violent robbery spree that included the attempted murder of a witness and, once behind bars, assaults on other inmates and threats to prison guards.

    'Simply put, the defendant shows a lack of regard for the law,' Varlan said. 'Even when the defendant has been incarcerated for breaking the law, he has failed to follow the law.' "[Boyd sentenced to maximum time; He gets 18 years for hiding suspect in couple’s slaying, By Jamie Satterfield , Knoxville News-Sentinel, October 16, 2008]

    In his defense, Boyd argued, “I'm asking for the mercy of the court. I didn't have to do this, but I did it to make sure this man [Davidson] didn't hurt nobody else.”

    The sentence is a mixed bag. On the plus side, the judge reversed years of the negligence by the prison system’s stewards, who never punished Boyd for crimes and misconduct he committed while inside.

    On the minus side, Varlan violated the established understanding of co-operation by a defendant.

    Back in 1994, Boyd “admitted” (the term formerly known as “confessed”) to committing, among other crimes, nine robberies over the course of two months, in a plea deal which got him a sentence of only 20 years for the robberies, and dismissal of numerous other crimes, including attempted murder.

    But the family of his white crime partner, Ernest Boyd Collier III, hired a fancy lawyer, who got him some fancy justice—eight years of probation, with no time inside. Knox County prosecutors had promised Boyd that they would offer Collier no less than 20 years.

    Boyd had already made an anticipatory charge of racism before making his deal. He found receptive judges on Tennessee’s Court of Criminal Appeals, and got himself some fancy justice. By August 2002, he was paroled. in October 2002, the appeals court nullified the rest of Boyd’s prison sentence, threw out his convictions and reinstated the charges against him. He cut a new deal, for ten years, but would not have done another day, had he not violated parole. That netted him only another five months, at which point he could not be held any longer. Boyd had run out the clock.

    Boyd’s present attorney, Phil Lomonaco, argued that, since Boyd had told the authorities where Davidson was hiding, he had provided them with invaluable assistance, and therefore deserved leniency. Lomanaco asked for a sentence not to exceed four years. Judge Varlan countered that Boyd had only helped the authorities because he had already been caught, and thus deserved no consideration.

    Boyd’s professions of altruism and Varlan’s skepticism notwithstanding, criminals do not help the authorities out of the goodness of their hearts.

    An interagency fugitive task force was able to locate and quickly take Davidson into custody without a struggle, based solely on Boyd’s cooperation. A hard case like Boyd would never have cooperated, had he known that there was no payoff.

    The three main ways that criminals get put away are through community cooperation, aggressive police work, and bad guys “flipping” on each other.

    Lemaricus Davidson was released from prison in August 2006, after serving a token sentence for a previous carjacking and robbery conviction. He then allegedly spent the next four months-and-change on a wave of robberies with Boyd, his alleged crime partner, who allegedly also committed some stickups with Davidson’s half-brother, Letalvis “Rome” Cobbins.

    Prior to the murders, the black community, perhaps following the “don’t snitch” rule, was of no help in catching the suspects. And though Davidson’s white girlfriend, Daphne Sutton, testified at Boyd’s trial that she knew Davidson was doing stickups, she not only never alerted the police, but lied to them for hours, hindering their search for him.

    Knoxville police, who were also MIA prior to the discovery of Newsom’s burned body, were equally worthless, and may have been guilty of de-policing, out of fear of being called “racist.”

    That leaves bad guys betraying each other as the only effective crime-fighting tool. But if Judge Varlan’s precedent spreads through the grapevine, that option may dry up, as well.

    Judge Varlan repeatedly cited the pre-sentencing report of federal Probation Officer Myra Melton Buffalo, as justification for the sentence he meted out to Boyd.

    Judge Varlan argued that, since Boyd had confessed to 1994 robberies that were dismissed, but the federal sentencing guidelines had insufficiently counted those “criminal history points,” a lenient sentence would let him off too easily in the instant case, and thus that he deserved the maximum sentence.

    Lomonaco, who said he will appeal, will surely challenge that argument.

    The biggest legal problem with the Boyd trial was its timing. Boyd was convicted as an accessory to a crime allegedly committed by someone (Davidson) who has yet to be convicted for said crime. That required pre-empting the presumption of innocence regarding Davidson. Cart, horse.

    And Davidson is unlikely ever to be tried for the carjacking. He is scheduled to be tried next June on 47 state charges, including rape and murder. Presumably, convictions and a death sentence would moot the federal charges of carjacking.

    The scheduled state trials of the other four defendants on rape, murder, and other charges are: Letalvis Cobbins (January 26, 2009); Cobbins’ girlfriend, Vanessa Coleman (April 13, 2009); Lemaricus Davidson (June 22, 2009); and George Geovonni “Detroit” Thomas (August 10, 2009), respectively.

    Now Boyd will be more certain than ever that he is a victim of racism. It's hard out here for a stickup man.

    Our legal system was not designed to deal with offenders like Eric Boyd, with their multitudinous crimes and mitigating circumstances.

    The more “diverse” America becomes, the more it will be comprised of hostile communities who refuse to police themselves, the more police will be handcuffed, the more common Knoxville-style atrocities will become—and the more commonly judges will face issues that King Solomon himself couldn’t see his way through.

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