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As many of you know, I have been following the events and circumstances surrounding the arrest of Roanoke Nazi, Bill White, from the beginning. Today in Federal Court the Judge, once again, denied him his freedom and a forensic psychiatrist testified to the effect that White is not mentally ill but does have a personality disorder, something that I have been claiming for a number of years.

From Wikipedia...

Personality disorders are defined by the American Psychiatric Association (APA) as "an enduring pattern of inner experience and behavior that deviates markedly from the expectations of the culture of the individual who exhibits it". [1] These patterns, as noted, are inflexible and pervasive across many situations, due in large part to the fact that such behavior is ego-syntonic (i.e., the patterns are consistent with the ego integrity of the individual), and therefore, perceived to be appropriate by that individual. The onset of these patterns of behavior can typically be traced back to late adolescence and the beginning of adulthood, and, in rare instances, childhood.

The DSM-IV lists ten personality disorders, grouped into three clusters. The DSM also contains a category for behavioral patterns that do not match these ten disorders, but nevertheless exhibit characteristics of a personality disorder. This category is labeled Personality Disorder NOS (Not Otherwise Specified).

Cluster A (odd or eccentric disorders)

Paranoid personality disorder: characterized by irrational suspicions and mistrust of others
Schizoid personality disorder: lack of interest in social relationships, seeing no point in sharing time with others
Schizotypal personality disorder: also avoids social relationships, though out of a fear of people
Cluster B (dramatic, emotional, or erratic disorders)

Antisocial personality disorder: "pervasive disregard for the law and the rights of others."
Borderline personality disorder: extreme "black and white" thinking, instability in relationships, self-image, identity and behavior
Histrionic personality disorder: "pervasive attention-seeking behavior including inappropriate sexual seductiveness and shallow or exaggerated emotions
Narcissistic personality disorder: "a pervasive pattern of grandiosity, need for admiration, and a lack of empathy"
Cluster C (anxious or fearful disorders)

Avoidant personality disorder: social inhibition, feelings of inadequacy, extreme sensitivity to negative evaluation and avoidance of social interaction
Dependent personality disorder: pervasive psychological dependence on other people.
Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder (not the same as Obsessive-compulsive disorder): characterized by rigid conformity to rules, moral codes, and excessive orderliness

Anyone care to pick a disorder as it relates to Bill?


White denied bond by federal judge in Chicago
By Laurence Hammack

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Read the indictment against White handed down by a Chicago federal grand jury
(PDF, 17 KB)
Read the criminal complaint filed against White by the FBI
(PDF, 714 KB)
View postings presented as evidence by the government
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Editors' note: These documents contains language that some readers might consider offensive.
Updated 4:30 p.m.

CHICAGO -- William A. White will not be released from federal custody, a judge has ordered.

Judge William Hibbler this afternoon denied White's bond request, saying he based his decision not so much on concerns about what White might do, but more on what others might do at his urging.

"Unfortunately, there are so many people who are susceptible to suggestions that come from other sources," the judge said.

Updated 3:14 p.m.

CHICAGO – The only reason federal agents arrested William A. White, his attorney said today, was to get him off the streets before the presidential election.

At the time of his Oct. 17 arrest, the white supremacist was preparing to go to print with a magazine that pictured then-candidate Barack Obama, his head encircled by a rifle's crosshairs in the shape of a swastika.

With the image was this headline: “Kill This N-----?”

Although “the headline was catchy,” the accompanying article made no direct threats against Obama, White’s defense attorney, Nishay Sanan said.

Federal prosecutors never said directly at today’s bond hearing that White poses a danger to Obama, whose presidential transition office is located just across the street from the U.S. District courthouse in downtown Chicago.

But in asking that White be held without bond, Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Ferrara noted that the article concluded by stating that if Obama were to be elected, he should not be allowed, “by any means necessary,” to take office.

Authorities are arguing that the magazine for White’s neo-Nazi organization, the American National Socialist Workers Party -- and his Web site to an even greater degree -- are a way for him to advocate violence against those who offend his racist beliefs.

Earlier in the bond hearing, a psychiatrist testified that White would not pose a threat if released.

White’s inflammatory online postings site were a way for him to vent frustration, forensic psychiatrist James Corcoran said.

White shows no signs of mental illness, although he does have a personality disorder, the psychiatrist said.

Following Corcoran’s testimony, Judge William Hibbler recessed court to give him time to read the transcript from an earlier hearing in Roanoke in which White was ordered held without bond.

If White were released, he would return to Roanoke, where he would be watched closely by the FBI, his attorney said.

Hibbler said he expects to make a decision when court resumes at 3 p.m. Central time.

White has been in jail since Oct. 17, when federal agents in Roanoke arrested him on a charge of encouraging violence against the foreman of Chicago jury that convicted a fellow white supremacist.

Federal authorities allege that White posted the juror’s home address and telephone numbers on his Web site -- putting the man at risk to an Internet audience known for racist views and, in some cases, violence.

Although he made no direct threats to the juror, White wrote that the man played a key role in the wrongful conviction of Matthew Hale, who is currently serving a 40-year prison term. The jury convicted Hale in 2004 of soliciting the murder of a federal judge who ruled against him in a trademark infringement case involving the name of his organization, the World Church of the Creator.

Today’s hearing was White’s second attempt to make bond.

At an earlier hearing in federal court in Roanoke, magistrate Judge Michael Urbanski found White was a risk to the community, basing his decision largely on the 31-year-old’s own words.
In postings to his Web site,, White has rambled about his urges to kill – writing at one point that he had developed an intricate plot to murder “about a score of Roanoke’s Negro nuisances and their annoying counterparts at The Roanoke Times.”

Following Ubranski’s decision to hold White without bond, he was transferred to Chicago.



    CHICAGO - As Ronald Reagan might have said, "He just doesn't get it."
    William White, an anarchist and costumist, had claimed a "right" to
    call for and, even, orchestrate murders and assassinations. As such,
    he tried to cotton up to Matt Hale, who had been jailed for forty
    years for conspiracy to assassinate a judge. But, when jailed for
    conspiring to have a juror in the Hale case killed, White insisted
    that he was only exercising "free-speech." However, court-documents
    indicated that White, acting as a "Godfather," had plotted with
    others, encouraging them to do his bidding. According to Michael
    Burks, White's former right-hand-man, evidence included phone-calls,
    bugged by the FBI, and testimony by former White-associate, Justin

    In denying bond to White, federal-judge William Hibbler said that he
    based his decision not so much on concerns about what White might do,
    but more on what others might do at White's urging. White had, also,
    defended the campaign of Alex Curtis, who had called for "finishing
    what Tim McVeigh started," but who vanished after serving three years
    for conspiracy. White, who inherited a trust-fund, which he
    squandered as a slum-lord and wound up in bankruptcy, had become
    known for sparking a riot in Toledo, by appearing in a Negro-slum,
    dressed up as Hitler. A psychiatrist testified in White's
    bail-hearing in Chicago that White had a "personality-disorder," but
    was not mentally-ill. White had termed Nationalists "mentally-ill"
    for opposing him.

    Nationalists had denounced White, Hale and Curtis for "giving a bad
    name" to pro-majority activism. White had termed Nationalists
    "wacky," for urging legality. Hale had dubbed them a "total joke" and
    Curtis branded them "crazy" for successfully using the court-system.
    White's Indian lawyer, Nishay Sanan, argued that the First-Amendment
    protected White. However, a similar notion was advanced and rejected
    by a Kentucky court, which found Ron Edwards guilty of plotting to
    beat up a Panamanian, even though Edwards had not been personally
    present during the assault. The conspiracy-prosecution had been used
    successfully against Richard Butler, David Holland, Tom Metzger and
    Robert Shelton, but not Mark Watts, who had Nationalist-lawyers.

