Monday, May 18, 2009

Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue

Just exactly how this will work out is anyone's guess. I might even find problems with the believability factor of a white Italian dude being played by Jamie. Foxx is a GREAT actor, but I'm not sure even he can pull this one off.


18th May 2009 By Josh Layton

HOLLYWOOD star Jamie Foxx is set to play out of his skin – in a shock film role as Frank Sinatra.

Movie bosses want to prove the big screen is colour blind by casting black actor Foxx, 41, as Ol’ Blue Eyes.

George Clooney, 48, Leonardo DiCaprio, 34, Harry Connick Jnr, 41, and Justin Timberlake, 28, were tipped for the role.

But Foxx has emerged as surprise favourite to play the singing legend – who died 11 years ago aged 82 – in the biopic directed by Martin Scorsese, 66.

An industry insider said: “Jamie would seem to be born to the role.

“Magnificent voice, convincing acting ability – like Frank himself – born the wrong side of the tracks, makes it big against the odds, has his brushes with authority.

“The guy’s a gift.” Foxx shot to fame in 1999 in Oliver Stone’s Any Given Sunday and won an Oscar for playing Ray Charles in the 2004 film Ray.

He has also had a string of hit music releases, including Gold Digger with Kanye West, 31.

He was adopted as a baby by his grandparents and raised a strict Baptist in a racially-segregated Texan community.

Sinatra, who was raised in New Jersey by Italian immigrants, also shot to fame despite a gritty upbringing during the Great Depression.

The My Way star, who won 11 Grammy awards, also combin-ed a music career with film roles.

For years agents at the FBI kept a 2,500-page dossier on the performer, because of his links to Mafia characters.


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  2. Yeah a negro playing Frank Sinatra. That's a grand hollywood way of pissing on his grave, digging his body up, pissing on it and then burying him upside down.

  3. Maybe not everyone shares your opinion on race, dimwit. It must really suck to be you, to be so obviously unhappy.

  4. I wonder how many people share my views on oppression of white people and abolishment of their culture?

  5. Only idiots. I notice that you don't sign your name to you beliefs.....Von.

  6. And that's irony.

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  9. No matter what anyone's opinion is here, remember what happens to all race mixing movies: straight to video. How many times have they tried to salvage "Save the Last Dance?" There are far more pro-white people than there are people who truely enjoy films like this.

  10. No. You are incredibly stupid and let your racist cloud your thinking. You need to face facts, the major of America has move beyond racist. We have a black president. You are an idiot. LOL.

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