Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Nazi's and abusive men seem to be synonymous these days. How many times do we have to hear about the wife-beating, name calling, swaggering and tattooed neo-Nazi who gets his rocks off at home and in the community by intimidating and generally being abusive to others before we determine that an inordinate number of these people are attracted to the racist realm of white supremacy?

James Cummings and Yankee Jim Leshkevich have quite a few things in common - not the least of which is that they are both dead and that they were both reviling, opprobrious, and abusive Nazi-minded individuals.

Disdain for women is not uncommon among the racist crowd. Derisiveness, abasement, and general belittling of all things feminine among white supremacists is just pretty much the status quo. Living with and among those who nurture their hatred of others and view their women as nothing more than broodmares is a very difficult thing and something that most women flee from at the first opportunity. Others, who lack the means or who are simply beaten into submission often find themselves behind the device that frees them from their captors. Amber Cummings chose a gun.

Early reports call James Cummings an "angry" man. Apparently, he wasn't as "angry" as his wife.

Let's face it - sane people do not worship Hitler. Sane people do not harbor ideas of ethnic cleansing and genocide. Sane people do not brandish swastikas and prize their jack-boots. Only those who have been damaged in some fashion see white supremacy as a means to an end - and it often ends badly for them. Few relationships survive in the cesspool of hate. It is difficult to form lasting bonds when your heart is filled with hatred and racist sputum. We don't know why Amber killed James - but I can hazard a guess - an educated guess. It probably wasn't because she was angry but because she was tired and terrified - tired of being his target and terrified of what he would do next. It probably wasn't because she wanted him dead but because she wanted to be free - free from domination and fear.

Whatever the reason - she hasn't been arrested. Perhaps the police believe justice has been served?



Slain Belfast man was ‘angry’
Cummings called ‘verbally abusive’

By Walter Griffin
BDN Staff
BELFAST, Maine — As the police investigation into the shooting death of James G. Cummings entered its third day, traits about his personality came to light along with the fact that his father also was shot to death.

Cummings, 29, of High Street was the son of a wealthy California businessman, James G. Cummings Sr., who was murdered a decade ago by a disgruntled employee, according to newspaper reports.

The younger Cummings was reportedly shot to death by his wife, Amber B. Cummings, 31, at their High Street home Tuesday morning. The couple’s 9-year-old daughter was at the house when the killing occurred. Police are investigating the killing as a domestic violence homicide. No arrests have been made, and Amber Cummings and her daughter remain in the Belfast area.

Maine Department of Public Safety spokesman Stephen McCausland said investigators did not anticipate making any announcements about the case Thursday. Results of an autopsy conducted on Cummings the day before are being withheld while the investigation continues.

Two area tradesmen who performed extensive work on Cummings’ house last summer described Cummings as being a disagreeable man whose wife cowered in his presence. They also said he talked incessantly of his love of guns and had a fascination for Adolf Hitler.

“It didn’t shock me at all when I heard about it,” said Mike Robbins, who spent a month painting and roofing the Cummings home last summer. “He was a very angry person and was verbally abusive to his wife all the time.”

Robbins described Cummings as a heavyset man who liked to walk around his house wearing a cowboy hat and an ankle-length black leather coat. He said Cummings would often sit outside on a lawn chair and watch him work and make disparaging comments. He said Cummings had a mean streak and was particularly abusive toward his wife.

Robbins said Cummings also spoke about how he “really liked the Nazis” and claimed to have a large collection of Nazi memorabilia, including pieces of Hitler’s silverware and place settings.

Another contractor who worked on the Cummings house had similar recollections. The man declined to be identified because he was preparing legal action against Cummings’ estate because of unpaid work. He said he and Cummings disagreed about the work he performed and that he decided to walk away without getting paid because of Cummings’ explosive personality.

“Normally I’d go after payment, but in this case I walked away. He was absolutely the worst customer I ever had,” he said Thursday. “I just perceived that the guy was dangerous and capable of real violence. I was afraid of the guy. He talked all the time about guns, one of those guys that would let you know he had guns.”