    Conspiracy prohibitions date back a thousand years in
    English-jurisprudence, but had been strengthened by RICO-statutes,
    aimed at nabbing "Godfathers," who would keep their distance, while
    having others commit murders in their behalf. Burks, who had depicted
    himself in front of a Hitler-flag, stated that the entire pro-white
    movement is a joke," comprised of "odd balls, scumbags, whores,
    closet-homosexuals and liars," excoriating fellow-costumists White,
    Thom Robb, Billy Roper, Randy Gray and Edwards. Burks, also, blasted
    David Duke and Don Black for being what he termed "con-men."
    Nationalists were omitted from Burks' odium. Costumists had become
    "media-darlings," but Nationalists called them more of a
    "distraction" than a political-factor.

    White had filed a complaint against Nationalists for having his
    threat-laden website taken down. He lost. He posted a caricature of a
    Nationalist's head, superimposed on the body of a woman, which he
    pronounced as "pretty." It was ditched, when the FBI took his website
    down. White had appeared in court in Milwaukee claiming to be a
    "lawyer" and demanding to be freed from police-restrictions. The
    judge ruled that he could not practice law and denied his
    contentions. Burks had defended White as a "prisoner of free-speech,"
    but wound up naming him not only "a total disgrace to the white race,
    but a total disgrace to all of mankind." White, the former head of
    the Utopian Anarchist Party and "Pravda"-reporter, had called for
    killing the "ruling classes."

    According to Burks, "Bill also asked me to hide evidence during one
    of his many investigations -- also illegal and, yes, the FBI knows
    all about it. No, I didn't snitch on Bill White. The FBI had the call
    taped." Meanwhile, Gabriel Dann denounced Nationalists for opposing
    White, but Nationalists pointed out that bearded, qwirky costumists
    burn out quickly. George Burdi, a bearded Bulgarian-Gypsy, who had
    encouraged two brothers in Pennsylvania to go on a killing-spree,
    issued a Burks-like renunciation, in "dropping out" of being
    "pro-white" and joining a band of Negroes, Jews and homosexuals. Only
    minority-activist Morris Dees persisted that White would "continue to
    be a player." However, Jessica Arivett stated that White "got what he
    Copyright 2008 The Nationalist Movement

  2. I didn't think Michael Burks was an informant, because he acted just like an informant. He's a flat out nutcase. Usually government informants are the ones you least suspect. Like Chester Doles.

    You figure with all the trash these WN say, you would think they would go to jail rather than cooperate with the FBI....

    I was wrong in this case. I'm glad I was wrong.

  3. Hitler also served time in jail before he rose to power. This jailtime is actually giving Commander White a chance to further develop the plan to remove the nigger from the Whitehouse and start the revolution we need to clean up this cesspool of a nation.

    This also gives us a time to weed out the frauds and cowards who run for cover whenever there is a setback.

    Within 5 years there will be a swastika flying over the WhiteHouse and those who have betrayed Commander White should get no mercy.

  4. The big difference between Hitler and White is that Hitler live in a predominately white country. Even if Bill was released sometime, you can bet the hordes of non-whites would never vote for him.

    Bill white is merely a drag strip on the underwear of the movement and it's time we all for get about him.

    Yes Schwartz, Burks and Ramsey are nutcases but you are just as bad or worse!

  5. I guess the rumors are true, Nikki has tasted nigger shit!

  6. Watching this jackass White go down in a burning pile of ash has been more entertaining than any of you can imagine.

    I have truely enjoyed watching him implode. You just can't pay for entertainment like that!

    My bets are that either Hal Turdner or Krusty Cobb are the next ones to join him.

  7. It blows my mind seeing that "Kill this Nigger" magazine getting taken out of context in an attempt to construe its message in favor of their agenda. I was told by Meghan, Whites wife, that they did this in court as well.

    The last statement is a lie. The so called threat on Obama was related to a magazine he published where the headline on the top of the magazine said "Kill This Nigger" with a target around his head.

    Just below this the sub head said the Obama assassination myth and all throughout the magazine it talked about the fact that white supremacists do not want to kill Obama and this falsehood was completely fabricated by the Obama campaign for sympathy votes.

    BTW, Hal Turner will not be the next to go down you fool. They do not take down their own.

  8. Hal Turdner is a wannabee Fed Informer. He is borderline schizo. There is no way in hell that any law inforcement agency would have him you dipshit.

  9. Hal Turner sits at home not working living with his 62 year old Puerto Rican wife and his adopted hispanic son. ADOPTED!!!!! Hal's mother is almost the same age as his wife. Sick isn't it?

    Hal is fluent in Spanish as is his wife and child.

    They attend a nearly all-hispanic Catholic church in Jersey City.

  10. It is even funnier than you can imagine. I talk to Meg White on a regular basis. Generally speaking Bill is trying to give up anyone and everyone in the "WN" movement to get his own sorry ass out of jail :)

    This includes friends and enemies! Supposedly Yankee Jim and Hal Turner were involved in a plot to kill Kingston politicians :) Vonbluven's and Doc are actively involved in murdering Jewish people and even Drake hasn't been spared, although what Bill is telling on him is unclear. I wonder if the FBI is taking Bill seriously?

  11. Looks like white people are doing a "chimp out" in Greece as the neo-nazis like to put it. 3 straight days of rioting and burning up Greek cities.

    You almost never hear of blacks doing any rioting these days do you?

  12. Anonymous 6:27 - you conveniently omit the fact that the "whites" chimping out in Greece are anarchists and that the action was organized by the Communist Party, as documented in the International Herald-Tribune. They are not responsible mainstream whites, any more than the two boneheads caught down in Tennessee are responsible mainstream WNs.

    This is not unusual. During the most recent series of NSM rallies, it was not white patriots who got arrested, but antifa. And while the white patriots show their faces to the public, many antifa cover their faces with bandannas. What are they afraid of?

  13. What they are doing is motivated out of fear away. Brave people don't tramble each other as they rush to surrender. I've known scores of these people. All of them of from wealthy homes, snug in the suburbs. You're better ones might have worked at a coffee shop or an ice cream stand in their teens. Almost all are drug addicted. Most have criminal records enough to make even the most hardened skinhead appear as a law abiding model citizen.

    I used to say that the whole "look at what scum the movement is" tactic would take a backseat if you ever showed what complete human garbage makes up the antifa. Well, people do just that but they rarely bring up their politics. You can see them on plenty of documentaries about heroin, rich kids living on the streets and other such programs. However, you'll never see them bring up the fact that its the same trash who show up to basically put on a public anti-white rally right alongside any pro-white rally. The jew doesn't want the public to figure out that this is what he has to do for anti-white foot soldiers in countries that he swears he has beaten. Instead we read in the media who there was 20 of us (50) and 500 of them (20).

    Blacks and other non-whites riot constantly in white nations while killing each other enmass in their own. I can't wait until they discover just how much nerve the whites have lost and decide to start doing real damage.

  14. I would say that all of you fuckers, both racist and non-racist need to suck Obama's huge black dick. I bet Nikki would enjoy swallowing his load.

  15. Anchorage Whiner said: Ah who gives a fuck what he said. Listen asshole you see the WN losers through rose covered glasses. There are no "responsible members" in this group. There is no communist conspiracy. Get a clue tin foil boy.

  16. There were no facts omitted, these are white people that are doing all this rioting in Greece. Since you don't sub-categorize blacks for stuff, don't be a hypocrite and start doing it for whites.

    This is your own race that is doing the rioting. Own up to it.

    Like all around the United States and Europe, almost all riots are done by white people. Blacks and Jews are the least likely to cause riots.

