Friday, May 08, 2009

'Okay To Kill Jews'

Murder suspect: 'Okay to kill Jews'
Arrest warrant details alleged events in killing of Wesleyan student

MIDDLETOWN, Conn. - A man suspected in the fatal shooting of a Wesleyan University student wrote in his journal that it's "okay to kill Jews and go on a killing spree," according to an arrest warrant released Friday.

Stephen P. Morgan, 29, was arrested Thursday night after seeing his photo in a newspaper and asking a convenience store clerk to call police. Officers found him standing outside the store, 10 miles from the bookstore where Johanna Justin-Jinich was gunned down by a man wearing a wig Wednesday.

Morgan was arraigned Friday in Middletown Superior Court. A judge increased his bond to $15 million.

Police found Morgan's journal inside the bookstore, according to the warrant. Morgan's father identified his son as the man seen in bookstore surveillance photos and told investigators his son was a loner who kept a journal and was known to make anti-Semitic comments, according to the warrant.

The journal had an entry saying "I think it okay to kill Jews and go on a killing spree" and "Kill Johanna. She must Die," according to the arrest warrant.

The composition book also had an entry dated May 6 at 11 a.m. — about two hours before Justin-Jinich was killed — that mentioned seeing all of the beautiful and smart people at Wesleyan, which is an elite private university.

Victim was Jewish
Morgan's parents and two sisters attended the brief hearing. One sister wept as Morgan, scruffy and unkempt, left the courtroom accompanied by judicial marshals. Outside court, defense attorney Dick Brown said Morgan would plead not guilty.

"He denies any effort to target the Wesleyan campus or anyone else," Brown said.

Justin-Jinich, of Timnath, Colo., came from a Jewish family, and her grandmother was a Holocaust survivor.

Authorities in New York said Morgan and Justin-Jinich had known each other since at least 2007, when Justin-Jinich filed a harassment complaint against him while they were enrolled in a summer class at New York University. In the complaint filed in July of that year, Justin-Jinich said Morgan called her repeatedly and sent her insulting e-mails.

One of the e-mails warned: "You're going to have a lot more problems down the road if you can't take any (expletive) criticism, Johanna." Both were interviewed by university police, but Justin-Jinich decided not to press charges.

Morgan's father, James, told police in Marblehead, Mass., he last saw his son on Tuesday, that his son told him he had decided to move to Newport, R.I., and that his son had taken all his belongings. Police checked Morgan's bedroom, where they said they found a box full of ammunition and an empty handgun holster.

Chilling details
Police said they found a red 2001 Nissan Sentra — with Colorado license plates and registered to Morgan — in the bookstore parking lot. They said there was a handgun case partially opened in the vehicle and two handgun magazines.

One witness, Susan Gerdhart, 22, told police she was paying for a salad when she heard four loud popping noises. She turned to see smoke in the air and bullet casings on the ground and faced the suspect, who fired three more shots, according to the warrant.

"Gerdhart noticed that the female behind the counter was no longer standing and the suspect was standing over the counter with a gun in his hand pointed at the floor," the warrant states.

Police responding to the scene found the victim moaning and shaking on the floor. In the basement, police said they found a baseball cap, glasses, a laptop computer and a brown colored wig on the floor. Police said they found a gun at the scene and seven shell casings.

WVIT-TV, citing unnamed sources, reported that the shooter used a pulley system similar to a dumbwaiter to get from the main floor of the bookstore to the basement, and then ditched his wig and gun.

Police stopped Morgan shortly after the shooting, took down his name and contact information and then let him go, not knowing he would be a suspect, WVIT said.


  1. Hate crime without question.

  2. I love it. One of the main points of the white nationalist ideology couldn't be more clearly illustrated. "Jewish life is more important than non-Jewish life." If someone kills a Jew, the last thing that crime will ever be is a hush-crime.

    Anyone who murders someone in cold blood should be put to death. Can we all agree on that? Ok, how is it being a "hate crime" (a crime against anyone other than straight whites) going to make it any worse, should justice be served? What are you going to do? Kill him twice?

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  6. Well, it's happened. An honest white Jew has started a thread on VNN Forum expressing frustration about where he would fit in within a WN society and proposing some sort of cooperation.

    Now, how will VNN Forum react? Will they backhand him and hysterically shriek "No Jews, Just Right", or will we see the faint glimmerings of some true strategical thinking for a change? A realization that we have an opportunity to bring down our ultimate enemy peacefully, and confront the Negroes and Mestizos who clearly do not belong amongst us.

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  9. Well I never thought I'd agree with Boa on anything but he has hit Blevins dead on. The best thing Blevins could do is shut his damn mouth because only complete stupidity flows from it.

