Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Arizona has been a hotbed of dissent and racist B.S. for many years now. Skinheads, anti-immigration groups, crooked law-enforcement, and right-wing nutjobs seem to love the desert and dry air. But, the new immigration law that was just passed enabling racial profiling and discrimination is taking center stage and having ramifications around the country. David Niewert now introduces us to the author of that law...and Russell Pearce is certainly no stranger to the more prominent racists enjoying the Arizona climate.



  1. Russell Pearce's intent is to target illegal immigrants, not Latinos. Because Arizona shares a border with Mexico, the preponderance of illegal immigrants is brown. He's targeting them for their status, not their race.

    BTW, Neiwert fails to mention that Gov. Brewer also signed an executive order directing law enforcement officers to get necessary training in order to minimize unnecessary profiling. This is why implementation of the law is delayed until August. But Neiwert is not interested in the truth, and as for Stephen Lemons...well, he's a joke.

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  3. Sorry White Bloke/Jimbo/Cretin - your posts would not be deleted if you resembled some sort of intelligent life-form.

    AA - Pearce's associations with white supremacists and neo-Nazi's certainly doesn't lend any credibility to your claim that he is targeting their status and not their race.

    No amount of "training" is going to stop the racial profiling that is certain to ensue. How much time have you spent in Arizona???

  4. William Gheen for President!

    Finally, a white man has stood up for his people!

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  7. It's really kinda sad. Every point that cretin tries to make gets lost in his ignorant presentation.

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