    Another way to look at it, these "communist" care enough for their cause that they are willing to risk arrest and even death. Anchorage Activist and his types will do nothing but whine on a message board sitting on a comfortable couch.

  17. Wow, you are completely full of shit. Blacks are constantly rioting. When they do it the burn down their housing and hurt innocent whites. What a complete fool you are.

  18. Such an ignorant statement. Trying to look across the world to find some whites that are rioting. Why don't you look across the world to Africa. Almost every country in the entire continent of Africa is in a civil war and I wonder who those people are.

  19. When is the last time you heard of a black riot???

    Well, come on.....

    Meanwhile there have been dozens of white riots all over the US, most of them involving sporting events, colleges, and drunkenness

    Here's just one example of white riots..

    STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (AP) -- Seven more people were charged by police in connection with the unruly fan celebration that followed Penn State's win over Ohio State last month.

    Police say four men were charged with felony riot and misdemeanor charges for their part in the Oct. 25 disturbance in State College. Three people face just misdemeanor charges.

    Police say the suspects are Penn State students.

    Authorities charged 14 other suspects two weeks ago in connection with the disturbance.

    About 4,000 fans poured onto a two-block area following the victory. Police used pepper spray and night sticks to break up the gathering.

    Authorities say there was about $20,000 in property damage, including uprooted light poles and damaged cars.


    Now again assclown, show me the last black riot in the US.

  20. How about any Stealers game? Is that a good start? Idiot, some of us live in the South. They riot weekly here. Stop trying to paint blacks as "no worse than whites." Thats about like me saying there is no such thing as a bad white person. I'm likely talking to one.

  21. Those anarchists trashing banks in Greece have more balls than all the "white power" turkeys in the world combined. Most Greeks aint "white" on VNN.

  22. Ohhh, Woops, white kids pulling down lamp posts and tipping over a car is worse than blacks killing beating whites and burning down apartment buildings. 20,000 in damage??? Trash one car and your there. That doesn't even slightly compare with any of the black riots.

    I guess your right though, there aren't many black riots.

    United States

    * 1958: Battle of Hayes Pond
    * 1964: Harlem Riot
    * 1964: Philadelphia 1964 race riot
    * 1964 Rochester riot
    * 1965: Watts Riots
    * 1966: Hough Riots
    * 1966: North Omaha, Nebraska
    * 1967: Texas Southern University Riot (Houston, TX)
    * 1967: 12th Street Riot, Detroit
    * 1967: Buffalo riot, Buffalo, New York
    * 1967: Milwaukee Riot
    * 1967: Minneapolis North Side Riots
    * 1967: 1967 Newark riots
    * 1968: Orangeburg massacre
    * 1968: Nationwide riots following the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.
    o 1968: Baltimore riot of 1968
    o 1968: Chicago (April 1968)
    o 1968: Louisville riots of 1968
    o 1968: 1968 Washington, D.C. riots
    * 1969: 1969 York Race Riot
    * 1970: Jackson State killings
    * 1971: Camden Riots
    * 1972-1977: Escambia High riots in Pensacola, Florida
    * 1980: Miami Riots
    * 1980: Chattanooga Riot
    * 1990: Inglewood High School riot: A riot that broke out in front of the school between 30 Latino and Blacks after the black students leave the Cinco de Mayo day as revenge for running out on Black History Day.
    * 1991: Crown Heights Riot
    * 1992: Los Angeles Riots: In a reaction to the acquittal of all LA police officers involved in the videotaped beating of Rodney King; riots broke out mainly involving Black youth in the Black neighborhoods.
    * 1996: St. Petersburg Riots: After Officer Jim Knight stopped 18 yr. old Tyron Lewis for speeding, his car lurched forward causing Knight to fire his weapon, fatally wounding the black teenager. Riots broke out and lasted for about 2 days.
    * 2001: Cincinnati Riots: In a reaction to the acquittal of Steven Roach after the fatal shooting of an unarmed young Black male, Timothy Thomas, during a foot pursuit, riots broke out over the span of a few days.
    * 2003: Benton Harbor Riot
    * 2005: 2005 Toledo Riot: A race riot that broke out after the Neo Nazi protest marched through a black neighborhood.
    * 2006: Fontana High School riot: Riot involving about 500 Latino and black students[47]
    * 2006: Prison Race Riots: A war between Latino and black prison gangs set off a series of riots across California[48][49]
    * 2008: Locke High School riot[50]
    * 2008: Hempstead High School riot. Two days of fighting between Hispanic and black kids.[51]

    And it goes on and on............

  23. Turns out Judge Hibbler is black...

  24. Quick change the subject! People aren't as dumb as we thought!

  25. What a stupid whiner. Whine whine whine blacks did this waahhhaaaaaa
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    What a hate filed loser. Tooooo funny!

    Whine some more bitch so I can laugh.

  26. I wonder how many times Bill has been ass fucked. He gonna go "whoooosh" when he farts. He he he life is good.

  27. Wow, there are some really ignorant people here including one that even has the capability of denying undeniable information. Liberals are really a fun group aren't they. It's amazing how they all seem to follow this same pattern.

    BTW, who was whining, I didn't see anyone in here whine about anything with exception of that liberal.

  28. "If found guilty, White faces a maximum of 55 years in prison as well as a potential fine of up to $250,000 for each charge."

    I expected this. I think he will end up behind bars for at least 20 years...

    How two Canadians helped nab America's top neo-Nazi

    Bill White has been called 'one of the most vicious anti-Semites' of his day. Now, thanks to Canadian testimony, the list of charges against the neo-Nazi chief includes threatening an Ottawa anti-racism campaigner


    From Friday's Globe and Mail

    December 11, 2008 at 10:30 PM EST

    A notorious American neo-Nazi was charged Thursday with threatening a prominent Canadian anti-hate campaigner, as well as blacks and Jews in the United States.

    Bill White was indicted after secret testimony from a Canadian human-rights lawyer, Richard Warman – the alleged target of one threat – and also from Canadian Jewish Congress chief executive Bernie Farber.

    The two men told a grand jury in Virginia last September that Mr. White and other U.S.-based white supremacists routinely threaten Canadians such as themselves, and Canadian agencies who challenge hate speech. This, and testimony from many other witnesses, led to seven new criminal counts against Mr. White.

    The 31-year-old Mr. White, who describes himself as the “commander” of the American National Socialist Workers Party, was first charged last October with threatening a juror in a case against another white supremacist. U.S. prosecutors now allege Mr. White posted the addresses of many of his perceived enemies on the Internet, while urging his followers to hurt or kill them.

    Bill White calls himself the ‘commander’ of the American National Socialist Workers Party.

    Grand jury indictment (PDF)

    The complaint specifies he criminally threatened Ottawa's Mr. Warman, who has mounted a one-man crusade to eradicate hate speech on the Internet by making more than 20 complaints to Canadian rights bodies over the years.

    “He deserves to be killed,” is what Mr. White allegedly said. The indictment reads that “William A. White knowingly transmitted in interstate commerce communications by Internet postings directed at RW, a Canadian lawyer, containing a threat to injure RW.”

    The U.S. complaint arrives in the midst of a heated Canadian debate about whether this country should rein in censorship laws. Last month, a much-anticipated report urged the Canadian Human Rights Commission to stop trying to censor hate speech, finding that censorship of Internet hate speech should be dealt with exclusively by criminal law.

    But Mr. Farber is one man who disagrees with that position. The Toronto-based Jewish congress leader has spent decades battling neo-Nazis and white supremacists. He argued that Mr. White and his ilk can make hateful remarks for years while shielding themselves with free-speech laws.

