Sunday, January 20, 2008

Creepy People

“I deeply resent the way I’ve been characterized. I’m no more a white supremacist than the Dalai Lama is. I love my people just as he does.”(Kevin Alfred Strom, courtroom statement 1/14/08)

Kevin Alfred Strom was once the metaphorical backbone of the largest and most prolific hate group in America. Serving Dr. William Luther Pierce, and later taking his place as America’s Dissident Voice, Strom was considered one of the true intellectuals in the racist movement.

Revered by some and deeply criticized by others, Strom would later become the Director of National Vanguard, a splinter groups which never really got off the ground.

Considered by many to be “too effeminate,” Kevin Strom had another onus to bear. He wasn’t the homosexual that many on the extreme right suspected - he liked girls – very young girls.

For years, Kevin maintained a website with an odd collection of art mixed in with virulently racist rhetoric. At he beginning of the 21st Century, his cyber presence was rife with pictures of young females, usually scantily clad, and often belonging to parents active in the National Alliance. Many of those pictures were, reportedly, presented without parental knowledge.

Even though Strom was suspected of being “sexually twisted” by many individuals on the racist right, his radio programs and scholarly essays continued to be disseminated and praised by those who would otherwise have considered him unfit for white nationalist circles.

When Strom was arrested in January of 2008, on a series if child pornography and intimidate charges, some were shocked, some were disbelieving and still others were in complete denial.

Don Black, founder and operator of the oldest and largest white nationalist website, Stormfront, admitted that he was not surprised and that “they” had been worried that this was going to happen. Yet there were those, and still are, who refused to believe the charges. Many believed that his wife Elisha set him up even after evidence surfaced and eventually, by Kevin’s own admission, it became clear that he had, in fact, not only received and possessed child pornography, but had actually stalked a 10-year-old female.

While some charges were dropped, on January 14th, 2008, Strom pled guilty to child pornography and will be sentenced in April. Out of concern, the Judge asked Kevin if he had been coerced or, in any way, intimidated into making such an admission to which Strom replied, “They’re trying to kill me because of the press coverage,” he said. “I deeply resent the way I’ve been characterized. I’m no more a white supremacist than the Dalai Lama is. I love my people just as he does.”

For most people, living within the realm of sanity, the very idea of child pornography and pedophilia is repulsive and being legally charged with such crimes is unthinkable. Yet Strom is more concerned about the media coverage labeling him a “white supremacist,” which he is.

Additionally, we all know that in jail or prison any inmate who has committed crimes against children are not going to fare well and are much more likely to be attacked or killed. Why then the concern over being called a white supremacist? Could it be that Mr. Strom knows that not even the Aryan Brotherhood will be on his side?

For years Strom has railed against African-Americans, Jews, and other minority groups. To now be concerned about his extremely racist views seems almost ridiculous. However, being called a white supremacist doesn’t sit well with his wife either.

In an interview after the court appearance, Elisha Strom was quick to correct reporter Lisa Provence from “The Hook”telling her that she isn’t a white supremacist either, but a white separatist who wants a white homeland.

There is very little to laugh at in this seedy and repulsive case, but watching the two racists strive to somehow ameliorate their racism is pretty damned funny. As the National Alliance has had their stated goals listed for years, to suddenly attempt to cast a more positive light on themselves in the midst of something most of the sane world has difficulty stomaching, is beyond the point of ridiculous.

Here are three of their stated objectives…

"We will do whatever is necessary to achieve this White living space and to keep it White. We will not be deterred by the difficulty or temporary unpleasantness involved, because we realize that it is absolutely necessary for our racial survival."

"The fact is that we need a strong, centralized government spanning several continents to coordinate many important tasks during the first few decades of a White world: the racial cleansing of the land, the rooting out of racially destructive institutions, and the reorganization of society on a new basis."

"The central task of a new government will be to reverse the racially devolutionary course of the last few millennia and keep it reversed: a long-term eugenics program involving at least the entire populations of Europe and America. Such a task is necessarily intrusive, and it will require large-scale organization."

While Elisha Strom apparently assisted the prosecution and testified against her husband it is unclear whether she did so willingly or to save herself from being indicted on charges, as well. There are several questions regarding her involvement.

Throughout the last year, Elisha has attempted to rid herself of the cloud that still hangs over her head as far as her fellow racists are concerned. She has claimed that her relationship with Kevin has been a stormy one, especially since she caught him masturbating in front of the computer while viewing photos of the heads of the neo-Nazi singing duo of Prussian Blue, now 15, pasted on the naked bodies of younger female children.

During that time, Elisha claimed that she had made Kevin sign a contract to seek help for his problem and to continue in counseling until such time that he was “cured” from his pedophilia. She placed that notarized contract online as proof that she had taken some sort of action.

