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UPDATED: 3/6/10
Isn't it interesting how the FBI is testifying FOR the defense?


Friday’s testimony marked the end of a contentious week, with two dramatically different portraits of the 47-year-old Turner, who grew up in Ridgefield Park. Was he a dangerous extremist or just a shock jock entertainer who was instructed by the FBI to make violent statements as a way of gaining information about white supremacists?

On the witness stand before Pickett testified, Turner was questioned why he called for rape of children and grandchildren of U.S. Supreme Court justices after the court ruled against the death penalty for child rapists.

“That was tongue-in-cheek commentary,” Turner said. “That is again another example of my bravado.”

Later, in describing another instance of extremist commentary, Turner referred to himself as “beating my chest as some Internet tough guy.”

Assistant U.S. Attorney William Hogan, the lead prosecutor, challenged Turner’s credibility and his attempt to portray himself as non-threatening.

At one point, Hogan produced a series of emails by Turner in which he used anti-Semitic and racist phrases.

“You’re not a bigot or a racist?” Hogan asked.

“I’m not on trial for being a bigot or a racist although you are trying to turn it into that,” Turner shot back.

The exchanges between Hogan and Turner became so heated that U.S. District Court Judge Donald Walter interrupted them several times.

“Stop. Stop,” Walter said at one point. “I will not have these arguments back and forth.”

Moments later, the judge ordered Hogan to end a persistent series of questions about whether Turner’s public shock-jock image was real or just a technique for attracting an audience.

“He’s been whipped enough,” Walter said.

When Hogan continued, the judge interrupted again: “Come on, Mr. Hogan. Let’s go.”

Turner’s trial is scheduled to continue Monday, with what defense attorneys say will be more testimony by FBI agents who worked with him as an informant.


Shock jock Hal Turner takes witness stand

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


The Record


BROOKLYN – Shock jock Hal Turner of North Bergen took the witness stand in his federal trial Wednesday and accused the FBI of urging him to make violent statements as a way of infiltrating extremist right-wing groups.

Turner, who built an audience of neo-Nazis and white supremacists with his radio show, is on trial here on a single charge of threatening three Chicago-based federal appeals court judges. The charge is based on a posting Turner made on his radio network blog last June in which he said the judges “deserved to be killed” for their ruling in a gun control case.

If convicted, he faces 10 years in prison.

In an investigative report last November, based on FBI documents, The Record outlined Turner’s secret FBI role in infiltrating the same groups who were drawn to his radio show and blog. Besides neo-Nazis, Turner said he made contact with the Ku Klux Klan and the Aryan Nation.

In more than two hours of testimony before lunch, Turner described how he was recruited in 2003 by the FBI’s Newark-based Joint Terrorism Task Force. He said he was paid “in excess of $100,000” by the FBI during his almost five years as an informant.

After the husband and mother of Chicago-based U.S. District Court Judge Joan Lefkow were murdered in 2005, Turner said the FBI asked him to “ratchet up the rhetoric” on his radio show in an attempt to “flush out” the killer. As it turned out, Lefkow’s husband and mother were not murdered by right-wing extremists but by a man who was disgruntled with one of her rulings.

Turner’s testimony, which is expected to continue all day, marked a dramatic turnabout in the trial.

In gripping testimony on Tuesday, all three Chicago appellate court judges took the stand and said they felt threatened by Turner’s blog posting that they “deserved to be killed.”

During the first two days of the trial, while prosecutors presented their side of the case, there was no mention of Turner’s FBI link. Indeed, U.S. District Court Judge Donald Walter did not even permit defense attorneys to present an opening statement until after prosecutors had finished introducing evidence and rested their case.

“Here’s where the case get’s very interesting,” said Turner’s lead defense attorney, Michael Orozco, in his opening statement before calling Turner as his first witness.

UPDATE: 3/3/10 - On Tuesday, Judge Bauer testified along with his Chicago appellate court colleagues, Richard Posner and Frank Easterbrook.

