Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Hal Turner:Separated and Terminated

Eye On Hate Radio Jan. 9 - Internet racist broadcaster Hal Turner has announced the "termination of the Hal Turner Show".

Turner writes: "If a new show airs at all, it will be entirely different than it is now" , Turner also stated that he has "separated" himself from the pro-White" movement".

For Turner this could mean a couple of different things - he will be back broadcasting his racist drool in a couple of months or less.

Possibly, he (Turner) will try to re-invent himself as a "patriot" Internet broadcaster.

Maybe a conversion, who knows, maybe soon Eye On Hate Radio will being doing a interview with a 'reformed racist broadcaster" Hal Turner.

Or all of the above,with Hal Turner one never knows.
Floyd,Eye On Hate Radio

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The Hal Turner Show is ended.

The free market votes with its wallet and for seven years, this show has struggled to garner new listeners and financial support. I have grown weary of this battle; my heart just isn't in it anymore.

As such, it is with great regret that I announce the termination of the Hal Turner Show in its present form. If a new show airs at all, it will be entirely different than it is now.

I hereby separate from the "pro-White" movement. I will no longer involve myself in any aspect of it.

Thank you for your support in the past. I wish all of you the best of luck in the future.

Those few of you who subscribed more than a single month will still have access to the archives until your subscription expires. - Hal Turner
January 9, 2008 9:00 PM EST


  1. This probably has something to do with it.

    Click here

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  3. more likely than not, Hal got sick & fckn tired of "death threats" from youse fckn ZOG retardz!

    being "a double agent" can 'cut' both wayz.....i would hazard a guess that there would be thousands of white men "woken up" by Hal's broadcasts!......few of whom belong to any "org" and any one of whom would be capable of goin' into action "@ the drop of a hat" to 'take out' ZOG scum like youse or any of the other crypto-kikez and nigga luvvers who waste our oxygen supply on a daily basis!

    youse can't stop an "army" of Oscar Yeaghers!

    shut down "hate sites" with HR 1955/S 1959?....too fckn LATE for that, cuntz!....we've already BEEN 'radicalised'!

    personally: i'm lookin' forward to starting a HUGE collection of jew snouts & nigga ears nailed to me garage wall!

  4. There is a lot more to it than that. Little Harold's life is in the toilet. He checked himself in and out of drug rehab recently, his marriage is on the rocks with Phyllis, and a skin head followed him to the grocery store from his mothers house and dispensed some "street justice" in the form of a beating to little Hal. My source on this is none other than Mona Montgomery. I'd be willing to bet she stopped supporting him as well because she sounds pretty fed up with him (though she has never admitted she ever supported him...)

    I believe that Hal intends to flip flop much like Floyd did. He might write a book or something (no facts to back this up just a gut feeling).

  5. 'course, Hal can be "outted" as a narc' (i seriously doubt he is one!) and then hafta 'vacate' White Nationalism but Nikki Shit-4-brainz-fck-tard-Nutz & bi-boy Floyd FckBrain can be "outed" as MOSSAD "operatives' and STILL get 'kudos' from the OPP shit-suckers and golden-shower slurpers!

    WTF are youse gunna 'fess up to that kiddie-porn snuff-film ring youse operate with Schwartzer?


  6. Bouncing Turd Avatar, you are hereby challenged to post proof for your alleged Bullshit about Hal or you need to shut the Fuck up.

  7. Holeswine: You need to face facts. Your fat bisexual coke sniffing hero has packed it in shafting everyone he could for whatever he could. He is snitching off the dealers in the White Nationals Coke/Meth circle.

    The Vinlander's Social Club is calling for Hal Turner to be "Exterminated like Diseased Rat"
    Registered Users can call their hotline 317-536-6119 and use their password to get into the Hotline. The non-Registered can call 405-463-5515 (won't go through if you disable caller ID) and get a watered down version telling of how Butcher (New Jersey Vinlander) followed Hal from his mommies house to a local mall and beat him within a inch of his life in the parking lot. Such is first day of the rest of Hal (Race traitor) Turner's life.

  8. Those Vinlanders are a bunch of Goober Smoochers. So they're irrevelant.

  9. Vinlanders are irrevelant? Stick to 4 letter words Holestein, we all know you can't understand 50 dollar words.
    Did you get the little token I left in your mail box, Pedo? I'll be returning to Missouri soon.

    Ha ha ha Hal Turner has snitched on his drug dealers and now must pay the price. Is that justice or what? Now Hal is running like the fat little coward he is and shitting on everyone in the White National Movement. It is just too goddamn funny. Hal played the WN like a harp from the trailer park.

  10. It'd be good to see Hal stomp your Faggot Ass over your Bullshit lies about him.

  11. Remember Steve, I've been to Kennett. I am going to catch you alone real soon.

    And they are not "my" lies Pedo, the same story is coming from multiple places.

  12. Yep, you Fat Faggots are obsessing over Hal.

  13. "Fat Faggots"? That would be you Holsten. Allah has told me I must not kill you. Just sodomize and torture you. Allah is merciful.

  14. So, you're saying Allah is a Faggot like you.

  15. Hal Turner snitched on James Mazzone with Hal getting immunity while Mazzone got several years in prison


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