Later, an audio tape of Kevin speaking with his counselor surfaced. On the tape, he admitted to being attracted to children and to the fact that Elisha had caught him masturbating to images of “shockingly young girls.” Also on the tape, he chronicled how Elisha had set up what sounded to be an elaborate set of cameras in the house in order to catch him. This revelation only fed the hysteria of those who believed Elisha had been complicit in setting him up.

Elisha also spoke of an incident where he had walked the young child that he had been stalking to the car during a rain shower while leaving his own family behind without the benefit of an umbrella. Additionally, she recalled an incident where she, Kevin, and Prussian Blue were present at a David Duke event. She claimed that Keving wanted to take pictures of the young girls in their bathing suits while they were at the pool. According to Elisha, she headed him off and got someone else to take the pictures.

All of this, however, still begs the question, if she knew about Kevin’s penchant for children why didn’t she warn the parents of the children Kevin had access to? Additionally, why did she remain with Kevin throughout all of this?

We’ve all heard of the battered woman syndrome and how many women are afraid to leave or continue to return to the abusive relationship. But – this is different. This involved children who were being preyed upon and exploited – and she remained.

While all of this would, undoubtedly, make a really good movie for Lifetime, it really doesn’t play well to those of us who realize that the semantics of supremacist and separatist really doesn’t make a hill of beans or to those of us who, at the realization that our spouse was seriously twisted and deviant would have taken the high-road and left the bastard’s ass hanging out to dry while singing like a canary at the local precinct.

In fact, the only thing it does is solidify our belief that those involved in racist activities really are pretty creepy people.


  1. Had Elisha Strom have had more character as a human being, Kevin Strom would have gotten a lot more prison time.

    When he went to trial the first time, the judge found her personality and testimony to be so worthless, he throw out the case without the defense even having to present theirs. That's very rare in a trial.

  2. as per usual with most of these "child abuse" cases, little or no evidence of any probative value is ever presented; so it was with the Strom caae!...most of the "testimony" from Mrs S was not much better than "hear-say" if, indeed, it WASN't, in fact, hear-say: basically worth-less!

    Strom has been labelled a "chester" ("child molester") by many members of the WN fraternity but the more solid opinions of his character result from personal contact & knowledge of the man! could reasonably form such an opinion of him from the "evidence" led against him in that "farce" of a "trial"!

    it is more than probable that, like certain Guantanamo Bay "detainees", he pled "guilty" to escape from the well-documented, hideously harsh conditions in the US "gulag system" such: that basically invalidates his guilty plea as one delivered under duress!

    *such a plea would only carry real judicial weight if, for instance, Strom had to have been released on bail....which, of course, he clearly should have been for a charge of, basically, such triviality and weakness of actual evidence!*

    When he went to trial the first time, the judge found her personality and testimony to be so worthless, he throw out the case without the defence even having to present theirs. That's very rare in a trial

    happens regularly in the Westminster system and most common law nations! (US included!).....

    i/a judge can direct a jury to acquit an accused;

    ii/a judge can refuse to hear evidence that is obviously tainted & in clear violation of "the rules of evidence" and highly likely to be over-turned on appeal, thereby forcing the prosecutor to drop the case;

    iii/prosecutors can "drop" a case "off their own bat", for all sorts of reasons, right up to just before the jury returns a verdict...judges must then "dis-charge" an accused whether they like it or not!

  3. What Strom did was very minor. Many people do a lot worst and get less time in jail.

    To be honest, I find the "stalking charges" to be bogus. We all define the meaning of "stalking" different. How I define stalking may vary compared to the way you define it.

    Once Strom is out, I am not sure what the future holds. I know many people are quick to judge him as an outcast. However, he would have a place here in the Knights' Party if he wants a leadership role. We are always seeking great teachers of our kind.

  4. That is such good news since Kevin was screwed over.

  5. Pastor Mark DowneyJanuary 23, 2008 1:21 AM

    Of course you defend a perv, Thom. You use your own granddaughters to turn profit,

    Sick people like you care more about a quick buck then the well being of your children. So much for the 14 words.

    Thom, I am out. I can no longer be a member of the Knights Party. You can mark me off for April 4-6. I cannot preach for a group of lies.

  6. In fact, the only thing it does is solidify our belief that those involved in racist activities really are pretty creepy people

    I don't give a fuck about Kevin Strom. I've been saying for years that he was a aweirdo and a creep.

    However, I'm curious to know how you feel about anti-racist and their creepiness?

    Civil Rights Leader Charged With Incest
    Crime Occurred in '90s, Indictment Says

    By Bill Brubaker
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Saturday, June 9, 2007; Page B10

    James L. Bevel, a front-and-center figure in the American civil rights movement of the 1960s and confidant of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., has been charged with incest in Loudoun County.