Afterwards the prosecution rested its case.

So far, the jury of seven men and five women has not heard any mention of Turner’s FBI connection. But that may change Wednesday.


UPDATE:  ...As the retrial got under way Monday, U.S. District Judge Donald E. Walter made it clear that this trial would be handled differently.

He told Turner’s lawyers they could not make an opening statement to the jury until the government has rested its case. He also forbade them from revealing during cross-examination that Turner had worked as an informant for the FBI, providing intelligence on the white supremacist movement, until the defense puts on its own case. MORE HERE

Ultra-right wing radio shock jock and former FBI informant Hal Turner of North Bergen is scheduled to be back in federal court today in Brooklyn, accused of threatening to kill three federal appeals judges.


Hal Turner walks into the Federal Courthouse for the start of jury selection. Turner’s previous federal trial in December on the same charge ended in a mistrial in what was considered a key legal test of First Amendment rights and how to set limits on the Internet.

Those same legal issues are back this time.

For this second trial, however, federal prosecutors indicate in court papers that they plan to call the three Chicago-based judges, possibly as lead-off witnesses. In Turner’s first trial, the judges did not testify.

Defense lawyers have likewise signaled in court papers they again intend to claim that the 47-year-old Turner, who grew up in Ridgefield Park, was urged by the FBI to make provocative statements on the air and on his blog as a way of infiltrating right wing hate groups.

In his first trial, Turner’s lawyers attempted to portray him as a shock jock and showman who never intended to harm the judges — or anyone else.

An investigation by The Record in November, based on a review of confidential government documents, showed that Turner had been recruited by Newark-based FBI counterterrorism agents in 2003 and was paid thousands of dollars to spy on the Aryan Nation, the National Alliance and other extremists.CONTINUED


  1. Interesting things today... Hal Turner declared bankruptcy last week although we know he's been peddling money in his wife's name for years and has his Lexus and condo in her name. And the judge said today Turner's defense couldn't even mention FBI informants during cross-examining of witnesses and only can bring it up when they present their defense.

    Looks like they want Turner bad. I still don't know if it is going to stick and I think it's already open for appeal based on the judge's rulings today.

    We'll see.

  2. I missed the part where someone died and made this asshole a legal expert.

  3. Do you actually think that I care what you think you know or can do, bitch?

  4. """The Politically Correct Apostate III said...Do you actually think that I care what you think you know or can do, bitch?"""

    Good job Nikki. Mr. Death threat is running scared. He toned it down quite a bit. He obviously realizes that a proxy server will give up your IP address when court ordered to do so and his death threats just pushed it over the top.

    The fringe left are some very dangerous individuals and their threats are to be taken seriously.

    I suspect this useless individual is the Hooch troll as well, and DeLorean who is a compulsive liar that never sent a single letter to Bill White which I confirmed.

    Schwartz, Hal can not hide his money by giving it to his wife in bankruptcy. Her income is included in bankruptcy and if he gets it, it is because BOTH of them are broke.

    I could imagine the costs of defending this case that he has. The government has unlimited funds given to them at no cost directly from the tax payer to go after him which could easily put anyone into bankruptcy unless you're a multimillionaire like OJ.

  5. BTW Schwartz,

    Is that Hal's mom in that picture? They look identical. Like Hal in drag.

  6. Actually...I think you do care, Apostate. Otherwise, you would use your real name and wouldn't be hiding behind a keyboard. But then, dickless wonders abound these days.

  7. "The Politically Correct Apostate III has been positively identified as a former hate group member by investigators. What has come as a surprise to all is the number internet identities this man has assumed over time on this blog. The local press has also been notified of this odd behavior from this individual, awaiting the further findings of investigators. Right now law enforcement are determining if a law has been broken."


    Him or one of these leftist impersonators? This guy looks clinically insane but I suspect the death threats are coming from one of the liberals.

