Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I need to thank all of you who have sent me inquiries into my well being since I have been away for awhile and assure you that I am fine.

Sometimes a break from the kind of work that I engage in is badly needed and sometimes life just gets in the way of other things. Both of those have been at play here and given the fact that the "movement" has fallen apart and that several of the key players are no longer part of the picture - it seemed like a good time to take care of other business. Now...I'm back.

To my critics and those wondering if I have "lost interest" or simply "gave up," I can only surmise that you are engaging in wishful thinking and tell you that won't ever happen. I have been engaged in some activities behind the scene while dealing with situations here on the homefront. Those activities have been very fruitful and have resulted in some in roads that you will be hearing about in the near future. So, to all you hopeful racists and hate mongers all that I have to say is - dream on.

After reading the comments here in an effort to catch up, it has become evident that not much has changed. Most of the articulate posters, on both sides of the coin, attempt to engage in sensible, well thought out discussion, while a bevy of inept and shallow individuals attempt to disrupt the exchanges. Such is the nature of the internet, I guess.

In the broader picture, the white supremacy movement has become stagnant - and is struggling for a breath of fresh air. There are only a couple of people on the horizon who have even a remote possibility of breathing new life into the shambles. Far right-wing racist groups such as the Council of Conservative Citizens are experiencing a moderate surge in interest and membership on the heels of the recent election. The evangelical and fundamentalist groups are in disarray and attempting to regroup. Hate crimes occur daily. On Tuesday, the first African-American will be sworn in as President of the United States. Our economy is in the toilet, unemployment is through the roof, the national debt is astronomical, and innocent people are being killed around the world. Consequently, we have a lot to talk about.

For now, however, I am inviting comments on the following story...


Remember 3-year-old Adolf Hitler Campbell?

Watch VideoA simple request for a name on a three year old's birthday cake has caused a controversy because of the person who he is named after.

He’s the little boy whose name was the center of an international firestorm last December after a Greenwich, N.J., supermarket refused to write his name on a birthday cake. The store said it was inappropriate and refused to give an apology after the parents demanded one.

Adolf and his two sisters -- one-year-old JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell and 8-month-old Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell -- were removed from their parents’ home Tuesday night by the New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services, Holland Township police chief David Van Gilson told

It is unclear why the children were removed from their parent’s home. Gilson said his department did not receive any reports of abuse or negligence.

Heath and Deborah Campbell, the children's parents, were scheduled to appear for an undisclosed hearing Tuesday, but it was postponed, according to the website.

Due to confidentiality laws, Kate Bernyk with the N.J. Division of Youth and Family Services would not comment or even acknowledge any involvement with the Campbells when NBC10’s Doug Shimell contacted them.

DYFS isn’t talking much about the Campbell’s situation, but the kids being taken away has nothing to do with the names and birthday cake issue in December, according to Sgt. John Harris, Holland Twp. Police in Milford, N.J.

Calls to the children’s parents were met with a message that the line had been temporarily disconnected.


  1. Prediction:

    A jewish lawyer will defend the Campbell's pro-bono. Stupid nazis don't realize how much pro-speech jewish lawyers are.

    Watch and see.....

  2. Ya may be onto something there, Harry.

    It's still not evident why they took the children out of the home. If it was because of the stupidity of these cretins, then I have a list of people who need to be looked into.

    Is giving your children names like Adolf Hitler or Aryan Nations criminal? I don't know - but doing so certainly places those children in harms way - what do you think?

  3. That's a dangerous precedent. Taking away someone kids for teaching them a extreme ideology. Whats next? Are they going to take away atheists kids, or wiccians? Or devil worshipers? See the slippery slope? This has to be about something else than their beliefs.

  4. Well, what you have here is just the USSR II. I'm serious. Naturally, you could name your kid Malcome X or Idi Amin or Mugabee or whatever. That is their America. You gave it to them and along with it, most of your personal freedoms. Want to test it? Try doing what this couple did.

    You invited the new police state because they assured you it would be a moral and just police state. Sure they did. They all do. They said you'd never have anything to worry about because you don't break the rules. Rules change, now don't they?

    This isn't America anymore. That is fine by most folks. Most of your flag wavers were just waving flags because the last regime told them to.

  5. From what I read, they aren't allowed to release why they removed to protect the welfare of the kids.

    If it was just over the names, I do have a problem with that. No doubt they were targeted because of the "birthday" stuff.