    “He is one of the most vicious anti-Semites I've had the displeasure of having had to deal with,” Mr. Farber said in an interview Thursday. “He was issuing death threats against Richard, publishing his home address … and fortunately, he wasn't able to find mine.”

    Mr. Farber has documented Mr. White's postings for years – including one targeting a Canadian Supreme Court Justice, Madam Justice Rosalie Abella, who is Jewish – but said he didn't know about the U.S. criminal investigation until he was asked to testify this summer.

    He happily obliged and made the trip to Roanoke, Va. In that city of about 300,000 people, Mr. White is known as a real estate agent who urges poor blacks to get out of properties he wants to buy.

    In an interview last night, Mr. Warman said he was glad to testify to the Virginia grand jury and will testify at trial.

    “I want to see justice done,” the Ottawa human rights-crusader said.

    Asked if criminal law was adequate for dealing with hate speech, he said it wasn't – pointing out he first complained about the threats to his life more than two years ago, to police on both sides of the border.

    Mr. White, occasionally wearing Nazi swastikas but always swaddling himself in U.S. First Amendment rights, has frequently insisted he knows the precise line between free speech and criminality. The cover of a magazine he published recently had the image of president-elect Barack Obama in a gun's crosshairs, under the headline “Kill this Nigger?”

    He often espoused a special contempt for Canada's relatively constraining hate-speech laws which, he noted, didn't generally apply to him so long as he was in Virginia. “In terms of a Canadian, I think we'd actually have to conspire to kill him before it broke any legal lines,” he said in a 2005 Internet post. “ … At least that seems to be what the feds keep telling Canada whenever they demand my arrest.”

    Thursday in Virginia, acting U.S. attorney Julia Dudley said some lines had clearly been crossed, as she announced the new charges against Mr. White. “When freedom of speech turns into threats against innocent people, it is the responsibility of the law enforcement community to intervene and protect its citizens,” she said.

    The other counts against Mr. White alleged he made threats against poor black tenants suing their landlords. He is also accused of threatening a Pulitzer-prize winning Miami Herald journalist, a university professor in New Jersey, and mayor in that same state – all of whom are black.

    Mr. White also stands accused of threatening a Citibank debt collector for trying to get him to pay his bills. The indictment refers to many of Mr. White's own alleged Internet postings, including ones that say, “We do fun stuff like start riots and kidnap famous Jews” and, simply, “Heil Hitler.



    White Supremacist Leader Indicted on Federal Charges for Threats, Witness Intimidation
    Thursday, December 11, 2008

    ROANOKE, Va. — A white supremacist leader has been indicted on federal changes for making threats to five individuals and attempting to intimidate witnesses in a federal housing discrimination lawsuit, the Justice Department announced Thursday.

    William White, the self-proclaimed commander of the neo-Nazi group the American National Socialist Workers Party, was charged with five counts of communicating threats in interstate commerce, one count of communicating an extortionate threat in interstate commerce and one count of witness intimidation.

    The 31-year-old was also recently indicted in the Northern District of Illinois for soliciting the murder of a former federal juror.

    The new indictment alleges that, from late 2006 through mid 2008, White terrorized individuals with whom he disagreed on either racial or personal issues. He is accused of making late-night telephone calls to the victims' homes, writing victims threatening e-mails and posting victims' contact and personal information on neo-Nazi Web sites, sometimes accompanied by language advocating their murder.

    He also allegedly sent letters to the homes of individuals involved in a federal housing discrimination lawsuit which included racial epithets and threatened consequences for their participation in the suit.

    If found guilty, White faces a maximum of 55 years in prison as well as a potential fine of up to $250,000 for each charge.

  30. He will cop a plea and get ten years. 7 more felonies though.... Bill has to be crying in prison wonder how Hal Turner got away with all his threats but Bill didn't...

  31. BTZZZZT Conservatives whined for eight years about Clinton (reminder: economy under Clinton never better) they've already started whining about Obama and he hasn't even taken office. They act like little children (see Newt Gingrich) when they don't get their way and often go out side the law (see Nixon WATERGATE and Regan IRAN/CONTRA) you'd think the country would have learned their lesson following Hoover.

  32. It's a mystery to me why that anyone who makes under 100 thousand a year would ever vote republican. I guess there really is a sucker born every minute.

  33. I'm still not sure that Bill will get that much, if any time. Other than run his mouth Bill hasn't really done anything (at least as far as I know). I think that if Bill had not threatened a (then) Presidential Candidate he might have been okay. It is never good to come up on the Secret Service's Radar. Still Turner has threatened policiticans in the past.

    Gee maybe Hal is a snitch, Mr. Schwartz :)

  34. He will cop a plea and get ten years. 7 more felonies though

    pity they don't send YOU to prison, jew-boy....considering all those kiddie-porn snuff flix you've made with Nikki da FckNUTZ, eh?!?

  35. Jimbo says: (nothing important)

    Shut up Ramsey.

  36. Yalp. If We need a morons opinion we can drive to Portland and beat it out of him.

  37. He's not in Portland. He's in Michigan. That's old news.

  38. Hal turner is a federal informer so now you know why.

    Sponge bob shit pants, you must have meant you don't know why anyone making under 15k a year would vote republican. Republicans help those who help themselves. Under 15K and you are either a child or a worthless piece of shit sucking off of society because you would rather lay around on your ass and collect a welfare check and foodstamps for life than force yourself to be a productive citizen.

    Republicans help those above 15K. They even gave a tax break via a check returned to everyone under 100K. Those above 100K didn't get shit. Republicans are for the poor who are there not by their own doing such as handicapped or people who are down and out for a short period of time and the middle class.

    They are also for business tax breaks, so they will have the money to grow which requires more employees.

    Liberals are for the dirt poor only. Not the middle class. Obama will let Bush's tax check expire, thus a tax increase on the middle class and poor. Taxing the middle class and poor does not equal helping them.

    You are obviously a radical liberal who has his head up his ass and has completely lost the inability to think a thought based on simple math and logic. Please pull it back out for the good of America.

  39. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  40. Well, I can see how Republicans help the American people. To Wit: The Bail Out Plan included 20 billion that was allocated to help American home owners that have defaulted on their mortgages. Amount of money Bush Administration has actually released to help American home owners 0.0 dollars. Thank you George W Bush, thank you Republican party.

    You obviously have no clue about anything and shouldn't run your filthy mouth. I am just a person sick to death of the Republican party, I am ashamed to admit that I voted for George Bush who ruined my 401 K. As long as I live I will never vote for another Republican. Never. Never. Never. I am an American is tired of getting raped by politicians. I am not a liberal dumbass, I believe in balance. I don't for one moment believe that democrats are much better. But they didn't bring us Iran/Contra, Starr Investigation, A war to find Non-existance of WOMD, Watergate, The Great Depression or the current crises which can be linked to Bush's fucking spending. The debut was eliminated under Clinton. IMPEACH BUSH NOW, IT'S NEVER TOO LATE.

  41. Impeaching a president doesn't do anything. Please do as I previously asked and take the head out of the rectum. President Clinton was impeached and he remained the president until the end.

    I don't know one single republican that actually likes George Bush. He did not represent the republican party. In all actuality he represented the Democrats. He just went against the republicans will and decided to bail out the auto industry. The dems pushed hard to ensure that the bailout would go through. It passed in the Democrat controlled house and was shut down in the senate.

    You ruined your 401K you fool. Start investing your money like any other investor does. They speculate and determine where the best place for their money is. You are a crappy investor and you blame it on Bush. I switched my investments to real estate for rental property and I have profited tremendously from your and others downfall.

  42. I have a new night time hobby. I go around and slash the tires of cars with a McCain/Pain bumper sticker. It is ten times worse if I find them with a Bush bumper sticker. Republicans are shit and have it coming.

