Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Archive of Tonight's Eye On Hate Radio

Archive of tonight's show Jan. 2 - Listen Here Archive Mp3 Jan 2, 2008 Eye On Radio
Is Ron Paul running to succeed George Bush or Jefferson Davis ?

"after looking over the evidence and the facts, I am beginning to wonder , is Ron Paul running for president to succeed George Bush or Jefferson Davis President of the Confederacy.

When taking in the remarks by Paul to Tim Russert concerning the civil war, Lincoln and slaves, looking at the fact that Ron Paul has been an honorary member of a neo confederate group for twelve years and finally Paul's solicitation of support from these neo confederate groups not to menition Paul's ties to militia type organizations makes it plain Ron Paul isn't a black shirt of the nazi type of racist - he prefers the Grey uniform of the confederacy, but either way the black shirt of Stormfront or the grey uniform of slave owners, Ron Paul is but one sheet away from the purveyors of hate."

You will have to tune into tomorrow night's (Wednesday Jan. 2, 9pm est.) Special broadcast and hear the disturbing facts concerning Paul's ties to extremism and the soft underbelly of racism here in America.

Good News: tomorrow night Eye On Hate Radio will be featuring music from the Riotfolk record label.

RiotFolk mission
"Making folk a threat again!
We are an anti-profit mutual-aid collective of radical artists and musicians. We make music to provoke, educate, heal and inspire."
Along with news and commentary Eye On Hate radio will feature these artist from Riotfolk. Visit Riotfolk at

Kate and Ethan: White Lies

Ryan Harvey:
Peace, Justice and Anarchy;
What did you learn on the news ?;

From Evan Greer;
Love me, I am a liberal;

Hope you can join us ! Live at 9pm est. Jan. 2
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