    Bevel, 70, was indicted by a Loudoun grand jury last month on one count of unlawfully committing fornication. The indictment followed a complaint to the Leesburg Police Department in September 2005, said Lt. Jeff Dube, a police spokesman.

  7. First, I would like to know the actual age of Bevel when he committed the crime. Second, I would like to know who he engaged in incest with and her age.

    I don't support pedophiles,child abusers, rapists or wife beaters - and it doesn't matter to me what their ideology is. If guilty - they should get exactly what they deserve - no mercy.

    The fact that there seems to be an inordinate number of these types of offenses within the relatively small white supremacist movement, however, makes them really creepy people. Even more so are the ones who continue to defend Strom and those who will continue to follow him once he is released.

  8. Nikki raises an important point about so-called "white separatists" who try to convince us that they really just want a peaceful homeland to preserve their race, but whose real goals are genocide and enslavement of those they deem inferior.

    I have yet to find a "white separatist" who would be happy buying up land, creating a new community, and living with a couple hundred like-minded Folk in some place like northern Idaho.

    No, they are generally much happier traveling to places like Toledo, Kingston, and Kalamazoo and shouting racial epithets from behind police lines. Notice, too, that most of these "separatists" are not stupid enough to engage in race-baiting in their own neighborhoods.

    BTW - why do so many of these clowns choose to live in racially-integrated neighborhoods, and then turn around and complain about the fact that this is their fate? Seems to me that they would find greater peace moving to some all-white village.

    Except, of course, that most white Americans do not share their racist views. 93 percent of whites in a 2000 poll said they would vote for a qualified black presidential candidate, while over 60 percent approved of interracial marriage. 80 percent of whites polled said they did not care whether their neighbors were white or black.

    I guess the "dream" of a homeland white "separatists" will remain that, since they are not willing to move and the rest of us wish they would just stop being thick-skulled morons.

  9. History Mike wrote:
    I have yet to find a "white separatist" who would be happy buying up land, creating a new community, and living with a couple hundred like-minded Folk in some place like northern Idaho.

    Apparently, you've forgotten about the Gaede Family, who now live in Kalispell, MT, and Harold Covington, who's living somewhere in the Northwest. Furthermore, two VNN regulars, Kievsky and OTPTT, are currently homesteading in rural areas. You can also visit Stormfront and learn more about the Pioneer Little Europe (PLE) concept.

    History Mike also wrote:
    BTW - why do so many of these clowns choose to live in racially-integrated neighborhoods, and then turn around and complain about the fact that this is their fate? Seems to me that they would find greater peace moving to some all-white village.

    Many are forced to live in diverse neighborhoods due to financial circumstances. Housing in the whiter suburbs and exurbs is unattainable to them thanks to a speculation-driven housing bubble. Housing tends to be cheaper in diverse areas because it is less desirable and the areas more dangerous. It's true that you've said your own diverse neighborhood in Toledo is relatively safe, but how typical is your experience?

  10. I've lived most of my life in three cities: Detroit (23+ years) Dallas (less than one), and Toledo (16+ years). I have lived less than four total years in largely-white suburbs. While my current neighborhood is pretty quiet, I have lived and worked in some awfully tough neighborhoods.

    I have been the victim of violent crime exactly one time, and that is when I was 16, and I partially deserved it. I called a guy who hit my car a "dumb a** mother f****r," and his response was to punch me repeatedly in the face.

    As a multi-unit business owner, my stores were held up by whites, blacks, and Hispanics more times than I can count. The majority of those were committed by young white males, including a skinhead who held up a clerk with a crossbow, and a white female who chose a pair of scissors as her weapon of choice. The scariest occurred when a hyped-up white male, apparently under the influence of a powerful stimulant, pointed a gun with a shaky hand at a clerk.

    Guns, though, were the preferred robbery weapon by the thugs who paid my stores a visit, and I am thankful that none of my employees was ever injured in a holdup.

    As far as the Toledo area, there are places that are relatively safe, and places that are less than safe. Even in the "safe" areas, though, I use caution at night. I walk in lighted areas, try to walk in a group, and do things like pretend to talk on a phone to make myself seem a less desirable crime target.

    Still, if you associate with unstable people, no matter their skin color, you are more likely to wind up a crime victim. This is as true in the mostly-white suburbs as it is in areas with heavy minority populations.

    I make it a habit to avoid associating with people whose lives look like bad TV dramas. They can bring you down with them, or expose you to even more unsavory types.

    I don't wear flashy clothes, I drive used cars, and never carry much cash or valuables when I am in public. Perhaps I am more aware than others of how to minimize my risks, or perhaps my 6'5" 230 lb. dorky self is enough of a deterrent, but my own expriences lead me to believe that criminals come in a lot of different varieties, and that poverty and crime are interrelated.


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