He added that “this guy was a huge fan of Adolf Hitler, he had silverware and dinner sets Hitler used.” He described Cummings as “verbally abusive to his wife and just about everybody. You’ve heard of short guys with a Napoleonic complex; well, this was a fat guy with a Napoleonic complex.”

If Cummings directed any of his volatile tendencies toward his wife and child, police were unaware of it. Belfast Police Chief Jeffrey Trafton said the only time the police were called to the home was over an animal complaint.

The Cummings family moved to Belfast in August 2007. According to records at Belfast City Hall, the home was “trashed” when the Cummings bought it in a foreclosure sale through a Florida mortgage company. The couple paid $153,900 for the property, which the city has assessed at $164,100.

Robbins said Cummings told him that he was raised in California but moved to Texas because he could not get along with his family. He did have a job and could afford to pay for extensive renovations to his home, where he spent most of his time, as far as Robbins could see. Cummings claimed to have made his money in Texas real estate, Robbins said.

“I doubted that,” he said. “He didn’t seem to be the kind of guy who could make it in real estate. He was too much of a jerk.”

It appears that the real source of Cummings’ wealth was his father, who was killed on July 30, 1997, at age 77 by a disgruntled part-time employee, according to news accounts from that time found online. The employee later confessed to shooting the elder Cummings.

The senior Cummings was a prominent landowner in the Northern California city of Fort Bragg, a coastal community of 7,000 in Mendocino County, according to Katherine Lee, editor of the Fort Bragg Advocate News. He made his fortune in land, restaurants, motels, a fish-processing plant, malls and other businesses, she said.

Lee said the elder Cummings owned large parcels of land along the Fort Bragg waterfront and that a trust was established in his name after his death. An Internet search of the James G. Cummings Trust revealed Thursday that the trust has an estimated annual income of $10 million.

“It was a real sad turn of events,” Lee said Thursday of Cummings Sr.’s murder. “He was kind of a colorful guy around here. Everybody knew him.”

Lee could not provide any information about the younger Cummings. She said the paper, a weekly published every Thursday, had yet to receive an obituary for the son.

According to an Associated Press story published around the time of the father’s murder, Cummings Jr. had once used a video camera to secretly tape his mother’s alleged drug use. However, authorities dropped the charges after discovering that a substance seized from the woman’s apartment was not black-tar heroin, as was suspected.

Robbins recalled that Cummings also hated public schools and refused to let his daughter enroll. He said Cummings was constantly berating his wife and harping at her to home-school the girl. He said Cummings had a controlling personality and wanted to know his wife and child’s every move.

“He was a bad guy and that’s just what I saw working for him. I couldn’t imagine living with the dude,” he said.


  1. whew, for a moment I thought, oh shit ! Hal Turner's wife killed him, oh well,one can dream !

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  3.'t that just "a salutary warning" to ALL white nationalists; similarly: with the tragic case of "Yankee Jim"...pick yr future spouse care-fully...preferably from Eastern Europe (follow Dr William Pierce's example)...."western wimmen" are, mostly, feminised, ZOG-ised, twats who have been "mind-fucked" by the kikes (after all: "feminism" is a yooish invention!)...if you must be "lumbered" with such a slag....ensure that she "drops" the requisite n° of white kids (minimum: 4!)...and: then: arrange her "timely departure" by "accidental means" ain't hard to "concoct" a fatal accident for such a feminised kike-ish assured! WILL "get away with it" if: i/you plan it well and ii/you keep yr frickin gob SHUT! (remember "the five words"!)

  4. She will be found and justice will be served on her.

    It's a shame he didn't have a chance to do a Yankee Jim on that bitch.

  5. personally - I think this Cummings guy needed to be killed - I can think of a few others who should be kill...
    HCT in NJ,BW if he ever gets out of jail,
    maybe we could start a list for 2009 of the white racist asswhole who should not be walking around.

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    preferably from Eastern Europe
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    Whom Hitler neither considered Aryan or white.

    Merry Christmas Jimbo, shall this be the season that you get treatment & start acting like a human being.

