Friday, January 30, 2009


I gotta tell ya, sometimes the media really amazes me at their lack of knowledge about these people and groups.

I applaud the efforts of the "Not In Our Town" group and encourage them to continue educating the community and fighting against the message sent by this and other extremist groups. However, we need to do more to raise the awareness and understanding of media personnel who are reporting their efforts and the movement of such groups.

Kyle Anderson, a mere child, is taking a stab at ressurecting the Creativity Movement in Montana. He apparently has adopted all of the creeds and credo's of the old WCOTC along with their books and paraphenalia and features himself as someone capable of filling the shoes of Matt Hale. He had his 15 minutes of fame a few weeks ago by being featured in an article in the Billings Gazette. Montana has long been a bastion for Creators - but there certainly isn't any thing "new" about Anderson's reported image.

So he wears a dress shirt and "blends" in - what the hell is so unusual about that? Matt Hale looked the part of the proverbial anemic nerd, didn't favor tattoos and had a law degree. He still spewed hate, attracted skinheads and felons, and ended up in prison.

As to the headquarters being in Illinois - the "headquarters" went to hell along with Mattie a few years back.

This organization spawned some of the most violent and malevolent criminals ever seen in the hate move movement, and like Travis McAdam said...the good people of Montana shouldn't consider dismissing the possibility of this group growing. Their efforts need to be met head on and nipped in the bud.

As to KULR-TV...they really could be a great help toward that end, if they would simply do a little research and engage in some accurate reporting.

Not In Our Town
updated 5:55 p.m. CT, Fri., Jan. 30, 2009
The group, "Not In Our Town," called an emergency meeting for Thursday night to inform the community of recent white supremacist activity in Billings.

BILLINGS - The group, "Not In Our Town," called an emergency meeting for Thursday night to inform the community of recent white supremacist activity in Billings.

NIOT Director, Eran Thompson, says members of the Creativity Movement are organizing in Billings, passing out fliers and vandalizing property. The little known supremacist group began in the 1970's and had its hey-day in the 1990's.

While Thompson says while only about 7 people are suspected of activity in Billings, it's still a major concern. That's why they asked the Montana Human Rights Network to educate residents about the group.

"Don't just dismiss it and say if we ignore it, it will go away. We've seen communities try that in the past and it doesn't work. It is better to come to grips with it and really organize against it," says Travis McAdam with the Network.

McAdam says those involved are probably young teens. Another worry is that the group may be recruiting in middle schools and high schools. Some online sources list the Creativity Movement's headquarters as Illinois.



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  2. God this dude is stupid. Makes you wonder how the dumbass is able to figure out how to turn on his computer. Most likely he has to get his mommy to do it for him.

  3. I agree that there was misinformation. For example, the Montana Creators were linked to vandalism, when they clearly have not been responsible for the spate of vandalism plaguing Billings during the past year.

    While I disagree with the Montana Creators anti-Christian attitude, they have a sharp, professional-looking website and are using the disciplined mainstream approach employed by Keystone United.

    I understand that Creativity is intended to be a religion as well as a philosophy, but when the crunch comes, your skin has to become your religion.

  4. I'm not certain about the vandalism that has been occurring in Billings, but it is my understanding that the Creators in that area are, for the most part, very young and that the group is a very loosely knit one.

    Their website IS quite professional looking and replete with much the same content as Hale's old site had. Anderson needs to be very careful about selling those books and other Creator stuff given the court rulings surrounding the trademark case.

  5. Republican 101 for those who don't understand conservative thinking!

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  6. Obviously that posting was from a Hooch impersonator. I suspect either shitpants or that looser that is always "whining".

    BTW, each of the points he made are complete BS. This little fagot will not prove a single thing that he posts.

  7. I would rather talk about the Obama administration and it's naivete than this racist bullshit anyway.

    No one cares for bs stories like this one.

  8. To Republican 101 - I think I love you. Also the video is cool. And, if you guys haven't seen it, click on Hooch's name. Be sure to watch the 10 Types of Republicans video offered there as well - I cracked up.

  9. 7chan has a new feature (I think it is new) they do an interview with Phyllis Turner that is a must listen. High points of the interview:

    The 7chan dude recorded his phone conversation with Hal's wife and played it on 7chan Radio. He said he was a reporter doing a book on Extreme Internet Radio. Phyllis sounds really pissed at Hal and rips him a new asshole, all though the interview. She talks about Hal "getting his dumbass fired from Coldwell Banker!" Apparently she got him the job and Hal fucked it up. (according to her).

    Also (according to her), recently she made Hal get a job. His first job in 4 years. Several months ago he was working as and attendant at a car wash but he "fucked that up and got his fat ass fired!" (her words) and now works as a late night stocker at WalMart. She never gives her age but tells the interview guy that she worked her entire adult life and is now retired. (this would seem to confirm Schwartie's reports that she is in her mid 60's! The whole interview is funny as hell, she talks real shit about Hal the whole interview at one point calling him "a short, fat, petty man." Hopefully they will play the Interview back. At the end he tells her he is from 7chan, she calls him a bastard and hangs up!

    Race traitors are such pathetic little people!

  10. Interesting Video for you Nikki that shows the history of your party.

    This one's funny. Obviously not an accurate characterization of people who are proud of their race but it is funny.

    LOL, Democrats stuck on an escalator.

  11. ROFLMAO! They were pretty funny Hooch!


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