  43. This figures that you are a liberal and a criminal. You are a world class looser and you are destined to be a complete waste of skin for the rest of your life. God has punished you already.

  44. Funny, and typical republican prank. Post criminal activities then blame it on liberals. You sir are a fraud and most likely that life time loser Matthew Ramsey or Chris "screwin' MegHam White" Drake. Self thinks you should follow in the footsteps of Yankee Jim.

  45. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. Who is tard that constantly parrots Republican line bullshit? Liberals spend too much (how can you spend more than Bush who took no deficit to record levels eh?), wahaaaaaaaa

    Liberals are bad Wahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Clinton was bad. Whine.

    Self knows these people are idiots and racist retardo's. Can not contribute anything but crying and complaining to government. Clinton put these people in place (see Newt) Obama will have to do same to see success of efforts. This is self evident to self.

    Idiots may now start crying about self.

  47. Hummm self being near genius and deep thinker noticed that all individuals that agree with Turner on Turner blog have profiles created all about the same time. Self believes little fat man Turner be creating socks. Yes indeed.

  48. Enough said. You just buried yourself again. Now I know why Michael Savage says Liberalism is a Mental Disorder.

  49. You really are an obsessive idiot aren't you? Liberals can't do any worse than Bush who has ruined our economy. Reminder: Before Bush took office there was no national debt thanks to Clinton. Bush managed to bring it to record levels. Thank god we won't be seeing any Republicans for a while.

  50. "You really are an obsessive idiot aren't you?"

    No, that would be you and I'm getting ready to prove it.

    "Liberals can't do any worse than Bush who has ruined our economy."

    Didn't I already say that I can't think of a single republican that actually likes Bush? You truly are ignorant.... But it gets worse!

    "Reminder: Before Bush took office there was no national debt thanks to Clinton."

    You are one of the most ignorant liberal I have ever run across. There was national debt when Bush took office.

    Here it is compared to the GDP

    Clinton started with 4 trillion in national debt, he ended with 7 trillion.

    I would be willing to bet that you are so ignorant that you don't even know the difference between national debt and national deficit.

    Clinton lowered the national deficit.

    So... You now have been pulled out on the floor and have been exposed as being ignorant. This is the underlying reason behind all liberal decisions. Liberals decisions are based on complete ignorance and a lack of logic and reasoning.

  51. Wow, smacked down hard!

    You really were ignorant after all.

  52. The first anonymous guy was righter than you, second anonymous guy. Clinton did virtually eliminate the debut. Bush completely ruined that, now you being total Republican bird dog might not recognize the significance of that but the government is not immune to debut. Basically all Bush (since he spent billions and didn't raise taxes) has been doing as been printing money. This has devalued our money tremondously.

    Isn't it ironic that Republicans who constantly complain about "Democratic spending" completely outspend democrats on a exponentially level? Personally, I would a lot rather see my tax payer money spent here than killing people overseas.

    The very fact that Republicans put there own personal ideology over the will of the people that elected them make them unacceptable to me.

  53. Republicans do not put their own ideology over the will of the people. This was Bush and republicans are very unhappy with him.

    Clinton did not almost get rid of the national debt. You mean he almost got rid of the national deficit. It appears that you also do not know the difference between the national debt and the national deficit. Respectfully, you should read up on it a little before you continue with something that you don't know what your talking about.

    The national debt rose by 3 trillion dollars under Clinton.

    Also you say that you would rather see your tax paid dollars spent here than eliminating terrorists overseas. That's a matter of opinion but beyond that it is clear that throughout history, Democrat presidents have taken us to war many more times than Republicans. That's a fact as well!

  54. Oh my Republican parrot talks about speaking before talking. Self is much amused. Republicans supported Bush all the way, now in failure self notes they desert ship like the little rats they are.

    Now today even Newt says, "GOP" on wrong track. Self thinks, "Gee Newt, this is a NewsFlash?" You've manage to run the economy in toilet and can't blame it (believably) on Democrats. The American People are really pissed at you. Your whole ideology is out of step with the American people (which is why they kicked your sorry asses out of congress and Presidency).

    ....and it's going to get worse before it gets better, Republican trash. You'd better hope Obama can repair the damage.

  55. Sponger Bob shit pants is really Michael Burks.

  56. Self is not Burks, self does not even like Burks or his homosexual would be lover Matthew Ramsey. Though if hater of self put gun to head of self and said "Pick which of these two despicable nut cases is better!" Self would have to say Burks who is at least funny and slightly interesting where Ramsey is stupid, incessantly obsessed with people of Jewish and black persuasion.

  57. "Republicans supported Bush all the way, now in failure self notes they desert ship like the little rats they are. "

    This shows that you only hear one side and have absolutely no knowledge of when Republicans actually jumped ship which was about 3 years ago.

    Besides your apparent insanity, you have the intellectual competence of an earth worm.

  58. Self remembers old adage "post proof or STFU" anonymous coward. Somewhere along the line they forget that Rush Limbaugh was a moron and started letting same dictate the policies of the GOP. "Let's talk one thing and do another thing" says, GOP. We will talk financial responsibility but instead will spend billions on weapons and war to help out our bothers in the arms industry that helped get our sorry Republican asses elected. We will let big business rape the little guy while we sit back and do nothing.

    And it gets even worse, the Bush administration used the Justice Department politically prosecuting most democrats for "campaign violations" while completely ignoring republicans transgressions.

  59. One lie after another for you. Again, I can disproof everything you said but it's not worth the time or effort. I have already found that when you are dragged out on the floor and exposed with undeniable proof as being ignorant of reality and susceptible to liberal propaganda you just continue to post more liberal propaganda.

    In all actuality, anyone with any ounce of self worth would have shut their hole when they know they are talking to someone who is greatly intellectually superior to them.

  60. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  61. Hummm don't agree with Shit Bob but at least he makes sense (some what) and isn't crying about "liberals" while offering nothing. Put up or shut up moron. If you can prove him wrong, do it. All you do is run your head and brag. We don't share you high opinion of yourself or your views and neither do the American People who elected the nigger.

    Ron Paul should of been elected, he was the only real choice that stood for change. The nigger ain't gonna change nothing but then again I doubt he can fuck it up any worse than Bush. Only time will tell.

  62. The depth and breadth of ignorance and just plain old stupidity that raises its' ugly head in the comment sections of various internet blogs always astounds me. It probably explains why this country is in the mess it is in today, as well.

    George W. Bush, his REPUBLICAN party, and his REPUBLICAN friends along with his REPUBLICAN policies and Executive Priviledge took this country from a prosperous and respected nation to a bankrupt and despised entity in the course of eight years. Anyone attempting to absolve him or his cronies of their guilt is just as culpable in my opinion.

    The Republcian Party has a lot of work to do if they ever hope to regain trust or respect. They haven't represented the values or the needs of the American people for some time now. Greed and corruption seems to be indemic to politicians - but it doesn't have to be that way. The only thing that will change that is for the American people to wake the hell, pay attention, and get involved.

    Claiming that most Republicans don't like Bush or that he doesn't and hasn't represented the Republican Party really is a very flimsy argument. The man is a Republican who comes from a very long line of Republicans - all sharing the same ideologies, friends, grudges, and agendas. He was hughely popular among republicans at the time of his theft of office and his election. He represents republican ideas and financial views. He surrounded himself with REPUBLICANS who assissted him, and guided him, in leading this country into the abyss. Don't blame Republicans? How jejune.

    Will things be better under Obama? I don't know. But, one thing for certain, he has inherited one of the worst jobs imaginable and needs our support.