  8. Nikki applauding murder? Can't say I am surprised.

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  10. The words of Michael Burks:

    Reminder: jimbo is not an Aussie just a homosexual troll who has been in numerous prisons and calls himself NewsGay/Pete Jefferson on the Nimbuster board. He called himself R James before we got him kicked off of VNN

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  16. The Jewish people have a right to defend themselves. Hamas has gone to far, personally I think they should be allowed to bomb Gaza until ever last rocket is gone.

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  31. The NIMBusters board is ran by a Jew in Queens NYC, by the name of Stan. This is well known as is the fact that he is the Admin of that site. Apparently he has an half asian kid. But he is known to troll many boards over the years.

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  34. Bill White isn't a Nazi, he's an ADL/SPLC agent, just like pseudo-Nazi Frank Collins. Google the name "Frank Collins," and you'll see how the media and scum like Bill White manipulate and persuade.

  35. White is history I suggest you all just forget about him....

  36. "ethnic cleansing"...the 'manual'...dwn/ld it, read it, study it, utilise it!


  37. Bill White has never to my knowledge ever been associated with the ADL though it is rumored that Bill tried to join some radical Jewish movements when he was younger. Of course this has never been confirmed and could have been started by Bill's enemies (many) inside the WN movement.

    It might be time for Little Harold Turner to check back into drug treatment, he now thinks a "Jewish hit Squad is after him". For those interested I've been able to confirm that Little Harold no longer lives with his wife Phyllis and I highly suspect he has moved back in with mommy.

    Phyllis confirmed she and Hal split up and Hal has been working at a Walmart near Mommy's home.

  38. does lobbing (internationally out-lawed)white phosphorous shells & cluster bombs on defenceless civilian ppltns constitute "hate"?


    not if yr a fckn kike!

    one "law" for the jewz, another law for every-one else!

    more here

  39. "blood" will ALWAYS 'out'!...kikes display their true colours...psychopathic gangsters & baby-butchers!....

    the true face of hate!

  40. Israel is quite justified in their response to rocket attacks. The people of Gaza have elected a terrorist government (Hamas), cheered on 911 and burn the American flag in their streets. They expect us to feel sorry for them because they are dying but THE GOVERNMENT they elected choose to fire rockets at Israel and start the war.

    "Screw the terrorist bastards!!!" I say. Not only should Israel continue but they should be allowed to bomb the rocket factories in Iran. Israel is doing a damn good job, hell I hope we send them another billion or so for a job well done.

  41. wtf sez they're firing "rockets", u ZOG twat?!?

    the jewz?!?


    if it's a Jew, then, it's a lie!

    Yidsrahell won't attack Iran because, basically, most jews are gutless maggots!....they know that Iran will match them almost's easy to "chuck yr weight around" when yr only "opposition" is un-armed women & kids!

    Iran will give the Jews a big, bloody, schnozz!

    they're not too fond of that idea!

  42. Wrong again, stupid. Israel defeated pretty much the whole Arab world in the six day war. they did it then they could do it again. Nothing has really changed except that the Israeli army has gotten better.

    Cry me a river dumbo, if the Palestinians didn't want the Israeli army playing in their back yard then they shouldn't shoot rockets. After having their ass handed to them in 2006 (militarily) they didn't learn their lesson. I don't feel sorry for them. They are terrorists, nothing more, nothing less.

  43. Nikki luv, allowing anon & jimbo! comments makes this joint a platform for fash. Typical nazi kkkrap- give them a pointy hat or darkness to cover their identity and they'll milk it.

    Zero tolerance, kiddo. let the bastards get their own website, which well be summarily ignored If it wasn't for airtime on other people's blogs/websites, they'd get none at all.

  44. In ten days of fighting 1 Israeli soldier has been killed. It seems that Gaza Terrorists aren't any good at shooting at people who shoot back.

  45. uh hunh?!?!?......the Palis/Gazans have the l8st state-of-the-art military hard-ware?