  10. "Okay to kill Jews":

    My type of guy!

  11. Why would a Jewish person want to join up with white nationalists? This guy over on VNN is not what he says...believe me.

  12. Nikki,

    There of plenty of Jews that would if they could.

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  14. Do you really believe that any self respecting Jew would join the Nazis or any Neo-Nazi organization? The Nazis killed six million of our people and caused misery unequaled in human history. You must either be stupid, crazy, or a total idiot to think we'd join up with you scum.

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    get the FACTS on how Nazis REALLY treated jews during WWII!

  16. The Holocaust was indeed a terrible thing, it should never for forgotten or forgiven.

  17. Jew Blevins has started his last diversion. It is very clear to myself and other WN's that Blevins is nothing more than a Jew spy sent to disrupt the movement. Measures are being taken for a "final solution" to the Blevins problem.

  18. Leave Blevins alone. If he wasn't crazy, he wouldn't come up with stuff like this. He can't help himself or he would.

  19. I say we admit the holocaust happened! 2 million... six million..16 million...60 million jews dies during the war!

    If we are gonna make up fake death toll numbers let's really go for it! We want plenty of dead WW2 jews! The bigger the number the better!

  20. The Holocaust? It's a matter of historical fact and you are a fucking idiot. There is no discussion, it happened and you are a retard.

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  21. Suppose the holocaust did happen as the jews said it did. What makes it so much more special than what the jews did to the Ukrainians or to what they are currently doing in the Middle East? Can we hope to be beaten over the head one day with stories of those acts of genocide? Not likely.

  22. The only thing Holocaust deniers have to debate with is lies and half truths. It is not only the Jewish people who are saying the holocaust happened.

    Mostly what the Israeli state is doing in the Middle East is defending themselves. They are certainly not perfect and I don't always agree with what they are doing but I understand why they do it. The anonymous coward who posted the last message should grow up and stop letting their hate determine their world out look.

  23. How is fairness hate? That part about Israel defending itself sounds an aweful lot like what Germany claimed it was going against Poland, the Soviets and Europeans communists (mostly Jews).

    Speaking of the Soviets, wasn't it they who first pushed the holco$t propaganda? Boy, they sure have a spotless track record for human rights, don't they? I wonder what happened under them after the war anyway? Where can I find a memorial to any umm...unpleasentness that might have happened under that Jewish led regime?

  24. I see that there are still losers here posing as me long after I left. You all know I am a conservative right wing wacko so it is pretty easy to spot an impersonator.

    It now looks like health care is being pushed through and believe it or not, to some degree I am for it.

    I am a far right conservative republican that supports health care. Wow, doesn’t sound like the conservatives on the radio, does it? Actually, I agree with most of what they say but have to draw the line here. I support health care for everyone as I am pro life. Not just pro life for babies but for adults as well.

    I don’t think that someone should have something catastrophic happen to them and have to choose between death and financial ruin. With those two choices in mind, they have to choose financial ruin.

    I am not saying health care for someone who has the sniffles. I am saying major medical with a relatively high deductible. High enough to encourage people to not use it unless it is absolutely necessary. Low enough to allow someone to pay off this debt within a year or two and be back on their feet without a tarnished credit rating or a lifetime of debt.

    Those who want to see the doctor for minor issues can pay for it out of their pocket. When negotiating with a doctor, I have found rates significantly drop if it is mentioned that you are paying cash. A $75 dollar 5 minute consultation quickly turns into a $40 consultation.

    I am going to let you in on a couple of things you may not be aware of as being issues within the health care industry. This is insider information that I am aware of and that I have not heard a word of from the mainstream media.

    My father was a vice president of The Travelers Financial Services prior to their breaking up. Back when they were one of the largest insurance companies in the United States. He told me a couple of very interesting stories about the industry.

    His first month or so that he was on the job, he was meeting with top executives of many of the other largest insurance companies in the country and the topic came up of raising premiums by a certain percentage. The insurance companies all agreed together to do so.

    At this point he was afraid from what just happened. My dad was previously the VP of RJ Reynolds / Nabisco and if something like that ever happened he knew that he would be sent straight to prison for price fixing or collusion. So… upon returning to The Travelers he immediately reported to the president and said I can’t believe what just happened, they were all talking about raising prices and now I am going to end up going to jail. The president of Travelers laughed and informed him that there legally is an exception for insurance companies and this is perfectly legal for him to do so within the industry.

    This was quite shocking information to my dad and when he told me about it I too was surprised that the government would allow this.