  63. Honestly, that's a bunch of crap Nikki. You obviously never listen to AM Radio which is basically the only place where you can hear conservative republican views. Bush has been hammered relentlessly for the past 3 years. You have failed to mention this so it is apparent that you are completely unaware.

    The Democrats have been in control for the past 2 years. Bush could not do anything without their complete undying approval since they control congress. Congress must approve!

    The Democrat controlled congress in the past year had an 11 percent approval rating by the public. Today it is 8%. That is completely unimaginable. Bush's approval rating has never been even close to that.

    The ignorant society decided to put 2 congressmen in the final race to the presidency, McCain and Obama. How is that even possible. Are people really that stupid to put 2 congressmen in for the president when the approval rating is that low?

    The 700 billion dollar theft from the American people has now reached 8 trillion dollars of commitments of which 2.9 trillion has been already physically paid out.

    The corruption is deeper than it has ever been in American history and our new president is already tied to significant amounts of corruption and he hasn't even started yet.

    In all reality. There is only one way of stopping the corruption and taking our country back without having to do it by force. The corruption is primarily caused by both lobbiest and PAC money to the politicians and election money.

    Bill Clinton even got busted accepting campaign donations from dead people in China and a dog which is an act of treason against the American people and punishable by life in prison. Why did the issue just disappear after a few days on the news??? Why did the republicans do nothing about it? You know why. It was because they are all on "the take" too!!! Why would they turn him in and risk giving themselves up in the process.

    The only solution to this corruption is to have all elections to be paid for by the people and to impose term limits in congress to break the "good old boy system".

    Do you think Obama will do that for this country? Fat Chance!

  64. ;;quote;;
    The only solution to this corruption is to have all elections to be paid for by the people and to impose term limits in congress to break the "good old boy system".

    Do you think Obama will do that for this country? Fat Chance!
    ;;end quote;;

    Obama doesn't have the power to do either one of those things. Having taxpayers pay for all elections would only strengthen the two party system. The only way a 3rd party is going to break through is through PRIVATE FINANCING of campaigns.

    But if you think 3rd party's work, look at Canada, 3rd parties have virtually shut down the Canadian government because no one has a majority.

    The part about congress limits would require a constitution change, something the president has zero power over.

    I'm disappointed that Obama has paid off Clinton by appointing so many Clintonites into the administration. I rather have seen him promise Hillary to Sec of Health or the Supreme Court rather than the #2 position in the white house (you don't think VP is #2 do you???)

  65. First of all, I am against air pollution and that extends to flatulent right wing extremists who call themselves "talk-show hosts."

    Secondly, I particularly object to those who believe that the best way to win an argument or debate is to consider all opponents to be uninformed illiterates who go through life wearing blinders when it is obvious that your own current mindset is nothing short of myopic party line.

    Thirdly, albeit true that Bush has been under fire from both sides of the fence, he was initially groomed, courted, and sold to the American people as a REPUBLICAN by REPUBLICANS. Additionally, his cabinet, staff and advisors consisted of REPUBLICANS. These REUPBLICANS have shared the wealth among themselves for eight damned years while this country and its' people has been raped and pilaged by unscrupulous REPUBLICANS with a Bible in one hand and a club of mammoth proportions in the other.

    Fourth, it has taken eight years to get us to this place in time - the fact that a few got the message and started distancing themselves from the perpetrators a couple of years ago and the rest are now fleeing the ship as the bow goes under doesn't make them good REPUBLICANS - or Bush any less REPUBLICAN. All it does is demonstrate that loyalty is tenuous, at best, and that even REPUBLICANS know then it's time to save themselves.

    Fifth, attempting to lay blame at the feet of a Democratic Congress is fallacious on many fronts. This country was sent headlong into a war based on lies, deceit and greed. The war, itself has placed an enormous burden on taxpayers of this country and the only really positive thing coming out of this mess can be found lining the pockets of Bush's friends and cohorts.

    The housing crisis, the credit crisis, the whole economic mess that we are in can be, and has been, laid squarely at the feet of REPUBLICANS and REPUBLICAN policies.

    As to corruption - I agree with you, in part. Corruption is a resident evil in ALL politics from city/county government on up. Even school boards are not immune. You may or may not be aware that after securing the Democratic nomination, Barack Obama and the National Democratic Party refused to take any lobby money - if you believe.

    I am not trying to say that one party is more or less corrupt than another. What I am saying is that for you to belittle others, consider them less-informed than yourself, or preach a holier-than-thou Republican dogma here, or elsewhere, belies the superior intelligence that you obviously think you have.

    As I said before, I don't know if Obama can pull it all back together - I doubt that anyone can undo the damage that has been done to this county in any short order. What I DO believe is that the Republican Party has a lot of work to do and a lot of healing to engage in. That's going to take lots of time - and I sincerely hope that they either develop a new ideology and a set of goals that are more in line with 21st Century America than what they have shown us thus far. I think a two party system is, in many ways, healthy - as long as both parties represent the people.

    Lastly, I am happy for you that you haven't lost any of your investments or experienced the fear or frustation that millions in this country have over the last few months. It must feel good to know that you are are so superior to the rest of the population. Bragging rights are always appreciated by those who win, right? It's funny that you so rightgeously and vigorously defend the Republican Party while making your weekly or monthly deposits into that failed bank that I just helped bail out. Bet you drive a nice, shiny new Beamer too. Those of us who have invested in those 401K's and retirement accounts for years really need to STFU and choke on our stupidity while the Republican Party rebuilds and can dupe another generation into allowing them to stick it to us one more time, huh?

    And...before you start calling me some sort of tree-hugging, wild-eyed, left-wing liberal communist, let me assure you that while my stance might be very liberal on civil and human rights, they are considered moderate on many other issues. But then, I'm just probably not as well informed as you.

  66. ;;quote;;
    You obviously never listen to AM Radio which is basically the only place where you can hear conservative republican views.
    ;;end quote;;

    You left out far right Fox News, Lou Dobbs of CNN, any shortwave American broadcast (WBCQ and WWCR come to mind), and tons of right wing blogs like newsmax, worldnetdaily, and the Drudge report.

    Right wing radio is so out of touch with mainstream America. Do you honestly think Rush Limbaugh locked up in his mansions understands the average man? Back when he first started, he did. But Limbaugh has gotten worse worse warped as he isolated himself from the general public.

    Hannity has always been an asshole. Dick err Bill O'Reilly is discontinuing his AM radio program. And from the left, Air America was a joke to begin. The only two on Air America that was good was Al Franken and Randi Rhodes. They are both gone off Air America.

  67. Note Hooch doing what Republicans do best: Whineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and try to blame everything on Democrats. Whine and lie all you want boy but Republicans are on their way out.

  68. What AM right wing talk show host do is try to keep their audience in fear. That keeps ratings up for them.

    They've got to invent stories to keep their audience afraid of Obama and the democrats. Keeping them in fear and using paranoia, keeps their audience listening.

  69. "Having taxpayers pay for all elections would only strengthen the two party system. The only way a 3rd party is going to break through is through PRIVATE FINANCING of campaigns."

    Not True. Why do you think I was talking about paying for only republicans or democrats? They should allow for a petition for other parties to enter. If they gain a reasonable amount of signatures than they are in.

    "But if you think 3rd party's work, look at Canada, 3rd parties have virtually shut down the Canadian government because no one has a majority."

    "I hope your not saying you are a defeatist and unwilling to take any action due to fear of what may happen. The bridge will be crossed when you get there. An ongoing path of what we have been subjected to is not the answer."

    "he was initially groomed, courted, and sold to the American people as a REPUBLICAN by REPUBLICANS."

    Yes, and we were hoodwinked by him.