    (F15s/F16s/F18s, helicopter gun-ships, M1 Abrams, 105mm howitzers?)

    i'm "calling the bluff" of these fckn jew-boyz....i'm "declaring" them: cowardly, mongrel DOGs!

    two batallions of Aussies could "take out" the entire IDF!....wot a fckn pity they're "wasting their time" fighting for the Zio-heroin-pushers in the 'Stan! :-((

  46. Oh lookie, dumbass is pretending to be an Aussie again.

  47. Nikki, you ever going to update your website?

    Have you lost interest?

    I just love your double-standard approach to writing about so-called Nazis and "Right-wing".

  48. With all the clowns now "removed", and all the legit leaders dead, not much to write about.

    I predict a raise in militia types with Obama coming to power. They won't be neo-nazis though. Of course like cockroaches exposed to light, once any militia type does something, they will scatter, just like with the OKC bombing.

  49. we don't need "leaders", jew-boy!

    every able-bodied, racially-aware white man is his own 'leader'!

    it's called: "leader-less resistance"!

    get it?!?

    mean-while, the IDF continues with its "run" of stunning military 'victories'!

  50. Some of you here are completely insane. It's hard to believe that someone would praise the murder of another who had nothing more than a bad case of anti social behavior. As if the wife was unable to leave.

    Here we are again,,, presented with the liberal extremist agenda. Murder everyone with antisocial behavior.

  51. Jimbo,

    There's never, ever, ever, ever been a movement successful by "leader-less resistance"

    But your idea of resistance is sitting in front of your computer typing... Yea, that'll get the job done....

  52. I can't say it enough: jimbo is an anti trying to make White Nationals look bad. No one can be as stupid as him, no one. Not even Hal Turner.

  53. hey!...."not a real white man"!....DROP DEAD!...u card-board-cut-out wannabe!

  54. A real white man,

    I've said it a million times, you guys are your own worst enemy. Not the jews, not the blacks, not the gays ,not the liberals... but yourselves.

    Over the past few years, the nutcases have totally hijacked WN .... not that I mind...

    WN these days really is nothing more than lazy white men sitting at a chair behind a computer. Or the real zealous ones will drop off fliers anonymously in the middle of the night.

    Wow, that works.... (roll eyes)

  55. Let's face it - sane people do not worship Hitler. Sane people do not harbor ideas of ethnic cleansing and genocide. Sane people do not brandish swastikas and prize their jack-boots. Only those who have been damaged in some fashion see white supremacy as a means to an end.

    Spouting phrases such as not sane for a particular behavior such as the ones you listed above and probably personally being a stay at home gold-digger who never cracked a psychiatric book in her life and sitting there condoning the shooting of a person who probably had more moral fortitude than any woman on the planet is a disgrace to the Aryan and heterosexual white community.

  56. What is born of ashes is born again kike.

    Oh yes.

  57. I hate to say it but I agree. I'm not a tea-cup or a klansman, nor do I have any grand answers or typical plans minus action. Anyone lusting over genocide, civilian body counts or mass murder is sick. They are just as much an enemy of the white race as any fish lipped negro or big eared jew. In fact, moreso.

    Anyone with silly ideas about flying the Nazi flag over the White House is at the very least, mildly insane. No, it's not that the Nazis are globally viewed as such horrible people and "America won't stand for it..." Opinions of National Socialists of the the middle of the last century are increasingly good. The opinion of the MODERN clowns who worship Hitler are the ones everyone can agree on---if any group of disfunctionals were ever more deserving of a "final solution", it would be them.

    Take this as the warning label for the clowns no one has seen yet:

    1. Most don't work. If they don't "have a woman", meaning a woman to live off of, then they live off welfare or handouts. That should be all you need to know but if it isn't keep going.

    2. Most are felons. Don't worry though. They still carry guns, attempt to run for federal office and hang around other felons. RICO be damned, right? Remember this when they talk to you about "staying legal."

    3. Drugs. A lot of them are on them. I'm not talking about "recreational" drugs either. The ammount of drugs use of that type is relatively low. The drugs you will most see are ones they have to take to keep them from becoming rapidly more insane.