  9. Okay, let me get this straight. Everyone who hates Bill Fucking White is a radical leftist. Anyone who disagrees with Hooch is a radial leftist. Anyone who does these things is also the same person.

    Fuck you Hooch, there are a lot more people on the right who hate Bill than on the left. People whom he back stabbed and betrayed. People who he shit on. Bill White was ten times big snitch than Hal Turner.

    For justice to be done Bill will get the full 30 years and get a beat down every damn day of that 30 years and have to live his life in fear. Then and only then will justice be done.

  10. the unregistered Hooch said:
    Schwartz, Hal can not hide his money by giving it to his wife in bankruptcy. Her income is included in bankruptcy and if he gets it, it is because BOTH of them are broke.

    I respond:

    Not true for the most part. The company I work for deals with bankruptcy a whole lot.

    Hal's wife declared bankruptcy herself around 2004 and it didn't affect Hal Turner one bit. Hal hasn't had anything in his name in years and bankruptcy courts are very lazy and rarely do they actually investigate anything. His Lexus, their condo etc, been in her name for quite a while. Creditors are also lazy in bankruptcy filings... just look at Bill White's bankruptcy for example.

    Had Hal done this just over the past few months, they could push the issue. More than likely, they won't be able to touch a penny of any assets Phyllis has.

  11. """Ken Kraus Ken said...Okay, let me get this straight. Everyone who hates Bill Fucking White is a radical leftist. Anyone who disagrees with Hooch is a radial leftist. Anyone who does these things is also the same person.Fuck you Hooch, there are a lot more people on the right who hate Bill than on the left."""

    Quote what you are referring to dipshit. I don't recall anyone saying everyone who hates BW, etc is a leftist.

    There is only one thing you said that was correct and that is if you disagree with a large percentage of my politics than you are in fact a leftist as the "majority" of what I say here on this blog is a common consensus of the right. And the "majority" of what I say has nothing do do with any form of "racism".

    """Schwartz said...
    just look at Bill White's bankruptcy for example."""

    Completely different thing. Personal bankruptcy vs bankrupting an LLC where you are simply asking the judge to modify your debt so you can repay it.

    """More than likely, they won't be able to touch a penny of any assets Phyllis has."""

    I guess you're right as long as they are all in her name. However, any bad debt he has acquired "during" their marriage, weather she signed for it or not, is debt of both of them and once they can no longer go after Hal for it they can just switch over to her.

    So you're either a Realtor or a banker Schwartz, huh. Either way Obama sure has done some damage to your industries. You must be pissed!

  12. Nikki,

    Hal Turner's entire bankrputcy filing should be in your email in just a few minutes. Feel free to post as much or all of it as you like.

  13. Hooch,

    Medical billing if you must know and my beloved Unit 9 (spouse) just became an RN. Unit 9 says hi to all of you.

  14. Obama is trying to put the beat down on your industry Schwartz. You have been keeping your mouth shut about the health care bill around here. So what do you think of it?

  15. Hey Hooch, does 30 million people without health care mean anything to you? Anything at all?

    Obama wrecking the health care industry? You mean the part where he is trying to allow people who can't afford coverage because of greedy insurance companies and health care providers?

    Pull your head out of your fat Jewish ass.

  16. Making Hal take the stand was a stroke of genius. What you want to bet the little bastard perjured himself the fat fucker can't help himself. He's a habitual liar.

  17. Is it "Hooch" or maybe "had too much Hooch"?

    In any case Hooch The Political Correct jerk makes those threats on his own blog. He is certainly not a liberal.

  18. """Anonymous said...Hey Hooch......Obama wrecking the health care industry? You mean the part where he is trying to allow people who can't afford coverage because of greedy insurance companies and health care providers?"""

    Wrong, that's not why they can't afford health care, it's because of government not allowing insurance companies to sell across state lines. Limit competition and you drastically increase the cost dipshit. When companies have lots of competition they CAN NOT RAPE PEOPLE shit for brains.

