Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Okay - here I go with another rant. I try - I really do try - not to go off on this kind of tirade. But, when I've had enough, I really can't help myself and today I've had enough.

Does anyone ever get tired of the racist right crying and whining about the white race and its' plight? I damned sure do. Aren't you just sick of hearing about white rights and how whites are so oppressed? I mean, it has been run into the ground. I have been telling them for years to get some new material. You would think that with all of that superior genetic material they could come up with something more original, huh?

But alas! Over and over they just torture me with all of their suffering and pathos concerning what is the foreseeable lot of the white race. Well...they get no pity from me - not one damned ounce of sympathy. I say that because I think they are so caught up in their own pathetic groveling for sympathy that they have become completely pathological - the whole damnable movement!

You know what's really bad for the white race? White people, that's who. White people who believe themselves to be superior to all other races and do absoslutely stupid things proving their lack of superior intellect or anything else. White people who stand on the steps of state capitols waving Nazi flags and spewing vitriolic hatred while being flanked on both sides by pudgy little men wearing sheets and pointy hats all the while thinking they are being profound. White people who post on internet message boards using the "N" word and the "K" word, calling each other faggots and Jews and government agents. White people who claim to be "saving the white race" while bilking those stupid enough to contribute out of their hard-earned money. White people who cart their children out into the country to watch a bunch of drunks fighting with each other and hear a bunch of foul-mouthed leaders making speeches about white virtue and family values.

Thanks to these white people, the rest of us - who make up the majority - have been labeled and stereotyped by others as red-necks, inbreds, ignorant racists and bigots. Well...not quite...but we're getting there. The so-called leaders of this so-called movement really piss me off and someone really needs to clue them in to the fact that they don't speak for white people. They only speak for a miniscule number of cretins who are too paranoid and insecure to speak or even think for themselves.

Then there are those insidious little bastards who decide to run for office - I mean like the President of the United States of America! You know the ones I'm talking about - the "white people's candidates." You know the ones I mean. They call themselves "American Patriots" and then liken themselves to Adolf Hitler. Yeah...that's a real turn on.

One of those "super-heroes" can be found right now posting over on VNN. Of course, he was running his pathetic little scam on a lot of other internet sites that he has long since been booted off of. VNN is just about the only place he has left to light. His "campaign" may be the shortest in history. To John "de" Nugent (you see he added that little "de" to make him seem more "European-American) the world is made up of primarily "psychopaths" and he is going to provide the masses with his recipe for lithium.

Now, this sniveling little racist fraud gauges his success on the number of times some unkown and curious person clicks on a thread started by him. I kid you not. How's that for "white superiority"? It's called surfing you freaking idiot! And just because someone points a cursor and clicks on something you have written doesn't mean that they actually have read it! And even if they DID take the time to read your disjointed and incohernet whinigs and driveling doesn't mean they like you!

Oh! And don't anyone DARE insinuate that this miserable little creep might be homosexual! Oh! The histrionics! Talk about getting your panties in a wad - this guy invented the phrase!

These people are really bad for the white race. This is the real "anti-white" behavior.

As Americans we all pretty much want the same things and, for many, keeping a roof over our heads, food on the table, and the lights on pretty much takes up a lot of our time. The majority of Americans really don't care about what the nuts on the fringe of society are doing unless it interferes with their pursuit of happiness. And, as far as "white supremacy" goes - most people don't get it. Maybe that's because there isn't anything to "get."

I mean...how seriously can you take these people when one of their favorite discussions is "Should women have the right to vote?" They actually run online polls about this! Or - "How do I get my girlfriend to become a Nazi?" How about, "Why can't a thirty-something man marry a 14-year-old girl?" This is how they spend their time - they're such productive citizens, dontcha know.

Of course, any salient points that I might have made in this harangue will be met with the usual blusterings of my being a ZOG agent and just a "tool of Jew" in a vast conspiracy against "white culture" - whatever in the hell that is. But, it felt good to point out a little of the preposterous nature of the whole "this is bad for white people" argument proffered by the racist right.


  1. Does anyone ever get tired of the racist right crying and whining about the white race and its' plight? I damned sure do. Aren't you just sick of hearing about white rights and how whites are so oppressed?

    nah...but we've "had a gutful" of whining nigraz, nogz & jooz claiming just that!

    I mean, it has been run into the ground

    hunh? really? i can't seem to recall the last time "white rights" were mentioned in the MSM

    Thanks to these white people, the rest of us - who make up the majority - have been labeled and stereotyped by others as red-necks, inbreds, ignorant racists and bigots. Well...not quite...but we're getting there

    wtf should YOU care?
    yr not "white", u fckn kike cunt!

    BOTTOM "line"...wtf gives a FLYING fuck! wtf YOU think, any-way...u & yr "kind" will be extinct soon!

  2. Dear Nikki,

    Wonderful article. Yes, now comes the fun part of being called all kinds of wonderful names, because you had the courage to shine the truth on their lies.

    I am proud of you, my friend.


  3. You guys heard about the ARA, eh, I mean ACORN is going to try to infiltrate and disrupt the "TEA PARTY" rallies that are planned around the nation?



  5. The racist right and the right in general is nothing but a bunch of cry babies. I love to hear the ideas cry like bitches. It is music to my ears.

  6. Has Bill White been ass raped or killed himself? Maybe someone should write his cell mates some more letters. LOL

  7. Good God, she beats this nigger loving crap into the ground. She is relentless. And not once ever mentions anything related to reverse racism.

    Nikki is bipolar. When she is in her down swings she gets deep sympathy for the coloreds.

  8. God you really get me hot baby. I just want to pound you out, kosher style.

  9. This is the way I look at it Nikki, when the right and racist white is whining so much.....then something must be going "right" in the world. Ha ha ha. What a bunch of girlie retards. LOL.