    4. Drunks. Any two-bit, flea-market general can recruit an army of drunks. And so some did. If you see anyone who isn't drinking, it's safe to assume it has something to do with their meds. See #3.

    5. Leave your conceptions of reality at the door. Holding a job is impossible, taking over America should be easy.

    6. Abuse of women. You will see some of the biggest males create some the the biggest displays of absolute zero manhood by beating their women. Safe targets are golden when you pass your time talking about war instead of preparing/participating in it. A good way for a woman not to get beaten or abused is to pay all the bills (see #1), though thats no garauntee.

    7. Everything thinks they should be getting paid for engaging in their hobby. The cheif complaint you will hear from any of them was the money they spent doing something they enjoyed or time put in that they weren't paid for. Golf costs money, folks. Rarely is it the other way around.

    8. A website is a place to showcase activism, not THE activism. Not so in the Neo-Nutty scene.

    A lot of good folks have filtered in and out of the Neo-Nutties but now is winding down. If anybody is about to get involved with the clowns, just read my warnings and bolt the first time you see I'm right.

    My advice to the Neo-Nutties themselves? Stay as far away as possible from the people you are trying to recruit and you will have better luck.

  58. wtf?!?

    this cunt must be talkin' abt jewz & niggaz, right?!?

    BTW: cunt! ..... we're not "in this" to recruit "every white person".....@ most, we're only after 15% of the adult white ppltn
    (but....ALL the white children!) for the rest of them, un-less they possess extemely valuable talents/genetic gifts, they can GO to HELL in a hand-basket! .... we don't need them and we most certainly don't want them!

    get it, CUNT?!?


  60. God what a couple of idiots. Palestine is not directly about racism, granted the Jews and the Arabs hate each other but more to the point it's about terrorism. Gaza terrorists do not target military objectives but rather civilian residential neighborhoods with there missiles. In 2006 the Israelis did not go far enough and look what happened they got attacked again. Hamas started the war if they didn't want the IDF killing them they shouldn't have started the conflict in the first place.

    Now before you idiots start your Anti-semitic bullshit, satellite photos show the terrorists launching the missiles from Gaza. There is no debate about this, if you can't stand the shit then don't start it. End of story. Screw them, if Israel wants to kill a few terrorists, it's alright by me. It is sad that civilians are in the middle of the conflict.

  61. Nikki doesn't need an Anti-Semitic sack of shit telling her about racism, dweeb. Do all us a favor and shut your mouth.

  62. Now before you idiots start your anti-semitic bullshit, satellite photos show the terrorists launching the missiles from Gaza. There is no debate about this, if you can't stand the shit then don't start it. End of story. Screw them, if Israel wants to kill a few terrorists, it's alright by me <

    the only "terrorists" are the fckn kikez, you brain-dead ZOG-bot!

    "satellite photos"?

    pig's ARSE!

    @ best: they'd show 'masked men' man-handling some rocket-launching platforms....some-where near the Israel-Gaza 'border'...they could just as easily be MOSSAD and/or IDF incognito!

    believe wtf the jewz say?!?

    only a fckn FOOL would do that!

    It is sad that civilians are in the middle of the conflict

    so: it's OK to brutally butcher 100 innocent women & children to "take out" one 'terrorist'....right?!?

    well...seein' as how almost ALL kikez are's my considered opinion that the psychopathic gangster enclave called Yidsrael should be turned into a glass-topped parking lot!


    she thinks that only "white men" can be 'racist'...but, that's what you'd expect from a kike...BTW: she's never denied being one!

    this 'blog is simply a "front" for the ADL, SPLC, JDL &c!

    hence: it's "credibility" is close to absolute zero!

    (proven by the fact that she & her boy-friend, Floyd fck-brain, have consistently refused to engage in "on-air" debate when challenged!)

  64. Jimbot or dumbo is just a moron trying to make whites look bad and stupid. Dumb fucker can't even make a complete sentence that makes sense. What a stupid fucker.

  65. yeh?

    you can't "make a sentence", period!