    "These REUPBLICANS have shared the wealth among themselves for eight damned years while this country and its' people has been raped and pilaged by unscrupulous REPUBLICANS with a Bible in one hand and a club of mammoth proportions in the other."

    You should be ashamed of yourself for saying that. It is the left wing extremism talking. You know good and well that congress is controlled by the democrats and has been for the past 2 years. The corruption has everything to do with democrats as it does with republicans.

    Bush and his entire Republican team fucked the country along with every single Democrat in office.

    "The housing crisis, the credit crisis, the whole economic mess that we are in can be, and has been, laid squarely at the feet of REPUBLICANS and REPUBLICAN policies."

    Continual lies. The housing crisis was a direct result of the Democrats forcing banks to loan money to people who don't have the ability to repay it. The Banking crisis was a direct result of this.

    The bailout payout tops 8 trillion dollars.

    • More than $1.5 trillion in Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. loan guarantees, including a $139 billion assist to the lending arm of General Electric Corp.

    • $1.8 trillion in cash, tax breaks and loan guarantees doled out from the Treasury Department to taxpayers, financial institutions and credit companies.

    • $300 billion for homeowners from the Federal Housing Authority.

    • $25 billion in assistance for auto companies from a program overseen by the Energy Department, which is separate from the bailout proposal that tanked last week in the Senate.

    • And $5 trillion worth of new money, loan guarantees and loosened lending requirements from the Federal Reserve Bank.

    That amounts to more government aid and assistance than nine other historic bailouts and big government outlays combined.

    The New Deal, for instance, cost an estimated $32 billion in its day, which would be about $500 billion in today’s dollars. The Marshall Plan cost about $12.7 billion, which is the equivalent of a paltry $115.3 billion. The Louisiana Purchase? The French got $15 million, which would be worth about $217 billion today.

    If you take those three items, add in the adjusted costs of the Race to the Moon, the savings and loan crisis, the Korean War, the Iraq war, the Vietnam War and assistance for NASA, you still get to just $3.92 trillion — not even half of the taxpayers’ exposure today.

    All due to the Democrats decision to force Fanni Mae and Freddie Mac to loan money to people who can not pay it back. The War had nothing to do with it and its cost is a drop in the bucket compared to what the Democrats have caused.

    "You may or may not be aware that after securing the Democratic nomination, Barack Obama and the National Democratic Party refused to take any lobby money"

    How about before??? McCain was a jackass and that is why I didn't vote for him. But fairly saying, McCain and Obama had an agreement from the day that Hillary was outcast by Obama that they would both take no lobbiest money. Obama then came back on his word and said he changed his mind at a point in time where McCain was prevented from doing so as well. Is this the type of change that you wish for?

    "Republican Party has a lot of work to do and a lot of healing to engage in."

    You are correct and the republican party will be going back to its conservative roots rather than the liberal direction they tried to take with McCain. Many people who were Republicans do not consider themselves Republicans any more and call themselves Conservatives, Libertarians or Independents.

    "What I am saying is that for you to belittle others, consider them less-informed than yourself, or preach a holier-than-thou Republican dogma here, or elsewhere, belies the superior intelligence that you obviously think you have."

    All of your radical left wing comments just did the same for you. I can assure you that you did not just show any form of superior intelligence.

    "It's funny that you so rightgeously and vigorously defend the Republican Party while making your weekly or monthly deposits into that failed bank that I just helped bail out. Bet you drive a nice, shiny new Beamer too."

    First of all, I'm not a republican, I'm a libertarian and have been for 10 years. I voted for Bab Barr.

    Second, you have some very extreme wealth envy and it appears that you do not like capitalism and would be better off in a socialist country where you have no opportunity to get ahead but at least you all get paid equally with exception of your rulers.

    Third, I do not have a BMW, I drive a Toyota because it's harder to collect rent from people who think you have money. Only the ignorant don't realize that most landlords have mortgages to pay and they would be lucky if they make a couple hundred dollars a month off a house after paying the bank, government taxes, repairs, water bill, repainting, damages, etc.

    "And...before you start calling me some sort of tree-hugging, wild-eyed, left-wing liberal communist,"

    This is called setting up a safety net for yourself but it doesn't work when others realize that this is what your doing.

    "You left out far right Fox News, Lou Dobbs of CNN, any shortwave American broadcast (WBCQ and WWCR come to mind), and tons of right wing blogs like newsmax, worldnetdaily, and the Drudge report."

    Those are all moderates, especially Fox and Lou Dobbs. If your trying to say far right you must say Michael Savage, Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Neal Bortz, etc. I would be considered far right as a Libertarian.

    "Do you honestly think Rush Limbaugh locked up in his mansions understands the average man?"

    Wealth envy is standard practice for liberal extremists. Anti capitalism. He didn't get those mansions from being hated.

    O'Riley is a jackass and...

    "Hannity has always been an asshole."

    Hannity is the nicest one of all to you libs so I do not understand this comment.

    "What AM right wing talk show host do is try to keep their audience in fear. That keeps ratings up for them."

    OMG, you just came to a revelation. This is all I hear on TV which is 95% liberal. It's hard to even find a news broadcast that is not shoving fear of economic crisis, etc down your throat. That is what drives ratings.

    In all actuality, this whole bailout is the largest theft of a government from its people in the Worlds history. It was completely unnecessary.

    They were pushing economic crisis every day for a year proceeding an actual economic crisis for ratings. Doing so causes an economic crisis. In all actuality it isn't even that bad. Unemployment during Carter was 15%. Today it is 6%. 3.5 percent is considered zero when you take into account people who don't want to work anyways, children, elderly and the disabled.

    Every single problem you see is directly related to higher energy costs and peoples inability to pay the towel heads for it. If the middle east takes more from you and you didn't have any extra, you then don't have all of the money for your mortgage, food, etc.

    Enough for now, too many liberals here for one single Libertarian to show you that there is more than one side of the story. Stop being fooled by the government controlled media. Know all sides before you make a decision. Hear them with an open mind. At least open enough to hear it rather than instantaneous condemnation.

  70. Hooch the Republican robot says:

    Continual lies. The housing crisis was a direct result of the Democrats forcing banks to loan money to people who don't have the ability to repay it. The Banking crisis was a direct result of this.

    Oh yes, Hooch the democratics lead the way to deregulate. OH WAIT, NO THE GUY WHO DID THAT'S NAME WAS MCCAIN!

    So quit your whining about Dems bitch. You are a fucking idiot who needs to get Rush Limbaughs dick out of your mouth.


  71. Bill White accepts plea bargain!! Will spend at least 3 years in the pokey!

  72. This comment has been removed by the author.

  73. Self having turned 40 this past year sometimes see wisdom in advancing age. Have seen many like "Hooch" in years on this earth. The absolute believe that one is right while closing ones mind to other sides of an argument. It is not a trait that Republicans or right wingers have a monopoly upon. However, as others have stated since Republican Party has started letting talk show hosts such as Limbaugh, Hannity, and Bill O'Riley they've gotten divisive and more incline toward tearing things apart than compromising. With economy in toilet, now more than ever this country needs to stand together to fix things. Self is very impressed that President-elect Obama is reaching out to other side. His cabinet is going to have both Republicans and Democrats in it. If we can work together and stand together maybe we can remember we all all Americans. That is what self thinks.

  74. Short and to the point for you Anonymous. Here is the proof that the Democrats did everything in their power to keep Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac up and going making risky loans when Republicans warned something needs to be done. They also happened to get paid do do it as well.

    This is corruption on the part of the Democrats. As I have already said, Republicans have had their share of corruption as well. More reasoning for term limits and paid for elections by the people.