    And because doctors and hospitals are raping people because the supply and demand is fucked up there too. The AMA controls how many doctors, nurses, etc graduate per year based on population increase or decrease and death of doctors.

    Again, it is because the government allows this monopoly which is against the law in the first place.

    It is amazing that someone can open their doors, not spend a dime on marketing and have more work than you can handle in a year. Or that a specialist is SOOO busy that they have a month waiting list. Supply and demand dipshit.

    Flood the country with doctors and health care costs will drop like a rock. So will their pay.

    That's just a couple reasons why among many. And the health care bill does NOTHING to stop it.

    """Hal Turner, FBI Snitch said...In any case Hooch The Political Correct jerk makes those threats on his own blog."""

    No time for my own blog turd burglar. I already spend way too much time posting on other peoples blogs.

  19. How stupid are you, Hooch? What you are saying is that you want to allow insurance companies to monopolize and fix prices. Goddamn son, if you had a brain in your head you'd take it out and play with it.

  20. Learn how to read dipshit.

    Then after you reread my post, read the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights. We DO NOT live in a communist country.

    Companies have the right to charge what the market will bear. The governments intervention not allowing them to sell to wherever has made it so in many areas of the country, the people have ONLY ONE choice for insurance. MANY agents selling the SAME Blue Cross Blue Shield or whatever.

    I live in a medium city and there are 3 choices with thousands of incurance agencies selling their insurance.

    How about the government getting the fuck out of the way and allow EVERY insurance company in the country sell EVERYWHERE? What do you think will happen with competition dummy? What does competition do to a business dipshit?

    """What you are saying is that you want to allow insurance companies to monopolize and fix prices."""

    God you fringe leftists are dumb. Tell me exactly WHERE I said I want insurance companies to monopolize anything? Didn't I imply that the government should be enforcing the laws on the books?

    The whole health care system is fucked up BECAUSE of the government.

    Because your politicians keep their pockets lined to do NOTHING about it. Or pass laws to HELP them have little to NO competition.

    And Obama and the rest of the douchebags all had multiple closed door meetings with the insurance companies, AMA, drug companies and the rest of them.

    And you FOOLS keep supporting him and his health care system that was designed by those you wish to punish. Will you jiggle your head a few times so you can wake the fuck up?

    If you REALLY want to "punish" and strip the profits out of the health care industry, including doctors outlandish pay, you tell the GOVERNMENT to stop making laws to give insurance companeis almost exclusive rights to regions of the country and to ENFORCE our anti monopoly laws not allowing the AMA to control the "supply" of health care professionals, allow ANY qualified doctor from ANY country to come to the US and practice to immediately undo the damage the AMA has caused. ETC, ETC, ETC

    And what will happen if you do this? You will hear doctors screaming all across the country that they are not getting paid what they wish. It will be sink or swim. They will be forced to advertise to get customers like ALL other businesses. If you go to the doctor, they will treat you like all other good businesses do and you will NOT wait 30 minutes past your appointment in the waiting room and another 30 in the office. You will be looked at as a valued customer.

    What will the insurance companies do if you allow all to compete against eachother? They will start coming up with better health care plans that they offer to beat the other insurance company. Some will drop their prices significantly in bidding wars.

    Tell me this, why is it that the GOVERNMENT has made laws that small businesses can't team up together into buying groups so they can get cheap deals just like major corporations do? Why is it that the GOVERNMENT will not allow the PEOPLE to team up and form massive buying groups to get good deals???


    I just fucking love it when a radical leftist says the solution to the problem is the GOVERNMENT when they ARE THE PROBLEM.

  21. Wow does this stupid crying worthless dumbass (Hooch) ever stop crying and whining? What a putz.

  22. Yeah the Republicans are really the answer, Hooch. They are taking money from the insurance companies. But then you are too brain washed to understand.

  23. Hooch said...
    "I just fucking love it when a radical leftist says the solution to the problem is the GOVERNMENT when they ARE THE PROBLEM."

    I rather looked toward the government so solve problems then to private corporations.