    The parents claim not be racist at all, but yet wanted to put a swastika on the boys' birthday cake the year before.

    It's also been argued that white supremacy should be classified as a mental illness. I think most white supremacist are mentally ill but I think it's a result of other mental illnesses and defects. Fear, insecurity, paranoia, habitual lying, and self-hatred are all traits that most white supremacist share.

    And that white supremacist convicted of crimes should have to register like sex offenders so the public can be made aware of their identity.

    Apparently the parents also were on welfare, which is also seems to be the norm for the nazis these days.

  6. Gee whiz, Schwartz, someone just got done saying how personal freedoms of whites were threatened. Now we have a jew talking about making uppity whites register as criminals. Wonder how the black racists during the civil rights movement would have reacted to that?

  7. I hope this doens't mean you will be focusing your attention on right-wing Christians because that would be downright bigoted in of itself.

  8. Pure double standards in states like New York when it comes to the "safety of the child".

    Remember that case of that kid being beat to death and having cigarettes put out on him by his adoptive Jew father?

    It is wrong to single out parents on pure ideological grounds.

    Well, most of you idiots wanted this brave new police state. Enjoy

  9. I remember that case you are talking about, and it was absolutely horrible. The little child's name was Lisa Steinberg I think, a real shame they buried that poor innocent child with that monster's last name.

  10. Birth: May 14, 1981
    Death: Nov. 4, 1987

    Murder Victim. She died of extreme child abuse and torture over several years at the hands of her adoptive father, Joel Barnet Steinberg. Both Joel and his live-in common law wife, Hedda Nussbaum, neglected the girl, and it was the subsequent death of Lisa that forced changes in how New York City officials handled both adoptions and child abuse reports. Lisa was born in Manhattan, New York, to Michele Launders, an unmarried college student, who gave her up for adoption. She was adopted shortly after her birth by Joel Steinberg and Hedda Nussbaum, who named her Elizabeth Steinberg (nickname Lisa). The adoption was never legal, in that Joel didn't bother to file papers. Joel was a criminal attorney in Manhattan, and Hedda was an editor and writer of children's books for Random House, the publishing company. In 1977, Hedda moved in with Joel, but they never officially married. Very quickly Joel began to beat his common-law wife, and in 1981, Random House fired Hedda due to her frequent work absences from being beaten. Police think that Lisa was being beaten as early as 1981, although the first call to authorities about a possible child beating occurred in 1983. On the morning of November 2, 1987, Hedda called 911 to report that her daughter was not breathing. Police and EMT responders found Lisa in a coma, and immediately transported her to St. Vincent's Children's Hospital. Lisa had cuts on both arms, legs, abdomen, stomach and head. Her body was covered in caked dirt and grime. Her hair was a matted filthy mess. Under her hair, doctor's discovered fresh bruises on her forehead and on her upper and lower back. Her brain had hemorrhaged and she had been left unconscious on the bathroom floor overnight, while Joel had gone out to party with friends. Lisa died three days later, without regaining consciousness. Doctors also examined Hedda, and discovered she had several broken ribs, a fractured jaw, a broken nose, and severely ulcerated legs, all injuries delivered over a period of several years. Police also discovered a second child, a 16 month-old baby boy, tied to a filthy playpen and covered with dirt and feces. Subsequent investigation by police indicated that the Steinbergs had been reported to Child Protective Services numerous times in 1983 and 1984, yet each time city social workers had determined that there was no evidence of child abuse. Just four weeks before Lisa's death, police had been called to their apartment on an anonymous telephone call to report a violent family argument, and despite seeing Hedda with several facial injuries, police left the couple alone. On January 30, 1989, Joel Steinberg was convicted of first-degree manslaughter, and sentenced to 8 to 25 years in prison. Hedda was not charged with any crime, and as of 2004, had become a counselor for battered women. In October 1999, Michele Launders, Lisa's birth mother, received $985,000 from the city of New York as compensation for her lawsuit against several New York agencies for their failure to protect her daughter. (bio by: Kit and Morgan Benson)

  11. I don't think this is a threat just to "whites." As was stated before - we don't know that they were taken away because of what they were named. If they were, I too, would question the legality of such a thing. However, naming their children the way that they did just demonstrates the absolute ignorance of some people.

