Thursday, March 25, 2010

I have been reading Mario Piperni's blog for a little while now, and have gotten a big kick out of his wit and his graphics.

In view of the many events and activities of late surrounding the racist and violent messages being sent by the extreme right through the airwaves and on our streets the blogosphere has been absolutely rife with great and thoughtful opinions and essays. Mr. Piperni can say a lot with just one graphic and a biting wit. This is his latest:

Jimmy Zuma has a thing or two to say to teabaggers.

Of course, I’ve written that you’re the Stupid Wing of the Republican Party, the people who have backward social ideas, fear change because you have trouble adapting to it, and are easily whipped into a frenzy at election time. Along with Rich Republicans and Fan Independents (who vote for whomever they think will win just to feel like a winner) you’re a necessary part of any Republican win.

Generally, you are reliable voters who are easy to ignore as the Affluent Wing of the party – The Bankers — picks your pocket. All they have to do is to tell you that poor people/government/liberals are he reason for your failure. It’s such a convenient excuse – someone else is the reason you didn’t get rich, even though you worked hard — you lap it up like Jimmy Dean sausage gravy.

And now, you’ve had a groggy awakening – a brief glimmer of half-insight — and decided to make some mischief. It’s merely an intellectual baby step, however, not an intellectual awakening. The latter, hopefully, will come after a few more generations – after evolution has done it’s good work. Consider this:

* You say you’re independent and you’re “grassroots.” Yet Dick Armey is responsible for organizing you.

*A lifelong Republican, He was in the middle of both the Republican Revolution and the Contract for America, two other Republican Party lip-service campaigns aimed at you.

*In the same way that John McCain historically was in charge of manipulating the independents, Dick Armey’s turf is to manipulate the social conservatives.

*This is just the next round in the saga of playing you for a fool. “They [the RNC] just don’t get it” is all over your blogs. Maybe they do. After all, Dick Armey has been your puppet master for how many decades now?

So far, your big “revolution” consists of running a few alternatives in primaries – but only Republican primaries and with mixed results – while pretending that you might overthrow the government. (As if a bunch of old farts in flannel shirts actually could.) It’s a typical “silent majority” delusion – the same hubris that led Ron Paul to a one percent showing in the last election.

True independence surely wouldn’t find you only in Republican politics, would it? True disaffection would also find you in Democratic circles, or maybe starting your own party. If you really want to start something, start with growing some stones, setting an agenda, and starting a party. And stop whining about change. The alternative is “same” which you claim to despise.

Or stay true to your historical form and let Dick Armey pull your strings on behalf of the Republican National Committee. Then line up solidly behind the next Republican – just like you always do.


  1. I love the graphic!

    The GOP is really spinning out of control and it is not a good look for their party.

    The defenders of truth, justice and the American way remind me of a gang of thugs who are hellbent on forcing people to do what they want. Plus that they tend to do a lot of whinning when they get caught in their many webs of deciet.

    I know that the Dems are no angels but dammnit, they really need to get control over their political emotions.

  2. Hi Nikki,

    Glad you liked the post and art. Just to clarify, the art is Mario's, the words are a repost of mine (with permission -- Mario's a good guy.) Check out my blog at

    Jimmy Zuma

  3. Kindly contact me:, then you can delete this comment. Your contact link is broken.


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