  66. This comment has been removed by the author.

  67. I am willing to concede that you are both idiots best drown at birth in a bucket of shit.

  68. Man, this site is pretty dead these days for the acception of the comments section.

  69. True, nothing but Nimbuster trolls trying to get things stirred up.

  70. You would think she would turn her attention to the remaining boneheads or Hal Tuna now that BW is out of the way.


  72. Isn't it funny how your Anti-semitic, diseased racist brain doesn't work. No one is going to take your side because you are basing you whole argument on your prejudged racist views. I personally hate the war that is going on in Gaza but on the other hand I can understand Israel's position. No sovereign nation is going to put up with repeated attacks against it's civilian population. The Iranian backed Hamas is nothing but terrorists. They do not target military targets but rather civilians in southern Israel. The try and use the civilian population of Gaza as their human shields, often firing rockets from populated areas and it has been confirmed that they used at least three schools to launch their missiles. It is terrible the loss of life but Hamas made their choice. At any time they could stop launching missiles and come to the peace table. Don't ask me for one moment to feel sorry for terrorists.

  73. Sorry sometimes my English is not so good. It is not my first lanuage.

  74. Eathon: You are 100% right. Also people like Alex Linder and Hal Turner who support the enemy's of the United States are traitors to their country.

    Hal Turner is making threats against the president on his blog. I am personally reporting it to the FBI. Hopefully they will put Little Harold in a cell next to Bill White where they can explain to large black men how superior they are. Hal has also threatened to kill the presidents children on Nimbusters. I sent this threat to the FBI as well along with Hal's Ip information.

  75. Without Bill White Nikki has a very empty life.

  76. I get warm and fuzzy when I think about Billy Bumps getting ass fucked by large black penis's.

    White woke up this morning and said, "Nigger dick again! Noooooooooo!"

    I wish this happened to all so called White Nationalists it's poetic justice.

  77. Like I said, You're "selective antis". And you're frauds. You do what your ethnic evolution strategy has always done as jews. Infiltrate, overcome and then use the movement to your own ends. You've done it to modern anti-racist groups worldwide amongst hundreds of other groups.

    You can call me all you want
    (anti-semite, blah, blah, blah). But you can see I hit a nerve by speaking the truth huh?

  78. Hey retard. You are stupid. You mother was most likely stupid as well as your children. It's all because of inbreeding. No one with a brain shares you Anti-semitic bullshit. Just FACE FACTS. GAZA AIN'T ABOUT RACE AND YOU ARE A FUCKING MORON.

    I hope I was clear.

  79. Anyone heard from Vonbluvens lately?

  80. I doubt any of its true but I heard he had colon cancer or prostate cancer. Then I heard he joined Crosstar with Richard Barrett. In reality, he is probably sitting at home waiting for something to come along that he can attempt to attach his name too then with much drama quit. Can anybody verify any of this?

  81. The Anti Jew guy is also Hooch. Very stupid but thinks he knows it all. Too funny.

  82. I hear all that too concerning vonbluvens on Nimbusters.

    I haven't heard him mentioned anywhere on the net but on nimshits.

    Maybe he actually did rejoin the human race and decided to leave the boneheads.

    I hope he did, and if he did I say good for him.

  83. The guy declares on VNNF and on Zogsnightmare that he is no longer in the movement, but they still think he is some great spokesman for their cause.
    I just don't get it. There is no accounting for racist stupidity.

  84. He has been out of the movement loop for some time.

    I think after that debacle between Bill White and Chris Drake he announced his resignation from the ANSWP and after the failure of the CNSP(which lasted about 4 weeks) he declared he was out of the movement for good.

  85. Name one place Vonbluvens is mentioned on the planet outside Nimbusters? I don't care if he is mixed up with Crosstar now but I would like to know if he has cancer or not. I feel terrible if he does. He wasn't that old and had a lot of time to give back a lot of the things he destroyed, if his felt like it.

  86. I'm not anti Jew ya little fudgepacker.

    It's amazing how many trolls are here saying stupid things like the anti-social freak should be dead due to his behavior. You liberals are violent hateful people.

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