    Imagine what is in store for those children in the future. It's true, you can name your children anything you want in this country. I guess you could name your daughter Syphilis if you wanted to. But, who, in their right mind could hold a newborn in their arms and bestow that kind of grief on them?

    Choosing those names isn't illegal. It does, however, speak volumes about the parents who would do that. I tend to believe that there are other factors in this case. I doubt that the court would remove the children based on the naming practices of the parents. I do believe, however, that a case could be made that might cause the court to order a name change - another slippery slope.

    As to white supremacy or racism being a mental illness. I know there are those who adhere to that line of thought. I tend to believe it to be more of a by-product of a deeper and more definitive disorder in most instances.

  12. Anonymous said...
    I hope this doens't mean you will be focusing your attention on right-wing Christians because that would be downright bigoted in of itself...

    My attention, as always, will be focused on all things that present themselves as dangerous to equal rights or are racist, bigoted, anti-Semetic, or biased against sexual orientation.

  13. "It is wrong to single out parents on pure ideological grounds."

    Is that what is being done here? We don't know. But how do you feel about the names these people gave their children? Is that "wrong" also?

  14. You said, "damgerous to equal rights". I just wanted to point that out. That implies that whites might be entitled to equal treatment under the law as the beautiful negro or the wise, kindly jew. I mean, all hail the wise jew, the hardworking honest mexican and the superior negro. I wasn't saying anything negative about the state's sacred people. Hail our non-white liberators and hail Obama our lord and savior!

  15. Nikki, if a member of Obama's church named a child "Che" and had been taken, would they bother with "we don't know for sure" before they rioted? I know blacks are far more deserving of this nation they single handedly built, but ask yourself, "what would affirmative action-fed black-liberation theology learned, jew propped negro do?"

    Someone do a search on how many kids are named after Che and talk to me about jewish media biased.

  16. All people are entitled to equal treatment under the law and if you believe that whites are somehow discriminated against in this area then I believe you are delusional.

    Additionally, there are beautiful, wise, honest, and hard-working people of all races who comprise American society. How unfortunate it is that there are those who must break everything down along the lines of race and nationality. You miss so much in the process.

  17. Or break things down to divisions like dog, cat, fish, bird, or snake. Ever go to the zoo and notice how the animals are in different cages? Uh-huh.

    Damn nature. If it wasn't for this new evil white invention of "nations" as they call it, everything would be fine and the lion would lie down with the lamb!

  18. Why don't you just admit that you don't have a clue about what White Nations are doing, bitch? It would be more honest.

  19. I am not a Constitutional scholar but I think parents have the right to name their children whatever they wish to wether it be Tenequa, Shanequa,Night Quil,Dafodil, Che Guevera, Obama, Josesph Stalin, Robert E. Lee, and yes Adolf Hitler.

  20. Constitution? That white folk stuff. Obama say that hold back the healing. Him going to wipe his ass with it.

  21. Good to see your back. Over at Nimbusters they were saying you had died from breast cancer. :(

  22. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  23. Shut up stupid.

  24. Thanks - just goes to show you how rumors get started. Actually, the breasts are fine.

    According to a CNN report, child protective services won't give specifics but they stated that they do not remove children based on what they have been named. A removal from the home means that the children were either in imminent danger or that there had been allegations of abuse or neglect.

    Now...allegations are simply that and I guess we'll have to wait and see what develops.

  25. NIkki likes black dickie...

  26. here we go.......MS fck-tard nUTZ deletes valid posts yet again! the game again, cunt, eh?!?

    VNN forum 'thread' on this ZOG atrocity!

    OI! ...."not a real white man"....u ever "cross my path", u fckn mongrel dog....i'll put a fckn bullet in ya!

    you've been "warned", champ!

  27. A removal from the home means that the children were either in imminent danger or that there had been allegations of abuse or neglect

    "in imminent danger"?!?

    ZOG gobbley-de-gook!

    wtf does "imminent danger" mean?
    any-one could be in "imminent danger"...WE ALL could be! so the FCK wot?!?

    "allegations of abuse or neglect"...?....guess that means concocted, anonymous 'phone calls from the kike producers of kiddie porn 'snuff films who need a new victim, eh?!?

    (last i heard: the goin' rate for the 'adoption' of a white baby was $US100000+; $US5000 for a niglet...ha ha ha!....u can't even give them away!)

  28. They should have their children removed because of their stupidity. There is only one great Adolf Hitler and no one should ever share his name. Arrest them for defaming his name.


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