Thursday, February 03, 2011

Insanity Begets Insanity

And the insanity continues. This just goes to prove that in the neo-Nazi realm there is no loyalty...but, there is lots of insanity. Timothy Bland turned own his own and threatened not only the wife of a comrade - but their child. Insanity begets insanity and the insane attract others who are mad.

Man gets probation for threats to Va. neo-Nazi's wife

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The Roanoke Times

© January 19, 2011

By Mike Gangloff

Timothy Bland, who pleaded guilty last year to threatening the wife of jailed neo-Nazi leader Bill White, was sentenced today to five years' probation.

Bland, 46, a Baltimore resident whose lawyer said he was a mentally ill follower of Bill White's online racist rants, told U.S. District Judge James Turk he was unaware of his actions when he phoned Meghan White.

"I feel terrible about what I did," Bland said. "I allowed someone to push me and prod me over a 2 1/2-year period until I lost control."

Defense lawyer Jim Crawford of Baltimore said Bland has a long history of mental illness and has been diagnosed as bipolar.

Federal sentencing guidelines suggested at least a year in prison. Crawford asked for probation, noting that Bland's mother, who financially supports him, has stage 4 breast cancer. Assistant U.S. Attorney Pat Hogeboom said he didn't object as long as strict controls were placed on Bland's activities.

Turk prohibited Bland from drinking alcohol and said he will be monitored by the federal probation office for five years.

Bland phoned Meghan White in December 2009, two days after a federal jury in Roanoke found Bill White guilty of four charges related to threatening people.

Bland told Meghan White he was coming to Roanoke to kill her and her infant daughter. He called back several times to say he was getting closer to the city, and finally that he had arrived and was getting a motel room. Bland also text messaged his victim a picture of his genitals, a spokesman for the U.S. attorney's office said.

The calls terrified Meghan White, who soon took her daughter and moved in with relatives. She said she didn't know Bland and didn't think her husband did either.

Crawford said Bland was "prime game" to be recruited by Bill White and followed White's racist proclamations online. Hogeboom said that in Bill White's trial, Bland was summoned as a prosecution witness to testify that he was willing to act on White's threats against minorities.

Bland was never actually called to the stand in White's trial. Meghan White was a potential defense witness. She also wasn't called to testify.

It was after Bland returned from the trial to Baltimore that he telephoned Meghan White.

Crawford said Bland feared retribution from Bill White or members of the American National Socialist Workers Party, the group White claimed to command.

After Bill White's trial, Bland told his lawyer he received phone calls from people connected to the group. He began drinking heavily, Crawford said, and when he called Meghan White, he was "clearly inebriated, clearly psychotic in many ways, clearly delusional."

The same night he threatened Meghan White, he called police in Baltimore to say that he was a former member of a Nazi group and that people were trying to kill him.

"Bland's vile, hateful threats directly caused the victim in this case real distress," U.S. Attorney Tim Heaphy said today in a statement. "Anyone who tries to intimidate or frighten another person by using the telephone, the internet, the U.S. mail, or any other instrumentality of interstate commerce will be prosecuted in this district."

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