Friday, April 03, 2009


Just a preview of what the month of April has to offer here. Opening dates are tentative, so check back often with your favorite drink and lots of popcorn because it promises to be a star-studded month. Oh...and remember to keep it down to a dull roar in the comment section - be kind to your neighbor.

Starring: William Luther Pierce; David Duke; Billy Roper; Kevin Alfred Strom; Erich Gliebe; and special guest spots by such notables as... The Order; Richard Butler; Timothy McVeigh; and, of course, Mommy Dearest. 4/06/09

Starring: William Luther Pierce; Jared Taylor; Jesse Helms; Kirk Lyons; and cameo appearances by David Duke; Trent Lott; Kenny Knight; Wayne Lutton; Don Black; 4/09/09

Starring: Mark Weber; Willis Carto; Wayne Lutton; John Tanton; J. Phillippe Rushton; David Irving; Kevin MacDonald; and various guest stars from the extremist right. 4/12/09

Starring: Henrik Holappa; John de Nugent; David Duke; Bill Fox; Don Black; and a special appearance by Homeland Security! 4/13/09

Starring: John de Nugent. The rest of the cast is just cursory and only serves as a backdrop for the "Man From the North." When you have de Nugent in a film there really isn't much rook for anyone else. You must see this documentary as the future of the white race and the United States depends solely upon him! 4/17/09

Starring: A spectacular array of Christians as you have never seen them before. This is a must see for all those who have never seen the bastardization of Christian beliefs. 4/25/09

As we said - a real blockbuster of a month heading your way.


  1. Hey Blevins, I am still here and Billy Bumps is still getting regular rectal exams by the whole cell block.
    Guess your snitching failed. You're a failure Blevins, just like everything else in your miserable life.

  2. Fuck you, you liberal Jew bitch.

  3. Obama a big success in Europe at the G 20. Guess the GOP traitors who want him and American to fail are disappointed again, imagine that.

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  5. can tell you about so called "White National" Mikey Blevins. He is a coward and like most so called WN's a traitor to his country. What else can you call someone who admits he "cheered on 911". Then later pretends outrage and tries to blame the whole thing on Israel and the Jews. He is a sad failure of a man whose own mammy should have taken a coat hanger to him before this foul retard was born.

  6. Another FailureApril 05, 2009 9:41 AM

    Obviously a hooch impersonator since hooch doesn't hate jews and wouldn't make a statement like that.

    When impersonating hooch you must use common language and make comments that are intellectually superior to your way of thinking. I know it is hard but maybe some education will help.

    """Anonymous said...Obama a big success in Europe at the G 20. Guess the GOP traitors who want him and American to fail are disappointed again, imagine that."""

    Really? that's fascinating. Can you tell me exactly what way he was a success? What exactly did he succeed at?

    The London Times says that Europe's leaders were "dazzled" by Barack Obama, but his trip was a failure.

    It is the Leftist American media that is saying it was a success. Please do tell me exactly how it was a success.

    "Barack Obama made an impassioned plea to America's allies to send more troops to Afghanistan, warning that failure to do so would leave Europe vulnerable to more terrorist atrocities. But though he continued to dazzle Europeans on his debut international tour, the Continent's leaders turned their backs on the US President.

    Gordon Brown was the only one to offer substantial help. He offered to send several ""hundred"" extra British soldiers to provide security during the August election, but even that fell short of the ""thousands"" of combat troops that the US was hoping to prise from the Prime Minister.

    Just two other allies made firm offers of troops. Belgium offered to send ""35"" military trainers and Spain offered ""12"". Mr Obama's host, Nicolas Sarkozy, ""refused"" his request. ...

    The presidential charm offensive ""failed"" to move fellow Nato countries. President Sarkozy told Mr Obama that France ""would not"" be sending reinforcements to bolster its existing force northeast of Kabul.

    Europe's leaders are happy to ""humor us Americans and our reporters"". It costs nothing to tell us how charming they think Barack is. But what they actually do will depend on their assessment of where their country's interests lie. We can only hope that Obama will also follow what seems like a self-evident rule."

  7. Blevins crying about Obama while denying the truth. Imagine that. It must really sting that the success that Obama is enjoying. Once he turns the economy around we won't see a GOP moron as President for years.

    The voices in Blevins head must have pushed him over the deep end. Clearly they aren't communicating anymore since it is well known to all here he is Hooch and about as uneducated as they come. Did Blevins even graduate from high school? What a lying loser.

    In any case, the moron once again proves his great stupidity and prejudice that keep him being able to understand current events.

  8. 'top it! 'top it! Stop making fun of me or I will cry and whine and call you a liberal! 'top it!

  9. Hooch's writing style differs greatly from Vonbluvens. It isn't the same guy.

  10. Bullshit. Hooch, Jimbo, Mike Blevins=
    same cocksucker.

  11. No, that's definitely not Belvins. Anyone who has blogged with Belvins would know that.


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