    Also read this from 1999 which shows the committed push the Democrats made to force more moderate and low income borrowers upon Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

    It's nice that Democrats want to help a guy out. The problem is that there needs to be a little thought behind it rather than thinking that the banks will not loan to them because they are minorities instead of the reality that it is only due to income and repayment ability.

    Always pushing something as if it is a racial issue. Give me a break! Banks want to make money and they don't give a crap who they make it off of.

    And to you Sponge Bob,,, a reminder. You forgot to take your meds.

  75. "Bill White accepts plea bargain!! Will spend at least 3 years in the pokey!"

    His court date is in March! Roanoke Times is always messing up and reporting inaccurate information.

  76. There's nothing about White taking a plea deal, but he'll end up taking one.

    Nikki, are you doing a 2008 year in review show?? It's been a really bad year for the goofball WN. Hal Turner is off the air/ bill White in prison/Vonbluvens all but gone/Michael Burks reverses himself/Chris Drake quits 8 groups in one year and disappears/Alex Linder more kooky and sickly then ever/Steve Holsten gone/Matt Hale forgotten/Chester Doles forgotten/Lloyd Davies only posting using nyms/Billy Roper falling apart/ and so forth and so forth

  77. Poor deluded Hooch, he fails and fails miserably. Self notes that all the self delusion in the world will fail short. McCain still leads the degegulation effort on Wall Street and Fanny Mae back in '99/2000 Republicans can not duck that though they will try and put blame on blameless Democrats.

    Not the first time Republicans have caused melt down of US Economy. See Hebert Hoover. Republicans great at passing blame on their fucks ups. Not so great at facing music.

  78. Yes, LOL, The government should regulate everything.

    The democrats tried to regulate the banks after McCains "deregulation" and what happened?

    The subprime crisis! Read the proof I posed above in the 1999 article of the New York Times.

  79. One Pissed Off VoterDecember 21, 2008 3:17 PM

    God, Hooch is a fucking ignoramus. No one said that the government should regulate EVERYTHING. But thay damn sure should have regulated Fae Mae and Freddy Mac. As dillweed Shit Pants pointed out, McCain spearheaded the deregulation system, set up during the Clinton Administration to safe guard the system.

    So whine about the democrats all you want, dimweed (and I am not saying the Democrats are blameless) but it was the Republicans would run us down this shit hole. Hell Bush is being ridiculed all over the World (see Canadians throwing shoes at his picture) THANK YOU GOP FOR MAKING US A LAUGHING STOCK.

  80. "But thay damn sure should have regulated Fae Mae and Freddy Mac."

    You fool, I already said that the Republicans tried to regulate Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac but the Democrats forced their own brand of twisted regulation that caused the subprime crisis. I also proved it.

    Regulation from the Democrats causes very serious problems. I hate to tell you numb nuts, but politicians do not have the financial knowledge to make lending decisions for banks.

    You Democrats wine more than any party when you have been proven wrong. Instant denial or change of the subject. You have been dragged out on the floor and your ignorance has been exposed. You can do nothing about it at this point to regain your stature.

  81. Now Hooch is just straight out lying. McCain lead the deregulation effort and it happened when they controlled both houses of congress and the Presidency.

    Bush Administration still hasn't allocated any money to help out home owners in foreclosure even though the bill let's them. Republicans don't give a shit about the little guy. FUCK THEM. NEVER NEVER AGAIN.

    Just keep on looking at the GOP with rose covered glasses "Hooch" it really matters very little the American people have spoken and they know where the blame lies. OBAMA! OH YES WE CAN.

  82. Hooch is straight out lying. LOL, I proved it in an earlier post fool.

    The people that are not paying their mortgages need to be renting. They do not have the money now and giving them money will just prolong the issue. In 6 months they will be back in the same situation, not able to pay.

    If you want to fix the problem you actually have to fix it. Better higher paying jobs. More manufacturing jobs back to America, etc.

    Better jobs will allow them to own property and make the payments required on it.

    Sorry that I don't like the fact that tax payers are loosing their money to banks that made bad investments and people who can not afford to live in their own house anyways. If my business failed, I can assure you there would be no bailout for me.

    Also, don't forget that 56 million people did not vote for Obama. The people made up their minds about a choice between Obama and McCain, not liberalism and conservatism. McCain was an embarrassment of the republican party and was picked in the primaries by the large group of independents. The only reason McCain even got any votes was due to Sarah Palin.

  83. So sorry Hooch the only thing you've "proven" is that you are a dumbass who can't think for himself.

  84. FBI finds how-to-manual for assassins in Bill White's errr Meghan White's apartment.


    Speaking of Mr. White, the US trustee overseeing his bankruptcy case pleaded to change his bankruptcy to Chapter 7 today in Western Virginia District Court. No idea how it went today.

  85. I remember that BW talked about that book. They are building a case and it all ads up..

    No way he will walk.

    Financial ruin is also around the corner since he can't follow up on things.

    Lucky guy that he has rich parents.

  86. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  87. It is going to be interesting to see what happens. Federal courts have always taken "Freedom of Speech" very seriously. But after Oklahoma City and The World Trade Center Bush pretty much threw the Constitution down the toilet. Who can say how Bill would do in a Jury Trail, not too good I'd suspect. Nazis are not well liked and I doubt a jury would feel too sympathetic toward our Billy.

    Federal Judges are pretty much locked into how much time they can give Bill under Federal Guidelines. If Convicted Bill will have to do 85% of his time, there is no parole in the Federal system.
    I believe though that they will have to show that Bill was plotting to intimidate or do harm to someone before they can get a conviction for any serious amount of time. I appreciate the updates Mr. Schwartz I am very interested in this case.

  88. Hooch has to be a troll, no one can be that fucking stupid.....can they?

  89. Anonymous, it would be more likely that you are infact the troll as you have been posting anonymously for quite some time now.

    Also, your radical leftist views is a dead give away. I'm sorry that I exposed your ignorance with undeniable proof, but it had to be done. I am assuming at this point, your feelings are hurt. Suck it up baby. Learn from your foolish behavior.

  90. You should really give it up "Hooch"
    because as they say you are a retard who only impresses themselves with their so called "points" and intelligence.

    George Bush ran this countries economy in a shithole and allowed a Nigger to be elected President. How fucked up is that? The only choice we had was between a Giant Douchebag and a turd sandwich. I would have voted for John Paul but as it was I just voted against the nigger. That's right I voted for the asshole who lead the effort to deregulate the Loan Process and Market. You should lock him away with that Jew bastard that ripped off everyone in a Ponsey scheme. Bush should be sent to Iraq as a war criminal.

  91. I did not vote for blackey or the little weasel. I voted libertarian for Bob Barr. The answer to freedom is to limit government and the libertarians are the only party that wants to do that.

    "George Bush ran this countries economy in a shithole and allowed a Nigger to be elected President. "

    Agree completely.

    "How fucked up is that? The only choice we had was between a Giant Douchebag and a turd sandwich."

    LOL, you're right.

    "I would have voted for John Paul but as it was I just voted against the nigger."

    Sorry but you couldn't have voted for Ron Paul as he was not in the race, just the primaries.

    "Bush should be sent to Iraq as a war criminal."

    I primarily see our method of punishment for Bush as being different. I have been calling for the death penalty for every politician that takes money in any way from a lobbiest, foreign government or political action committee. The death penalty for politicians that get caught in any scam that harms the American people or does anything that goes against the majorities will.

    Obama would have already be sentenced to death for treason. I posted just a few of his scams above. His new one to purchase the seat in congress is a doozie.

    So... you think he should be sent to Iraq, I think we should deal with our own problems.

  92. HOOCH is idiot. Case closed. Racists can be safely ignored. They don't debate since their mind is already made up before they open their lying mouth. LOL

  93. There goes Anonymous again running his white hating racist mouth.


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