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BROOKLYN - Lawyers for ultra-right wing shock jock and one-time FBI informant Hal Turner rested their defense Monday after calling an agent from the FBI’s counter-terrorism unit about whether Turner had any intent to harm judges.

Daniel Brunner, who is assigned to the FBI’s CT-4 domestic counter-terrorism and weapons of mass destruction squad in Newark, said he took part in the arrest of Turner at his North Bergen home last June for allegedly posting a threat against three Chicago judges on his radio show Internet blog.

Reviewing FBI reports in Turner’s confidential informant file, Brunner testified that he had no information to suggest that Turner was a leader of an extremist organization or had any followers.

Prior to Turner’s arrest, Brunner said the controversial talk-show host told agents, “I would not kill or harm the judges myself.”

In his blog, Turner wrote that three 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals judges “deserved to be killed” for upholding a local handgun law in Chicago and a suburb.

On cross-examination, Brunner said that Turner acknowledged that he understood he could be criminally culpable if someone were to harm the judges based on what he wrote in his blog.

The agent said Turner then added, “It is not my intention to ever have someone harmed or killed. I use crude political hyperbole to blow off steam over issues that aggravate me.”

The government then put on one final witness before resting its case. FBI agent Joseph Raschke said Turner was closed as an informant in late March 2005 after postings relating to the murder of a Chicago judge’s mother and husband. Turner warned judges not to “screw around with pro-white groups because some of us are willing to kill and you can be gotten too.”

But Raschke conceded on cross that until this case, Turner was never charged with any crime for any statements he made, including comments on his blog and on national television shows that the Chicago judge was “worthy of death.”

Referring to an FBI memo from this period, defense lawyer Nishay Sanan asked the agent, “When it says the CI [confidential informant] operated within the guidelines of a privileged CI, that means the CI didn’t break any laws?”

U.S. Distict Judge Donald E. Walter interjected, “The document speaks for itself.”

During his on-again, off-again role as an FBI informant between 2003 and 2007, Turner provided intelligence on extremist white-power groups, including the Aryan Nation and the National Alliance. He was regarded as a valuable source, but ultimately closed as an informant because of “serious control” problems.

Closing arguments in the case will be delivered this afternoon.


  1. I think Turner walks.

    And I don't understand the apology by the OPP considering Hal's wife was equally responsible for running the show. It was her internet account, her house, she was the screener, and she lied on the witness stand about not knowing Hal was a racist during that assault trial.

    She's just as dirty as Little Harold is.

  2. He did it because he called her a "pig" which was wrong and sexist.

    If he wanted to attack her as a racist, okay, but calling a woman a "pig" is not productive and it makes our movement look bad.

    Usually sexist remarks degrading women is done by the other side, and we are better than that.

    I tried to tell OPP when it the remark was made on the site that it was wrong and a bad move.

    I am glad it is finally retracted.

  3. Schwartz isn't part of our anti-racist movement he is just an internet troll who attacks anyone, including anti-racists.

  4. I smell another hung jury.

  5. Let me point out the obvious here. Cops aren't your mom and dad. They aren't your social worker either.

    If Hal finked on people and got paid for it, big deal as far as the feds are concerned. If you get busted for selling drugs and you fink your way out of it, that doesn't mean you have the right to keep on selling with no hassle from the cops. Once you stop producing results, you go back to being an ordinary criminal.

    The same thing goes with turncoats. A man who commits murder isn't going to get let off the hook just because when charged, he was attending anger management classes. With the political climate that exists, swearing total loyalty to the system and denouncing all things white might buy you some time but that's about it.

    We know, Hal. We all saw "Mother Night." At least 75% of us found the plot to be anything but believeable, unless you assume that the main charecter is lying all along. You aren't some great patriot in the eyes of either side either.