  24. I'm sorry, are you completely out of the loop?

    Does Obama's plan include a single payer system?

    Does Obama plan on universal health care by the end of his first term?

    Are you saying that the OBAMA political machine is NOT in bed with the insurance companies after their secret meetings???

    The answer to both is NO.

    """I rather looked toward the government so solve problems then to private corporations."""

    And that comment is one of the most ignorant comments I have ever heard on this board. This person is acting as if the government actually is helping the people rather than private and "public" corporations.

    Could you tell me exactly what "private" corporations are the puppet masters behind these political hacks anyways? The answer will be there are NONE.

    The puppetmasters are "PUBLIC" corporations dipshit. It is a rare occasion where a company can grow to the "too big to fail" size without being a PUBLIC corporation. Not Private dumbass.

    Some of you liberals brains are really twisted up. You constantly show your lack of knowledge.

    When us Conservatives take back office I'm going to write a bill that will in effect strip uneducated voters rights to vote. NOW THAT'S A GOOD IDEA! It won't pass but it will provide national attention to the government controlled education system in this country.

  25. Why do you continue whining Hooch? No one is buying into your bullshit.

  26. Classic post from Jan 2004, the famous snitch list.... which turned out to be 100 percent accurate. As I knew it was at the time.

    Hal Turner - known informant and scam artist with close ties to Jews, including being a campaign manager of a Jew who ran for Governor of New Jersey, Murray Sabrin. He became an informant in 2002 when he was offered a deal, go to prison for solictation of murder of Magube in africa or hand over the names, addresses, credit card numbers of his callers and donors. Hal chose the latter, to hand over personal information to keep out of prison.

    His latest victim is an old man
    from Baltimore, Lovelle "artie" Wheeler, who was Turner's biggest
    supporter along with his wife "Elizabeth" that Hal sang like a bird to
    the feds when Artie bragged about his illegal arms factory in the
    basement of his house. Hal was the only person besides Artie and
    Elizabeth who had seen the weapons. Hal Turner informed the FBI right
    after he picked up Elizabeth to a DC rally.

  27. Honestly after hearing what I have heard so far from the Turner trial.... Given that both Turner and the FBI are both lying sacks of shit and bending the truth.... a verdict of non-guilty is probably going to be the result.

    Hal did it only for the money.. not for love of the country. Hal was getting money from both the FBI and aryan groups and laughing all the way to the bank.

    20 years ago, Hal being proven a federal informant was a death sentence. Today, he'll be welcomed back into the WN movement with open arms and open wallets.

  28. I strongly disagree, have you noticed that the donations for Hal's defense fund stopped? Even if he is found innocent Hal is going to have to find another means of making money. Oh and don't tell me that they are going to make a movie about that stupid bastard, they'd never get anyone short and fat enough to play the part. lol.

  29. Mike,

    Hal only pulled his funding pleas which was up just until two weeks ago because he filed for bankruptcy. It was up to around $500 over the past two months.

    I bet 100 to 1 Hal didn't pay a dime of income tax on the money he received from listeners or the FBI.

    If Hal is found innocent, I predict within a month, he'll have his show back, begging for money, and the usual idiots like Mona Montgomery & James Wickstrom and dozens of others who will throw money at it.

    Remember, if Hal is found innocent, he can lie and brag all he wants again. And the idiots will buy into it.

  30. Mona Montgomery and Hal had a falling out. You can blame Bill White on that one. Even if Hal had not been proven a snitch he would have never gotten another dime from Mona.

  31. Mona didn't even know Bill White.

    Trust me, there are enough paranoids who will believe Hal was a freedom fighter being persecuted by the government and will back him again.


    Of course we know Hal did it for one reason. Money. His first show back, he'll have 1,000 listeners throwing money at him again.

    Watch and see.

  32. The fact that you are usually wrong leads me to believe that you are full of shit again. Even if the little fat man avoids these charges he still has to face another jury in Connecticut.


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