Thursday, February 03, 2011

Another neo-Nazi Circus Clown Bite The Dust...

For the next few articles - let's talk insanity in the racist realm. I mean...look at this nutjob. Some of us remember him from his earlier NSM days when they paraded him around as some sort of rare find that would draw intelligent and articulate individuals into their neo-Nazi circus.

Neo-Nazi leader from Ridgewood charged with threatening New York Anti-Defamation League director

Wednesday, 26 January 2011 20:52 Jerry DeMarco

UPDATE: A former neo-Nazi leader from Ridgewood -- who won a court challenge to his posting Third Reich flags outside his home, made national headlines when he was dismissed as an adjunct from FDU, and keeps a swastika in his window -- was arrested this morning following a SWAT team raid on his apartment.

Jacques PlussHe is charged with threatening the director of the New York regional office of the Anti-Defamation League.

The New Jersey State Police Central Security Unit began investigating Jacques Pluss, 57, of Heights Road, after the ADL turned over emailed threats to Abraham Foxman, Acting NJSP Major Gerald Lewis told CLIFFVIEW PILOT.

The unit investigates threats against politicians, judges and other public figures.

“As part of our investigation, we found that he has ties to neo-Nazi organizations, and that he frequently visited neo-Nazi websites,“ Lewis told CLIFFVIEW PILOT.

At 6:30 a.m., the Troop B SWAT team -- armed with a search warrant -- descended on the apartment, along with detectives from the CSU, cyber crimes and K9 units, investigators from the Division of Criminal Justice, and Ridgewood police.

As Pluss was being arrested on charges of bias intimidation and harassment, a search turned up three rifles, Lewis told CLIFFVIEW PILOT.

His wife was taken into

Jacques Pluss (courtesy NJSP)custody “for investigative purposes pertaining to possible weapons offenses,” Lewis said. Continued here...


  1. Nikki, I have hardly "bitten the dust." See

    Best to you from Dr. Jacques Pluss.

  2. Is anyone interested as to his whereabouts lately? I am. Please comment if you would like to know. Thank you


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