    A couple years down the road the insurance giants were going head to head with the all mighty American Medical Association. The AMA has some sort of book. It’s kind of like a guideline of what is acceptable to pay. Got the sniffles and insurance companies must pay __ dollars. Got a broken arm and it will cost insurance companies ___ dollars. Well, the AMA decided to increase prices across the board to the insurance companies. The insurance giants were outraged at this and got together to decide how to handle this. They were fully aware that the AMA was controlling the supply and demand of doctors in the United States so they decided that they would threaten exposure and let the cat out of the bag.

    They came back to the AMA with a response that if they even think about raising the prices they will drop the ball on how the AMA was only allowing a certain number of doctors graduate per year. Just enough to account for population increase and death of doctors. This tight control of the supply and demand is what has allowed health care prices to go through the roof and medical doctors to get paid 3 to 4 times the amount that doctors and highly educated people of other fields get paid. Even the doctors that simply treat people with the sniffles are flush with cash after a short term of paying off medical school due to this monopoly that the AMA has created.

    They also promised that they will make sure that with the breaking of the news they will ensure that thousands upon thousands of highly qualified doctors get imported from India to the United States which will in-turn create an atmosphere of competition, and prices will drop regardless of what the AMA does due to the change in supply and demand.

    Upon the receipt of this counter threat, the AMA quickly decided against raising prices to insurance companies and the issue was resolved.

    Our health care system is broken. Broken in a huge way. It is broken due to non-regulation. I am not saying that we need government-controlled health care. I am saying that we need regulation in this industry. It is broken because the government has allowed a monopoly with the AMA and allowed collusion among insurance companies. Sure, there are many other reasons why it is broken. These are two glaring examples which have caused the American people to feel that even Government controlled health care would be better than what we have now. And it would be. When the government doesn’t enforce the laws we already have in place, or give special privileges to particular industries, things get broken and it makes it seem that the only option is more government control.

    Regardless of the situation, people need health care and the system needs to be fixed. Health care costs are through the roof in all areas, from pharmaceuticals to hospitals, from insurance to doctors themselves. No one should face a financial ruin or death decision due to a catastrophic health problem. Lets get this problem fixed. Those who are profiting to a massive degree will go down kicking and screaming all the way and that is to be expected. “Plants” will be hired by the profiteers to appear on the media giving reasons why this is a bad idea. A campaign will be kicked off likely using scare tactics, etc. Regardless of what happens, we need to push through major medical for the people.

    So what do the other conservatives here think about the health care situation?

  25. Hooch - Excellent post. I did not know the AMA was deliberately trying to constrict the supply of doctors.

    For health insurance to be affordable, it must cover therapeutic care only, focusing on catastrophic and long-term care. Health insurance should never cover elective or vanity care, like facelifts, sex reassignment surgery, or Viagra. It's not my job to pay for YOUR hard-on or build you a ladystick if you want to switch from being a woman to a man. That's one way to make it more affordable.

    Death row inmates should also be denied organ transplants. They're on death row because they're sentenced to die. If they die earlier because of kidney or heart failure, that's a good thing for society.

    Health insurance must be affordable and portable. No one should be required to pay more than five percent of the income for health insurance.

  26. it is really crazy how they try to vilify soft-core WNists like David Duke and Don Black. Those guys haven't uttered a racial slur in over 2 decades! What a joke!

  27. Sex reassignment surgery, lol, I love it. How much do you want to bet that some of the radical leftists here "feel" that it should be the right of these sex switchers to become the cross gendered mutation that they have always wanted to be and that the American tax payer would be discriminating if they denied that right.

    Good point as well on the convicts!!! I never really thought about how they will, or shall I say, will not, fit into the mix.

  28. The sooner the entire jewish devil race is in gas chambers and mas graves the better...

  29. Hey retard, it's "mass" dumbass.

  30. Ah, yes. The invisible "overhaul of the nation's health care system" we keep hearing about. What exactly this entails is anyone's guess - one thing is for sure: we're likely to see new taxes but no new health services.

  31. Hooch - great post. Thanks for the enlightenment. I agree with you completely. No one should ever have to choose between life and financial ruin, but it happens all of the time.

    This is one of the greatest problems facing United States citizens today. And it keeps getting worse. I am also concerned about the quality of health care and the runaway pharmaceutical prices.

    Even with really good insurance coverage, the co-pay for prescription drugs keeps rising often making them unaffordable for many families. Choosing whether to eat or buy medicine should never happen either.

  32. Mas or mass who cares as long as all the kikes get snuffed.

  33. Your ignorance is definitely showing.

  34. No more jews = Just right!

  35. You have to excuse Artie, Nikki he is very stupid.

  36. There is nothing wrong with Blevins that a good ass kicking wouldn't solve.

  37. His ass has been kicked a few times and he is still fucking batshit crazy.

    An asswhoopin' ain't going to fix his crazy ass.

  38. Your the one that needs a boot party Chris drake...


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