    The fact neither side claims him is a good thing really. Nobody feels especially burned by the fat little man from NJ. I suspected him of being a fed sometimes, other times I figured if someone was dumb enough to take Hal seriously, they belonged inside some sort of institution. He was an entertainer as far as I was concerned. And what can be expected of entertainers? Take a look at Mel Gibson. You can get him drunk and he'll tell the truth but the next day, he'll be begging, pleading and about to break his arm waving the white flag. Hal Turmer is just another clown without his makeup. The lesson is you don't just go tossing pies at just everybody.

    And the reason you keep hearing Hal talk on and on about his time as a "double agent" is simple. He's got nobody to fink on. I promise you that if there was anybody that he could possibly ensare, give damning information on, lie about or set up, they would be fitting the noose around their necks right now. Hal has NOTHING else to defend himself with BUT his time where he attempted to entrap people with his radio show and other methods. 90% of the crimes you here about white nationalist being involved in are spontanious acts that required no informant to get an arrest on. Hal was an antique anyway.

    So anyone who was ever involved with Hal can rest easy knowing that if there was any way possible that he could have pushed you into the cell instead of himself being it's occupant, he would have. You wouldn't be hearing so much about how Hal "saved the president" (not so sure that the American public would still consider someone a hero for that). You'd get raided, charged and it would be over with. You might never even know that Hal was in trouble. He had nobody. They knew he had nobody, so they busted him right out in the open and hauled him off to the big house then to court. Rest easy knowing that the human rodent we know as Hal Turner would have turned over anyone of his former friends on day one and his wife and mother next if he had to.

    I'm barely keeping up with this trial since like Harry said, he'll probably be right back to broadcasting soon enough. There will be no shortage of those ready to keep him propped up as they join him in the fantasy. The only sad part if knowing that some people's lives are that miserable.

  6. Maybe, but Hal was a fink from the start.

    He didn't get nailed and then turn snitch, he entered his position as a racist radio host as a front for a fed honeypot sting operation.

    What happened then was he proved he was not worth his weight, and the feds cut him loose.

    Hal, loosing his check from the feds, kept up his radio show to bilk the stupid who needed to hear charismatic hate speech and could be suckered into sending Hal money for it.

    Hal was probably never a racist, he was a rightwinger, but not a white supremacist.

    Those in the world of racism who think he was one of them have been suckered, he wasn't.

    But, was Hal one of the anti-racists?

    No, real anti-racists do what they do to fight racism whether they get a paycheck or not.

    Hal was just looking for an easy buck as a snitch, a showman and a podcast radio entertainer.

  7. You're right, I'm not part of any "anti-racist movement". No need to be either. But I am against racism of all forms, from Louis Farrakhan to David Duke.

    I'm also not a lemming for the left or for the right.. nor a lemming for the Democraps or the Repukes.

    See, I take each issue on it's own merit, weigh them accordingly, and render an opinion. Rather this pisses people off or not, I don't care.

    Now, if that makes a me troll, then I am a troll.

    Hal was a racist & a snitch for one reason, to make money. Period. 20 years ago, Hal would have had to gone into witness protection program. Today, he has nothing to worry about. Just shows you how much the white supremacist movement has died off. It's still a cancer, but it's slowly being cured.

    Finally, I agree this is probably going to be a locked jury again, and if so, the government should just not persue it any further.

    Now, if they really want Hal... felony income tax evasion would be a slam dunk.

  8. Schwartz,

    You're a troll because you have gone after anti-racists from OPP, for that your creds are sh*t.

    Don't try to think you impress anyone here, because you don't.

    You're nothing more than a NIMBuster troll.

  9. """Mr. Schwartz said...You're right, I'm not part of any "anti-racist movement". No need to be either. But I am against racism of all forms, from Louis Farrakhan to David Duke. """

    That's exactly why the homosexual calls you a troll. You are against "reverse" racism too and these insipid liberal freaks think that those like Farrakhan, Sharpton and Jackson have the right to be racist towards whites due to their great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather back in the early 1800's was a slave.

    These clowns even take it to the point that the 2010 negro should be PAID money and given even more special benefits than they already have simply because of the color of their skin.

    A very troubled group of people they are.


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