  10. That is pretty much the way it goes. So called "White Nationals" are very unhappy people, losers, and the biggest cry babies on earth. Look at them: Blevins, White, Turner, and Duke. Losers and whiners all.

  11. wtf?!?

    the White Race is, basically, being genocided out-of-existence(½-a-million healthy white babies brutally butchered by jew abortionists annually!) &, if we dare to utter a word abt it, then, we're "cry-babies"?

    FCK u, u worthless fckn MAGGOT!

    ohh...BTW...if we wanna talk abt "cry babies", howz abt the kikes & their endless "whining" abt the HollowHoax?....or niggaz complaining abt "whitey" because they can't act like human beings?!?

  12. Ya think Daryl Lamont Jenkins will be at one of the Tea Party rallies in PA with his ACORN ARA cohorts to infiltrate or disrupt it.

    Bet on it.

  13. Actually, a lot of white civil rights activists got the idea that it would be good to shed light on the plight of the white race from watching Jews.

    After all, if the Jews always get what they want by portraying themselves as a discriminated-against minority with their phony-bologna holohoax schemes and the like, and always milking sympathy, maybe whites can get some traction by actually telling the truth about our plight.

    Most of the whites I know these days have been taught by today's teachers and the Jew-media that they are the scum of the earth, and owe the rest of the world a living because they were born with white skin, and deserve to die off for causing all of the world's problems when in truth it is the complete opposite.

  14. Alex Linder speaks!.....the "rant" to end all "rants"! ...... GoyFire 58!

  15. Linder is an idiot, just like you. No one gives a flying fuck what he says.

  16. Oscar Yeager just another Nimbuster troll of low intelligence.

  17. "You know what's really bad for the white race? White people, that's who."

    I agree with this, nikkipoo...! White people no longer act Aryan, and Aryan means KILLING and DYING for the cause, and putting ideology above race!!

    The WOLF is the answer, not willies cosmotheism trash, nor klassen's creativity crap, nor hitler's nazi CONservative bullshit!!

  18. Too bad your mother didn't practice abortion "Hardy" I'd have loaned the shank hoe' a hanger.

    As long as we are on the subject of low intelligence: Hardy Lloyd. LOL. Nuff said.

  19. Why do you gringos use my name in quotes?

  20. Because you are not the real Hardy Lloyd. The real one has his own Blogger account. Even someone as stupid as you should be able to figure that out.

  21. ??? Are you americans morons because of IQ, or because of breeding?

    I'll add something to my page if ya want, bitch! Or fight me!!

  22. Self would not waste previous time on "Hardy Dloyd" he is just too damn stupid to get it, admin. LOL.

  23. The best thing about the Federal lock up that Bill White is in is that they don't give the envelop to the prisoner (security reasons) I can write Billy bumps under anyone's name say Mike Blevins and say anything. Bill is going to hate a lot of people when he gets out. If he gets out, with any luck he will kill himself. After all, he now thinks that Drake is porking his fat cow of a wife. LOL. I LOVE THIS GAME!

  24. Richard Poplawski is a hero!! And even though he hated Nazism, his actions were still right!!

  25. The Lies:::

    That he knew the pigs were coming...?

    That he was dressed in a bullet proof vest armed with an AK47...?

    That he shot pigs with an AK47...?

    That his mother told him the pigs were coming...?

    That he was a racial loyalist...?

    That he didn't have JEWISH or black friends...?

    The Facts:::

    Poplawski's cunt of a mother called the pigs because of a dog problem. She never told him the pigs were coming, or why they were coming! When they came he thought they were going to take away his rights! The day before a nigger and a gook went on a killing spree, and Poplawski thought that obama monkey passed some late night anti-gun laws... He fired his 357 no more than six times because he was scared and fired in self-defense ONLY!! After he killed those pigs he then kept more cops at bay by firing, but making sure not to hit any of them with his WASR-10... 100 rounds of WASR-10 fired into the air to keep the pigs from rushing his house while he thought it out. Now, if he had planned this he would have fired 10,000 rounds at the cops and hit more of them!!

    He ran to the door when he saw the pigs with a 357 in his hand, and fired no more than six rounds!! He later put on the vest and loaded his WAR-10, which isn't an AK47, in order to by time while he thought about why the pigs were there to begin with! If he was planning this he would have run out into the street and fired 1,000 rounds at all the cops there!! He was scared that cops were taking away his civil rights ONLY!!

    He shot the pigs with a 357, and not his WASR-10!! In fact, he did not even try to aim his rifle at the pigs!! The first 3 went down because he panic because he thought his rights were about to be stepped on!!

    His mother called the pigs because of a dog problem, and then didn't tell her son what she had done!! So he naturally thought that the pigs were taking away everyone's rights!! The pigs are at fault for being pigs and for not making an announcement that they were there for a dog only! And his mother is at fault for not telling her son she had called them!!

    Poplawski was not a member of any racial group, nor did he even like racial loyalty!! He attacked Skinheads and racism on Stormfront all the time, and had no racial tattoos! He also had black and JEWISH friends!!

    Poplawski had several black friends; one was interviewed on KDKA and is named Vire! He also had a JEWISH friend, who was also interviewed by local TV station KDKA!! Now, if he had been a racial loyalist he would have had tattoos and would not have had nonwhite friends!!

    The media is attacking this poor man because they seek to outlaw guns and free speech! They attack White people and guns because of their own self hatred and their hatred of the White race! But one day shall come when the dog shall bite the hand that feeds it...! What goes around comes around, gringos!!

  26. Mestizo revolutionaries are better fighters than american whites!


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